Little Shop of Hedonism: Naughty Notions

Models: Evelyn Claire, Gianna Dior & Damon Dice

Usually, when Eve was faced with a blank page it was a daunting prospect. Much of the time, it put her off writing altogether and she’d distract herself until it got too late in the night to start a new erotic story, at which point she would decide it better to start tomorrow.

But this time was different. Tonight she was full of ideas. Bursting with them. So many sordid story possibilities jostled for position in her mind that the real difficulty was settling on which one she wanted to start with.

The laptop before her had been a Christmas gift. When Eve had opened it, she had found it was loaded with one program and one program only: a word processor called Rewriting Reality. With it, there had been a note, which now sat beside the device on Eve’s bedsheets. Reading it for the thousandth time, her fingers hovered over the keyboard tingling with anticipation.

Merry Christmas Eve!

This year has been an amazing one for my shop and that’s all thanks to loyal customers like you. So, in the spirit of giving, I’ve decided to pick out something special for my favourite clients. I know you love writing steamy smut for your blog, so I thought you might enjoy playing around with this.

I developed the program with a good friend of mine: Diamond. Yes, that Diamond. I know how much you adore her stories. She made me promise only to share it with my very naughtiest patrons, and something tells me she’d approve of me sharing it with you. I look forward to seeing what deviant tales you write with it.

Naughty wishes,

Trixie xoxo

Eve had been visiting the Little Shop of Hedonism for over a year. Typically she enjoyed sampling the vast array of transformative pills and potions on sale, which she used to spice up her nights out at the club. She had never opted for anything permanent – in the end, she was perfectly happy with her own body – but she suspected that was why Trixie liked her so much: she had no ulterior motives. She wasn’t in search of physical perfection or sordid revenge. She was simply playing out her fantasies.

But this was taking things to an entirely new level. The laptop offered her the chance not just to experience her fantasies, but to actually live them. It was the dream of every erotica writer: to see her words come to life. She wasn’t sure she should have that power, but there were too many ideas filling her head for her to dwell on that concern for long.

Seizing the clearest idea, Eve began to write: Pete and Madison were shuffling around groggily in the kitchen…

Pete and Madison were shuffling around groggily in the kitchen. The past few weeks had been a perfect storm of overtime and festive parties and their energy had finally run dry. It might have only been Boxing Day, but they both knew that if they wanted to celebrate at New Year they would have to spend the next week recharging their batteries.

Fortunately, with Eve locked away in her room and all their friends equally drained, they had no distractions to worry about.

Eve’s roommates didn’t even notice themselves transforming. It wasn’t an intensely orgasmic experience like most of the drugs Eve indulged in. Instead it was a silent, subtle process, like an artist building up a painting with careful brushstrokes.

Madison was stood at the counter checking her phone. Even so, when her hands began to change right before her eyes, she was completely oblivious. Her slender fingers lost their expensive manicure as hair sprouted across the back of her hand, prominent veins lifting across toughening skin. From there, the change rose up her arms, a fine layer of dark body hair soon covering her swelling biceps.

The rest of her body soon followed suit: her perky tits shrank down and hardened into firm pecs while her flat stomach carved itself into an impressive six pack. Her skinny legs filled out with muscle. Her shoulders broadened. Her ass dwindled. Even the emergence of a hefty cock and a pair of balls from her pussy couldn’t distract her from her scrolling. Gnawing absently on her lips, the only thing she felt of her new beard was a faint tingle as neatly trimmed stubble swept across her jaw, which itself was resetting into a heavier, more masculine shape. The bobble holding her ponytail in place fell to the floor as her long golden hair gradually retreated, darkening into a short, spiky style which joined with her beard by way of thin sideburns. Now framed by stubble and spikes, her delicate features morphed into the handsome face of a seasoned womaniser.

Behind her, Pete was equally ignorant of his transformation.

