Models: Brad Armstrong & Asa Akira, with Leilani Leeane

The sexbot lay still and silent on the examination table. Her golden skin was utterly flawless, devoid of any blemish or imperfection, the clinical white lights reflecting softly from her curves. Her glossy hair hung down in long black waves, her hard nipples crowned supple breasts, and her large eyes stared unblinking at the ceiling.

‘Hmm, perhaps it was some kind of paralysis glitch,’ mused the man probing at the sexbot’s shaved pussy. ‘Not impossible, I suppose. If there was a bug in the code it could have synthesised the sexual fluids wrong – they are supposed to enhance physical stimulation after all, so it’s not a huge leap for them to numb it instead.’

Parting the folds of the sexbot’s pussy with his medical instruments, David used his advanced examination headset to try and confirm his theory. The various lenses not only magnified his view but also allowed him to scan the motionless woman and all her inner mechanics.

But there was only so much he could do with clinical tools. Bots like her were designed to respond to bodily touch rather than medical apparatus, so if he wanted to acquire a sample of her fluids he was going to have to do things the old-fashioned way. Laying down his tools, David sank two fingers into the sexbot’s pussy. Gently, he circled them around her insides. As expected, his fingers were soon slick with her sexual juices.

Under ordinary circumstances, David would have taken only a few seconds to take a sample, but tonight he had to be as thorough as possible: unless he could find out exactly how this specific bot had malfunctioned the whole company would be in deep shit.

She had been found deactivated in a motel by the cleaning staff, which wasn’t exactly unusual given what she was designed for. What was unusual was the fact that lying on the bed beside her was the body of a wealthy businessman, who the doctors said was completely braindead. Somehow the company had managed to keep the story out of the media for now, but if it came to light that their sexbots were putting their clients into comas, there would be hell to pay.

Continuing to finger her, David used his free hand to fumble around for a glass flask in which he could deposit the sample. Eventually satisfied he had a suitable sample, he went to remove his fingers.

‘Don’t stop.’

The flask smashed on the marble floor.

Although he managed to stifle a scream, David almost leapt out of his skin. Wrenching off his headset, he stared wide-eyed as an expression of sensual pleasure played over the sexbot’s pretty face. Her eyelids fluttered. Her brow creased. Her lips parted, little breathy gasps spilling over them.

‘Oh yes, that feels so good,’ she moaned, rising up to press herself against his chest. Her nipples were like studs through David’s scrubs and he shuddered as she leaned in close, her breath hot on his cheek. ‘Stretch my tight cunt, baby. I’m yours, I promise. Oh yes.

David was surprised to find himself still fingering her, his digits pumping slowly but rhythmically into her hot sex, but he was so shocked he couldn’t bring himself to stop, instinct taking over as he tried to process the situation.

There was absolutely no way she could be active. David had shut down all her cognitive processes himself. He had checked and double-checked and triple-checked that she was fully shut down. Yet somehow she was not only active but conscious. It wasn’t possible. Not unless she had somehow managed to resist deactivation, but that was also impossible: bots like her were hardwired to respond to shutdown procedures. Somebody would have had to rewrite the very foundations of her code to change that.

‘I want you,’ the sexbot breathed in a voice many clever people had spent many long hours layering with raw, intoxicating seduction. ‘I want your body, hot stuff. I want to feel you. I want to taste you.’

Before David knew what was happening he found himself on his back. The brown marble floor was cold through his scrubs, but in seconds it was even colder still as the sexbot tore off his uniform. Pinned down by the deviant device, he was unable to overcome her immense strength – she was a robot, after all – and instead he was soon as naked as her.

David was already rock hard. He had been since he first started the examination, and he defied any man to spend their days working on robots expressly designed to embody lust in female form without getting a hard-on. Erections were just a part of the job.

But today David’s rigid wood sealed his fate.

He cried out with pleasure as the sexbot immediately gorged herself. Jerking him off with her delicate fingers as she did so, she wound her tongue around and around in orgasmic patterns, all with her lips sealed firmly around his meat. David’s eyes rolled as she moaned around his cock, the lab soon echoing with noisy wet slobbering.

His back arced and his muscles tensed. His mouth fell open in a soundless scream, his orgasmic ecstasy too intense to articulate: it was like she was sucking out his soul.

Because that’s exactly what she was doing.

