Models: Johnny Sins & Chanel Preston ‘Good evening, Miss Harlow. And what brings you to my side of town?’ The handsome PI looked up from the sheaf of papers spread across his desk with a smile plucking at his lips. He took a sip of coffee, raising an eyebrow as he eyed his visitor lustfully. She had hiked up her black lace dress to reveal her underwear and his eyes

Models: Michael DelRay & Dahlia Crimson Down on all fours amongst the tangled covers of Brandon’s bed, Aleesha smiled as the horny stallion drove his twitching cock into her ass. ‘That’s it, baby, slide it all in. I want every inch. My ass is all yours, gorgeous, so don’t be shy.’ Reaching back she clutched one of her plump cheeks with a tattooed hand and pulled it aside, spreading her

Models: Brad Armstrong & Asa Akira, with Leilani Leeane The sexbot lay still and silent on the examination table. Her golden skin was utterly flawless, devoid of any blemish or imperfection, the clinical white lights reflecting softly from her curves. Her glossy hair hung down in long black waves, her hard nipples crowned supple breasts, and her large eyes stared unblinking at the ceiling. ‘Hmm, perhaps it was some kind

The dormitory was occupied by half a dozen girls when James was ushered in, most of them lounging on a single bed halfway down the long room. They wore their uniforms loosely with hanging ties and shirts buttoned low and were giggling at a joke they had been sharing. As he entered, prodded forward by the bony finger of the headmaster – a tall, broad man in his late-forties –

Coming to a stop deep into the twisting maze of corridors, Safiya huffed furiously and slapped her palm against the wall in an attempt to dispel her anger. It didn’t work. With every passing moment she grew more and more irate and her cheeks were flushed with rage. Ever since they had left the museum, Kosey and Husani had been treating her like no more than a lowly apprentice, but