Sorority of Twinks

Models: Aiden Garcia, Riley Finch, Jacob Hansen, Alex Riley, Jace Myers, Kane Fox & Eli Bennet

‘You filthy little skank, give that to me right now!’ Bridget shrieked, scrambling after Violet.

‘In your dreams, bitch,’ Violet replied, clutching the aftershave bottle tight to her chest as she darted away from Bridget’s snatching hands and hurried for the open door.

But her opponent was too fast. While Violet hared around the end of the couch, Bridget vaulted straight over and used the springy cushions to catapult herself through the air. Though she stumbled as she landed, crashing into the door painfully hard and slamming it shut with her own momentum, she successfully cut off Violet’s exit, forcing her to skid to a halt and turn to run the other way.

Pouncing like a hunting tigress, Bridget tackled Violet to the ground before she could take a step and they crashed to the floor in a flurry of limbs and designer clothes.

Her victory was short-lived, however, for as they wrestled Violet managed to gain the upper hand. Driving Bridget down onto her back, she pinned one arm in place before grabbing the edge of the rug they were fighting on and hastily bundling her up in it. Once Bridget’s sharp gel nails were no longer a threat she sat atop her opponent with a smug grin, chuckling as Bridget struggled to break free of her bondage.

It didn’t stop her screaming though. ‘I’m going to kill you, you fucking slut. I’m going to fucking kill you! How could you do this? He’s my boyfriend!’

Somehow the most infuriating thing for Bridget was how perfect Violet still looked. She wasn’t even flushed from their tousle. In fact, the only evidence she’d been in a struggle at all was the single lock of blonde hair which had slipped down over her face, and as she eyed Bridget with a cold sneer she tucked that away neatly with a calm hand.

‘Oh, you pathetic little thing, that’s exactly why I did it. Just because you’re my second-in-command you like to think that means you’re untouchable. But you’re not. You live in my kingdom, so you belong to me. I suggest you remember that.’

Violet and Bridget’s sorority sisters watched on from around the room with quiet interest. It wasn’t unusual for catfights to break out in their ranks, but this one was different. For one, any conflict rarely involved Violet – after all, there was no point arguing with the queen bee when she could ruin your life with a snap of her fingers. More importantly though, this argument had some serious stakes. Usually the sorority argued over clothes or makeup or boys, but Violet had taken things much further this time.

The bottle of aftershave she was presently goading Bridget with didn’t contain aftershave at all. Instead, it contained masculinity. Raw, pure masculinity, condensed into a vivid blue liquid. Violet’s scheme to use magic in order to extract a man’s masculinity and contain it as an aftershave for another man to then absorb had worked seamlessly. The only thing was, she had decided to test it out on Bridget’s jock boyfriend.

Bridget’s face was pure loathing as Violet waved the bottle over her.

‘You’re fucking dead, you know that don’t you?’ she seethed. ‘You can feel smug all you like, but I’m going to make you pay for this. I’m going to put my heels through your face and suffocate you with your own hair.’

Violet’s grin took on a truly chilling edge. ‘There’s something I never told you, you know. When I was telling you all about my plan, I never told you how I actually extracted the masculinity. No, I left that until now so I could see the look on your face when you found out. I had to fuck him, Bridget. I fucked your boy and when he came in my hot cunt all that machismo was sucked up into this bottle.’ The joy she’d taken in the revelation was visible on her face and she giddily drove the blade of betrayal home. ‘Oh, you should have heard him; ‘Oh, Violet, you’re so much better than my dumb, bitchy girlfriend. Ride me, baby, ride me with that sweet pussy. Bridget is nothing compared to – oof!’

Violet hadn’t expected Bridget’s sharp headbutt to the stomach. The blow knocked the air from her lungs and left her gasping. But it knocked something else away too.

The aftershave bottle went sailing up into the air, flying in a tall, narrow arc. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion as it fell. Violet grabbed frantically for it, but her hands only grasped air, the cool glass eluding her. And with the rug wrapped up tight around Bridget there was nothing to cushion the impact as it struck the hardwood floor and shattered to pieces.

The effect was immediate. No longer confined by the enchanted bottle, the liquid instantly evaporated into a dense cloud of blue gas which blossomed outwards like smoke belched from an inferno.

None of the girls could escape. One or two ran for the door, but before they could make it the cloud had engulfed them and was pouring down their throat, swirling up their nose. It tasted sharp and a little salty, and they coughed and spluttered as they slumped to their knees, their insides suddenly burning.

Violet and Bridget took the biggest hit. Though the rug had mercifully saved her from the hail of glass shards, Bridget was unable to move as the contents swirled thickly over her, nor could she cover her mouth as it pressed down her gullet until she was certain there was no room left inside her to fill. Meanwhile Violet didn’t have time to move before the gas had surged up and swallowed her whole, infecting her with a concentrated dose so potent she was reeling in a heartbeat.

It took a minute or two for the gas to dissipate, carried out by the breeze through the open windows, but by the time it did the girls were all already convulsing on the floor. The structure of their facial features was starting to morph, their lithe, supple frames beginning to fill out with muscle.

Still, the stolen masculinity had never been intended to affect so many people at once, nor to be taken in by women. It was only supposed to have been used by another man to boost his size and strength. Without enough potency to turn them all into ripped hunks then, it worked them into something different.