Nursing a black coffee, it was as if the steam rising over his face was moulding his features. The hard edge of his jaw softened; his crooked nose narrowed and straightened; his lips filled out into a rosy pout, his unruly eyebrows became plucked arches, and his haggard eyes brightened as long lashes and subtle eyeshadow settled into place. All the while his hair was growing, creeping down like probing ivy to splay across his shoulders. When he lowered the mug, his complexion had tanned to a golden hue, which soon spread to every inch of his skin, leaving him smooth, soft and almost entirely hairless.

Further down, the rest of his body was morphing to match his newfound beauty. A pair of ample breasts swelled into being as his clavicles became more pronounced and his shoulders contracted. As if the growth of his bosom was leeching all the mass from the rest of his body, his firm arms and sturdy legs lost their muscle, shrinking down to the stereotypically slim limbs of ‘ideal’ femininity. His hips too saw sudden growth, padding out into a plump rump and cushioned thighs, all while his cock gradually retreated unseen beneath his clothes and gave way to a tight pussy.

And just like that, Pete and Madison were gone.

Paige approached her boyfriend while sipping on her coffee. A white shirt and checked shorts hugged her curvy physique. ‘Hey babe, you ready for tonight?’

Max turned to her with a smile. ‘Of course I am. I can’t wait. Do you think Eve is ready yet? We should probably think about preparing to leave.’

‘Oh, she’s ready,’ came a voice from the other side of the room.

Eve stood in the doorway wrapped in an iridescent glitter dress and a pair of jet-black stilettos. But by far the most dazzling element of her outfit was her impish smile.

Paige and Max admired her as one. ‘Wow,’ they said.

‘I’ll take that as a compliment,’ Eve smirked. Strutting over to them, she kissed them softly one after the other. ‘So come on then, let’s get this show on the road. You promised me the hottest sex show I’ve ever seen, and unless I get back horny enough to fuck for a week, I’m going to be very disappointed.’

Max smiled devilishly. ‘Only the best for our unicorn,’ he said. Hooking his arm around Eve’s waist he spoke to Paige without taking his eyes from Eve’s pretty face. ‘Hey babe, how about you go and get changed. Me and Eve will keep one another company in the meantime.’

‘Sure thing,’ Paige replied, giving Max a quick peck on the cheek before hurrying out to get ready for the evening.

Glancing back just before she left, her stomach flipped with arousal: Eve was nowhere to be seen, but Max’s eyes were closed, his face was a mask of pleasure, and little wet slurping sounds had started to rise from beneath the counter…

‘Oh fuck,’ Max gasped, gripping the sofa so hard his hand trembled. ‘Holy fucking shit, you’re good at that babe. Don’t stop.’

Encouraged, Paige continued to feast on his cock. Bracing herself with one hand, she used the other to jerk him off into her mouth, varying her rhythm from slow and deep to fast and shallow. All the while her tongue played over his head in an attempt to lure out his orgasm. She looked up at him with big, innocent eyes that starkly contrasted with her sordid actions – but that only made him hornier and they both knew it.

Eve sat naked, watching. Paige was stretched out over her lap, her soft golden ass just inches from Eve’s face. Unable to resist the temptation of her friend’s incredible body, Eve caressed Paige’s thighs and rump and back, savouring the warmth of her tanned skin. Every so often Paige’s tits would rub against her bare thighs, sending shivers of arousal up Eve’s spine.

Watching her former roommates lose themselves to the hedonistic personas she had written for them was so hot it was difficult not to groan at the sight of it. When she had first started writing she had never imagined they would turn out so perfectly, but right now she was so horny she physically ached.

She also hadn’t known exactly where the story was going. All she had actually written had been their transformations – everything after her appearing in the doorway had been totally unscripted. But that was exactly what she loved about writing: sometimes the story just seems to write itself. Or, failing that, the characters lead things down a path you hadn’t even thought of. To her, ideas were more than words on a page. Ideas had power.

And the idea she had started that afternoon had taken on a life all of its own.

Their evening had been spent at a live sex show. All of the performers had made Eve weak at the knees, so hot she could barely resist the urge to join them on the stage, but what turned her on the most was the fact she knew nobody would stop her if she did. Because reality was now her playground. After all, this was her story brought to life, so she could guide it how she pleased.

