Dark forest scene

Michael forced himself to remain calm, yet the nagging fear would not go away. The simple fact was, for all he tried to convince himself otherwise, he was in a dire situation. Having spent the last week camping in the wilds of the forest, he had packed up to undertake the two-day hike back to his four-by-four, parked up on a remote dirt track.

That had been five days ago.

How he had managed to get himself so utterly lost he could not understand: he had years of hiking experience. At almost forty he had been camping deep in the forest for near on fifteen years, and had been walking some of the most complex, perilous trails across the country since the age of sixteen. Despite his experience, however, he no longer had any idea where he was on the map. For all he knew, he could have travelled completely off the edge of those maps he had and he would never have been able to tell. With each new day he would consult his maps, believing himself to have determined his location. Following his hunch would only lead him deeper into the forest, it seemed, and by now the woods were alien and unfamiliar to him, the landscape rough and dangerous. It had been three days since he last saw a trail marker, and he had not come on a single track for about as long, only swathes of bushes, ferns and tangled brambles. His rations were running low, and it was as though even the wildlife avoided this area of the woods, since there hadn’t been so much as a snatch of birdsong or a rustle in the bushes for over a day. With nothing to hunt or forage, little left to eat and a complete lack of service, things were looking desperate.

Having taken a break to sit against a fallen tree, he struggled to decide what to do next. He had already attempted re-tracing his steps on multiple occasions, and it had never worked. Simply walking in a straight line had also been attempted, but the thick canopy in this particular area of forest made it impossible to use the sun as any form of bearing. The few rivers or streams never lasted long enough for him to follow them down, and his compass had smashed when he had tripped over a few days earlier. Still, he couldn’t stay where he was and wait to starve: even if a rescue party came searching for him, he was by now so far from his initial starting point that he would run out of food before they were able to reach him.

Just then, there was a sharp flicker of movement in the bushes to one side. Glancing over, he briefly caught sight of a woman, raven-haired and pale-skinned, bounding away through the greenery.  His heart caught in his throat. Maybe he was closer to escape than he thought. She did not look to be in any form of hiking gear, nor did she have the dishevelled, filthy appearance of another lost rover, so surely, he thought, she must live somewhere nearby. Perhaps she could help him call for assistance.

Scrambling up, he bolted after her.

She was fast, sure-footed, but Michael had been hiking for longer than she looked to have been born, and he kept pace easily. Besides, with the lack of any other disturbance, it was not difficult to track her by the rustling undergrowth she left in her wake. Coming into a depression, he skidded to a halt.

The woman was now joined by three others, and they stood staring at him as though they had been waiting for his arrival. None of them were dressed in any manner of hiking attire, instead barefoot in the leaves and adorned only with lingerie. The raven-haired woman was first in the line, her hair short to her shoulders and her bra and panties woven of intricate black lace. She did not seem to be so much as out of breath despite her run. Beside her was a girl with long purple hair and similar attire, grey rather than black, followed by a girl with dreadlocks of bleach blonde and dyed pink wearing a black lace bra and leopard-print hot pants. Finally, a red-haired girl with her hair swept to one side, a simple black bra and white thong edged with black fabric. Each one was tattooed, some sporting more complex ink than others.

Immediately, Michael sensed something off. The way they stared at him was unnerving, and he did not know where to look.

‘Are you lost, Michael?’ said the raven-haired woman.

‘Do you need help?’ said the one beside her.

‘Well, yes… I guess I am lost… but how do you know my name? Do you girls live nearby? You know you shouldn’t be out here dressed like that.’

‘You’re right,’ said the red-haired girl. As one, they reached up and pulled down their bras, revealing their soft breasts. Michael fought desperately to look at their faces, but more and more his eyes would flit down to their chests. They seemed nonchalant about him staring, seemed to welcome it even. Something about it was deeply arousing. ‘There. Much better.’

Four women in underwear pull down bras while in forest

‘H–how do you know my name?’ he asked, trying to move the conversation on.

‘We don’t,’ said the one with dreadlocks. ‘The forest knows your name, and we are with the forest. The forest told us you were lost. The forest sent us to help you, Michael.’

Michael pressed a finger and thumb to his temples and scrunched up his eyes. Perhaps he was hallucinating. And hearing things. Perhaps he was still sat by the fallen tree having eaten something he shouldn’t have done in desperation. He hoped they would be gone when he opened his eyes. They weren’t.

‘It’s okay, Michael,’ said the red-haired one. ‘We are the nymphs of the forest. We help those who get lost to find their way again. We free them. You do want to be free, don’t you?’

