Hooded figure in the dark

When he woke up, Liam couldn’t move. He could remember nothing from before he fell unconscious, nothing other than the smell of sweat and a large figure standing over him.

It took him a moment to regain all his senses, but when he did he began to panic. He was laid naked, face-down on a black PVC floor in a room so dark that he could not see the walls. A spotlight was shining down upon him, however the shadows beyond were so dark all he could make out were vague shapes shifting around in the darkness. While he had slept, somebody had oiled him up, for every inch of his body was slick with oil from his nose to the tip of his penis. What was more, he was frozen where lay, apparently unable to move and the terror soon began to creep its way through his body.

As he lay there, however, he came to realise that it was not that he couldn’t move, but more that he did not want to move. Something about being laid there in that room was oddly comforting, and he felt the panic begin to subside: he felt no need to scream out for help, no need to question his presence there at all. Instead, he was content to simply wait. He did not know what he was waiting for, but a small voice in the back of his mind told him he was waiting for something.

What he was waiting for materialised in the form of a cloaked, hooded figure emerging out of the shadows. Dressed head to toe in a black robe, the drawn-up hood cast most of the face in shadow such that the only discernible feature beyond their impressive height were the two piercing eyes that glared from within the darkness.

Slowly, the figure approached him, each step full of purpose and foreboding. Liam, however, did not panic. A wave of calm washed over him, relaxing his muscles until he was all but a rag doll on the floor. As the figure drew closer he could smell the musk of a powerful man, the scent of it filling his nostrils and sending shocks of anticipation through his limbs. Coming to a stop a few feet in front of him, the hooded man looked down upon Liam’s prone form.

‘Liam,’ he said, his voice more tender than Liam had imagined, as though he were talking to a very small child, ‘your day of liberation is here. You are Liam Bones, correct?’

‘Yes.’ Liam felt as though he was in a dream, a blissful dream that he never wanted to wake up from.

‘I am Master Sigma. I am a member of the Liberators. It has come to our attention, Liam, that you are a gay man, yet you withhold your true self from all those around you. Your family would disown you if they discovered your sexuality. Your friends would shun you. Is this correct?’

Ordinarily, Liam tried to hide the pain of the truth just as much as he did his homosexuality. After all, there was nothing he could do to change who he was, so it hurt more than anything to know he could not trust those he loved with his true self. Now, though, the pain was less, as though he was numb to it. Again, he was reminded of dreaming, for he felt far away from anything and everything of his waking life. ‘Yes,’ he breathed, sniffing deeply to fill his nostrils with the heady scent of the man above him.

‘We, your Liberators, give you a choice. We can free you from the shackles of your life. You need not hide yourself any longer. We can give your life new meaning, your body new love that you have never known before. If you wish it, I am here to give you a taste of what we can offer, and when I am finished the choice will be put to you. Do you consent to me showing you our ways?’

Something eager awoke in Liam: he was laid at the foot of a man who knew the deepest secret he had ever held and who was offering him a way out of his closeted life. He wanted to know more, he was desperate for it. ‘Yes,’ he nodded earnestly, ‘yes, please show me.’

‘So be it.’ As Liam watched on, the man drew back his hood. He was a black man, with features that could have been chiselled from stone and a fine layer of short black hair cut so close to his scalp he was practically bald. Liam saw lust and love and strength in his eyes all at once, and he shivered as they locked eyes. Releasing a clasp on the back of his robe, it fell to the floor and Liam moaned unashamedly. The man was built like a god, every fibre of his being rippling with stunning muscle, his skin utterly devoid of any hair at all as though he had been waxed mere moments before. His build, however, was secondary to the astonishing meat that hung between his legs: even limp it must have been five inches long. Liam could not imagine how large it was at its full length.

Master Sigma stared at Liam for a second, and Liam knew at that moment that he would take the Master’s offer. Whatever it was, however radical, if it allowed him to remain in the presence of this man for any longer, even so much as a minute, he would leap at the chance. Then, from the shadows emerged five more cloaked figures, each bearing with them a small dish in their cupped hands.

