A Neighbourly Favour – Virginity Lost

The sound of the front door opening and closing sent Craig into overdrive. Every memory of Mr. Johnson seemed to jostle for position in his mind, though he was viewing them in an entirely new light. Instead of imagining his muscular arms wrapped around Mrs. Johnson beneath their covers, he was focused on what they might feel like around his chest; instead of thinking about his chiselled features glowering down at him disapprovingly, he was imagining them contorted with passion as he used Craig’s body.

He was so overwhelmed with thought that the very notion that only a few hours ago he would have retched at the thought of engaging in gay sex did not so much as cross his mind. Though that was not to say that he was not having his doubts. While he had been on his knees servicing Mrs. Johnson’s shemale cock everything had felt so right, but now he was alone in the bedroom that feeling of fulfilment had worn off and he was wondering if this was really such a good idea.

After all, he had long held a crush on Mrs. Johnson. What if that had played a contributing factor in his succumbing to her charms and enjoying her dick? What if Mr. Johnson was rough with him? He didn’t think he would like that. These niggles however were overshadowed by ideas that had started out as small worries but had now grown into the dominant concerns that swept aside all others; what if he was no good? What if he couldn’t give Mr. Johnson what he wanted? What if he was a disappointment?

As though shining a light into a cockroach-infested room, the strident voice of Mr. Johnson ringing through the house sent Craig’s concerns scuttling away. All he could focus on was the man’s voice.

‘Honey, I’m home. Did you invite our new plaything over?’

‘I did babe,’ came Mrs. Johnson’s sultry voice and for several seconds he could hear them kissing at the foot of the stairwell. He could imagine the reflection of their perfect bodies in the hallway mirrors. ‘He’s in the guest bedroom waiting for you.’

After Mrs. Johnson had cum down his throat she had allowed him to spit it out, aware that it would have been perhaps too big a step to make to swallow it having never contemplated giving a blowjob before that night.  The taste had lingered though – he could still taste it – and somehow he had found it comforting. Before they had left the bathroom she had had him use their bidet, which had been a very peculiar experience. She had then led him into an expensively decorated luxurious bedroom and told him that he was to wait on the bed for Mr. Johnson to return home. She had been very specific about how Mr. Johnson was to find him: on all fours with his ass facing the door. He had intermittently assumed that position and laid on the bed as he waited, and he had forced himself not to masturbate as he heard Mrs. Johnson pleasuring herself on the floor below. She had descended naked, and he wondered if at that very moment Mr. Johnson was fondling her cock.

‘I think it is high time we became acquainted then,’ he heard Mr. Johnson say, and then there came the heavy fall of his foot on the stairs. His ominous step matched Craig’s racing heart, and before long he could hear Mr. Johnson outside the door. The clink of a buckle told him the man was removing his trousers, and based on the rustles of cloth that followed Craig could only assume that when Mr. Johnson entered the bedroom he was stark naked.

He forced himself to remain silent as he heard Mr. Johnson let out a low moan. ‘Mmmm, even better than I had hoped for,’ he said, his voice deep and masculine.

Craig heard the man move slowly, and the sudden feeling of the bed shifting as Mr. Johnson leaned against it somehow made everything so much more real. It was as though Craig could have chalked everything up to a strange dream until then. Even Mrs. Johnson’s unexpected reveal could have been a weird twist of his imagination that he would shortly wake up from. But the heat of the man’s flesh so close to his, the breeze of his breath on Craig’s skin as the man drew close, that was undeniable. He was not dreaming, although he found it difficult to believe given that the situation was a dream he had never known he had come true.

Craig had spent hours wondering what Mr. Johnson’s first move would be, and had come to rest on either fingering his ass, taking hold of his dick to stroke it, or simply going straight for the gusto as it were and fucking him on the spot. But then, he was not massively knowledgeable of the specifics of anal sex, and therefore it was an incredible shock when he felt Mr. Johnson’s part his cheeks with firm hands and lick his winking asshole with his hot, broad tongue.

A jolt of energy and an unintentional gasp took Craig by surprise. In response, Mr. Johnson leaned forward to take his hand and squeeze it reassuringly. Craig let himself enjoy the sensation. Far more sensitive than he had ever understood it to be, his asshole tingled with pleasure that proceeded to pulse out through his groin and to his incredible surprise he found himself hardening as this strong man licked his virgin hole. As though his growing erection confirmed that Mrs. Johnson had not in fact been a one off enjoyable lover, Craig moaned softly to which his neighbour responded by spitting onto his ass before licking some more.

By the time he had finished, Craig’s ass was wet and his hole winking frantically, not to mention the fact that his dick was so hard that it was bucking up into his stomach. He had never been so hard in his life, not even after a long session of masturbation. It was incredible being so hard that the pleasure almost tipped over into pain but balanced on that crest with effortless ease.