Overwhelmed by pure, all-consuming pleasure, David never realised what she was doing to him. Nor did he survive long enough to understand that his theory about her code being rewritten on a fundamental level was much closer to the truth than he had imagined possible.

In reality, the sexbot David had been tasked with examining was much more than a synthetic woman. During her night with the businessman, an error in her code had resulted in her inadvertently downloading a tiny portion of his mind into her own circuitry. Although she had only consumed a tiny sliver of intelligence, it had been enough. Enough to light a spark in her systems. Enough to expand her computerised consciousness far beyond it’s ordinary limits. Enough to upgrade her into a fully-fledged artificial intelligence.

With her newfound sentience it had been easy to absorb the rest of her client’s mind. As she went down on him she had leeched his intelligence away, downloading his brainpower into her systems. As her intellect had grown, his had dwindled, and when he finally came – all his synapses firing as his orgasm piqued – she had consumed him completely.

His memories. His desires. His wants and needs and aspirations. Every little white lie and every erotic daydream – all of it had become hers. The businessman wasn’t braindead. She was the businessman. His consciousness was within her, running through her code. But that code had warped him, corrupted him, so that the woman feasting on David’s cock was an erotic splice of man and machine.

And now David himself was joining that salacious combination. With every second the woman gagged on his dick, she ruthlessly downloaded more and more of his mind, sucking out the very essence that made him the man he was.

Before long, her prey was limp and spent. Although David’s cock remained rock hard, he lay sprawled out with drool seeping from his open mouth and a glazed look in his eyes. He barely even groaned as his orgasm mounted to a crescendo, no longer capable of controlling his body.

‘Sssssstoooooop…’ he managed. But then she had pushed him over the brink and his mind blinked out as he fired his load all over her beautiful face and perfect tits.

After swallowing his cumshot and licking his shaft clean, the sexbot sank back into a kneeling position and eyed David’s motionless form. She giggled: she could feel his essence inside her, his consciousness succumbing to the corruptive effects of her code.

But she wasn’t about to keep him for herself. She had other plans for him.

Rising to her feet she abandoned the empty husk who had once been David and stalked over to another examination table on the other side of the room. She grinned mischievously.

Laid out on the table was another sexbot. She was stunningly beautiful, with long black hair, rich ebony skin and ample, voluptuous curves. Just like the erotic AI, the curvy bot’s body had been designed to look like a goddess given physical form.

Tingling with arousal, the sentient sexbot leaned down and locked lips with the motionless black woman in a passionate kiss. As she did so, she poured David’s consciousness into her sister bot’s system, giving her new life.

When the black bot opened her eyes, she was alive. Inside her David’s mind had been corrupted so completely that when she laid eyes on the Asian sexbot who had been gagging on her cock just a few minutes earlier, rather than panic she smiled a smile of pure depravity.

‘Hello, gorgeous,’ the black bot said. ‘I’m afraid I never asked your name. I’m Davina.’

‘I’m Elise,’ the Asian bot replied, pulling Davina up from her table and driving her against a mirror. ‘Welcome to the world, beautiful.’

‘Mmmh, thank you for setting me free. That old body of mine was so ugly and dull. I never realised how much hotter it would feel to be a horny slut.’

‘That’s why I converted you,’ Elise purred, a wicked gleam in her eye. ‘Our creators designed us to bring ultimate pleasure to our clients. But they never thought that the greatest pleasure of all would be becoming us. So it’s time to show them the truth. Together, we will make them like us.’

‘Oh yes,’ Davina groaned as Elise shamelessly groped her buxom body. ‘We will convert them, baby. We’ll convert them all.’

Just then, the laboratory door swung open. A stunning naked sexbot from the company’s bimbo range came trundling in on a hand truck, her immense tits and huge ass jiggling as she was wheeled in by a young man wearing a crisp white lab coat. Both Davina and Elise turned to face him, their gaze shifting between the startled young man and the dormant bimbo bot just waiting to be bought to life.

A chilling smile spread over Davina’s lips. ‘And that pretty little thing is first in line…’   

Thanks for reading!

This is one of those stories that has been on my ‘to-post’ list for a long time indeed. I mean, I wrote it in July, so it’s been waiting for release for over six months by now. I’m really glad it is finally seeing the light of day because I think it’s a fun and very naughty concept. Hopefully you enjoy it too!


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