Models: Tom Bentley, Myles Landon & Dani Robles

Henry ran his hands over the crotch of each of his Masters in turn. The growing bulges in their trousers sent a thrill through his diminutive body, his thoughts dancing with ideas of what they had planned for him this evening. The sun was just beginning to set and he knew from experience that his Masters wouldn’t be finished with him until midnight was long gone.

‘Why so shy, boy?’ said Master David. Sat in his dark suit and blue-grey tie, he eyed Henry sternly.

Master Joel placed a hand on Henry’s shoulder. ‘You seem very listless today. Do we need to remind you what happens when you fail to satisfy us?’ he added, a dangerous edge in his voice. His white shirt and black waistcoat hugged his muscular figure and if possible his expression was even more scrutinous than Master David’s. He was the older of Henry’s Masters, and the added years seemed to make his disapproval even more apparent.

Knowing it was useless to lie to them, Henry looked down in shame. ‘I… I had the dreams again,’ he said, instinct still prompting him to caress their groins, albeit idly.

With his eyes turned down, Henry did not see the look of wicked amusement that passed between his Masters.

‘Ah, that explains it,’ said Master David. ‘But we know how to deal with that, don’t we, boy?’

‘Total submission,’ Henry breathed, erotic anticipation swelling up from his crotch and through his chest as his cock began to twitch in his jockstrap.

‘Exactly, total submission,’ echoed Master Joel. ‘So what are you waiting for? Undress us and let’s purge all those nasty thoughts of yours. After all, a slave doesn’t need to think – a slave only needs to serve.’

Eager to obey, Henry began carefully stripping his Masters. First their shoes, then their outerwear, then their ties and shirts. Once they were bare-chested he took a moment to kiss their abs, after which he removed their trousers. He folded each article into two neat piles on the bed; the expensive material felt strange in his hands, because although he had disrobed them more times than he could count, Henry himself never wore clothes. His life was spent in nothing more than his bowtie and jockstrap and had been for as long as he could remember. In fact, just the thought of wearing anything else made him feel ill. A slave doesn’t need clothes, he thought, his training kicking in. A slave’s holes should be available at all times.

Henry didn’t lay a finger on their socks or boxers: only they had authority to touch their underwear, and they always kept their socks on in case they felt the urge to stuff them in his mouth and tape over his lips – just two of the many rules they had literally drilled into him by forcing him to recite his training while they took turns fucking his brains out.

Once he had finished, his Masters guided him up onto the bed. Positioning him on all fours, Master David came to kneel in front of him, his muscles rippling as he moved. Master Joel, meanwhile, sank to the floor behind Henry and raised one hand to massage the slave’s cock through his jockstrap.

The next moment, Henry gave a twinkish moan as Master Joel leaned into his ass and began rimming his tight hole.

‘Let them out, boy,’ Master David said, slipping one hand behind Henry’s head and leaning in close. ‘All those silly dreams, you need to get them off your chest. Tell us everything and as they leave your lips let them leave your mind too. Empty your head and let them go.’

Henry paused, trying to find the words. Sensing he needed a push, Master David pulled him into a forceful, passionate kiss so rough and messy that strings of saliva were soon dribbling down Henry’s chin and chest and dripping onto the bedsheets. Behind him, Master Joel fuelled Henry’s arousal harder too. With one hand resting on Henry’s back, he groped the slave’s crotch with the other, his face pressed in hard between Henry’s ass cheeks. With shameless hunger he sank his tongue deep into Henry’s ass, probing and sucking and tormenting his hole in the way only a seasoned Dom could.

When Master David finally pulled away, Henry found the words spilling from his lips even as he gasped for air.

‘There was this card in my hand. Like a kind of tarot card, only it was called The Manservant and it showed a naked man kneeling with his back to me, shaved everywhere but his hair, and he was looking up at a dark silhouette of a man standing over him. I don’t know why but just looking at it turned me on.

‘And then… then I was becoming like him. I had the body of a jock but before I could do anything I was shrinking, nearly all my muscle melting to nothing and leaving me toned like I am now. I had so much body hair I looked like a gorilla or a bear, but it all disappeared, shrivelling away so I was smooth and soft all over. It felt like somebody was somehow sucking all the manliness out of me, because everything about me became delicate and almost feminine. My brawn left me so quickly I was breathless, and even that sounded higher than my voice had ever been before.’

