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David was lounging on the sofa when his stepmother came in carrying a particularly large giftbox. Sashaying over to the Christmas tree in the corner she placed it amongst the pile of gifts. As she did so, David took the opportunity to stare at her huge ass.

Tanya was a tall, busty bombshell of a woman: the word MILF given physical form. It was an open secret that there was no love between her and David’s father. Simply put, he wanted her for her body, while she wanted him for his money. So long as Tanya was happy to play the role of designer wife, David’s dad was willing to fund her lavish lifestyle. The arrangement suited them both, but David had always believed he could show Tanya a far better time. A body like hers deserved a lover who could truly satisfy her.

‘What’s that?’ he asked, trying to sound disinterested. He quickly returned his attention to his phone as Tanya turned to face him.

If she had caught him staring, she didn’t react to it. ‘It’s a gift for your father. I just know he’s going to love it. He’s practically been begging me for it ever since we got together. I wanted it to be a surprise for him when he gets back off his business trip.’ She pointed a manicured finger at him. ‘So don’t go peeking, you. I know what you’re like.’

Tanya had barely left the room before David was kneeling in front of the huge box. He ran his hands along the glossy surface, curiosity seizing his mind. After all, Tanya never bought presents for his dad; she was happy for him to spoil her, but she never returned the favour. What could her surprise be then?

He didn’t plan to wait until Christmas Day to find out. Besides, the box was only sealed with a silky red ribbon. Once he’d taken a look, he could easily tie it back up again and nobody would ever know.

Checking he was alone, David pulled on the bow and allowed the ribbon to slip onto the floor. With cautious hands he took hold of the lid and tilted it up.

A burst of pink gas blasted into David’s face. Jumping to his feet, he frantically waved his hands to disperse it, but he couldn’t avoid inhaling the sweet-smelling cloud.

The next second, his entire body throbbed with heat. His first instinct was that he had been poisoned. But then he caught sight of his hands.

His thick digits and cracked nails were gone, replaced by slender feminine fingers sporting a glossy manicure painted with a nude polish. The hair on the back of his hand had withered away, while his formerly tough skin was now pale, unblemished and luxuriantly soft.

And his transformation didn’t stop there. Before he could react, the heat in his body intensified and he rapidly succumbed to the effects of the pink gas.

His clothes changed almost instantly, the rock band tee and dark jeans gone in a heartbeat. In their place a fur-trimmed Santa Clause hood draped around his shoulders, the hood pulled up as silver threads in the fur gleamed under the flashing lights of the tree nearby. Beneath it, a pale green bra appeared, complete with matching fur trim, a bright red bow at the centre and three golden bells dangling from the middle, while a matching green thong covered his quickly regressing genitalia.

David’s broad frame shrank to the sound of crunching bones and rending muscles. His shoulders narrowed, his chest collapsed and his hips contracted, all while his limbs lost mass like a spruce shedding its needles come Boxing Day. And for every masculine trait he lost, his orgasmic transformation supplied him with a feminised replacement: a slender frame, a pair of soft tits, a plump ass and toned stomach. Hairless skin. Slim limbs. A tight, shaved pussy to usurp his vanished cock, which shrank back into nothingness with a burst of erotic heat.

But perhaps the most dramatic metamorphosis was that of his face. There was nothing even remotely androgynous about David’s features: he was all deep eyes and dark stubble and hard lines. Yet now his firm jaw and chiselled features shifted mirage-like as a new face began to break through. Everything softened, from his chin to his brow, reforming into an almost perfectly oval face without a single sharp edge. His chapped lips mellowed into a glossy pink pout capped with dimples and his nose – broken once or twice in fraternity fights – smoothed out and rounded off into a cute little button.

Then there were his eyes. His sockets shallowed as the skin of his lids reshaped, forming wide almonds containing eyes so brown they were almost black. Crowned by thick, trimmed eyebrows and fringed by the long curtains of glossy black hair which had overtaken his messy mop, his sultry new eyes completed the pretty features of the beautiful Asian woman he had become.

Breathless from the pleasure, David’s mind took several seconds to settle. And when it did, the name David no longer felt natural to him anymore.

Dava blinked in confusion as her transformation subsided. Peering down at her new body, she cautiously ran her hands over her slender figure, a smile playing on her lips as gentle waves of arousal rolled through her.

She felt good. More than good: she felt hot. It was a strange experience being in this new body, there was no doubt about that, especially since the transformative gas had not touched her memories. As a result she was well aware just how much smaller and softer and more delicate she was now. But somehow she didn’t miss her masculine physique. It was as if every time a bout of shock or panic began to rise, it was extinguished by a burst of pleasure.