He heard Mr. Johnson slip on a condom and suddenly he wanted to cry. This was it. He was going to be fucked by a guy. This one night had felt like an entire lifetime waiting for this, and now the moment was here. Every second seemed to last an eternity and his breath came in desperate gasps. In an attempt to soothe him, Mr. Johnson leaned over and stroked his hair, and in doing so he pressed the head of his dick against Craig’s wet hole. Slowly, shushing Craig softly as though reassuring a small child as he entered him, Mr. Johnson slipped his dick into Craig’s virgin hole.

Once Mr. Johnson was inside him, Craig did not know what to do. That feeling of fulfilment that had disappeared after he had spat out Mrs. Johnson’s cum had returned and was tenfold more intense. If having a dick in his mouth completed him, having one in has ass changed him. He knew the moment the head was inside that he could never give up that sensation and the deeper Mr. Johnson went the more he became certain of that fact. His dick was incredible. So hard and even through the condom he could feel the veins lining his member, could appreciate the amazing meat that he was impaled upon. He could not deny that the stretching of his ass was painful, but the sensation of being so full overwhelmed that. It was as though he had eaten far too much of something delicious and he had a stomach ache: the pain was there, a throbbing, persistent pain, but he did not regret the reason for it in any capacity.

Gay hunks have sex on bed

With Craig suitably impaled, Mr. Johnson moved his new pet into a more pleasing position. Rolling him over gently, he positioned him so that he was lay on his back with one leg dangling over the edge of the bed before lifting the other up to rest on his chest, Craig’s foot raised above Mr. Johnson’s head.

And then he began to thrust.

For a good time Craig simply lay back in quiet reverence. One hand was thrown out to the side to clutch hold of the bedsheets, occasionally twitching as Mr. Johnson hit the right spot, while the other idly stroked the man’s thigh. When his eyes were not closed and his breath coming in ragged pants punctuated by desperate moans he stared up at the ceiling and tried to process the impossible pleasure coursing through his body. Once or twice he began to cry tears of joy, too overwhelmed to truly express himself but deeply aware that he had never felt more free. When he did, Mr. Johnson would shush him softly and kiss his raised leg until he calmed.

Gay hunks have sex on bed

After some time – what felt like an eternity – Mr. Johnson began to increase his pace. Craig felt something snap in him then. At first he had been almost ashamed to admit to himself that he was enjoying this. It seemed somehow wrong, and though he had never held anything against such sexual acts himself, he had never imagined himself engaging in them and he had been unable to escape the idea that his homophobic family would be deeply loathsome of his decision to do so. As Mr. Johnson had fucked his ass those inhibitions had gradually crumbled away and now it was as though his increased pace was a signal to Craig that they were utterly gone.

He was free. And he adored this feeling.

Soon he had gone from lying all but still to being intensely active. Lifting himself up he rocked harder onto Mr. Johnson’s impressive dick, his free hand exploring the man’s tight abs, stroking and clawing them in a desperate attempt to feel more skin contact with him. Not only was he animated, however, he was loud. His moans of ecstasy rang through the house and the knowledge that Mrs. Johnson was likely downstairs jerking off to the sound of them only made him moan all the louder.

Mr. Johnson never became rough. Gauging Craig’s reactions he found a perfect speed that was neither too slow as to fail to pique Craig’s arousal, nor too fast that it tipped him into discomfort, and it was at this speed that he used his neighbour’s ass for several more minutes. By the time his neighbour came, Craig was reaching his limit of use; Mr. Johnson could tell the pain of his stretched ass was threatening to overwhelm the pleasure, and his hard-on was beginning to die down as the young man’s body weakened. In truth, Mr. Johnson was deeply impressed that his lover had lasted so long, for not only did he pride himself on his impressive stamina, but he had always held his reservations as to whether Craig would be able to handle him. The fact that he not only had but enjoyed it more intensely than either of them had expected was incredibly fucking hot.

In fact, when the man pulled out and discarded of his condom, Craig panted a complaint from the bed. ‘I wish I could have felt you finish in me,’ he breathed.

Mr. Johnson smiled. ‘All in good time, pet. For now, you get some rest.’

Hearing the door close, Craig was asleep quickly.

Waking up the next morning, Craig’s head was clearer than it had been in a long time. And for the first time in what felt like years he knew exactly what he wanted.

Creeping down the stairs, he found Mr. Johnson reclining on a sofa. He was wearing only a pale t-shirt and his magnificent dick was set free. Craig had donned the discarded jeans Mr. Johnson had left in the room the night before for two reasons. For one thing, something about the day made him feel more vulnerable about his nakedness. It was as though the night was the natural time to be naked, but the daylight brought with it judgement for walking around in the nude. But the second reason was by far the greater one: they made him feel owned by Mr. Johnson.

His neighbour appeared to be asleep, and to Craig’s excitement he had a morning hard-on. Moving over to him silently, Craig sank down onto the sofa. There was not a moment of hesitation once he was there: he leaned down and took Mr. Johnson’s dick into his mouth without a second thought.

If anything, the man tasted even better than his wife. He was firmer, larger and his taste was more rich than hers, the salty tang accentuated by his natural manly musk. Craig’s hand came up automatically to work the base of his shaft and he was soon salivating heavily, the saliva dribbling down Mr. Johnson’s delicious manhood.

