Just One More – A Tumblr Rewrite

Models: Angela White & Kristen Scott

Despite the adoring comments flooding in on her stream, the intense sensitivity of her massive tits, and the potent arousal blossoming from her crotch as she slid her fingers between her wet folds while playfully concealing the act with a raised leg, Dani still found herself wondering if perhaps things were getting out of hand. After all, how slutty was too slutty?

Then again, that was a question that mattered less and less with each passing day. She couldn’t deny that she was enjoying herself more with every stream and she no longer cared that the woman she had been when she first started all this was gradually slipping away. Besides, as far as her viewers were concerned there was nothing hotter than watching a busty bombshell willingly indulging her own corruption – and the further into depravity she descended, the more they donated to watch.

Still, even after months sluttifying herself for her sordid fans, tonight Dani knew she had truly passed the point of no return.

‘There’s somebody here I’d like you to meet,’ she purred, staring directly into the camera with an expression of knee-weakening sultriness. ‘She’s a little shy, so be nice.’ Then, turning to the woman standing out of shot beside the bed Dani beckoned her over with a finger glinting with her juices. ‘Come on, Lex, show all my naughty friends that pretty face of yours.’

Arms wrapped around her naked body and long hair hanging over her face, Lex bashfully joined Dani on the bed. Despite her timidness she was unable to keep her eyes off Dani’s bombshell body, unsubtly ogling her immense jiggling tits, plump thighs and curvy figure, all while avoiding both the camera and Dani’s erotic gaze.

As soon as Lex appeared, the comments on Dani’s stream went berserk: she had never filmed with anybody else before. Plenty of her viewers had requested it of course, but she hadn’t been willing to fulfil those fantasies – until now.

Dani had to admit she’d done a few things to please her viewers that the old her wouldn’t have done – most of which involved the purchase of either ludicrously lascivious sex toys, or smoking hot lingerie such as the skimpy black lace and stockings currently hugging her voluptuous figure – but even she had been surprised how far she’d gone in the name of naughtiness when she picked somebody to join her stream for the first time.

Because Lex wasn’t just anybody. In fact, until very recently, she hadn’t been Lex at all. Instead she had been Dani’s doting boyfriend Alex, the only one who had stuck by her as she progressively corrupted herself. And Dani had repaid that loyalty by transforming him for her own personal gain.

It had been easy really: a heartfelt card waiting for him on the kitchen counter when he arrived home alongside a box of chocolates, each laced with enough X-Change to transform even the burliest bull. His orgasmic groans had echoed through the house as the body he knew was radically feminised, and after a few minutes Lex had stumbled into the bedroom to find Dani grinning at her mischievously.

Horny beyond belief, she did as she was told as Dani ordered her to strip and stay quiet while she started her cam session. And she was still just as pliable now as Dani guided her onto all fours while promising to help her ‘relax’.

Facing away from the laptop Lex didn’t notice the shiny silver dildo in her girlfriend’s hands until it was sliding into her slick new pussy.

Dani giggled delightedly as Lex’s gasps danced through the air. Her insides squirmed with taboo arousal, the knowledge that she had dragged Alex into her sordid games ramping her lust to eleven. With a skill honed over months of nightly online cam shows she immediately had the dildo gliding between Lex’s wet folds, though she chose not to reveal that the toy was also a vibrator just yet – better to build the pleasure up slowly until Lex was desperate to stay this way before delivering the metaphorical killing blow.

Still, her viewers were already going wild. The comments were a blur of thirsting and donations, and Dani grinned as she realised she had both her fans and her new girlfriend exactly where she wanted them.

Though she knew this was all her own doing, Dani preferred placing the blame for her dramatic corruption on the Bust Boost pills. After all, she had been camming for almost a year before trying them for the first time – mainly to make ends meet outside of her dead-end waitress job – and it was only afterwards that things had started to spiral, so as far as she was concerned they were the real trigger for all this depravity. Sure, she could have said no when her viewers suggested them; sure, she could have listened to the reports stating how addictive the pills could be; sure, she could have asked Alex’s opinion before ordering a strip of Xtra strength – double the potency of the original – purely because they were on offer.

But where would be the fun in that?

The first pill – taken live on stream – had been mind-bending. Her small rack had engorged by two cup sizes in a matter of seconds, and they had continued to swell throughout the rest of the night to the delight of both her thirsting fans and Dani herself. The expansion throbbed pleasure through her entire body, filling her with breathtaking arousal until it felt as if concentrated lust had been injected directly into her bloodstream. Better yet that pleasure remained long after the swelling slowed, allowing her to ride the high and put on a steamy show with her stupendous new tits deep into the night.

By the morning her rack had returned to normal, but she already knew she wouldn’t stay flat-chested for long. Dani had tasted the pleasures of Bust Boost and she simply couldn’t go back. Not when being a busty slut felt so deliciously good.

From that point on she had taken a Bust Boost every night. Her viewing figures had climbed rapidly, the daily spectacle of watching her tits expand as she writhed with pleasure drawing in ever more contributions and earning her enough to buy a six-month supply of Xtra within the first week.

With such excessive consumption it hadn’t taken long for the side effects to kick in. For one thing, she had started to gain weight. Though Bust Boost targeted the tits, repeated use tended to swell the rest of the body too, and soon enough Dani found herself with an ass as phenomenal as her rack, a trait which only drove her fans even wilder. Slowly, that weight had started to stick around after the pills wore off too; after a couple of months Dani’s natural bust was twice the size it had been to start with, her post-pill body retaining more and more of her drug-induced physique with each passing day. Add that to the enhanced orgasms – which crested so powerfully they left her both a shaking mess yet horny for more – and increasing sluttiness slowly eating away at her morals and inhibitions, and it was only a matter of time before her corruption spread to other areas of her life.

