Project Black Snow: Date Night

Models: Anya Olsen, Madison Summers & Anton Harden

After Project Black Snow arrived on campus the concept of exclusive relationships became almost completely foreign to the staff and students of St. Roderick’s. Their Bull- and Bunny-addled minds could barely comprehend the idea of limiting themselves to just one lover and as a result closed relationships soon became a thing of the past.

Nevertheless, there was the occasional relationship that survived the school’s corruption. By the time Project Black Snow had sunk its claws into them, however, even the couples who did last were rendered completely unrecognisable from their former selves, while the bond they shared tipped noticeably lustful, founded more in amorality than affection. And nowhere was that more obvious than when date night came around.

Given that the closest village to St. Roderick’s was over twenty miles away – and even that only had a single restaurant – when they had first started dating over a year ago Macey and Lucia had found themselves with limited date night options. Fortunately Macey – or rather, Mikey, as she had been at the time – had an extensive film collection, so as often as she could Lucia joined him in his dorm room for a cuddly movie night.

They had continued the tradition even after they both became hooked on Bunny, though their taste in films had drastically changed. Tonight the projector behind them shone sensual sapphic porn onto the opposite wall, the sultry groans and soft kisses of the writhing models playing through the expensive surround-sound system Lucia had recently persuaded one of Doctor F’s associates to install for them.

Lucia’s hand rested on Macey’s leg, caressing the soft skin as they both sat enraptured by the scene. Lucia was dressed in a crisp black blazer and matching tight skirt, beneath which she wore only a black lace bra; as always these days she had foregone panties, preferring her holes to be ready for use at all times.

Macey’s attire shared Lucia’s dark colour palette though her outfit was much less formal, comprised of a leather skirt and tight sheer top inlaid with glitter through which her plump tits were accentuated by a push-up bra. The contrast between their two styles was perfectly representative of their new dynamic: though Lucia had once been the quiet one, after their transformations she had taken the dominant role in their relationship. Driven by uninhibited sluttiness, she took what she wanted whenever she wanted it. Meanwhile, the formerly focused Macey was now much more ditzy, her airheaded nature making it easy for Lucia to tempt her into going along with whatever sordid scheme she had on her mind.

And tonight, that scheme manifested as a knock on Lucia’s dorm room door.

Turning off the ambient pink lights to leave the projected porn as the only illumination, Lucia smirked as she caught Macey’s confused frown. ‘Oh, I’m sorry babe. Did I forget to mention I’d arranged us some company tonight? How about you go open the door and say hello to our guest?’

‘Okay,’ Macey said, bounding over to the door with an excited giggle. Swinging it open she revealed a towering black bull framed in the doorway. ‘Hi, you must be the guy my Lulu invited. Wow, you’re awful big,’ she added, pressing herself against the bull’s broad chest and running a hand shamelessly over his crotch.

‘Don’t just leave him standing there, M,’ Lucia said without turning her attention from the scissoring lesbian lovers on the film. ‘Show him to his seat.’

Macey didn’t argue. ‘Okay,’ she smiled before grabbing the man by the waist of his trousers, dragging him over to the sofa and pushing him down beside Lucia. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders she dropped down with him, and no sooner had he landed than she was straddling his lap and grinding against his groin while peppering his neck and cheeks and brow with kisses.

The bull shuddered, her giddy neediness quickly engorging his goliath cock. ‘Fucking hell. I know you said she was a greedy nympho, but I didn’t think she’d be this eager.’

In contrast to her girlfriend, Lucia was calm and reserved as she stood over them watching with a satisfied smirk. ‘Oh, this is nothing. Just you wait until she gets a taste of your cock – that’s when she really goes off the rails.’

Reaching down to stroke Macey’s hair, Lucia spoke to her in a slow, clear voice as if talking to a child. ‘Hey, baby, you remember how I told you about that nice man Leo who fitted our new speakers? Well this is him. As a thank you for helping us out I agreed he could take a Bull pill and spend the night with us. You don’t mind, do you gorgeous?’

Macey didn’t respond directly, though her horny babbling made it clear at least some of Lucia’s words had gone in. ‘Hi Leo. Did you know you’re like super hot? Because you are, pinky promise. Thanks for the speakers – they make the moans sound so much better. Your cock feels so big already. I want to taste it. Will you let me taste it? Please, please, please say yes. I promise I’ll make you cum.’

Taken aback by Macey’s frantic pleas Leo turned to Lucia for guidance. Of course, she was happy to help.

‘Of course he will, sweetie. Go on, show him what you can do with those pretty lips, don’t be shy.’

In Macey’s Bunny-infused mind, Lucia’s word was all that mattered. Though Lucia couldn’t actually control her mind, Macey’s instinct to accept and obey whatever her girlfriend told her was ingrained so deeply that she might as well have been a marionette with strings wound around Lucia’s slender fingers. As such, permission to go down on Leo’s cock had barely passed Lucia’s lips before Macey was tugging frantically on his jeans, eager to release his engorged manhood.

And once she set his immense rod free Macey immediately started to feast.

If there was one thing Macey’s ditziness allowed her to do better than her girlfriend it was throat a dick. Because while Lucia consistently maintained an aura of absolute control, Macey didn’t have any interest in keeping up appearances. All she cared about was fulfilling her own cravings, no matter how depraved she became while doing so.

On all fours with her leather-clad ass in the air and her fleshy tits jiggling as she bobbed hungrily, Macey devoured Leo’s meat. Like every bull on campus he was far too big for any bunny to swallow fully; as long as her forearm and almost as thick, the head alone was enough to stretch her lips as she went down on him. But that didn’t stop her swallowing well over half his length, her eyes rolling and a muffled groan seeping from her lips as she went further than Leo thought possible. Holding herself there she jerked him off at the base with agile fingers before finally rising up again to gasp for air. Frothy saliva smeared his shaft as she retreated.

