Latex World Order: Perfectly Submissive

Models: Veronica Leal & Valentina Lapiedra

Aysha had always assumed mind control would be an uncomfortable experience. Being stripped of her free will and having her every action dictated by any goddess who chose to use her had sounded scary at first. So invasive, so dehumanising.

But after over a year serving in the mind control room at the House of Deviance she had come to realise that she didn’t actually miss her autonomy. In fact, being without it was surprisingly liberating, and she wasn’t even sure anymore if she would agree to take it back if given the offer – not that any goddess would ever do so, of course.

So, as she lay on her back with Lady Moan’s rubber cock thrusting slowly into her slick pussy, Aysha didn’t even think of resisting as the urge to raise and spread her latex-wrapped legs sprang into her mind. With the lights gleaming off her glossy stockings and her feet bobbing in the air, her goddess had even deeper access to her sex.

Riding the high of submissive pleasure, Aysha groaned long and low and lustful.

Lady Moan chuckled that soft, devious chuckle Aysha knew so well, and it made her stomach flip.

‘You like that, kitten? You like my thick cock stretching your slutty pussy?’

Aysha nodded frantically, biting her lip and scrunching her eyes closed in a grimace of pleasure as the thrusting Domme skilfully ground the head of her dildo against Aysha’ s G-spot.

‘Yes, Mistress. I love it. I love being used. I love serving you.’

Another sultry chuckle. ‘Of course you do. And you know why, don’t you? We all know why. Because you’re the neediest, naughtiest slave in this place. Even Goddess Deviance admits you’re the best slut she ever purchased. You’re the favourite free-use slave of half the goddesses in the city. Which is why I take great pleasure in knowing I am your favourite goddess.’

Even if she’d wanted to deny it, she couldn’t: the first time they met, Lady Moan had ordered her to always tell the truth in her presence. As such, there was nothing Aysha could do but agree. ‘Always, Mistress. Nobody will ever be better than you. I’d serve you for eternity.’

Aysha’s entire body throbbed with hungry desire, just as it always did whenever a goddess was using her: one of the other effects of the neuro-chip implanted in her brain. Not only did it allow any goddess to control her actions either verbally or telepathically, it also infused her with insatiable lust leaving her nubile body in a state of permanent arousal.

Back when she was first implanted, Aysha had fought against the chip’s emotional effects. She had rejected the lust, telling herself it was all artificial even as it burned endlessly through her insides, ached in her tits, dripped from her pussy. Likewise, she had struggled to ignore the sense of longing any time a goddess used her – the sordid yet soothing feeling that settled in her very soul each time she was driven into submission.

Yet it hadn’t taken long before her denial had started to fade. After all, what was the use in denying it? It didn’t matter that her emotions were influenced by her implant – the chip was part of her now, just as much as all the desires that had been thrust upon her when she was first transformed back in the Market. Day by day she had allowed the temptation in and slowly realised that the pleasures of the chip weren’t the curse she first thought they were. Quite the opposite, in fact: being under the control of the goddesses was a gift.

And now she spent every day basking in the perpetual orgasmia of mind-controlled submission.

Just then, Lady Moan pulled out, her rubber dick slick with Aysha’s juices.

A pang of torment washed through the slender sub at the sudden absence, but it was only a fleeting sensation. Because almost as soon as it arose it was cast aside by the submissive instinct to lick her goddess clean.

Scrambling around, she all but threw herself onto her front, the frantic action pulling her formerly bunched blue mesh top back down over her torso – although the material was so wafer thin it did nothing to dull the pleasure of her hard nipples rubbing against the white sheets beneath. Clasping Lady Moan’s pantyhose-clad thighs, she didn’t even hesitate to bow her head and take the glistening dildo between her lips.

Peering up at her Goddess, the urge to worship was so strong it hurt.

Lady Moan was always among the hottest goddesses in any room, and today was no different. Her gleaming corset was void black, the colour a stark contrast to the translucent peach-pink of her latex dress. The dark circles of her areolas and the bumps of her nipples were clearly visible through the bust, filling Aysha’s head with memories of all the times she’d spent suckling hungrily on them. Lower down, right in front of Aysha’s face, Lady Moan’s perfect pussy twinkled enticingly. The bulb of the strapless dildo was nestled deep in her sex, the shaft jutting through a slit in her pantyhose, and the constant pleasure of it moving within her while she fucked her eager sub had engorged her slit into a twinkling nub.

The stunning goddess never broke Aysha’s gaze. ‘Such a good girl,’ she purred, reaching down to hold Aysha’s hands. ‘I’ve never known any slave so perfectly submissive, even when they have the thoughts of a goddess weaving through their head. You’re the best little sub any goddess could ever hope to ask for. Which means my little experiment worked.’

Aysha didn’t stop sucking Lady Moan’s dildo – after all, her Goddess hadn’t told her to stop, so her body wouldn’t let her. Instead her pretty face took on a questioning frown.

