Models: Sully Savage & Korra Del Rio Though her body burned with lust, Ellie was still trying to keep her grip on reality. The trouble was it seemed Sammy had already allowed his horniness to take over. Still, as the woman Sammy had become leaned in with a sordid smile Ellie tried to reason with her. ‘Listen, Sammy, we have to stop. We have to…’ A hand coiled gently around

Models: Dillon Diaz & Jenna Gargles Wrists bound behind her, slumped in the chair at the foot of her own bed and unable to draw her eyes away from the latex-clad stunner sprawled out on the bedsheets, Emma could no longer deny this was all her fault. She was to blame for the terrible slut Megan had become; like Doctor Frankenstein, she had experimented with forces best left alone and

Models: Michael DelRay & Dahlia Crimson Down on all fours amongst the tangled covers of Brandon’s bed, Aleesha smiled as the horny stallion drove his twitching cock into her ass. ‘That’s it, baby, slide it all in. I want every inch. My ass is all yours, gorgeous, so don’t be shy.’ Reaching back she clutched one of her plump cheeks with a tattooed hand and pulled it aside, spreading her

Model: Melody Jordan Harry couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The mischievous smile on Abby’s face suddenly seemed much more sadistic as he processed her cruel words. ‘What… what do you mean you’re not going to give it back?’ Crouched beside the thick silicone dildo that had ruled Harry’s life for the last week, Abby was naked aside from a pair of platform heels and pink legwarmers. ‘What do you

Models: Ellen Houston, Keizy Maria, Saory Vilella & Unknown Male Model ‘That’s it, choke on my cock, baby,’ Athena purred, forcing her dick between her victim’s lips. Rolling her hips, she pushed in deep as he struggled to escape, but his resistance faltered as she slapped him hard across the cheek. ‘Stop whining, you little cunt. Do your job and worship my meat.’ When he and Athena had locked eyes

Envy was reeling with sheer, mindless ecstasy. Each time she returned to the mortal realm it seemed a little more suited to her: hypersexualised celebrities strutting about inspiring insatiable jealousy into the masses with their perfect bodies and vast wealth; social media addicts perpetually wishing they were living the lives of influencers or brand ambassadors or even just friends who seemed far happier online than in reality; the endless pursuit

Sam couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. Not only was she wildly beautiful and had a body to die for, her muscles were phenomenal. Huge and rounded, sliding beneath her soft, smooth skin, they were nothing short of mesmerising. If he was honest, he never wanted to look away. But then he supposed such an attachment was only natural given that mere moments before his own arms had looked