Makeover: Minxing Things Up

Models: Ella Knox & Lucas Frost

Standing back, Peeta admired her masterpiece with a smile.

It had taken the better part of three hours for Peeta to perfect her client’s new look, but now she looked Tamsin up and down she congratulated herself on a job well done: nobody would ever have guessed that the stunning buxom bombshell had once been Thomas, a burly jock who could have made most rhinos look weedy.

There wasn’t so much as a whisper of his broad frame, angular features or chiselled physique. Instead everything about Tamsin was soft and supple: her beautiful features were fringed with glossy dark hair, her gentle curves were shaved and enticing, and she was almost half the size of the man she had once been. In fact, aside from her ample tits, which peeked over the bust of her frilly white vest, the only asset that had grown during her transformation was her ass, which was now temptingly plump and descended into thick, sensual legs.

In the months since she, Preeti and Priya had founded their beauty parlour, Peeta had worked on many clients, all of whom had turned out wonderfully. However, Tamsin was undoubtedly one of her finest creations. All the effort she had put into the woman’s makeover had been worth it and then some.  

And as Tamsin knelt on the grey daybed in her white vest and denim hotpants, staring in mesmerised awe at her new body, Peeta felt arousal bloom through her loins.

Sometimes she hated being so skilled with the magic makeup. Because while it wasn’t unheard of for her or the twins to get intimate with their clients – in fact, it was rather common if they were being honest – when it came to those clients with whom intimacy was off the cards, Peeta always found herself longing for them the most.

‘Are… are you sure about this?’ Tamsin asked, peering at Peeta with large, innocent eyes. ‘Do you really think she’ll like my new look?’

Peeta smiled warmly and nodded. ‘Absolutely. You look amazing. Although you should probably get used to referring to your fiancée as he, because if there’s one thing my colleagues excel at, it’s masculinity makeovers. By the time they’ve finished with her, the woman you knew is going to be the hottest stud you’ve ever seen.’

‘You’re right,’ Tamsin nodded, ‘it’s just a lot to take in.’ She tugged nervously on the bottom of her vest, inadvertently squeezing her fat tits into even deeper cleavage.

Peeta had to force herself not to stare, especially as Tamsin sank down to lounge on the daybed, her shiny legs stretched out over the grey material.

To call the pampering business Peeta and the twins had set up a beauty parlour might have been a bit of a stretch. Certainly, it didn’t look like any conventional salon – but then the services they offered were hardly conventional either.

Rather than rows of padded seats arranged in front of towering mirrors, Peeta, Preeti and Priya had opted for more private rooms where they could work on one customer at a time. They had made every effort to make the whole experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible – hence the plush daybed, soft lighting and soothing music drifting through the room – although that comfort served more than one purpose. Because while on the one hand it put clients at ease during their makeovers, on the other hand the luxurious privacy of the rooms made them ideal for catering to the more sensual services Peeta and the sisters could offer.

And if Tamsin’s increasingly aroused reaction to her transformation was any indication, the daybed would serve its second purpose very well today.

Her initial apprehension had faded and she was beginning to explore her body. Running her hands over her curvy figure she moaned softly, closing her eyes and smiling as she caressed herself. Clearly she was enjoying the effects of her magical makeover, and Peeta suspected that once she was introduced to her transformed fiancé she would relish his new look even more.

In an effort to distract herself, Peeta set about cleaning up all the magical powders and creams and brushes she had used to transform her client. But when Tamsin looked up at her, there was a mischievous gleam in her eye.

‘I’m going to have to take this top off. You don’t mind, do you?’

Without waiting for an answer, Tamsin removed her tight white vest and tossed it aside. Her immense tits fell free and this time Peeta could not help but stare. Then again, Tamsin seemed to like the attention, squeezing her heavy rack together for Peeta to admire.

‘That’s better,’ she purred, giggling at Peeta’s mesmerised expression. ‘You look as if you see something you like, baby?’

Peeta was no stranger to lust. Not only had she personally crafted dozens of stunning clients over the past few months and then proceeded to make love to most of them, she still spent her nights giving enticing performances as an exotic dancer. As such, she was surrounded by eroticism in every facet of her life.