This time Lady Moan gave a tinkling laugh that made Aysha’s pussy pulse. Then, stroking a hand through the sub’s cloud-soft hair, she smiled the most impish smile Aysha had ever seen.

‘I turned off your chip.’

Aysha was too stunned to register what happened next.

Lady Moan moved so fast she was a blur. Flipping Aysha onto her back in the blink of an eye she hooked one arm over the sub’s midriff to pin her in place; the next second she had her face buried between Aysha’s thighs and was eating her sub out with all the frenzied energy of a blood-parched vampire.

For what felt like forever, Aysha’s world went blank. Her eyes swivelled up in her skull and her eyelids fluttered, but even when she managed to see straight the intense and unexpected pleasure of Lady Moan’s passionate cunnilingus had so many stars popping in front of her eyes that the rest of the world was barely visible through a haze of white. Her breath came in ragged gasps, her groin burned white-hot with ecstasy and all she could do to ground herself in reality was scrabble desperately at the bedsheets like a gazelle dragged down by a hunting lioness.

In a matter of seconds Lady Moan had her sub howling. A few nearby goddesses turned to observe their sister-in-latex at work, their own mind-controlled slaves busily worshipping their latex-wrapped bodies. The spare slaves lined up against the wall were physically unable to look away, forced to watch as Aysha writhed and thrashed beneath her Goddess; their chips made sure the sight left them dripping wet.

When Lady Moan finally reared up, Aysha’s chest was heaving. Her skin beaded with sweat she trembled uncontrollably where she lay, staring sightlessly at the ceiling.

Then Lady Moan’s beaming face came into view and Aysha’s eyes automatically focused. The goddess eased down until she was almost lying on her sub. Supported on forearms resting beside Aysha’s shoulders so she could reach up and play with her dark hair, Lady Moan’s torso was so close to Aysha’s that their tits brushed together with the slightest motion. Her body heat radiated over Aysha, feeding her arousal. The shaft of her dildo settled between Aysha’s pussy folds, prompting a soft moan.

‘All those moans were yours, Aysha,’ Lady Moan whispered. ‘Only yours. No chip. No control. Just you.’

‘I… I don’t understand… you’ve been controlling me… I’ve felt it…’

Lady Moan kissed her breathless sub on the forehead. ‘No, I haven’t. Your chip has been deactivated since I arrived. Everything you’ve felt – all the urges to serve me, all the instincts to submit – that was all you. That’s how I know you’re the perfect slave: you’re so deep into subservience you never even noticed you weren’t being forced to submit. You just accepted my orders and obeyed. You’ve accepted the effects of the chip so completely you don’t even need it to be active anymore, because the only place you’ll be truly happy is in submission to goddesses like me.’

Aysha was reeling. She felt like she was in freefall. Free will – the thing she had been most terrified about losing when the chip was first implanted – was now so insignificant her brain hadn’t even recognised it coming back. How had she not noticed? How could she possibly have missed it? Was it really true she had been in control of her own actions? She’d been in Lady Moan’s arms for hours and the urges had felt just as real as when she was under the goddess’s control. Had she truly accepted her submission so fully that she no longer needed the chip in order to respond automatically?

‘But… why?’

‘I’m glad you asked,’ Lady Moan purred, leaning in closer still so their noses nestled beside one another and their lips were mere atoms apart. ‘It’s simple really. I bought you, Aysha.’

For a second, Aysha was sure her heart had stopped. ‘You did what?’ she asked, worried she’d misheard.

‘I bought you,’ her Goddess repeated. ‘Traded Goddess Deviance my favourite bull for you. You’re officially my slave now, so I had to turn off your chip.’

Aysha’s voice was barely above a whisper. ‘I… I don’t understand.’

‘It’s simple really. See, the chips are part of a telepathic network Goddess Deviance had installed when she renovated this place. But no chipped slave has ever been taken out of range of the network, so we thought it best to be on the safe side and–’

‘No,’ Aysha said, her voice faltering briefly as the realisation she had interrupted Lady Moan hit her; it was the first time she’d ever been able to do that. ‘No. I mean why would you buy me?’

Lady Moan was too close for Aysha to see her smile, but she could hear it in the goddess’s sultry voice. ‘I’ve already told you that, beautiful: you’re perfect. This is where you belong – it’s your fate. No goddess could ask for a better sub to call her slave than you, and I’m tired of having to leave you behind here after we’ve fucked. I want to have you in my house. In my bed. I want to spend hours dressing you up in slutty outfits just so I can rip them off you and fuck your brains out. I want your horny screams to keep all my neighbours awake and masturbating all night long. I want your pussy and your tits and your lips ready and waiting whenever I wish to use them. I want a sub who knows her place and is grateful beyond compare to have me as her Goddess.’

The latex-wrapped beauty paused. Then she planted a gentle kiss on Aysha’s lips. ‘That’s you, Aysha. You’re mine now. And I’m yours.’

