Models: Alicia Williams, Eliza Ibarra, Jay Romero & Tyler Nixon

‘Say boys, how about a game of cards?’

Joe and Peter looked up at Leon wearily. Ordinarily, if he wasn’t dumping his own workload on them and claiming it was delegation, he was taking credit for all the things they had done on his behalf. But even that would have been preferable to this: at least he didn’t usually spend much time around them. Today though, they hadn’t been able to get away from him.

This year, they had drawn the short straw. The three of them and Stephen, who was currently sat staring at his phone, made up the skeleton crew who would keep the office running over the holidays. In truth, there wasn’t that much to do, so they had spent most of their time in the office lounge. But that meant they hadn’t been able to escape Leon’s incessant nagging. He hadn’t shut up all day.  

Before anyone could respond, Leon was shuffling the deck. Weirdly, he only dealt to Joe and Peter while excluding Stephen and himself. The two friends didn’t think much of it though – it was probably just some dumb bar game he’d learned on a drunken night out.

‘What are we playing?’ Stephen asked, putting down his phone. Joe and Peter were surprised he was here at all: as the son of their boss, he was barely ever given any actual work to do. Then again, rumour had it he had crashed his dad’s sports car last week, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

‘It’s called Role With It. Trust me, dude, you’re going to love it.’

Joe rolled his eyes. Leon was always trying to suck up to Stephen. In fact, he would probably rig this game to make sure Joe and Peter lost while he and Stephen won, just to earn a few friendship points.

‘How do we play?’ Peter asked.

Leon smirked. Peter hated it when he smirked: it always meant bad news for him and Joe. ‘Well first, you two turn over your cards and read aloud what they say.’

Joe and Peter glanced at one another and shared an exasperated well, let’s get this over with kind of look. Together, they flipped their cards.

‘The Head-Turner,’ Joe read. ‘You’re the hot bombshell every wannabe wants to be. You can wind any man around your finger with a single smile, and every stud in the city has put a notch in your bedpost. You’re as naughty as you are gorgeous and everywhere you go people stop and stare. But that’s okay – you like it when they stare.’

Peter went next. ‘The Protégé. You might not be as experienced as your mentor, but you’re just as slutty. The alpha bitch took you under her wing because she saw potential, and now she’s helping you release your inner nympho. The two of you are totally inseparable, which is lucky news for any men who catch your attention. Careful – this slut will steal your man and giggle while doing it!’

The two of them stared at Leon as if he had three heads. Even Stephen looked like he was about to burst out laughing.

‘Is this some kind of joke?’ Peter’s face was twisted with disgust.

‘I gotta admit, you have a weird taste in games, dude,’ Stephen added, picking up one of the presents from beneath the office Christmas tree and twirling it idly.

Leon’s smirk had broadened into a full smile. ‘Not a joke no, just a little fun. This game, it’s all about roleplay. But if you’re going to take on those roles, you’re going to need a new outfit. And as luck would have it, I just so happened to bring these in today.’ From behind the sofa, he produced two sets of lace lingerie and a couple pairs of heels. A mischievous gleam shone in his eyes. ‘What are the chances?’

Stephen scoffed. But his amusement faded when he looked at Joe and Peter: both of them were staring the feminine clothes with wide eyes. They looked almost mesmerised.

‘Um, guys, are you alright?’

‘It… it looks so soft,’ Peter said, staring longingly at the frilled red lingerie in Leon’s right hand.

‘So sexy,’ Joe added as he admired the aquamarine set in his left. ‘I can almost feel it hugging my body. It… wouldn’t hurt to try it on…’

Peter was nodding. ‘Just for a minute… just to know what it feels like…’

‘Yes,’ Joe agreed, the apprehension in his voice gradually fading. ‘I want it. I… I need it.’

Snatching the clothes from Leon’s hands, Joe and Peter seemed to have completely forgotten anybody else was in the room. To Stephen’s astonishment, they urgently began stripping down until they were standing naked before him, their office attire abandoned amongst the presents. But while Stephen was too stunned to respond, Leon casually sank back into the sofa, crossed his legs, interlaced his hands behind his head, and watched their increasing obsession with a satisfied grin.

He gave Stephen a wink. ‘You’re going to like this next bit.’

Joe and Peter tugged the lingerie on urgently. The fit was horrendous, straps cutting into their skin here, cups sagging unfilled there. But neither of them seemed to care. The only thing that seemed to matter was their need to feel the material on their skin. Once they had strapped their heels into place they gave a satisfied sigh, closing their eyes as bliss flowed through them.

Stephen could not believe what he was seeing: they had both gone mad. But his disbelief turned to arousal as both men began to dramatically transform.

