A Lake Fantasy/Fantasy Resort Story: Scream Queens

Models: Asa Akira & Chanel Preston

In the time since leaving Fantasy Resort Asa had experienced more erotic encounters than she could count. From screaming the night away with her favourite fuck buddy, Nathan, to grinding her orgasmic body against paying customers (who, if they paid enough, could procure more sordid services), life as a stripper at one of Grant Foster’s infamous clubs was an endless blur of sex, sin and seduction.

Even so, Asa was struggling to recall the last time she was this aroused. She was so horny it physically hurt, raw lust throbbing through her insides in powerful waves that robbed her breath and opened a void in her soul. A void only the woman in front of her could fill.

Fortunately, Chanel Foster was in a void-filling mood.

Clad in the hottest latex catsuit Asa had seen either before or after her transformation, Chanel smiled as Asa’s hands caressed her incredible figure.

‘Good girl. Don’t miss an inch. I want to shine like a diamond once you’re finished – the prettiest, blackest diamond anybody ever laid eyes on.’

Her arms held high, she pushed her bosom harder against Asa’s palms. The catsuit pushed her breasts into cleavage so deep Asa struggled not to get lost in it; staring into it for more than a few seconds gave her a feeling reminiscent of the urge to jump from a high ledge, only in this case the urge was to dive headfirst and suffocate between Chanel’s perfect tits. It took all her self-control to resist and focus on her orders.

But even that was driving her wild. Chanel had ordered Asa to smother her hands in latex shining spray and buff her catsuit manually. Of course the task had nothing to do with cleaning her outfit at all, instead it was solely intended to turn Asa on. And, given that the Asian beauty’s naked chest was heaving with arousal, her eyes fixed on Chanel’s jiggling rack, and little huffs consistently spilling from her open mouth as she fought down one groan after another, it was clear Chanel already had her lover exactly where she wanted her: in the palm of her hand.

The room practically hummed with sexual tension. It was one of the VIP rooms in the club Asa worked in – which is to say it was a bedroom. This one in particular had been designed with a rustic aesthetic, all wood and rugs and earth tones. Other VIP rooms had varied themes, from seedy motel to beachside villa, but this had always been Chanel’s favourite: it reminded her of the room where she’d first explored the pleasures of this body, in a cabin overlooking a very magical lake.

‘You’re forgetting my ass,’ Chanel said, a smile plucking at the edges of her soft pink lips.

Asa’s hands faltered for a moment. She’d hoped Chanel might not notice that. Because to shine Chanel’s ass meant pressing even closer to her divine body and gleaming latex curves, and Asa wasn’t sure she’d be able to control herself if that happened.

But now she had no choice. Summoning all her willpower she allowed her hands to fall to Chanel’s hips, snaking them around as she did so until they were caressing the plump mounds of Chanel’s rump. Barely daring to breathe unless it came out as a howl of lust, she obediently rubbed the spray in, her stomach flipping endlessly as she fought not to grope the soft, squishy pillows beneath her palms.

When she finally finished Asa pulled back and took a tremulous breath, her chest shuddering while she tried and failed to calm her trembling hands.  

Identifying Asa’s vulnerability, Chanel chose that moment to strike.

Pressing herself forward, she forced Asa back until her hips were blocked by the metal railing that footed the bed. Then, pushing closer still, she snaked a hand up the other woman’s torso, starting at the crest of her hips and ascending her smooth stomach, on over her ribs and finally coming to rest on her sternum where she allowed her fingers to nestle between Asa’s plump tits.

Chanel closeness prompted Asa to retreat further until she was leaning as far over the bed as the railing would allow. But at that point she could do nothing except bite her lip and tremble as Chanel’s face drew ever closer and her crimson-nailed fingers gently stroked the skin of her cleavage.

‘I’ve been looking forward to this, you know.’ Chanel’s words came out in a conspiratorial whisper, which only served to make them more erotic. ‘My life is full of lust and pleasure and sex beyond anything I ever imagined I might experience. All the same, it can be so very stressful sometimes. After all, I have appearances to uphold, not to mention a throne to defend. Some of Grant’s girls are shallow sluts through and through and they get it in their head that he’ll give me up for a younger model. So I’m sure you can understand how exhausting it can be teaching them to mind their manners.’

Chanel was so close now that Asa could see the individual sparkles of glitter in her eyeshadow. ‘But this is different,’ Chanel went on. ‘You’re here because you want to be. I can’t remember the last time I hooked up with a truly willing submissive. It feels good being back in my catsuit, with a beautiful girl ready to do my bidding.’ She gave a chuckle so soft and sultry Asa’s knees almost gave way. ‘I have a feeling we’re both going to enjoy tonight very much indeed.’