Coming to stand besides Master Sigma, they raised their bowls above him and poured the oil within onto his godly form. Liam bit his lip as the shiny liquid slid down his torso, setting his flesh glistening, but his lip-biting gave way to quiet gasping moans as the hooded figures proceeded to rub the oils into the black man’s skin. Their strong fingers ran over his muscles, and Liam knew that beneath each one of their robes was another god-like man, but he had eyes only for Master Sigma, who was stroking his dick slowly as they rubbed his body, never once breaking Liam’s adoring gaze. Briefly, the figures rubbed Master Sigma’s dick also, spreading it with the shimmering oil, but then they moved on, oiling his thighs and calves. They did not miss an inch of him, oiling everything from the gaps between his toes to the skin behind his ears, and once they had finished he seemed to glow beneath the spotlight.

Withdrawing, the figures stood at the edge of the light and only then did Master Sigma begin to move. He strode around behind Liam until he was lost to the prone man’s vision. He could have turned to face the master easily, but he felt he did not want to, nor need to: his place was lying at the Master’s feet, for him to use however he so desired.

Liam felt the Master kneel down behind him, their thighs brushing up against one another, and then there were firm hands on his ass cheeks, spreading them apart. He shivered again, a mixture of anticipation and nerves coursing through his body, but he waited patiently, just as he had before Master Sigma had arrived.

The head of Master Sigma’s dick felt like pure ecstasy as it slipped gently into Liam’s ass. It hurt, just a little, though the oil eased the process, and even with that pain it felt as though an orgasm more intense and breathtaking than any he had ever experience was building in his ass. The Master was gentle with him, feeding his oiled, enormous dick into Liam’s ass so slowly it almost felt as though he wasn’t moving at all. Each millimetre further in added volume to the extended groan of pleasure seeping from Liam’s lips, and when at last the Master’s meat was fully inside of him Liam concluded it with a shuddering, shaking breath he had not known he had been holding in.

For a brief time the Master left it there, not moving. Liam could feel every contour of the Master’s dick, every vein, every millimetre of his perfect, oiled member, and at that moment he thought he might cry. It was everything he had ever hoped it might have been and more, hotter and firmer than he could ever have desired. The pain was inconsequential, barely even noticeable, and he had an urge to grind against it, to feel it moving inside of him.

Oiled black man gives anal sex to oiled white man on floor

Then, leaning down so that he was lying on top of Liam, Master Sigma began to thrust. With each inch pulled out Liam felt a yawning emptiness grow inside of him like nothing he had ever felt or imagined, only for the Master to fill him up again when he thrusted back in, sinking deeper than before and completing the submissive man beneath him, filling the void with passion and lust and an inkling of pain that only served to arouse Liam even further. Knotting a hand in Liam’s hair, Master Sigma lifted up the boy’s head before looping an arm beneath his chest to lift him further. The action pulled Liam further onto his massive dick, and the first-time bottom groaned desperately at the sensation of Master Sigma knocking against his P-spot. The pleasure was unimaginable and his fingers scratched at the ground as though to find something to hold on to.

‘Hush now,’ said Master Sigma into his ear, voice barely above a whisper, ‘I am here Liam. Do you like the oils? We find that they calm our new initiates. After all, it can be scary waking up here. Do you like them, Liam?’

‘Oh yes, Master,’ Liam breathed. Calling the man ‘Master’ felt right, more right than anything besides the dick that was stretching his virgin ass. ‘The oils are perfect. I feel so relaxed. Thank you, Master.’

Master Sigma never became rough. He was gentle with Liam to a degree that Liam had only ever seen when people were handling delicate objects. Such a thought was arousing in the extreme, and all Liam wanted to be was Master Sigma’s delicate object for the rest of his life. For eternity. Whichever came last. Liam hardened rapidly, his dick pressing against his stomach as the man thrust in and out relentlessly, tenderly, and the soft rolling of Liam’s own body over his dick felt almost as though he was masturbating.

After some time of silence, Master Sigma took Liam’s hand in his own. ‘It is time to make your choice, Liam. If you choose to accept, the Liberators permit you to become my little boy. You shall return home with me, live with me, and I shall care for you as my pet. I will train your little boy holes, and you will service me as I wish. I will be forever loving, tender and adoring of you and you will want for nothing in this life. You will have as much of my hot cum as you desire, just as I will be able to use your body however I please, whenever I please. If you do not choose to accept, we will return you to your home and you will never see a single one of our number ever again for all of your life.’ Lifting Liam’s hand, he placed it on his ass as he continued to thrust, before releasing his grip. ‘If you choose to remain with me, all you must do is pull me into you. I shall cum inside you and our bond will be forever. If you choose to leave me, you may remove your hand, I will not cum in you, and you shall be back home within the hour. It is your choice, Liam. Take all the time you need.’