The skinny slave gave a gasp as Master David began to play with his nipples. ‘Keep going, boy,’ he said.

‘All at once I felt this burning in my crotch. I dropped my hands to try and feel what was the wrong and I could feel my whole groin shifting under my fingers. My cock was shrinking, my balls too. It was so intense I nearly passed out and when it was over I had a little nub where I’d once had a hefty dick the girls loved to ride.’ Henry let out a soft groan, the dream as clear in his mind as if it was a real memory. ‘My mind was changing too. It was like someone had removed a plug at the bottom of my brain and everything I used to be was swirling around the hole, draining away until I was blank and empty and dumb. Then once the old me was all gone the plug was put back in and the tap was turned on, filling me up with the real me – my real name, my real thoughts, my real mind.’

Lifting his head from Henry’s hole, Master Joel continued toying the slave’s ass with a thick, probing thumb. ‘And how did it feel?’ he asked.

When Henry responded, his words were initially quiet, and he nuzzled into Master David’s muscular chest as if embarrassed to admit the truth. ‘It felt good, sir. So, so, so good. I knew I should have been scared or panicked that everything about my old body was being stolen, but all I could do was groan and squirm as I tried to comprehend the pleasure.

‘When I was finished transforming there was this woman looking down at me with two hunky men beside her. I think they were security guards, but I couldn’t remember why they were in the room with me. The woman got hold of me by the neck and lifted me up off my feet so my legs were dangling and smiled at me like she was enjoying every second of being bigger and stronger than me.

“Your card has two meanings, you know,’ she said. ‘You’re not just a male servant, you’re a servant of man. You’ll never get horny over another woman in your life. All you’ll ever crave is thick, long, juicy cock filling your holes and pumping you so full of cum you burst at the seams.’ She looked me in the eye and sneered. Then she said, ‘Pity. I would have enjoyed dominating a pathetic little thing like you, but it’s no fun if you’re not begging for more.’ Then she almost threw me into the arms of the two men. ‘He’s all yours, boys,’ she said. The last thing I remember was them forcing me against a wall and fucking me until I couldn’t think straight. That’s it, Masters. That’s all I remember.’

With his face pressed into Master David’s chest, Henry once again missed the cold smirk his owners shared. Instead he felt a flush of affection as Master David stroked his hair softly. ‘Good boy,’ he said softly. ‘Now then, I think it’s about time we helped you forget this silly dream. Here, lie down, boy, and let us remind you who your really are.’ 

Henry made no resistance as his Masters eased him onto his back. Spread out on the bedsheets, he stifled a groan as both men removed their boxers, unleashing their immense cocks, which they stroked slowly. They were happy to let him ogle their thick, rigid masculinity, conscious that the more desperate he was for them the more keenly he would listen to their words.

As Master David shifted close to Henry’s hips, lubing his cock as he came, Master Joel leant forward and took hold of the young man’s feet. In doing so he rested his throbbing dick across Henry’s face, filling Henry’s nostrils with the distinctive whiff of his Master’s precum while his legs were raised to expose his ass. All at once a yawning void opened inside him – an all-encompassing need to serve them: to fuck and suck and suck and fuck until his holes were gushing cum.

Then his world imploded as Master David buried himself balls deep in Henry’s eager ass.

His thrusts were slow and deep, yet there was a subtle power behind them that Henry knew well. There was no echoing slap of their thigs, no grunts of exertion from his Master. Yet every stroke reminded the slave that at any moment his owner could easily pound him senseless, and in some ways that was the hottest thing of all: the knowledge of what Master David could do left Henry constantly on edge anticipating what he would do.

With waves of pleasure rolling through his effeminate frame, Henry groaned, his thoughts gradually clouding with lust. His little cock twitched as he looked up past Master Joel’s cock to see his owners kissing sensually.

When they parted lips, both of them turned to look down at their slave. They smiled as his expression twisted with ecstasy, eyes rolling and mouth hanging open as he willingly received his Master’s cock.