Her hood slipped down as she explored her body. She was surprised to find a good number of tattoos decorating her tanned flesh, and each new one she discovered made her feel just a little naughtier. Especially the small word ‘lucky’ inked across the crown of her trimmed pussy.

‘You really are painfully predictable.’

Dava looked over her shoulder to see Tanya stood in the doorway. A pair of platform heels helped her tower over Dava’s diminutive new body. The sandal-like straps glittered with faux diamonds while Tanya’s jewellery was studded with real ones. As for the rest of her outfit, she was dressed as if she wanted to lure Dava to bed. Clad in a lace body with a plunging neckline, her silicone tits were visible through the sheer mesh and she played with the straps of her panties coyly.

Dava bit her lip as she admired Tanya’s erotic figure. ‘What… what have you done to me?’

Tanya eyed Dava with a mischievous smile. ‘I’d say I’ve turned you into a festive treat. I knew you couldn’t resist looking in the box. I also know you’ve been ogling me when you think I’m not looking.’ She chuckled as Dava blushed. ‘For what it’s worth, I never technically lied: I do want to surprise your dad. Because he really has been telling me how much he wished he had a better son since we got together. Granted, this wasn’t what he had in mind, but that’s why it’s called a surprise.’

Dava knew she should have felt betrayed, but she was simply too horny for that. Her hands roved over her body incessantly. She couldn’t stop herself. But she still wanted answers. ‘Why?’

‘All you do is lounge around leeching off your dad. And quite frankly, that’s my job. I don’t like competition, so I decided to remove you from the equation.’

‘When my dad finds out what you’ve done…’ Dava began.

But Tanya cut him off. ‘He’s not going to. Once he gets back from his business trip, me and you are going to explain how you were on a night out with friends when your drink was spiked. The doctors tried everything to transform you back, but nothing worked, so now Dava is here to stay. It will take him a little while to come to terms with it, but eventually he’ll accept that his disappointment of a son is gone. And he’ll be happy about it, because you’re going to be such a good daughter.’

‘What makes you think I’ll agree to any of that?’

Tanya smirked. ‘Because you haven’t been able to stop staring at my body since we started talking. I’d say no peeking, but we already know you’re incapable of that. You already had the hots for me before, but in this new body you’re even more desperate for me. Just looking at me is making you wet, isn’t it? You want my tits in your face, the taste of my pussy on your tongue. You want me to force your face into the bed as I pummel your holes with my big, thick strap-on. You’d give anything for it, wouldn’t you?’

Blushing furiously, Dava nodded.

‘Good. Because that’s exactly what you’re going to get. But only if you behave yourself. Your dad might be a rich bastard, but he’s an abysmal lover. So me and you are going to make a little arrangement. If you agree to be a good girl and do as you’re told, I’ll let you worship my body. It will be our little secret, of course, but when you think about it, everybody wins: you get to fuck me just like you’ve always wanted, your dad gets a child who isn’t a lazy asshole, and I get a slutty little brat to fuck senseless whenever I want.’ Holding out a hand, Tanya fixed Dava with bright, lustful eyes. ‘So, what do you say? Do we have a deal?’

For a few seconds, Dava said nothing. Then, eyes down and bravado extinguished, she shuffled obediently over to take Tanya’s hand, making no resistance as her manipulative stepmother guided her up the stairs to the bedroom she shared with Dava’s dad. And it did not take long at all before they were doing deeply sordid things together the likes of which David had only ever fantasised about – and which Dava was immediately, permanently addicted to…

Thanks for reading!

Those who read my comments may already know that I tend to struggle when it comes to writing seasonal stories – especially Christmas ones. But for some reason this year just seemed to click for me. When I was looking up galleries to use, I was surprised to find that many of them were sparking seasonally-themed ideas, which isn’t what usually happens. I don’t know why this year worked out that way, and I have no idea if it will last, but I’m really happy to say that most of my stories this month are well and truly Christmas-themed, rather than being purely Christmas-adjacent like my normal end of year content.

That said, I’m afraid there are no gay or trans stories this Christmas. I know I usually like to write a bit of something for everyone, but I just haven’t been in the mood to write that kind of content recently. This is a natural thing for me – my writing motivation always fluctuates, it’s just in this instance that drop of interest in gay and trans content coincided with a themed season, so the stories like that I have in my backlog wouldn’t match the theme of everything else. I’m very sorry to those of my readers who look forward to that kind of content, and I hope to bring you more of it when I’m more driven to write it.

Still, hopefully you enjoy my bout of festive inspiration as the month goes on!


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