Gaypril: Underhand Tactics

Models: Blake Dyson & Eli Bennett

Andrew had heard a lot about Elliott. He had heard even more about the unique services he offered. Yet none of the rumours or hearsay or warnings whispered to him by nervous colleagues shortly before they mysteriously disappeared could have prepared him for this.

Elliott looked like a fashion model with something to prove. His dark hair was worn in a wavy fringe that hung low over perfectly trimmed brows, his eyes made up in glittery shadow and winged liner. Iridescent spike and scaffold piercings adorned his ears and he was clean shaven, a smirk playing on his soft lips. Other than his grey striped shirt, every item of his outfit was leather, his look composed of a striking red jacket, tight black trousers and a pair of thick heeled boots.

Overall, Andrew got the feeling that if Elliott had marched onto a catwalk populated by scantily clad supermodels, it would be him turning heads. Which made it all the more obvious how stunned Andrew was given he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Elliott’s companion.

Slim, shirtless and smiling as giddily as if he had just come face-to-face with his favourite celebrity, he was more or less the dictionary definition of twink. Everything about him was delicate and effeminate, his pale figure almost entirely devoid of muscle. His hair was slicked to the side and he pressed himself close to Elliott as if he couldn’t bear to be separated.

Andrew pointed to him with an amazed expression. ‘Is that…?’

Amusement glinted in Elliott’s eyes. ‘It sure is. Mister Wainwright, allow me to introduce you to the twink formerly known as Samuel Carter. Churchgoer, family man and also your most prolific political rival. Not to mention one of my must successful projects in a long time. He goes by Sammy now. I trust you are satisfied with the result?’

‘Satisfied? Are you kidding? This… this is beyond anything I had… I can’t believe you… I mean he’s unrecognisable… you actually did it… I never thought that… I mean I’d heard rumours and stories but…’ Realising he hadn’t finished a full sentence since opening his mouth Andrew cut himself up. He glanced at Elliott a little sheepishly. ‘Sorry. Yes, I’m very satisfied.’

Elliott chuckled. ‘Don’t worry, that’s how most of my clients react the first time they see my work. Honestly, I find it quite flattering. After all, every creative thrives on praise. It’s why we do what we do. Except while some people write or paint of sculpt, I mould my prey into deliciously naughty new forms.’ His eyes twinkled devilishly.

Andrew looked his former rival up and down. Then again. Then again. Each time his disbelief only grew more intense, his mind refusing to accept what his senses were telling him. If it wasn’t for the fact he knew Elliott’s fearsome reputation he would have suspected this was all some elaborate prank, that the stylish young man was taking him for a fool.

Yet he knew beyond all doubt that Elliott was no fraud.

For one thing, a very trusted colleague had put the two of them in contact after Elliott helped him win re-election against a competitor who, as far as the press were concerned, had suddenly inherited a large fortune and soared off to sunnier shores. In reality, the man now worked the pole at a gay strip club, his old life long since forgotten. More than that, Andrew himself was familiar with several people who had met a similar fate. He had only known them by acquaintance, and of course there was never any concrete evidence to suggest any foul play in their sudden withdrawal from whichever race they were running in. But behind closed doors the truth was an open secret: Elliott had claimed another victim. In political circles he was the equivalent of the bogeyman. And tonight the bogeyman was on Andrew’s payroll.

‘How did you do it?’ he asked, partially because he actually he wanted to know, partially so he knew what to look out for in case a future rival decided to hire Elliott to deal with him.

His arm looped around Sammy’s waist, Elliott admired his creation with a smile. ‘Oh, it was simple really. An invite to a bar from an anonymous benefactor, a bribe to the barman to slip a little something in his drink, a taxi back to my place followed by a few days of conditioning in my conversion room. Quite honestly, I could do it all in my sleep at this point.

‘Most people think the mental changes are the hardest,’ he went on. ‘But you’d be surprised how easy it is to mess with someone’s mind when you know what you’re doing. With the right words and the right sensory input you can weave the subconscious into something completely new, then it all comes bubbling up to the surface and rewrites the conscious mind. It’s the physical changes that take the most effort. Fortunately, I’m quite the chemist. Every subject I transform gets their own unique blend of drugs tailored to them and them alone.’ Elliott fixed Andrew with a keen stare. ‘As you can imagine, bespoke services like that don’t come cheap. But as you can see, you get what you pay for.’

Aware of what Elliott was driving at, Andrew waved away the statement. ‘Yes, yes, your money will be transferred by the end of the night.’ He paused, still eyeing Sammy as if trying to convince himself the smiling twink was actually there and not a hologram or hallucination. ‘So… he’s mine?’

