Models: Ellen Houston, Keizy Maria, Saory Vilella & Unknown Male Model

‘That’s it, choke on my cock, baby,’ Athena purred, forcing her dick between her victim’s lips. Rolling her hips, she pushed in deep as he struggled to escape, but his resistance faltered as she slapped him hard across the cheek. ‘Stop whining, you little cunt. Do your job and worship my meat.’

When he and Athena had locked eyes at the bar, Stephen had expected his Halloween night to go one of two ways: either they would hit it off and he would spend all night with her stunning body writhing on the end of his cock, or he would fumble his way through an awkward conversation, make himself look like a total fool, and leave the club early flushed with embarrassment.

Getting tied up and abused by a trio of cock-wielding witches was a third option he definitely hadn’t considered.

When Athena had invited him back to her place, he had barely been able to contain his arousal. Even amongst throngs of women dressed as slutty vampires, slutty werewolves, slutty nurses and zombified sluts, she stuck out as the hottest woman in the room. Her all-black mesh and silk outfit clung to her sultry body so tight Stephen couldn’t tear his eyes away. And if the burning lust in her eyes was any indication, he was in for a truly wild night once they were behind closed doors.

But rather than heading straight for the bedroom, Athena had guided him down into a bleak, tiled dungeon where her two sisters had been waiting. Before he could resist, Stephen had found himself lashed to the large black table that dominated the room. The ropes that bound him were alive, twisting around his limbs like snakes. And with a snap of their fingers his clothes had burnt away, leaving only a few smears of soot on his naked body.

That was when the coven had revealed their cocks.

Stephen gasped for breath as Athena pulled away, her rigid cock throbbing.

‘Why are doing this? What do you want from me? Please, I’ll give you anything, just let me go!’ He struggled against the ropes, but they only tightened. And although he opened his mouth to beg for mercy, his pleas were cut off as one of Athena’s sisters pressed her riding crop against his throat, choking him.

‘Less talking, more sucking!’ she hissed, forcing his head back so Athena could feed her dick back between his lips. Like Athena, she was dressed all in black, from her tight corset to her single mesh evening glove, and she glared at him with the hunger of a rabid predator. Her knee was on his chest, pinning him down, although with the unyielding grip of the magic ropes binding him in place the additional restraint was entirely unnecessary – she simply wanted to watch his humiliation up close.

‘Oh, you pathetic little thing,’ Athena purred as she explored the depths of his throat. ‘You haven’t figured it out yet? You’re what we want. Your manhood. Your masculinity. We’re going to take it all. We weren’t born with these cocks, you know – they’re the work of spells and magic. But they don’t last forever. They’ve been slowly dwindling ever since our last sacrifice. If we want to keep them, we have to feed the enchantment. And tonight you’re on the menu. If it makes you feel any better, it’s nothing personal – you just flirted with the wrong witch.’

As if to prove her point, Athena’s cock suddenly swelled several centimetres in Stephen’s throat. His gullet stretched as her girth expanded and her head burrowed ever deeper. His temples throbbed as he struggled to cope with her new size. Athena giggled as his throat bulged and her sister ran her crop along his neck, massaging Athena’s shaft hidden inside.

But it wasn’t Athena’s growth that chilled Stephen’s blood. Instead it was the sudden weakness that overcame him. It felt as if he had just finished running a marathon: his muscles ached, his limbs trembled, and he was so light-headed he struggled not to faint. He was almost certain that his manhood had shrunk just a little, although as he teetered on the edge of unconsciousness he couldn’t be sure.

As Athena pulled out, Stephen didn’t even have the strength to beg anymore.

But it was when her two sisters pushed in that his will finally broke. Because as one sank into his ass and the other drove into his mouth, an awful sound escaped his lips: Stephen groaned.

At first his moans were cracked, faltering, what little strength he had left used to try and stop the sounds of pleasure. But as the two witches fucked his holes, unwanted arousal slowly consumed him. His groans grew louder, more shameless, and though he wasn’t yet eagerly worshipping them, he wasn’t struggling anymore.

Athena smiled coldly as her sisters used him. Soon enough, he would be their loyal slave. His fate was already sealed.

‘That’s it, sweetie. You can feel it, can’t you? Your fear fading. Your resistance ebbing. All your useless thoughts and memories draining away, leaving you empty and obedient.’ She ran her pale fingers over his chest, tracing the lines of his muscles as they gradually melted away. ‘Because masculinity isn’t just physical. There’s your ego and bravado. Your lust and cockiness. The dirty fantasies you conjure up when you see a pretty girl in the street. We’re going to take it all, stud, every last shred. By the time we’ve finished with you you’ll be a dumb, mindless, thimble-dicked drone. Meanwhile our dicks will be as long as your forearm and throbbing with all your stolen masculinity.’ Slipping one hand beneath his head, she aided him in throating her sister’s pulsing dick. ‘But lucky for you, we are merciful goddesses. After all, we could kick you out onto the street to starve, but why would we do that when you could be worshipping us instead? I can’t promise you’re going to enjoy being our slave – you won’t have the mental capacity for pleasure by the end of tonight – but if it makes you feel any better, we’re going to love every second of using you.’

Stephen’s transformation was really starting to take hold now. Athena and her sisters had sacrificed enough men that they knew it would be a long, drawn-out process, but already he was succumbing to their witchcraft. Most of his body hair had withered away and his once full beard was now only a trimmed goatee. His bulging biceps were regressing slowly but surely, his abs had already faded, and even his groans were an octave higher than they had been a few minutes before.

By the time the witches stepped away, their rejuvenated cocks huge and glistening with cum, Stephen would be nothing more than a waifish, effeminate twink with little more than a nub for a cock. And once they caged him up and dressed him in feminine clothing, Steffi would make a very cute little sissy.

But for now, they had the erotic pleasure of watching him transmogrify before their eyes.

At a snap of Athena’s fingers, the ropes binding her prey immediately dragged him into a new position. Flipping him over, they yanked at his arms and legs until he was on all fours, his head thrust out over the lip of the table and his hairless ass held high.

‘I don’t think I’m ever going to get tired of this ass,’ Athena’s corseted sister purred, bringing her riding crop down on his cheeks with a sharp crack. A heartbeat later, she was inside him again, her cock stretching his tight hole and forcing breathless moans from her slave. As she began to thrust, the third sister parted his ass for her to bury herself even deeper.

Meanwhile, Athena had seized Stephen by the hair and aligned her cock with his trembling lips. ‘You can have it, sis. I have a hunch this one is going to be the best cocksucker we’ve ever sacrificed. And I’m going to make sure he gets the very best training,’ she added with a sinister chuckle.

Then she too was using him again. Hot pleasure blossomed over her shaft as she drove deep down his throat. This time his tongue twirled around her shaft on instinct, submissive hunger consuming him.

And as the last of Stephen’s beard faded away, Athena’s cock grew another half an inch, her eyes rolling back in raw ecstasy as her own orgasmic groans echoed around the dungeon to join those of her slutty sisters and their sacrificial slave…

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As I’ve mentioned before, transgender scenes (especially those not shot by the big companies) can be extremely difficult to accurately credit. So far as I can find, the names of the female models are all correct, although I can’t be 100% certain they’re right, and haven’t been able to identify the male model at all. I’m not really surprised about that, although if I do manage to find who he is I’ll be sure to add his name at the top.


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