‘Good girl,’ Lucia purred encouragingly. ‘But you can do better than that. Here, let me help you.’

Without waiting for a response, Lucia closed one hand over the back of Macey’s head and abruptly forced her down.

Leo’s back arched with the sudden pleasure, the motion only serving to drive his dick deeper down her gullet. He went to groan but nothing came out, the noise locked in his lungs as every muscle in his body tensed while squelching slurping sounds filled the room.

Looming over them both, Lucia wore a manic grin as she pinned Macey’s flailing body in place. A thrill of power rushed through her making her bare pussy wet as she manipulated their arousal with ease.

Ever since her first transformation, Lucia the bunny had differed from Lucia the bookworm in countless ways, though perhaps the most distinctive was a newfound hunger for control. In truth, that was probably the main reason she had stayed with her bunnified boyfriend: Macey’s carefree sluttiness simply made her so easy to manipulate. Whereas other bunnies in the school were cunning schemers, Macey was happiest when being told what to do by her bitchy beau. And the endless opportunities to tempt her into ever more sordid situations – each one another step further away from the shy nerdy boy she used to be – made Lucia wetter than any big black cock ever could.

Of course, her manipulative streak hadn’t gone unnoticed by Project Black Snow. Always keen to study any deviations in his test subjects, Doctor F. had taken a particular interest in her and had even discussed the possibility of taking her on as a kind of corporate spy. After all, it couldn’t hurt to have eyes on the competition, and while other bunnies were incapable of going more than a day without a fuck, Lucia’s craving for control and skill for seduction made her the perfect choice to manipulate Project Black Snow’s competitors from the inside.

But tonight Lucia had an altogether different scheme in mind. And both Leo and Macey were playing their roles to perfection. 

Lucia didn’t pay much attention when they stripped; she was so focused on guiding the arousal of her playthings that she only noticed they were all naked when the erotic thrill of her bare tits on Leo’s back flushed through her torso. The two of them were on their knees looming over Macey who was laid on her back, legs raised and twinkling pussy hungry for Leo’s attention.

Before he could invade her, however, Lucia’s hands came sliding around to embrace him. With one splayed over his chest and the other coiled around his shaft she held him still, prompting a needy whine from the slut below.

‘Tell me, handsome, have you taken Bull before tonight?’

‘Once or twice,’ Leo admitted, one hefty hand on her thigh. Even when he turned his head he could only see her in his periphery, her face nestled in the curve of his neck.

‘So you can control your urges then? You can resist the temptation to keep fucking until you burn through every last shred of stamina?’

‘I guess so. Why?’

Leo could hear the mischievous smile in her tone as she pressed the tip of his cock into Macey’s pussy. ‘Because that’s what this pussy is going to make you want to do. Once you’re inside my princess, you’re not going to want to pull out until you’ve got nothing left to give. But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here to show us both a good time. So before you go in you should know that Macey here is just your entrée – I’m the main course.’

‘I see,’ Leo said, a smirk as devious as her own warping his lips. ‘I’m assuming that means you want me to… ah… finish her off before moving on?’

‘Oh yes,’ Lucia purred, her voice dripping with lust. ‘Use her sweet holes to get you hard and horny and hungry for me; use this perfect cock to fuck her brains to mush and then when she’s drooling from every hole we can have our own fun. And who knows, if you impress me, I might let you join us for future date nights. Do we have a deal?’

Turning as far as he could without pulling away from Macey’s sex, Leo grinned as Lucia moved into view. ‘I think we do,’ he said a heartbeat before she closed the distance between them to seal their accord with a passionate kiss. As their tongues intertwined she pushed him forwards, sheathing his dick deep in Macey’s folds.

When they parted lips Leo dropped down onto all fours, his muscular frame overshadowing the groaning blonde beneath him. With her silk-smooth legs wedged over one shoulder Macey was pinned in place and free for the taking, helpless against the sudden pounding rhythm he adopted. Her delicate hands scrabbled up to grip his bulging biceps as her mouth fell open and her eyelids fluttered with mindless euphoria.

‘That’s it,’ Lucia said, her voice too quiet for either of them to hear. ‘Do as you’re told like good little sex toys.’ She chuckled softly. ‘Fuck, this is too easy. Still, never let it be said I’m not willing to lend a helping hand… or tongue.’

Wicked deviance written over her pretty face, Lucia stooped down to take Leo’s ass in her hands. She felt him tense as she parted his cheeks; tension that came out as a growling moan as her tongue began probing his hole. Just as she had intended, with an incentive to both thrust and pull back Leo’s pace increased, the big black stallion playing into her hands without even realising it.

And as the bull and the blonde wailed their ecstasy under the light of projected porn, Lucia was watching the movie itself, her insides churning with erotic anticipation as she fantasised about all the things she would be doing with her two pets before date night was over…

Thanks for reading!

There’s not really much to say about this one aside from that it was a lot of fun to be able to return to the world of Project Black Snow. I think the thing that attracts me to these stories is that while there are endless possibilities of where to take it, there’s not that much backstory necessary for it to make sense. Whereas serials such as the Book or Sin-Wave kind of need to reintroduce the core premise every time new characters are included, all the characters in Project Black Snow are all already part of the experiment and so that allows me to just jump straight in. It’s also a fun change to be able to follow characters weeks or months after their initial transformations, which isn’t always possible in other stories I write. I don’t yet have any other Project Black Snow content written, but as mentioned in my comments to the last one I have a wealth of ideas to pull from, so I can’t imagine it will be too long before we’re back at St. Roderick’s.

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