Even so, Tamsin was pushing all of her buttons with ease. It wasn’t so much the fact that she was astonishingly beautiful that was clouding Peeta’s thoughts with depraved ideas. No, it was the fact that she had seen the man Tamsin had been before and the gulf between that man and the tempting goddess before her was unbelievably broad: when Thomas and his fiancée Ellie had arrived that morning, Peeta and the twins had immediately decided they would need to mix things up a little. Although Thomas and Ellie were a loving couple and by no means unattractive, all three of them had sensed an underlying lust within the pair, and they could think of no better way to draw that out than by switching Thomas’ and Ellie’s roles within the relationship.

But Peeta hadn’t expected Thomas to embrace his new body so eagerly. She had a weak spot for her deviant clients and the thought of falling into Tamsin’s arms and allowing lust to overwhelm them was making her throat dry and her pussy wet.

Mercifully at that moment there came a knock on the door. The erotic tension between them faded and a second later Preeti’s pretty face appeared.

‘Are you ladies finished?’ she asked. An impish smile weaved over her lips as she caught sight of Tamsin. ‘Oh, you certainly are.’ Coming fully into the room, she planted her hands on her hips and gave Peeta an amused look. ‘Honestly, Peeta, can’t you even contain yourself long enough to keep your clients fully-clothed for more than five minutes?’

Peeta held up her hands defensively. ‘Don’t look at me. It was Tamsin who decided she’d be better off without her vest. She’s a real minx this one.’

‘Well then,’ said Priya, joining her sister by the doorway, ‘something tells me she and Elliott here are going to get on very well indeed.’ With that, she swung the door fully open and a towering stud strode into the room.

Peeta had to admit she was impressed. Just a few hours before Ellie had been a small yet curvy thing. She had worn her dark hair short and had arrived all in black, her preference for gothic attire more than obvious.

Now though, Elliott was the tallest one in the room by almost a foot. A thin layer of stubble was neatly trimmed over his jaw and around his lips, his features were ruggedly handsome, and although he was far from burly every inch of his figure was made of powerful muscle. Strength oozed from his every pore; a single glance of his piercing eyes could have lured any woman he desired into bed.

But Elliott only had eyes for Tamsin. Striding over he sank down onto the daybed beside her, his strong hands caressing her legs softly. Tamsin closed her eyes as he breathed in the scent of her hair, his hot breath swirling down her bare back.

Then both Tamsin and Elliott breathed the same two words in unison. ‘You’re perfect.’

Peeta, Preeti and Priya all smiled knowingly. They had provided makeovers to enough couples to know what happened now. As Elliott’s hands snaked around to grope Tamsin’s soft tits, the twins filed out of the room.

‘We’ll give you two some time alone,’ Peeta said.

Neither of the lovers paid her any attention. They were already kissing passionately, Elliott laid back on the daybed as Tamsin writhed on top of him. Within a few seconds Elliott’s white shirt joined Tamsin’s discarded vest on the floor. Then her hands were fumbling with his jeans.

Following the twins, Peeta closed the door gently behind her. Still, the heavy oak only did so much to muffle their orgasmic groans.

As the sounds of their pleasure gradually permeated the entire parlour, a devilish thought came to Peeta. Of course, if she was lucky, perhaps Tamsin and Elliott might want to pay her and the twins for the services with more than just money, but even if not it was no great hardship.

Because Peeta already had a middle-aged lady booked in for a makeover tomorrow morning, and with a bit of effort Peeta was certain she could transform the woman into the naughtiest, horniest minx for miles around…

Thanks for reading!

So a few months ago, I put out a tweet asking if there were any stories I had written that people wanted to a sequel to. And I was really happy with the response. Not because I got a lot of replies, because I didn’t, only a handful in truth. But because the replies I did get focused on a bunch of stories I had never even considered adding to. Mostly they were one-shot stories that always felt very self-contained, but once I reread them I realised there were more directions I could take them, and that exploration was a lot of fun for me.

I also really tried to keep this sequel thematically similar to the original. Makeover was a pretty reserved story compared to my usual fare, with very little in the way of nudity or sex. It was more about the transformation than anything else, and I tried to maintain that emphasis here, which was another fun challenge for me.

So over the next few months I’m going to be releasing stories inspired by those responses every few weeks. Some are direct sequels to solo stories, some are continuations of specific series I haven’t revisited in a while, but all are pieces I am very proud of and I really hope you enjoy them. I’ll still be uploading new content as well though: I’m aware sequels aren’t for everyone, so I intend to upload original pieces in between them.

Hopefully this story demonstrates that I do listen to my readers as well. So if there is a story you’d like to see a sequel to, I’d love to hear about it!


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