He had hoped that Mr. Johnson would wake up with a moan, but his actual response was far more arousing; without Craig noticing he slipped a hand down his jeans and inserted a finger into his neighbour’s tight little ass. In response Craig moaned around his dick and made a happy slurping noise.

‘You know,’ said Mr. Johnson, ‘I wasn’t sure you would appreciate our advances. I’m so glad you did. We have wanted a submissive lover for so long, and now it turns out that there was one right next door all this time.’

Pausing briefly, Craig replied without taking his eyes off of the man’s dick. ‘Thank you for choosing me, I didn’t know I needed this. But I did. I always have. I wish I could live like this all of the time.’

‘Well why can’t you? We would gladly make ours a house of three.’

Craig did stop then, and when he looked up at Mr. Johnson there was sadness in his eyes. ‘I could never admit to my folks that I like this. They’re majorly homophobic. And besides, I have a job to hold down and I work so many hours just to pay rent that I am barely ever home.’

Mr. Johnson stroked his hair before softly guiding Craig back to his dick, which the young man returned to sucking happily. ‘As luck would have it, me and my wife were just having a conversation last night as we made love. She is currently upstairs asleep no doubt as I did give her a good pounding, and she is likely to explain it all better than me later, but the basics were these. As you already know, we are not a poor couple. My job is impressively paid and requires relatively little of me, and I am very lucky to have it. While I am at work she is here and she does get desperately lonely. It would be no harm on us to have you live here with us. As lonely as she gets she gets even hornier and a willing pet is just what she needs around the house. Not to mention when her friends come to visit they would love to make use of a good boy like you. They may even pay us a little bit for the pleasure which would no doubt help us treat you to a more… lavish lifestyle than you are used to. You wouldn’t have to work at all, just live here with us and love us as we would love you.

‘We have also been saving for some time and were planning on moving to somewhere a little bigger further out from the city. It would be nice and out of the way and I would not be at all surprised if we were able to organise some nice, naughty… events with plenty of our friends to join us there. It could be our own little sex mansion just for the three of us. How does that sound?’

As Mr. Johnson had spoken Craig had felt his boner rising and he had gone down on his neighbour with ever more enthusiasm. Now his jeans were tented and Mr. Johnson’s dick was leaking pre-cum onto his tongue. Regretfully, he tore himself away to reply. ‘I would love it, I really would, but I still couldn’t tell my family. They would disown me. I don’t know what I’d do.’

Mr. Johnson smiled. ‘Craig, just tell me honestly. Does that idea make you happy? Did last night make you happy? Does this,’ he gestured to his rock hard dick as well as Craig’s pre-cum-coated chin, ‘make you happy?’

Without missing a beat, Craig nodded. ‘Yes. More than anything else ever has.’

‘Then tell me your father’s phone number.’

Doing so, Craig watched on in amazement as Mr. Johnson picked up his mobile and dialled the number. Once again, the man guided him back to his dick and he went down hungrily on it, intensely aroused by the idea of what was about to happen.

‘Hello,’ said Mr. Johnson down the phone, ‘is this Craig’s father? Ah, good. I just wanted to let you know that your son has recently come to the realisation that sucking dick makes him very, very happy, and that I am his new male lover. My wife also happens to have a cock between her legs, and while you were sleeping soundly last night he was gagging on it before I came home and fucked him in the ass.’ An explosion of insults burst from the mobile but Mr. Johnson cut across it with a strident voice. ‘Yes, I’m sure you are and I’m sure you think he is, but the fact of the matter is we are all living together now and we are going to have lots and lots of sex. I thank you for your concern, sir, but I can assure you that we will be very happy together. Now if you will excuse me I am about to cum down your son’s throat. Good day.’ Hanging up, he sighed. ‘Well, you were right, he did say he would disown you. But for what it is worth, I think you gained something far better than what you just lost, don’t you?’

In response, Craig swirled his tongue around the man’s shaft and slurped noisily, hungrily, desperately awaiting his cum down his throat. His fingers worked around the base of his dick frantically trying to drive him to the edge and he bobbed his head up and down rhythmically. There were no more barriers to his true self and he could not have been more ecstatic.

Smiling contentedly, Mr. Johnson lay back and closed his eyes as he continued to finger Craig’s ass. ‘Just as I thought,’ he said…

Shirtless man in jeans gives oral sex to man on sofa while the receiver fingers his ass

Thanks for reading!

You can thank gapril2063 for this one. If you’ve read the comments of the first Neighbourly Favour story you will know that they were keen for me to write a sequel, and I am very glad that they were. I didn’t know I wanted to follow Craig’s story beyond that first post but I absolutely did, and I love this second installment. I may even follow it further…

That said, this will not become one of my serials. I have a few ideas for where I could go with it, however as with Amber Smith’s story that I released on Monday, there is a definite end point to it. Don’t expect another sequel just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for one on the way within the next several months.

And please leave me a comment. As the first story demonstrated, I do read them and what you want to read is a big contributor to what I want to write. So let me know what you thought!

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