Models: Tyler Steel & Lola Fae Craig never knew what hit him. He had been so lost in the podcast playing through his headphones he had failed to notice that his driver had turned into the rough part of town. Only when the minivan pulled up and he looked out of the window to find an unfamiliar neighbourhood had he turned to question the man, but before he could open

Models: Danny D & Kiki Minaj Footsteps on the staircase woke Kelsey. It wasn’t the first time she had dozed off while waiting for her boyfriend to finish his night shift, but she chastised herself for doing so nonetheless. Still, now Joey was home, they could have a little fun. Rolling over, she opened the drawer of her bedside table and fumbled inside. But when she glanced at the digital

‘You know I never really believed the rumours about you, not entirely. I mean I know all the guys said you could throat a dick like a real slut, but come on, they were all dumb jocks. It’s not like they haven’t exaggerated things before.’ His satisfied smirk grew and he cocked his head to one side, admiring her pretty face. ‘But damn if I wasn’t wrong. You could be

‘Do you like what I did to your sister?’ growled Ryan, glaring at his ex-wife with a mixture of disdain and amusement. The bar gag between her teeth might have stunted her speech, but it could not conceal the expression of defeat she wore as she looked first at him, then at her sister gorging herself hungrily on his enlarged dick, and then back to him again. ‘Personally, I think