Models: Austin Young and Alex Killian Martin had no idea what had come over him. Ever since the handsome gentleman had joined him in the sauna Martin had struggled not to stare. At first the fact that he suddenly considered the man handsome had made Martin incredibly uncomfortable. Staunchly straight, he had struggled to figure out how this total stranger had somehow flipped a switch within him so easily. But

Models: Luke Truong, Owen Hawk, Sean Duran and Romeo Davis ‘Do you want some more cock? Do you want some more fucking cock you filthy faggot?’ The man’s lip curled like a growling tiger as he slapped his dick on Li’s outstretched tongue. He did not even give the kneeling twink time to respond before he was ramming his dick down Li’s throat. ‘Fucking choke on it you greedy cunt.

‘Oh fuck yes,’ Ricardo groaned, one huge hand cupping Brendan’s head firmly. ‘Choke on my fat dick you filthy fucking cunt. That’s it, take it deep. Throat it like the needy fag you are.’ Nestled between Ricardo’s legs, one hand around his master’s cock, the other toying with Ricardo’s ass, and his mouth fully occupied, Brendan couldn’t even make a gesture in response. All he could do was fix his

Rolling over in her sleep, Sia turned into the sunlight shafting through the sheer curtains. Her dreams scattered by the sudden brightness she frowned briefly, made a murmur of sleepy discomfort, then let out a weary sigh as her eyelids fluttered open. For a moment or two she pondered trying to get back to sleep, but already her drowsiness had been chased away by the nagging doubt she had gone

‘There we go,’ said the barman, sliding the drinks over the counter, ‘one Twinkler and one Simply Seduction. That’ll be thirteen-fifty.’ Taking his drink while Cooper paid, Brad propped himself against the bar and took a sip, his back to the barman. If he was honest, the man unnerved him a little; his eye lingered in suggestive places and a smirk plucked at his lips when he looked at Brad,

‘Gentlemen, allow me to show you lot forty-three of the night.’ A low murmur of admiration rippled around the room as the boy entered wearing only a mesh jockstrap and a black bowtie. He carried a tray of drinks with him, which he politely passed out to the gathered gentlemen who licked their lips hungrily as they ogled his tight ass and small figure. The auctioneer stood beside the door

God this was so fucking hot. Not only was Sam laid out on the bed with his head between the legs of a fit, dominant man, but he was going down on his date to the soundtrack of Adam being fucked hard on the opposite side of the room. It was a situation he had only ever imagined in his fantasies, yet now here they were living it for real,