Though they did gain plenty of muscle mass, their growth fizzled out once they were toned and athletic. Their hair regressed into shorter, more masculine styles, but several of them still wore it in an effeminate fashion with long fringes they had to flick aside if they wanted to see. Their pretty features seemed to get halfway to manliness, losing their soft femininity but remaining delicate and sensual all the same. The room echoed with their moans as breasts retracted into flat pectorals. And while hair sprouted thinly across their legs and forearms, they remained largely hairless, the butch hair one might have expected on an alpha male’s chest and back and loins never taking root. When their new cocks grew in they gave a united scream, yet it was obvious from their tented underwear that despite a number of the new men being well hung none of them could hope to stand up against a true jock.

The transformation even altered their clothes, ridding them of their designer clothes in favour of loose shorts and nothing more. Their sudden semi-nakedness revealed the tattoos they had acquired, most of the seven girls now bearing some kind of ink or another, and their stiff erections pressed against the material of their shorts.

Multiple twinks engage in gay orgy

The effect of their transformation once they came to their senses was immediate. Infected by raging lust, they fell into one another’s arms with almost violent desire, hungry to taste the other twinks they now shared the room with.

Two of them made their way to the nearest couch kissing noisily, the shorter of them dropping down and leaning over the arm with his mouth open, waiting for his companion to stuff his cock down his throat while he jerked off feverishly. Another pair joined them on the couch, one taking to all fours for his friend to tear down his shorts and begin hungrily eating out his ass, while the remaining man stormed around and forced his cock into the available mouth of the groaning naked slut.

Violet and Bridget, meanwhile, were making out so hard it was a wonder they hadn’t broken something.

Tearing aside the rug, Victor took Brad’s head in his hands and dragged him into a kiss as if he wanted them both to suffocate. At the same time Brad’s own hands were roving over Victor’s body, groping and stroking and scratching. Most of all though, they were searching.

Toned twink with dark hair gives oral sex to male lover while more twinks have gay sex in background

Disoriented by his own lust it took him a few seconds to find his prize, but once his fingers closed over Victor’s crotch Brad wasted no time in wrenching the man’s cock free of his shorts and pushing up to his feet so he could go down on him hungrily.

The taste of Victor’s salty cock blossoming over his tongue was nirvana. His whole body ached with desire, desperate to feel his lover’s dick plunging down his throat, and he immediately began gorging himself like a desert wanderer who had just come across an oasis.

Around them, the groans and gasps of their peers filled the room. The wet gagging of his cocksucking friends gave Brad a sinful rhythm to follow, and within seconds he had Victor’s shaft frothy with spit and precum.

Victor grinned down at his pet with unbridled desire. For now at least, his former persona was entirely forgotten, his head filled only with filthy gay fantasies he was needy to fulfil. Once the initial effects of the transformation wore off the memories of his old life would eventually return – memories of how much he’d enjoyed humiliating Bridget and anyone else who dared consider themselves equal or superior to him. Even now though, some of that cruelty was seeping through.

He wanted to use Brad as his little bitch. He wanted to degrade him and treat him as a set of slutty holes. He wanted to unload down his throat and in his ass and all over his pretty, effeminate face.

And lucky for him, it looked like Brad was more than happy to submit to all of Victor’s desires with a giddy grin on his face.

Victor came then, hard, spilling his seed down Brad’s throat with a deep, guttural groan. The needy twink swallowed every drop, moaning sensually as his lover’s load decorated his insides. His eyes rolled back, an addiction to Victor’s cum sealed in that moment, and then he was slurping up the remnants thirstily, drawing out little extra shots of cum with expert flicks and swirls of the tongue over Victor’s shaft.

He came away beaming, pearly droplets speckling his teeth. ‘Mmmh, you taste real good, hot stuff. Your cock in my mouth feels so right.’

A wave of lustful greed overcame Victor then and he wrapped one hand around Brad’s throat. ‘I’ll feel even better in your tight, slutty ass,’ he snarled before tossing his cumdump onto the couch. He tore Brad’s shorts down violently, rendering the lithe, nubile twink naked and revealing his hard but inferior cock twitching with arousal.

Toned twink with dark hair receives anal sex from male lover while more men have gay sex around them

Over time, the former sorority sisters would come to terms with their new bodies. Though they would never have their tits or pussies again, if anything they would become even more promiscuous, using their seductive wiles to charm any man they desired into bed regardless of whether they considered themselves into guys to begin with or not. They were simply offering a different kind of lust, and the knowledge that all the cum-hungry twinks had once been the slutty sorority girls only seemed to turn their lovers on all the more.

Even Brad would come to revel in the fact that his former boyfriend had given him this new body. Still, unlike Bridget, Brad would never stoop low enough to bother fraternising with a skinny, pathetic runt like him: Brad only fucked alphas and other twinks.

But right then, in that moment, none of that mattered. The memories of who they had been were still blocked out by their lust, and the only thing any of them wanted was to fuck until they couldn’t breathe.

‘You going to fuck me good, babe?’ Brad purred, eyeing Victor as he stood over him, his thick cock twinkling with Brad’s saliva.

‘Better than you can even imagine.’

With that, he plunged into Brad’s ass and made it his one goal to fuck the slutty twink into a mindless drooling mess…

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