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Foxy was playing with herself as Harvey entered. Reclined on the padded leather pouffe at the centre of the room, she had pulled her panties to the side so she could fiddle with her clit. Her immense tits were barely contained in the lace cups of her bra and like the rest of her fleshy body they jiggled enticingly as she masturbated. As usual, her beautiful face was perfectly made up and she seemed to ooze arousal.

Closing and locking the door behind himself, Harvey waited for her to notice him. When she did she licked her pillowy lips, her eyelids fluttering.

‘Good morning, Foxy. I see you’ve already started your daily exercises.’

‘Yes sir,’ Foxy nodded, gasping as she hit just the right spot and sparked a wave of pleasure. ‘You were right, edging does make me, like, super desperate for cock. It’s all I can think about. I need to fuck so bad.’

‘Very good. Silly girls like you don’t need any brains. Your only purpose is to serve, isn’t that right?’

Foxy didn’t hesitate. ‘Yes, my only purpose is to serve. Thank you, mister doctor, sir.’

Harvey wasn’t a doctor. He wasn’t even a medical professional. But the Bimbo Rehabilitation Clinic didn’t have much need for qualifications or experience. Instead they exclusively employed staff who were easy to bribe, unscrupulously unethical, and willing to keep quiet about the distinctly questionable ‘rehabilitation’ services they offered to patients admitted to their care.

All the same, Harvey liked it when Foxy called him doctor: it reminded him how stupid the bimbofied whore truly was. And that made manipulating her so much more fun.

Approaching her, Harvey removed his long white lab coat and draped it over the back of the leather sofa. It was only for show – the clinic didn’t even have a lab. But for Foxy, whenever he slipped it off she knew what would happen next.

As Harvey unbuttoned his shirt, the horny bimbo slid off the pouffe and knelt on the silky faux fur rug beside it. Although she had been edging for over an hour, she ignored the electric pleasure coursing through her body: no matter how much she wanted to finish, she wanted Harvey’s juicy cock even more. With her hands on her knees, she waited expectantly, her eyes fixed on Harvey’s crotch.

‘Good girl,’ Harvey said as he dropped his trousers. Stood only in his boxers he admired her plastic curves. ‘You’ve come so far since you first arrived. I’m very proud of you, bitch.’

Foxy giggled, delighted to have pleased him, and even more delight to be addressed in such a demeaning manner. Thanks to the conditioning the clinic had put her through, degrading titles were like little shots of euphoria.

‘Thank you, doctor. Does that mean I get a reward?’

Harvey grinned coldly, but Foxy was too fixated on his bulging boxers to notice. ‘You certainly do. Here, let me unwrap it for you.’

Most women would have gasped when Harvey’s underwear dropped. Some might even have whimpered. His immense black python was a true monster. Even when slack it snaked halfway down his thigh, but now it jutted forward towards Foxy, a thick meaty baton she saw every night in her dreams. Harvey had driven it into her holes so many times she knew she would be left a gasping, aching mess by the time he was finished with her – but then again, that’s exactly what she wanted.

So, opening her mouth expectantly, she kept her eyes fixed on her ‘doctor’ as he strode across, clamped his huge hands behind her head and plunged his goliath dick between her rosy lips.

Immediately Foxy set to work. Her tongue danced rapidly around his head, lathering up a frothy blend of saliva and precum which soon glazed his veiny shaft. She allowed him to set the rhythm, making no resistance as he fucked her face, yet all the while she was jerking him off frantically, her tanned fingers pumping his cock so fast they were a blur. She didn’t gag as he thrust in deep; she didn’t choke as he stretched her throat. Instead, she wordlessly implored him to go harder with her lustful stare.

The combination of her conditioning and her natural cocklust had honed her oral skills to such a degree she could have bought most men to the brink in a matter of seconds. But Harvey was not most men. He had been working at the clinic for the better part of five years and in that time the bimbofied patients had trained him just as much as he had trained them.

His stamina was almost unlimited, his recovery time practically non-existent, and his libido possibly as insatiable as that of his corrupted patients. And as far as Harvey was concerned, when you have skills like that, it is simply unethical not to put them to use on desperate whores like Foxy.

As wet slurping filled the room, Harvey eyed her with a mixture of lust and disdain.

He could still remember her first night. ID in her wallet had identified her as Walter F. Smythe, but by the time she arrived in the clinic she had been unrecognisable from the balding, hawk-faced fifty something on the driving licence. She had still been transforming, her plastic curves continuing to inflate as her orgasmic wails rang through the corridors. Clearly Mr. Smythe had gotten a little too handsy with a contagious bimbo, and he had paid the price.

But to Harvey, it was Foxy’s obliviousness that made this all so hot. Walter Smythe was gone. Foxy had no idea who she used to be – all she cared about was getting her next fix of depravity, and she was willing to do absolutely anything to get it. The thought that she was her throating his cock while some poor family out there were looking for a dead man was enough to make him…

Harvey’s orgasm blasted over her face. She had just pulled back for air when he climaxed, accidentally positioning herself perfectly for a very sloppy facial. Pearly ribbons of cum splattered across her face before splashing down over her immense tits until she was dripping with it.