Although the heels had already boosted his meagre height by several inches, Joe suddenly began to grow, becoming taller and taller as if being stretched by unseen hands. In contrast, Peter’s frame – formerly well over six foot – was shrinking just as quickly. Soon Joe was almost a head taller than his friend. In fact, with the addition of his heels, he was by far the tallest in the room.

But that was only the beginning.

Both their bodies reformed to fit the lingerie. Joe’s ample figure looked like it was melting, pound after pound simply vanishing to reveal a slim, sensual figure. The little weight that remained gathered around his hips and across his chest, and soon enough supple tits bulged in the cups of his bra while a full ass stretched the elastic of his underwear. His pale complexion darkened, giving him a golden tan, and as raven hair swept down over his narrowing shoulders his facial features rearranged dramatically. Unshaven stubble and heavy lids gave way to rosy cheeks, plucked brows and a seductive smile, his alluring new look completed by large, hypnotic eyes that could have lured any man or woman into his arms without a word.

Alongside the sultry Latina goddess, Peter’s transformation was just as shocking. Like Joe, his body shifted to fit his lingerie, although he was so skinny he actually had to gain weight in order for his curves to fill the scarlet underwear. His flesh remained pale, every blemish and imperfection fading to nothing, leaving him enticingly smooth from head to toe. As his petite form took shape, the bulge in his panties vanished, drawing a girlish giggle from his rosy lips. His long hair broke free of his man-bun, concealing his face as it fell, only to be pulled back into his scalp. As the hair retreated into a short pixie cut, a profoundly pretty face was revealed, although there was an arrogant edge to the new woman’s expression which made it clear she knew full well just how hot she was.

Their transformations complete, the girls stood close together. They caressed one another slowly, plucking impishly at each other’s lingerie.

‘Mmmh, you’re smoking hot right now, babe,’ said the Latina woman who had once been Joe.

‘Not as hot as you, Jaz,’ Peter’s petite new persona cooed. ‘You look good enough to eat.’

‘Be careful what you wish for. I might take you up on that offer.’ Jaz paused, leaning in a little closer to whisper in her friend’s ear. ‘But then again, I might have competition.’ Now she turned to face Leon, a playful smile dancing on her lips. ‘I think he wants to fuck you, Penny. I think he wants to feel your lips sealed tight around his cock, and I don’t think he has a preference which lips you use to do it. Am I right, stud?’

Leon’s ego swelled as she addressed him, but not just because of her compliment. It was blatantly clear to Stephen that Leon was getting a kick from the fact both Joe and Peter had been utterly erased by the power of the cards.

‘You sure are. Whatever the lady wants.’

Jaz’s expression was pure seduction. ‘And I think she wants you. But even I don’t know which lips she’ll use on you first. Maybe these ones,’ she purred, running a hand over Penny’s panties. ‘Or maybe these ones,’ she said as, lifting Penny’s chin with a delicate finger, she gave her friend a sensual kiss.

At first they kissed softly. Slowly. Daintily. But gradually they allowed themselves a little more passion and the wet noises of their sapphic make-out session piqued the arousal of both voyeurs.

It was obvious Jaz was simply tormenting Leon. Although Penny’s eyes remained closed and her hands gently explored Jaz’s nubile figure, the Latina beauty repeatedly locked eyes with Leon, her expression radiating amusement as she watched them hungrily.

Stephen’s jaw was practically on the floor. Sitting in the sofa beside them, he had an intimate view of their erotic embrace.

And while Leon couldn’t stop staring at Penny, Stephen only had eyes for Jaz. He was so close he could see the gleam of her nails, could make out the fine threads of her lingerie, could smell her floral perfume. If he hadn’t been stunned into stillness, he could have reached out and stroked her tanned ass or slipped down her silky underwear.

Just the thought of what they concealed was turning him on. In fact, after the mesmerising sight of their transformation, he was so hard he couldn’t believe his trousers hadn’t burst yet. The fact that she had recently been Joe no longer seemed to matter – it was as if whenever he tried to think about his former colleague, those thoughts scattered away and he was left thinking about only Jaz instead. The memories weren’t gone, just unimportant.

‘It’s the game,’ Leon said, as if reading his mind. ‘Role With It has this way of making the world forget about those it transforms. You and me, we saw, so we won’t forget completely. But to everyone else, they’ve only ever been Jaz and Penny. Joe and Peter are gone. Fuck those guys.’

Stephen had never had a problem with either Joe or Peter. Sure, they were socially awkward and a bit dull, but they didn’t deserve Leon’s constant abuse.

That said, he definitely preferred Jaz and Penny.

‘It looks like our shift just got a lot more fun,’ he said, casting Leon a wicked smirk.