A shudder ran the length of Asa’s spine as Chanel leaned in so close her lips feathered against the skin of her neck; seemingly every motion the latex-clad woman made was a thing of irresistible sexuality, right down to the faintest twitch of a finger or elevation of a brow.

Not for the first time, Asa wondered if she’d bitten off more than she could chew. She had spent many long nights in the arms of various members of the Fantasy Family, Lake Fantasy guests included. But even amongst their sordid group Chanel Foster was something of a legend. Since leaving the lake she had indulged in more pleasures than most pornstars experienced across their entire career, a potent blend of experience, impishness and a subtle yet savage mean streak moulding her into a true femme fatale: the kind of woman who inspired lascivious hunger and humbling reverence in equal parts, ensuring anyone in her presence never knew whether to fuck her, worship her, or a mixture of both.

Knowing Chanel had a particular fondness for domination, Asa had decided there was nobody better to help her explore her own fantasies of sapphic submission to an experienced Domme. Now that opportunity was finally here, and from the moment she’d laid eyes on Chanel’s perfect body all wrapped in tight shiny black Asa had felt herself descend into obedient subservience.  

And somehow, the fact that Chanel was evidently having an almost deranged level of fun teasing her new slave only made the act of submission all the more erotic.

‘Tell me, beautiful, are you horny right now?’ As she spoke, Chanel gently led her sub around the bed and eased her down onto the covers.

Asa nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

‘Do you want to serve me until I’m moaning your name?’ Chanel rose to sit on the railing at the foot of the bed.

Another nod, more frantic this time.

‘Are you ready to offer yourself to me mind, body and soul? To worship my body like the good little sub slut you are?’ She spread her legs, the latex across her thighs and crotch polished to a mirror sheen by Asa’s thorough hands.

Asa almost gave herself whiplash, her eyes nonetheless fixed on Chanel’s groin.

Then, with a fiendish smirk, Chanel revealed exactly what Asa was desperate for. Her pink pussy twinkled through the open zip of her catsuit. When she spoke, her voice was dripping with seduction. ‘Well then, I suppose you’d better get started.’

Asa moved so fast Chanel was half convinced she’d teleported: one heartbeat she was sat on the bed staring up at the Domme with big, round, adoring eyes, the next her face was buried between Chanel’s thighs eating her out with insatiable enthusiasm.

Asa’s tongue found Chanel’s clit with ease. For almost a minute she didn’t shift from there, seemingly addicted to the feeling of the swollen nub rubbing along her tongue. In that brief time she managed to set Chanel’s chest heaving, her fat tits jiggling in their latex casing as waves of scorching pleasure rolled through her core. Taken a little off guard by the attention to her clit, a breathless gasp swirled up her throat – yet by the time it reached her lips Asa had descended to lap hungrily at her pussy, and it emerged as a deviant chuckle.

Spreading her legs wider, she allowed her sub to worship at the altar of her cunt.

Beneath her, Asa was in heaven. The bliss of submission overwhelming her she allowed instinct to guide her actions while her mind drifted. Amidst the ecstasy of her current situation, memories of previous girl-on-girl encounters flashed through her mind: in Osa’s jacuzzi, their swimwear floating atop the bubbles while they made out hard and found one another’s submerged pussies with their fingers; Stoya sitting on her face, pinning her to the sunlounger with her sex while sinking a dildo into her dripping hole by the side of one of Fantasy Resort’s pools; Peta’s perfect designer body writhing and grinding against her own while fingering her up against a wall in the shadows of Club Fantasy, before pushing her down and presenting her equally designer pussy for Asa to devour.

With sapphic images tumbling through her head, muscle memory took over and she found herself working through the various techniques she had adopted with previous lovers. Long, slow licks gave way to rapid flicks of the clit, which became circling swirls, then sensual sucking, which progressed into her plunging her tongue so deep between Chanel’s folds her entire face was crushed against the black sheen of her outfit, blotting out her vision and filling her nose with the scented buffing spray she had so dutifully rubbed in beforehand.

Arousal of both past and present blending together Asa sank into a state of mindless hunger. And in that state she barely even noticed Chanel tying her up.