Unsure what to do but play along, he nodded. ‘Yeah, of course.’ Then, unable to believe he was asking it, ‘So how are you going to help me?’

The raven-haired woman approached him, her chest pushed forward and a coy smile on her face. Without missing a beat, she leaned in and kissed him deeply, pressing her body against his. He could feel the heat of her skin through his shirt, and the smell of her was like the air after rain. His eyes bulged briefly, and then they closed as he melted into her arms, feeling suddenly safe and calm. At length she pulled away, and when he opened his eyes it was only him and her in the clearing.

Clearing his throat with a touch of embarrassment, this time he did not look away from her naked breasts. ‘Well… okay… h-how… does that help me… exactly?’

She smiled. ‘You have beautiful eyes. Like leaves in autumn. The kiss from a nymph will give the receiver all the knowledge of the forest when they need it. Follow your intuition and the forest will set you free. Two days’ hike from here you will find your release.’ Without another word, she backed away and, with a smile and a wave, was blown away on a sudden gust of wind, disintegrating into hundreds of pale leaves that were swept away through the trees. He stared after them in astonishment until the last one was gone.

Unsure what to do next, he stared at his surroundings. Somehow, they did not feel quite as alien as before, and something inside him told him to cross to the other side of the clearing. His feet moving as though with a mind of their own, once there he strode up into the trees. For hours he hiked, not really knowing where he was going, yet compelled by some strange knowledge he could not begin to fathom. It was as though he was the wind, following a path he had not planned yet that seemed innately a part of him. He stopped sparingly, yet whenever he did so he found berries and fruits on the trees around him, and the same knowledge that had led him there helped him differentiate between the edible and the poisonous.

By nightfall, he was deeper into the unknown than he had ever been, yet he felt all the more familiar with it. He had tried not to think about the women who had said they were nymphs, had tried to push aside the strange presence that felt like it was always with him as he hiked, had tried to tell himself that it was simply his own experience that was leading him to sanctity. Once he had set up camp, exhausted enough to have almost forgot his strange encounter, he rationed out a small meal, cooked it on a little gas stove and then retired to his tent to eat and, at length, sleep.

He awoke late in the night, and at first he could not think why. A sudden urge drove him out into the darkness, and he stood in the inky black night listening to the crushing silence. Only a gentle breeze blew, and despite the chill of the midnight air he did not shiver. Vaguely he realised that ordinarily the utter silence would have unnerved him, yet now he somehow felt safer as a result. A part of him seemed to expect the orb of light that grew in the air a short distance into the trees, illuminating a naked woman waiting for him.

He approached her, entranced, without thinking about why he was doing so. When he was before her he realised she was not completely naked, but instead was wearing a studded collar with a chain attached. He stood opposite her, and for a time they stared daggers of lust at one another. Briefly, the wind swept past them both, and her appearance changed into that of the red-haired woman he had met earlier that day. But then the wind passed and she was back to her first face, one with long brown hair and a glint of longing in her eyes. Slowly, she knelt down, and the strange presence inside him drove him to her. Unzipping his trousers, he placed his dick in her open mouth, somehow having already reached a full erection without even realising it.

Woman has head held as man uses her mouth for deep oral sex

For an hour, perhaps more, he pumped his dick down her throat, and she gorged herself on him hungrily. As she did so, he felt as though the years were melting away: the stamina he had known as a youth but which had faded in the last several years resurfaced, and even once he had finished in her mouth he did not wish to stop. He had never cum so much in his life, and as her lips worked expertly along his shaft, her tongue swirling his head and milking him as though she were born for only that purpose, his seed would spill from her full mouth and dribble to the ground. He grunted and used her roughly, her moans of passion only serving to arouse him more. He didn’t know how many times he had cum, nor how much she had swallowed by the time they finished, but eventually they tumbled back into the bushes and she lay on his chest, stroking his face and whispering things he would not remember in the morning.

He awoke in the bushes some time after dawn and scrambled to his feet. He was fully clothed and only a short distance from his tent. Shaking his head, he muttered to himself. ‘Must’ve been sleepwalking. Not unheard of. Been through a lot after all. Just sleepwalking.’ He tried to ignore the woman-shaped depression in the greenery beside him, the pale leaves that lay across his chest, the dark patch of leaves in front of the place where it looked awfully like somebody had been kneeling recently.