‘That’s the spirit, dude. Imagine if we had to spend the next few weeks with those nerds? I would have gone mad! But now the only thing they’ll be working is our cocks. Come to think of it, I’ve always wanted a naughty secretary willing to let me fuck her brains out. Now there’s one for each of us. I guess these whores just got promoted.’

At the mention of cock, the new office sluts broke off their kissing and turned to face Leon.

Jaz nudged Penny in Leon’s direction. ‘Did you hear that? I think he wants to play with you. Just remember what I taught you…’ She lowered her voice to whisper in Penny’s ear, although Stephen was just close enough to hear her. ‘You’re not his sex toy. He’s yours. Don’t let up until he’s a horny wreck for you.’

‘You’ve got it,’ Penny replied. Then she was strutting across to Leon with an impish gleam in her eye. ‘Hey baby. Is that bulge in your pants for me?’

Stephen’s eye followed her jiggling ass as she approached her prey. It was clear from Leon’s arrogant expression that he was blissfully unaware what she had planned for him, although Stephen had spent long enough around the lazy supervisor to know he was all bluff. Once she sank her claws into him, that ego would go up in smoke.

Jaz blocked his view before he could see Penny pounce. Dropping down onto the sofa, she straddled his waist and pressed her face into his.

‘Something tells me Penny is going to be busy playing with your friend for quite some time. So I guess that leaves you with little old me.’

Stephen gave her a roguish smile. ‘Then I guess it’s my lucky day.’

Jaz glanced down to his tented trousers. When she looked up again her eyes glittered mischievously. ‘Mine too,’ she purred, running an olive-skinned hand over his crotch.

Stephen stared. He couldn’t help it. He was mesmerised. It was just like the card had said: he could he feel himself falling for her more with every passing second. But he could tell she liked his staring. The confident twinkle in her eye, the smug edge to her smile, the assertive yet alluring way she held herself. Oh yes, she was loving the attention. And if the delicate fingers undoing his belt were anything to go by, he would soon be one of the studs adding another notch to her bedpost.

It did not take long for lust to overwhelm all four of them. Clothes were torn away, flesh was pressed close, and sweat glistened on rippling skin. And as the deserted office echoed with their sensual groans, one thing was certain: it might have been snowing outside, but inside things were getting very steamy indeed…

Thanks for reading!

Okay, so that was fun. This is the first time I’ve taken a stab at a Role With It story (at least that I can remember), and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Hopefully I did Evie Hyde’s concept justice, although I’d urge you to check out her Role With It stories because A) she came up with the idea in the first place, and B) they’re much better than mine.

I wanted to add a quick note to say that I’ll be deviating from my normal schedule a little this month. You’ll still be getting a new story every Friday, but since it’s Christmas I’ve also got a few extra ones coming out on the main holiday dates. Those being Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Given that I had none of these written in early November and I am currently scheduling my entire December slate at the end of November, it’s been a very busy month I can assure you.

Outside of that, I wanted to mention something about how I handle race changes and ethnicity descriptions in my stories.

In this piece, I described Jaz’s character as Latina. However, I have absolutely no idea if the model portraying her, Eliza Ibarra, actually identifies as that. She may be identified as that by porn scene titles and descriptions but as for whether this reflects Ibarra’s personal opinion on the matter, I cannot say, which highlights an issue with identifying characters by relatively binary labels such as black, white, or any other racial or ethnic descriptor.

When it comes down to it, most people have mixed heritages because that’s just how people and society works. But as a result, it means that they may not identify by the labels other people might automatically give them. Or even if they do, they may identify by a very niche label unknown to most people. However, without actually asking every single model how they identify – which would be impossible – or going into depth about the characters’ heritages in each story – which would be unrealistic and disruptive to the story – I cannot necessarily reflect the racial or ethnic identities of the models I use within the context of my stories.

So even though I am conscious that the models whose work I use will not always fit into a set ethnic or racial descriptor, the basic labels (black, white, Asian, etc.) are the ones I feel compelled to use for simplicity’s sake.

Additionally, whenever I tag a story as a race change, I would consider that also to cover ethnicity changes as well, since going into detail differentiating the two would get even more complicated. And at the end of the day, this blog is about erotica. I have to draw the line somewhere and I feel that using race change as an umbrella term is the best option for the purposes of my stories. It’s not a perfect approach, but at the moment I cannot think of a better way to go about it.

On my blog I never intend to insult or discriminate anybody in any way, and hopefully that shows in my work and comments. At all times I try to act ethically and respectfully and do my best to represent people of all kinds. And I feel like a key part of that is being open about how I justify what I do and how I do it.

If anybody has any questions about this or any other decisions I make on my blog, please do not hesitate to comment and I will be happy to answer.


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