The world seemed to have faded away. The curtained room, the multitude of mattresses, the other goddesses and their mind-controlled subs – everything ceased to matter. To Aysha, they were the only two women in existence, floating on their mattress in an endless void. Lady Moan’s hair hung down on either side of Aysha’s face, hemming in her peripheral vision so that her Goddess’s pretty face was the only thing she could see.

Aysha liked that thought: her Goddess.

‘Still, Goddess Deviance drives a hard bargain,’ Lady Moan went on. ‘We agreed that you’d still serve as a slave here a few days per week. After all, you’re one of the House of Deviance’s star attractions, so the lady of the house wasn’t willing to give you up completely. But while you’re here your chip will remain inactive – Deviance has even offered to remove it if you want. Either way, at the end of the day I’ll be able to come and take you home with me, and you can tell me all the filthy things you’ve done with my sisters-in-latex while riding my big rubber dick. How does that sound, little one?’

Aysha’s eyes glittered brighter than polished diamonds. ‘Like I’m dreaming,’ she said.

Lady Moan smiled. ‘Don’t worry, I promise you’re awake. Oh, and there’s one last thing you need to know.’

The Domme’s fingers tightened in Aysha’s hair and the sub sensed her Goddess slowly shifting her hips. ‘I’ve been negotiating the terms of our deal with Goddess Deviance for almost a month, and I’ve spent every night fucking sub after sub back home fantasising about the day it’d be you instead. So, to put it bluntly, I’ve never been more desperate to fuck your brains out than I am right now.’

As if to emphasise her point, her hips finally eased into the right position for the head of her strapless dildo to slot into the folds of Aysha’s wet pussy, sending a delightful thrill of anticipation to the nubile sub.

‘Well then, Mistress, what are you waiting for?’ Aysha said softly. Lifting her gleaming latex-clad legs, she crossed them across the small of the goddess’s back and pushed down with her heels so the dildo pressed deeper into her exposed sex. ‘After all, you have a name to live up to, Lady Moan.’

Aysha’s Goddess grinned, her face a mask of raw, wicked lust. ‘When you put it that way…’

Moments later, Aysha’s orgasmic groans swirled thick in the air, drowning out the sensual sounds of every fucking deviant in the room.

When Lady Moan finally tore her gaze away from Aysha’s intoxicating expressions of submissive euphoria, she turned to find Goddess Deviance standing at the edge of the room, resplendent in blood red latex stockings, matching latex evening gloves and nothing more. She was smiling as she watched.

With a respectful nod to her fellow goddess, the lady of the house slipped through the curtain, no doubt off to congratulate herself on a deal well made with the help of one of her many, many slaves.

But Lady Moan didn’t need an army of submissives. Just one. Turning back to her new plaything, she took the opportunity to celebrate in her own way: by driving so deep into Aysha’s hot, wet, insatiable pussy that she writhed and moaned and begged for more like the perfect little sex-addict she truly was…

Thanks for reading!

As the story that served as the genesis for my blog, I always take great pleasure in returning to Latex World Order. And every time I do, I never fail to come away with plenty of depraved ideas of where I can take things next. For example, this piece was originally inspired by one of the scenes in last year’s ‘House of Deviance’, which used gifs taken from a scene produced by the studio Straplez. I haven’t yet watched a scene from them that was any less than smoking hot, so I knew I wanted to write a full-length piece for one of their latex galleries, and when I found this one I was sold. And while I don’t know if we’ll see Lady Moan or her new pet in future stories, I nonetheless have plenty of ideas of where to go from here.

One of the things I love most about these stories is that while they are all loosely connected, there is just as much freedom to explore different characters and storylines as there is to follow those I’ve included in previous pieces. As such, those of you who enjoy these stories should be in no doubt that so long as I continue writing, I will keep releasing more Latex World Order stories.

Perhaps the main thing this story did drive home for me when I came to schedule it alongside the others of this month was the realisation that a decent proportion of my stories don’t actually include a transformation. This month alone, neither this nor my Project Black Snow story included an in-story transformation, and even ‘Date Night Body Swap’ didn’t really involve any physical changes.

Ultimately I just write what I enjoy writing, and depending on what idea excites me the most that can mean that I’m writing stories set significantly after a character’s initial transformation takes place. Especially when it comes to stories like this or Project Black Snow, sticking to the time period when everyone experiences their very first transformation would be pretty restrictive because it would mean I wouldn’t be able to explore all the depravity that occurs further down the line after those transformations have changed the characters they affected. But at the same time, even in non-serialised stories sometimes the hottest idea to me may not involve a transformation at all, or at least simply leave it implied (as was the case with ‘Eternal Worship’, released last month, for example).

In the end though, regardless of which format you like best, I hope you’re still able to enjoy all my stories. And I also hope to see you next week as we kick off June with another slice of depravity!

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