‘He sure is,’ Elliott nodded.

A broad grin spread over Andrew’s face and he rubbed his hands together deviously. Then, just as quickly, the expression faded. He frowned. Ever since first contacting Elliott, Andrew had spent most of his time focused purely on the sordid scheme of transforming his rival. Yet he realised now that in all that time he hadn’t actually considered how he intended to make use of the new twink once the plot was finished.

‘Well… what am I supposed to do with him?’

Elliott shrugged. ‘Whatever you like. I’ve conditioned him to crave you, but you don’t have to keep him. Throw him out on the street and leave him to beg for all I care. I’ve done my part.’ An impish gleam entered his eyes. ‘Of course, I have suggestions…’

Andrew raised an eyebrow. ‘Oh?’

‘I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise that I’m a man with many contacts. You just have to say the word and I could have this little slut pole-dancing or stripping or escorting with a single phone call. But that’s the easy route – I’m sure we can come to a much more satisfying arrangement. Here, allow me to demonstrate.’

Slipping off his red jacket, Elliott laid it across Andrew’s desk. The politician had heard about this. When he presented his transformed subjects, the delivery always came with a showcase of their skills. Andrew didn’t mind – in truth, as a bit of a voyeur he had been rather looking forward to it.

Elliott disrobed with all the seductive grace of a seasoned hooker before reclining in his client’s leather office chair. His cock was already hard. ‘Just think of it. You’ve just been re-elected. The announcement and the congratulations have all died down and you’re back in your office rewarding yourself with a smug whiskey. But the best reward is waiting under your desk.’

Elliott didn’t even raise a finger. He simply glanced up at Sammy then dropped his eyes to the floor. The twink kneeled obediently before bowing his head and going down on the man who had created him. Elliott sighed with pleasure, one hand snaking around to cup the back of Sammy’s head as he bobbed in a steady rhythm.

‘That old hag you call a secretary looks like she has one foot in the grave. You need an upgrade. And just think how satisfying it will be having this little cunt sucking your cock knowing how he got there – knowing you ruined his life and he’ll worship you nonetheless. By day you can use him however you like, and by night…’ He caught Andrew’s eye then gave him a fiendish wink. ‘Well, like I said, I have my contacts.’

The barren waste of Andrew’s imagination now flooded with dark, twisted schemes. He was certainly beginning to see the perks of hiring his former rival. After all, business trips and corporate events would be far more tolerable with a few willing holes to keep him occupied, and there were plenty of times when a good skullfuck would help him let out his frustrations. But perhaps the most enticing thought of all was reducing Sammy to a shuddering, groaning, cum-soaked mess, then being thanked for his brutality at the end of it all. Samuel Carter would have rather died than be reduced to that. And knowing that only made Andrew’s inner sadist grin with delight.

‘I like the way you think,’ he said. ‘How about we discuss things further over a nice hot dinner? I was thinking maybe a roast?’ As he spoke he slipped off his waistcoat and began unbuttoning his shirt.

Elliott grinned mischievously. ‘Now that’s an offer I can’t refuse.’ Seizing Sammy roughly by the hair he dragged him up off his cock with a sharp pop. ‘Over the chair, cunt. It’s time to show your new master what you can do. I suggest you don’t disappoint him, otherwise I’ll make you wish you were never reborn.’

By the time Andrew had stripped Elliott was already balls deep in Sammy’s ass. Dropping his boxers, the politician looked up to find both men eyeing his crotch with open mouths.

Elliott gave a sly smirk. ‘My, my, Mister Wainwright, you’re full of surprises. Let me assure you that if politics doesn’t work out for you, I can put you in contact with some producers who’d be happy to help you earn a living by more sinful means.’ Thrusting deep into Sammy’s ass, he spanked the twink sharply as Andrew approached. ‘Open wide and take a deep breath, slut. Something tells me you’re going to need it…’ 

Thanks for reading!

This is one of those stories I’ve wanted to write for ages. Well, not the story itself exactly, more the model therein. Eli Bennett has been on my list of models to write about for quite literally years, but it’s only now that I’m finally getting around to doing so. The main reason for that is that he doesn’t have all that many scenes or galleries to his name, so when looking for one I want to write about I’m faced with limited options. He did actually show up in a story I wrote last year called Sorority of Twinks, but that was a group sex scene so he wasn’t as front and centre as he is here. I think he is the perfect fit for Elliott’s character and I really hope other galleries of his inspire ideas so I can showcase his work more. I’m really glad this one is finally out so my readers can appreciate his talent.


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