Packing up his camp swiftly he continued on through the ever-tangled trees. He was more sure-footed than the day before, more certain of his direction. He could almost feel the trees beckoning him along paths long forgotten, feel the wind pushing him closer to his destination. He felt energised, invigorated, and it was as though the forest itself was strengthening him, such that he stopped only once, around noon at a small pool. Ignoring his granola bars and trail mix, he wolfed down handfuls of iridescent berries he had never seen before. They seemed to regenerate before his eyes as he plucked them from the bushes, though he put it down to just a trick of the light and his extended stint in the wilderness playing with his mind.

Still, when he leaned over the pool to refill his bottle, he found it difficult to believe the appearance of the reflection that stared back at him. Though he was not old, he had begun to develop grey at his temples, which had now vanished completely. His hair looked as though it had been recently washed, as did his face, neither of which looked to have spent almost two weeks out in the forest. His skin was softer and smoother, and he had a youthful spark in his eyes that he had not had for some years. He felt like he was twenty again. Shaking his head and moving on he tried to push the image of his reflection aside.

Setting up camp that night, he fed on more of the berries, shimmering in his torch beam and retired feeling more satisfied than ever he had before. It was just before dawn that he awoke feeling the same strange urges he had the night before. The horizon was just visible, the inky dark of night preparing to give way to day, and the pale pre-dawn light lit the forest.

This woman stood closer than the first. Rather than waiting for him off in the trees, she stood several feet away, on the edge of the clearing. She was naked, and his eyes roved lustfully up and down her form, admiring her ample breasts and sweeping curves. A gust of wind painted her hair with purple for the briefest of moments, but then it was gone and he could have imagined it had never changed her at all. In short order, he too was naked, and he found that as with the night before he was rock hard without having even realised it.

Couple have sensual sex in forest glade

Somehow he knew what he was to do, and he lay down among the greenery. Straddling him, she sank down and though he couldn’t understand how he did, he knew that she would slip his dick into her ass rather than her pussy. He felt her ass stretch around his cock, tight and hot, and as she rode him they moaned in unison. She worked herself up and down his shaft passionately, her hands pressed against his chest. His hands found their way to her hips and he rocked her back and forth until her legs were quivering. Though he had not thought it possible, he came even more than the night before, over and over without needing to break, and the longer they fucked, the more intense it became until the woman was bouncing on his dick howling with lust, a whore for his dick in her ass.

At length, she collapsed beside him, and as he glanced to the horizon it was as though no time had passed at all. Together they slept, and though he could not have said how long it was after he dozed off, he woke after sunrise. He was laid naked in the grass, but it felt more normal than any experience he had ever known. This time he did not ignore the empty space in the grass beside him, stroking it tenderly and savouring the warmth the woman had left behind on his fingertips. He took up the pale leaf on his chest and, rather than discard it, he kissed it and placed it gently in the space she had occupied.

Something in him told him not to pack away his camp, nor to dress himself before setting off. It felt right to leave them behind, and so when he set off he was naked and lacking any of his belongings. He began to wonder how he could have spent so long in his restrictive clothing when the wind on his skin felt so erotic, the soil between his toes so perfect. He was so energised that he practically sprinted through the trees, not once pausing to break until he reached his destination. The forest seemed to shift away from his step, and each time his foot hit the floor it landed only on soft soil, every sharp pebble and splintered twig pulled away. The thick undergrowth parted around him as he ran, sealing back up after he passed, and had he taken the time to notice he would have noted that if it had not done so the terrain would be utterly impassable. As it was, the walls of brambles and twisted trees that might have looked at home in some dark fantasy novel eased aside to let him pass.

His mind roared with adrenaline, and he grinned wide as he ran, thrilled by the wind in his hair, the smell of the earth, the freedom of his nakedness. It felt as though he were more at home here than ever he had been anywhere before. With each step he knew he drew closer to his destination; he could picture the waterfalls, the deep pools and lush green embankments. The man Michael had been only two days ago was all but gone. No longer was he trying to escape the forest, instead he was striving to go deeper. The words of the nymphs rang in his head as he ran – the forest sent us to help you, Michael; we help those who get lost to find their way again; you do want to be free, don’t you?  He did. He craved their freedom. The freedom of their divine presence. They could do whatever they desired with him and he would not object. The kiss from the raven-haired woman had opened his mind like he could never have imagined, and her final words powered him: two days’ hike from here you will find your release.

He found it shortly before sundown.

