Models: AJ Applegate, Marcus London & Yhivi Jade groaned as the man gripped her fat ass and drove in deep again and again. She didn’t even know his name – Maya had specifically opted not to tell her to make Jade feel even more like a cheap whore – but it didn’t matter. She would do anything to please him. Because that’s all she was now: a willing slave dedicated

Models: Saya Song & Briana Banks David was lounging on the sofa when his stepmother came in carrying a particularly large giftbox. Sashaying over to the Christmas tree in the corner she placed it amongst the pile of gifts. As she did so, David took the opportunity to stare at her huge ass. Tanya was a tall, busty bombshell of a woman: the word MILF given physical form. It was

Model: Melody Jordan Harry couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The mischievous smile on Abby’s face suddenly seemed much more sadistic as he processed her cruel words. ‘What… what do you mean you’re not going to give it back?’ Crouched beside the thick silicone dildo that had ruled Harry’s life for the last week, Abby was naked aside from a pair of platform heels and pink legwarmers. ‘What do you

Models: Nicole Aniston and Spencer Scott This is a collaborative piece written with the help of the wonderful EternalsTG – head over to Eternals’ blog to read this story from Victoria’s perspective! In the master bedroom of the de Rouge manor – a place only the most privileged men and women were ever lucky enough to see – an unusual fashion show was unfolding. An ostentatiously patterned duvet served as

‘How does he feel now, bitch?’ Leah hissed, spreading Zoey wide for Kurt to bury himself inside. ‘You regretting lying to us yet, Little Miss My-Boyfriend-Has-The-Biggest-Cock-I’ve-Ever-Seen? You really thought you could pull the wool over our eyes?’ Freya’s goading came in breathless tones and groaned as Zoey frantically ate her out, tipping her head back as pleasure surged through her. The petite blonde herself looked worryingly fragile impaled on Kurt’s

Note: I think the comments I make on this piece are very important so, if you can, please read them once you finish this story. Lying back on the soft white sheets kicking her heels childishly in the air, Selina allowed herself a satisfied smile. After all, tonight was the culmination of all her hard work and she would soon reap the rewards she was owed for her effort. Knowing

Allowing her head to roll back, Casey groaned breathlessly as the head of Mason’s cock slammed into her P-spot again and again. His deep thrusts were threatening to tip her over the edge into a state of delirium, and combined with his firm grip jerking her she-cock it was all she could do to remain conscious. She loved how her tight, delicate body rocked with every thrust. It made her

‘See,’ said the enormous gangster stood beside him, ‘look how much she is enjoying it. If you ask me she is a massive upgrade from that whiny little bastard she was before.’ As much as he wanted to, Connor could not tear his eyes away from the sight of the woman who had so recently been his brother being pounded by the black man on his bed. As far as