The Better Bitch: Part II

Model: Layton Benton

Busty black woman leans over exposing cleavage while wearing silk gown

Bracing himself against the foot of the bed, Mason gasped as his body continued to swell. He could not deny the raw pleasure of his transformation was more intense than he had ever imagined possible – the temptation to crumple to the ground and finger his newly-formed pussy until he came hard was mounting with every passing second.

Except this was not how things were supposed to have gone. Tiffany’s spell should have turned him into a sexy ebony slut like her – like Sasha. But no sooner had his skin darkened to a rich, lustrous brown than he had rapidly become a very different kind of woman: weight and years had piled on until all hope of becoming the twenty-something nubile bombshell he had imagined was snuffed out. Instead his new body was that of a late-thirties MILF whose immensely curvy frame was the nightmare of skinny bitches like Mason’s cruel bully.

‘You… you promised…’ Mason panted, struggling to speak through the orgasmic pleasure. He couldn’t even look at Tiffany, but he knew she was grinning coldly.

‘No, I lied, dumbass,’ Tiffany scoffed, snapping her spell book closed. ‘Did you really think I would agree to let a pathetic loser like you join my clique? Here was me thinking transforming your prude girlfriend might teach you where you belong. I guess I was wrong. So let me spell it out for you, runt: you don’t deserve that life. You never have, and you never will.’

Ever since having his true love stolen and twisted into a shameless whore, Mason had believed there was nothing worse Tiffany could do to him. Until now.

Despite the orgasmic pleasure as his huge tits and fat ass continued to expand, despair suffocated him. How could he have been so stupid? He should have known Tiffany would never allow him to join her troupe of naughty nymphos. After all, she had spent every day since transforming Sadie encouraging his former girlfriend to belittle and ridicule him – she had made his life a living hell, tormenting him through the woman he had once loved. In hindsight, it was crushingly obvious she had no mercy to give him.

But desperation was a powerful motivator. At his wit’s end, Mason had gone to Tiffany grovelling for forgiveness. Knowing she would never release Sadie, he had begged for the only other comfort he could think of: to let him join her by Tiffany’s side. Only a few weeks earlier the idea would have made him physically ill. Now though, after Tiffany had taken everything from him, he was willing to do anything just to be with Sadie again, no matter what he needed to become to do it.

Of course, his misery had blinded him to Tiffany’s true intentions. And now her victory was complete.

‘You’re right,’ Mason said, slumping to the ground defeated. ‘I am a pathetic loser. I should never have pretended otherwise. This is all my fault.’

The silk bathrobe he had worn thinking it would look incredibly hot on his sluttified body slipped from his shoulders, leaving him naked.

Catching sight of his reflection in the mirror, his stomach dropped. The woman looking back had dark hair to her shoulders, a plump face, large hoop earrings and a handful of tattoos decorating her soft ebony flesh. Her manicure was a violent pink and her ample stomach bunched up beneath immense space-hopper tits, while her hefty thighs spread over the rug beneath her. Under different circumstances, Mason might have been somewhat attracted to her, but knowing he was looking at himself made him sick.

Spell book clutched to her chest, Tiffany stood over him triumphantly. ‘I’m glad you finally see things my way. Whether you’re an old, fat bitch like this or a snivelling, nerdy runt, you’re disgusting no matter what body you have.’ She paused briefly before adding with a smirk, ‘Enjoying yourself, are you?’

Following her gaze, Mason’s stomach flipped. He hadn’t even realised that he had spread his thick thighs and started to play with his new pussy. More alarming still, he couldn’t bring himself to stop.

‘You know, I think we can have a little fun with this new body of yours, runt,’ Tiffany grinned coldly. ‘As you can tell, my spells pack an erotic punch you’re clearly incapable of resisting. And I’d be willing to bet there are plenty of other losers out there desperate enough to fuck an ugly cunt like you.

‘So I have a challenge for you. If you can get through a whole month without fucking anyone I’ll show you a little mercy. I won’t turn you into a slut like me and Sasha, but I will let you become a dumb bull who can truly satisfy us. Of course, you’ll lose all your memories from this life, but you’ll be with her again and that’s what you want, isn’t it?’

Tiffany laughed as Mason nodded frantically. ‘I thought so. It’s a deal then. Control yourself for the month and you can be with your girl. Fail, and you’ll be trapped in this body forever and never be able to see her again.’

But Mason was barely listening. Horny beyond belief, he was rapidly succumbing to the intoxicating pleasures of womanhood and by the time Tiffany marched from the room he was already groaning breathlessly as his orgasm began to build.

He was so lost in his own lust Tiffany’s parting words did not register until long after he had crumpled into a panting, sweaty, exhausted heap: ‘See you in a month, loser. I suggest you get used to this new body – we both know you’re never going to win…’

Busty black woman sit naked on floor at foot of bed and masturbates

Thanks for reading!

Layton Benton is pretty much the reason this miniseries exists. I found her work recently and I fell in love just about instantly. My avid readers will know I’m a big believer in body positivity and I always consider it a privilege to be able to showcase the work of diverse models on my blog. As a plus-size black woman, Benton isn’t someone whose work you’d necessarily expect to see in this niche, but as far as I’m concerned that only makes it all the more thrilling to write about her. Personally, I can’t get enough of her, so for me this miniseries kills two birds with one stone – I get to write a body positive narrative, and I am able to do so while showcasing the work of an incredible, underappreciated model. Win-win!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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