Naked woman lie in river

The pool was set so deep into the tangled forest that he was certain no man had ever set eyes upon it without the forest permitting them. Fed by a sweeping waterfall, he could hear the roar of more in the surrounding woodland. The shores were all white sand and lush greenery, and the sun beat down even so late in the day to warm the sands and rocks that ringed the pool. Opposite the waterfall, the pool broke over mossy rocks before descending into a meandering river that vanished between the trees. Lying on these rocks were several naked women, half in and half out of the water. They basked in the sunlight and revelled in the flow of the water, and as he looked around he saw others on the shores, among the trees and in the pool itself splashing and smiling. He could see many of them locked in one another’s arms, kissing and making love, and on the far shore he could see a large group engaging in mutual masturbation. He knew every pool nearby would hold a similar scene, and a surge of arousal coursed through him at the sight.

Forming from a thousand pale leaves on the wind, the raven-haired woman was in front of him, smiling her coy smile. ‘The forest is glad you are here, Michael. You are lost, but soon you will be free. The forest protects us. Nobody sees this place without the forest allowing it. It led you here. You belong to the forest now.’

‘Yes,’ he smiled.

Taking his hand she led him to the shore. ‘Look at how the forest has changed you.’

His reflection now was of a man he did not recognise. He was muscular, toned, a picture of peak physical fitness. He had not looked so good at any point in his life, and he did not look any older than his mid-twenties. His jawline was firm, his skin perfect and hairless, and he was incredibly handsome, more so than he had ever been.

‘Now let it release you.’ Again, she took his hand, guiding him up to a patch of greenery that hung over the water. Lying down on her back, she smiled up at him.

Couple have gentle sex in forest glade

The forest was a part of him now, and he knew at once what to do. Sinking down over her he slid his hard dick between her legs and sank it into her waiting pussy. She gasped, her hands rising to his shoulders and as he began to thrust they moaned desperately together. Michael had never been a particular womaniser, but that was not to say that he had not had his fair share of sexual encounters. The raven-haired nymph was tighter than any woman he had ever fucked, her skin smoother and hotter, her moans more erotic than even the most cock-addicted whore. She ground against his dick, her legs spread wide for him to fuck her as deep as possible, and as the sunlight became moonlight they were locked in passionate love-making deep into the night. He came in her over and again, the two of them shaking frantically as they climaxed together, and each time he would pause, kiss her, and begin again with more vigorous thrusts. By midnight they were fucking rougher than anything Michael could have ever imagined, and he took her in every position they could think of. She screamed his name, filled his ears with dirty words, and she let him own her in every way, bringing his hands up to grope her tits, begging him to bite her nipples, and moaning with satisfaction with every dirty addition to their intense love-making.

At last, deep into the night, he rolled off of her, the two of them breathless and satisfied. She took his youthful face in her hands and stroked his hair. ‘You were lost, Michael. I was lost too, once. The forest chose me, just as it chose you. The forest released me, and now it is time for it to release you also. I will be here as your lover once it does. You are ready.’

Kissing him, she pushed him over the edge of the overhang and he tumbled down into the cool waters beneath.

The waters seemed to descend forever, down into a darkness Michael couldn’t begin to see into. The small fraction of his original self that remained told him that he should be scared, but then that part was gone and he closed his eyes contentedly, letting the current pull him deeper. Soon the light of the moon faded and he was within the darkness. Up and down were inconsequential. He let himself float there, unconcerned by his lack of air. And as he floated the waters swirled around him, seeping through his pores and releasing him as it had so many others before him.

Woman in bikini rises from water

It was dawn when the waters of the pool were disturbed by a figure emerging from beneath. She was beautiful, lithe, her tanned skin smooth and perfect. Her long black hair swept down her back and she wore only a bikini formed of the weeds that grew at the bottom of the pool. Her bra and underwear quickly dropped away, unveiling a pair of soft, stunning tits and a sweet, round ass. Her shaved pussy dripped with water and her own fluids. The only recognisable feature from the feeble mortal she had once been were her eyes: beautiful amber, like leaves in autumn.

She strode onto the shore, where her raven-haired sister waited for her. She felt her sister’s fingers descend and tease her clit, and she moaned into her mouth as they kissed. ‘The forest has released you,’ said her sister, ‘you are one with us now.’

Falling into her arms, the new nymph smiled. She hoped it would not be long before another man was lost in the forest. She wanted to be the one to kiss him, to lure him to this unknown place. She wanted to taste him, to feel him in her throat, her ass, her pussy. She wanted to push him into the waters and wait for him at the shore. She wanted to be the one to set him free, just like her raven-haired sister had been the one to set her free. She wanted it now. But in the meantime, there were plenty of her sisters around to satisfy her…

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