When she looked up at him she was grinning, her teeth garlanded with his seed. ‘Thank you, doctor,’ she said, cum bubbling on her lips. Scooping up thick blotches, she laid them on her tongue. ‘I’m feeling better already. Are we going to play together for the camera?’ she added, nodding to a tripod set up against one wall.

‘Not today,’ Harvey said, although it killed him a little inside to turn her down.

Subjecting her to his ‘treatment’ was hot enough in private – but doing it for the whole world to see was erotic on an entirely new level. And livestreams were just one of the many ways the clinic made a secret profit from their patients. For a start, every bimbo in the building had an adult subscription account, where they filmed just about anything their online fans were willing to pay for. Porn scenes produced in-house were extremely popular amongst the right crowd, while the clinic also ran a twenty-four-hour sexline as well.

Most of the bimbos who came through the clinic were never tracked down by their family – after all, it’s difficult to identify someone whose mind, body and soul have been irrevocably corrupted. Eventually, after months of training to purge all memory of their old lives, the unclaimed were sold off to hyper rich studs eager for a dumb, cock-addicted trophy wife.

On occasion, however, a family member would turn up searching for their loved one. In those cases, Harvey would sit with them and play the role of a caring physician. He would explain that sadly, once contracted the Bimbo Virus had no cure. He would console them over their loss and spin some comforting lie about the last words of their spouse or sibling or parent or child. Then he would delicately explain that the transformed bimbos would be happiest in a strip club, or perhaps working as an escort – assuring them that though it might sound vulgar, there was no better place for their loved one than somewhere they could indulge all their new fetishes and fantasies.

Although he would conveniently forget to mention that the clinic had lucrative deals in place with every pimp and club owner in the city, who were always more than happy to take on new girls. In return, they were willing to pay handsomely and even provide the clinic’s staff with plenty of body-enhancing pills and potions – drugs which Harvey had used to craft himself into the smoking hot, astonishingly hung bull all the girls drooled over, both inside and outside the clinic.

Since none of Walter’s family had ever showed up, Foxy was up for sale. Or at least, she had been until recently. Which was precisely the reason they weren’t going to film together today: her buyer was set to arrive within the hour to finalise the deal. Harvey had simply wanted to make use of her one last time before the lucky bastard took her away.

It twisted his gut to think he wouldn’t get to feel those lips on his cock again after today. Then again, he wasn’t too broken up about it: there were at least a dozen other bimbos under his care. And that wasn’t even including the mindless cumdump in the break room or all the other patients he got to have fun with when one of his colleagues needed their shift covered. In the end, fucking plastic nymphos senseless was a perk of the job.

Foxy had cleaned most of the cum from her tits by now. She had removed her bra in the process, her golden rack now bare, her nipples hard. Her mouth was completely full, but she wouldn’t swallow until he said so. She looked up at him with desire in her eyes, his load oozing over her lips and down her chin.

He wasn’t going to tell Foxy about her new master. He wanted it to be a surprise. But now Harvey thought it about, her buyer wasn’t going to be here for a while longer yet. And a brief livestream couldn’t hurt…

‘Actually, I’ve changed my mind, bitch. The whole world should see what a filthy cumwhore you are.’ Taking the camera remote from the pocket of his discarded coat, he started the stream. Immediately the viewer count began to surge.

Slipping his fingers into Foxy’s hair once more, he did not tell her to swallow. Instead he pressed his throbbing cock against her lips for a second. His stomach flipped with arousal as he saw realisation dawn and her eyes light up with slutty glee as she understood what he was about to do.

Then he drove in again, forcing most of his load down her throat without her even needing to swallow. The rest came bursting out around the edges, coursing down her neck, over her breasts, through her cleavage.

Foxy’s eyes rolled as pleasure consumed her. Harvey’s pace increased as he succumbed to his own primal lust. And it wasn’t long before their lust dragged them down onto the sofa, his cock pumping between her tits as her groans resulted in cummy bubbles the viewers went wild for.

Harvey grinned coldly as he watched her willingly degrade herself for him. This wasn’t what he had planned for his last visit with Foxy, but he wasn’t complaining. Besides, it was the holiday season and as far as he was concerned, one last stream with Foxy was the best Christmas bonus he could possibly ask for…

Thanks for reading!

I really wanted to come up with a witty festive title for this one, but alas I couldn’t manage it. Titles in general are kind of my nemesis because I’m not the best with wordplay and I feel like most of the titles I come up with are really generic and/or boring. Then again, this premise feels like one I could return to or that other creators could put their own spin on, so I guess a less themed name works well for that. Originally I wanted to call it Reha-bimbo-tation, but that was so long it wouldn’t fit on my promo image!

Anyway, although this one is probably the least festive of all my December slate I hope you enjoyed it, and if you want to see more stories from the Bimbo Clinic definitely let me know!


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