‘That’s it, boy, let the pleasure consume you,’ Master Joel said. ‘Those things you saw, they were just a dream. But you know who you really are, don’t you? You know the truth. Say it, boy – say who you are.’

‘I… I’m your slave, Master. I live to serve you.’

‘Exactly,’ Master David said. ‘Obedience is your only purpose. We bought you at the Metamorphose auction. You were such a nervous little thing, but you put on such a good performance when you were asked to demonstrate your skills we couldn’t leave without you. We had to bring you home with us.’

Henry nodded, clinging to his real memories as the pleasure washed away the bad dream. ‘Yes… you bought me and we flew away… all the way here to your island villa. You trained me… you showed me how to serve… you made me yours.’

Master Joel pulled Henry’s legs a little further back, allowing his partner even deeper access to their slave’s ass and extracting a whimpering groan from Henry’s trembling lips. ‘That’s right, boy. And do you remember why you were on sale at the auction in the first place?’

Henry didn’t miss a beat. ‘Because I wanted to be. You told me I volunteered for it. That I let the auctioneers wipe my memories because I didn’t want to remember my old life. That I always knew I wanted to serve real men and so I ran away and let them purge all my doubts so I would be happy and obedient when they sold me.’ A blissful smile spread over his lips as the last echoes of his dream faded away. ‘I let them sell me because I wanted to find a Master. But in the end I got two.’

Henry gave a soft sigh as Master David pulled out, his huge clock sliding easily free. Then he was being pivoted around, their strong hands manhandling him into position so his head was nestled between Master David’s thighs while Master Joel loomed over him from the other end, massaging lube into his cock.

‘You see, like we said, it was all just a silly dream,’ Master David said. Distracted by the throbbing, tasty-looking dick bobbing just above his face, for the third time Henry missed the devilish smirk that passed between the two men.

‘But just to make sure it’s not bothering you anymore, I think we should give you something to take your mind off it,’ Master Joel said.

Without warning, the older man gripped hold of Henry’s legs and forced them back. At the same time he drove his hips forward, his hefty cock vanishing into his slave’s tight hole in one fluid movement.

Unlike before, there was no mercy in these thrusts. Slamming in with brutal speed, Master Joel hammered his slave so hard the bed creaked, the crack of their colliding thighs rang out like gunshots through the open balcony doors, and the vibrations shuddering through the room set the lampshade above their heads shaking noisily. Every muscle in the Dom’s body strained taut as he ruthlessly used his slave, arms bulging and abs rippling with every roll of his hips.

Henry opened his mouth to scream. But the sound never escaped. Instead he found Master David’s hand clamped tight over his mouth, muffling his outcry.

‘Hush now, boy,’ he said, a wicked smile on his handsome face. ‘Once we’re finished with you, you won’t have the brains left to dream with, because we’ll have fucked them all out. You should be thanking us – we’re doing this for your own good.’

Even as he screamed against Master David’s hand, unable to process the intensity of Master Joel’s erotic onslaught, Henry knew his owner was right. Besides, this was what he deserved for wasting their time with his silly dreams. And as he lay there, helpless and inferior, a single thought filled his submissive mind: Thank you, Masters…

Thanks for reading!

A few things about this story. First off: holy fuck was it difficult to find the model names for this one. This gallery is from a scene produced by Boy For Sale, and typically they credit their models as Master X and Boy X – in this case, Master Myles, Master Robles and The Boy Tom. Granted Robles and Landon weren’t too difficult to find because they’re fairly unique names, but Tom? I was knee deep in gay internet searches for a solid half hour trying to find his full name to credit here.

Also, I wanted to point out that I have cut off the Boy For Sale logo from these images, which is why they’re a slightly different shape to usual. As a rule I don’t remove logos since obviously the images are the property of the studio and I want to showcase them as such, however the Boy For Sale one is particularly large and intrudes upon the picture quite a lot. So while I don’t usually mention studios that often, I think it’s only fair that I highlight them in this instance. Personally I fucking love Boy For Sale videos and if you’re into gay content – particularly Dom/sub gay content – I highly recommend you check them out.

And finally, yes, I made the word twinkish for this one, because why not?

Remember Part 7 comes out on Wednesday, not Friday, so make sure you come back for that one!


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