Yet in Dani’s horny, sordid mind the repercussions felt more like rewards. She was fired after her manager was made aware of her cam sessions: the same night she made more money than she would in a week serving tables. All her prudish friends had abandoned her when they realised she was willingly sluttifying herself: with them gone she had more time to spend online. Clothes capable of containing her mouthwatering figure were getting harder to find: all the more reason to spend her time exclusively in skimpy lingerie.

‘Oh god, oh god, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.’

Lex’s horny babbling dragged Dani from her thoughts. Giving the camera an impish wink, she slid the toy from Lex’s pussy leaving her shaking uncontrollably. 

‘Not yet, beautiful,’ Dani purred, stroking the new woman’s soft hair. ‘There’s something I want you to do for me first.’

Spinning around Lex’s chest heaved as she panted with arousal. Peering up at her girlfriend pleadingly she looked for all the world like an innocent kitten. ‘What is it? Please, please tell me.’

A devious smile spread over Dani’s plump lips: she had been waiting for this moment. Gently taking Lex’s wrists, she pressed them to her massive tits. Then, her brow pressed against Lex’s she whispered her condition in a tone of pure seduction.

‘I want you to take one of my pills.’

Lex’s eyes went wide and her breath caught in her throat, but the shock wasn’t enough to make her pull away. Her hands remained on Dani’s tits, unmoving, and Dani could practically see the thoughts working through Lex’s mind – a blend of temptation and resistance as the two sides of her persona fought for control.

Of course, Dani was eager to fuel the former.

‘I promise you’ll love it, baby. It feels so good. Just imagine it: your pretty little tits swelling and growing and aching with so much pleasure you want to cum on the spot.’ She moaned directly into Lex’s ears; Lex’s response was to unconsciously tighten her grip on Dani’s breasts. ‘And if you keep taking them you can look like me. Busty and curvy and hot enough to make any man weak at the knees. We both know you’d like that, don’t we? I promise, I’ll be right by your side every second. This is why I transformed you in the first place baby: I wanted to share this pleasure with you.’

That wasn’t a total lie. For all that she had eagerly descended into a life of lust and pleasure, Dani still loved Alex in her own twisted way. Nevertheless, she’d known it was only a matter of time before even he could take no more of the sordid slut she had become. Not wanting to lose him she had decided the only way to keep him and still indulge her desires was to show him what he was missing. That way he – or rather, she – could join her life of nymphomania.

However, there was one other reason why Dani had chosen to transform her boyfriend: she wanted to watch him succumb to orgasmic corruption. Experiencing it first hand had been hot enough, but the thought of getting Lex hooked on Bust Boost and watching her nubile body fill out into that of a voluptuous goddess was somehow even more erotic. She wanted to make Lex beg for the pills, to have her desperate for depravity. And once the pills had moulded her into a permanent bombshell, she wanted to spend night after night lost in sapphic lust for all their fans to see.

Lex was still visibly conflicted, but Dani could tell temptation was winning out. With a sultry smile she held up a single pink pill. ‘It’s yours if you want it, gorgeous. All you have to do is say yes. Then I can show you what real pleasure feels like. Would you like that?’

Lex’s response was so quiet it was difficult to hear. ‘Yes,’ she breathed.

‘Speak up, babe, I don’t think our fans heard you.’

A brief flash of naughtiness crossed Lex’s face, her slutty side momentarily shining through. ‘Yes, I want it,’ she confirmed.

By now the comments were a torrent of sordid encouragement and frenzied donations. There were more viewers watching than ever before.

‘I was hoping you’d say that,’ Dani purred. ‘Turn around, beautiful, let everybody have a good view. That’s it,’ she encouraged, guiding Lex around to face the camera. Dani’s huge bosom pressed against Lex’s back like a promise of what she had to look forward to. Electric lust flared through their insides as their hot flesh kissed. ‘Now, close your eyes and open wide.’

Lex did as she was told. Reaching up Dani hesitated only long enough to give their audience a devious wink – then she popped the pill onto Lex’s tongue and gently tipped her chin back to help her swallow.

The effects hit fast. No sooner had the pill slipped down her throat than Lex began to groan, her body heating with arousal as the drug worked its way through her system and infused every fibre of her new body with orgasmic ecstasy. Reeling with pleasure she almost immediately collapsed to the bedsheets.

But Dani had made a promise and she wasn’t going to break it. Embracing Lex’s squirming body she held close, pressing her face into Lex’s neck as she did so. ‘I’m right here, beautiful. I’ve got you. It’s okay, let it happen. Let pleasure take over. Then we can have some real fun.’

All Lex could manage in reply was a nod, one hand raising to clasp Dani’s. And then, with her arousal at a fever pitch and her busty girlfriend whispering slutty encouragement in her ear, Lex let out a long, low groan as her soft tits started to grow…

Thanks for reading!

Holy shit do I love this one. I absolutely enjoyed working on my first Tumblr rewrite, but this was the one that really highlighted to me just how much untapped potential there can be in those older stories. I’ll admit that part of the appeal probably comes from the idea of having Angela White as a significant other, because who the fuck wouldn’t want that, but even without that this one just ticks all the boxes from me. For one thing I absolutely love the images, while the story itself felt like it had a really good pace in my opinion. Rest assured there will be more Tumblr rewrites once I come back after my July hiatus, though if you ask me this one is going to be tough to beat.

Image gallery: https://www.pornpics.com/galleries/bigbreasted-milf-angela-white-having-anal-lesbian-sex-with-a-skinny-teen-42700001/

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