Over the course of the night reality had warped to accommodate for her new wants and ideas. She had fancied a particular cocktail: a server had bought one over on the house. She had wanted to meet Trixie so they could watch the show together: a moment later she had taken the seat beside Eve, her loyal sub Angel as ever on her arm. And towards the end of the night, Eve had found herself craving a trans-male-female threesome performance: shortly after a stunning blonde trans woman, a beautiful black cis woman, and a smoking hot Latino cis man had arrived on stage and proceeded to fuck one another’s brains out.

By the time Eve, Paige and Max arrived back home, the house had changed too. In fact, they were currently fucking in the lounge of a mansion most millionaires would have envied.

Eve had now decided two things. Firstly, she had been right before: nobody should have this kind of power. And secondly, she didn’t care. Trixie had gifted her the keys to reality, and she was going to use them to explore every naughty notion she had ever fantasised about.

An endless stream of sordid ideas danced through her mind. Ideas about what she could do to her former roommates. Ideas about how far she could rewrite society to suit her desires. Stupid ideas like writing worlds where latex goddesses ruled, or where conflicting gangs waged war with sex and seduction rather than guns and drugs. Not to mention ideas about all the new bodies she could give herself: it wouldn’t be right not to take the chance to explore, especially since she had always wondered what it might be like to live a day as a ditzy bimbo, or a hung stud, or a sultry MILF, or a gay twink, or a trans slut, or a leather daddy, or a horny homewrecker, or a… or a… or a…

Right now, however, she had a different story to live. She was Paige and Max’s unicorn, and she was going to take great pleasure in exploiting all the benefits this plotline had to offer.

A mischievous smile worked over her lips. She had been watching Paige go down on Max for the better part of half an hour now, and there was only one reason he hadn’t finished yet: Eve had decided he shouldn’t. He was hard as rock and twitching in Paige’s mouth, but until the storyteller deemed his climax appropriate to the narrative, he would teeter on the brink of climax indefinitely.

Not that Eve was going to keep him waiting much longer – it was just that she didn’t want his first load to shoot down Paige’s throat. No, she had a far better place for him to finish.

Fortunately, with power like hers, she didn’t even have to ask him to lie down so she could straddle his waist and sink down onto his throbbing dick. Just a thought about where she wanted him was enough to raise the idea in his head, and the next moment she was riding him hard, her pale flesh rippling with every bounce.

At the same time Paige slipped into position astride his face and rubbed her pussy against his lips and tongue.

Soon they were all three moaning sensually, the first night of their lustful new existence unfolding just as Eve had hoped it would: in a perfect storm of depravity, desire and magical storytelling.

Not bad to say it all started with a single naughty idea. But then again, Eve knew better than most that ideas really do have power…

Thanks for reading!

Ironically, despite the nature of this story, this wasn’t one of those ones that easily wrote itself. It did take a bit of work to streamline, but boy was it worth it. This might be my favourite of my entire Christmas slate – although I reserve the right to change my choice on that because it has some stiff competition. It’s so indulgent. I mean what erotica writer wouldn’t want to have the power to bring their stories to life? It’s just total wish fulfilment and I really loved writing out that scenario. Honestly, I’m also really proud it’s as short as it is, because this definitely feels like one of those stories I could have easily let run away into a longform piece.

Some of you will likely have spotted that the title is a reference to the inimitable Mara Mischief. I couldn’t really think of a title I was happy with, but in the end I realised there could only be one title worth using. Mara is the one who first introduced me to the TG erotica community, and her work has inspired a lot of mine. Given that there are a few references to some of those previous stories in this one, including implications that Eve herself wrote them into creation, and the fact that the Little Shop of Hedonism concept itself is basically a love letter to the work of all my fellow creators, it made sense that I should name this one after the writer who is mostly responsible for me writing them all in the first place.

So thank you Mara for sparking my creativity. I hope you enjoy this one, because it’s dedicated to you.


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