Without missing a beat, Liam tightened his grip around Master Sigma’s ass and pulled him as deep into his ass as he possibly could. Desperately he ground up against the man, taking his cock to the base so that his massive bull balls were hitting his own as he continued to thrust. ‘Please, Master Sigma,’ he said, ‘I want to be yours. I need to be yours. Take me away with you, let me serve you however you desire. Never leave me, Master. And please, please, cum in me now. I beg you, Master, fill me up.’

With one firm thrust the Master struck Liam’s P-spot before shooting off his colossal load deep inside the submissive man. Liam gasped as it cascaded through him, too ecstatic even to moan, able only to pant as he felt the Master’s dick twitch and buck inside him, filling him up with his hot, sticky seed until he could feel it dribbling from his ass and down around his balls. Liam, too, came hard, his own cum pooling beneath his chest as he lay there, breathless and overwhelmed.

Gently, carefully, Master Sigma slid his dick free. This time, however, there was no yawning emptiness, only a perfect contentment as Liam felt his Master’s seed swirling around inside him. Master Sigma strode around in front of Liam, where he knelt and stroked the oiled man’s cheek. ‘Your first task as my pet, as is tradition, is to suck me clean. Do so at your leisure.’

Eagerly, Liam engulfed Master Sigma’s dick in his mouth and he hungrily gorged himself on the cum plastering it, along with strings that continued to leak from his head. Master Sigma closed his eyes with pleasure, and a hand found its way idly onto Liam’s head, which he bobbed up and down rhythmically. As he did so, hundreds more figures emerged from the shadows wearing the same hoods and robes as the five who had remained motionless on the edge of the spotlight. Liam barely noticed them, absorbed entirely in his meal and working the Master’s dick with his supple lips, swirling his tongue around the shaft with careless abandon.

Oiled man grinds against ass of second oiled man

‘Our bond is sealed,’ said Master Sigma, continuing to push and pull on Liam’s head, ‘before the eyes of the Liberators. Liam Bones is a name you no longer recognise. Your only title is Boy, and you shall answer to whatever names I address you by. As is tradition, the collective Liberators shall now mark you with their seed to brand you as one of us. You will continue to pleasure me until they have completed their marking.’

For hours, the Liberators took their turn to mark the new pet. Kneeling down behind him, they sank themselves into his ass and pumped him full of their hot seed. Some of the men teased him, sliding their dick between his ass cheeks before entering him, and all of them were smothered in the intoxicating oils that filled him with such bliss. Each man felt good inside him, but to Boy there was no single one that could match up to the meat of his Master. Before long, he could feel their cum pooling around his balls, then out to his knees, and by the end he was laid in a pool of it, his chest and legs, dick and balls sticky from it. Not once during his initiation did Boy stop sucking the dick of his hung Master, and he felt more of his hot seed course down his waiting throat over half a dozen times before the Liberators had finished their work.

Once each man had finished, they redressed and left, until it was only Master Sigma and Boy remaining in the darkened room. Pouring one last load down Boy’s throat, Master Sigma lifted his lips free. Gulping it down and licking his lips, Boy smiled contentedly as Master Sigma lifted him up from the ground and held him in his arms, ignoring the cum that smothered his pet’s chest and limbs. Walking them both into the shadows, Boy shortly had a vague sensation of being laid down over the back seat of a car, then an image of Master sat naked driving them away from the room before he fell asleep of exhaustion, his dreams full of visions of his Master fucking him like a good little pet…

Two muscular black men use small white man

Three Months Later

Boy always enjoyed it when Master had friends stay over at their house. Master Zeta was a good fuck, and Boy enjoyed Master Alpha’s bondage sessions, but it was Master Delta who he loved the most. Master Delta’s enormous dick was second only to Boy’s Master’s and having it fill him up was a rare privilege.

Boy couldn’t believe his luck: Master had told him that Master Delta would be staying with them for a whole month! As he lay on the bed, he raised his ass up for Master Delta to use. With Master’s dick in his hand, his tongue teasing the head so that he moaned and complimented his pet, he waited expectantly. Even with his little boy ass now well-stretched from daily use, it was a struggle to take Master Delta’s dick without wailing aloud. As he felt it sink inside him – already coated in Master Delta’s own cum from having erupted in Boy’s mouth only a few minutes before – Boy knew that it was going to be a very horny month indeed. Master might even invite some more friends over: after all, Boy had been begging him for a gangbang for weeks…

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