It wasn’t an intense tie. Just a few times looped around her torso, pinning her upper arms in place while leaving her forearms free. Nonetheless, it was enough to make it difficult for Asa to remain on all fours – which, of course, was exactly the plan. With her sub restrained, Chanel now had far more control over her position, a fact she took full advantage of by coiling a hand in Asa’s hair and dragging her in to continue her work. Grinding against her sub’s face she hissed filthy promises into Asa’s ears and laughed as the woman’s muffled moans drifted up from the depths of her crotch.

Chanel herself couldn’t deny she was slowly being consumed by her own arousal. She wasn’t even really thinking about the sordid words she hissed at Asa – they just sprang to her lips and poured out.

‘That’s it, suffocate on my pussy. Let lust take over. After I’m finished with you you’ll fall asleep every night wishing you had the taste of my pussy nectar on your lips. You’ll dream of me pushing you down into perfect submission. And anytime I call you to play again, you’ll drop everything and come running.’

Asa nodded as best she could, smearing Chanel’s juices over her face in the process. By now Chanel was so horny her entire body ached. Even a woman as well-versed in the hymns of hedonism as her could only cope with so much pleasure before she needed an outlet – something to exorcise the roiling desire searing through her insides.

Fortunately her sub was willing and her vibrator was to hand, so she wasted no time driving Asa down onto the bedsheets, straddling the bewildered woman’s face and seizing her long, black wand from the bedside table.

Dazed by the momentary absence of Chanel’s sex, Asa hadn’t even regained her bearings before the Domme’s hips were descending upon her. This time she was fully astride Asa’s face, her sumptuous ass cheeks spreading to either side and welcoming Asa’s pretty features in a soft, warm embrace. Though Chanel’s clit was no longer in range of the sub’s tongue, her tight ass served as a deeply satisfying alternative, because although Asa wasn’t a fan of rimming guys, she never passed up the opportunity to kiss a girl’s ass.

Besides, it wasn’t as if she could resist. With her arms still pinned by the rope and Chanel’s divine body pressing her own into the bedsheets, Asa was barely more than a sex toy to her Domme – no more able to deny Chanel’s control than the vibrator she currently had pressed against her clit still glistening with Asa’s saliva.

So, just like any good sex toy, Asa set about satisfying her owner’s desires.

Chanel gasped and groaned as various sensations clashed inside her. The warm wetness of Asa’s tongue on her folds; the erotic bursts of lips on her ass; the pleasant heat of their skin pressing together; the constant buzzing of the vibrator persisting beneath it all. Each one fought for her attention, yet collectively they slowly stirred her orgasm into motion, tempting it ever closer like a slut luring her stud into bed with a beckoning finger.

Lesser women would have succumbed to the climax. But Chanel was patient. She knew better than to let the first temptation of the night overwhelm her. Not to mention how much more productive it would be to channel all that deviant energy into ruining her sub instead.

Manhandling Asa around so she lay amongst the cushions at the top of the bed, Chanel sank down beside her and pressed her latex-wrapped body against Asa’s bare flesh. Coiling her fingers into Asa’s midnight locks once more, the Domme took a moment to catch her breath, her brow twinkling with perspiration.

When she found her voice, however, her words dripped with such sultry desire Asa could feel them infecting her very soul.

‘You know the thing I like about you, Asa? You know who you are. Many of my lovers have no idea who they want to be. Women who think they’re Dominant fold to their knees at the first taste of my lips; men who consider themselves useful only as my slaves discover a controlling streak in my presence; I’ve corrupted virgins into kinksters and bred fuck buddies out of one-night stands. No matter who I meet, a night with me hardly ever transpires how they expect it to.’

Leaning in closer, she spoke into Asa’s ear. ‘But you knew to kneel the moment you entered this room; you’d accepted your role as my submissive long before that. And do you know what I think? I think this is your happy place. At the mercy of somebody who knows how to extract every ounce of pleasure from this soft, sexy body.’

Slowly – oh so stomach-flippingly slowly – Chanel trailed the vibrator up Asa’s vulnerable torso. Rising from her crotch, over her hips, her stomach, her ribs, it came to rest between her tits leaving a faintly glistening line of Chanel’s pussy juices in its wake.

Asa groaned, her eyes rolling and her jaw going slack as Chanel’s words continued to seep into her mind.

‘I want to let you into a secret, Asa: I’m going to destroy you. I’m going to take all that lust inside you, all those fantasies of submission, and I’m going to use them to turn you into a whimpering, dripping little slut. I’m going to use your body for my pleasure and make myself your addiction – by the time I’m finished you’ll just be a junkie desperate for your next fix of me. Best of all, you’re going to love every. Fucking. Second.’ Chanel chuckled deviously as Asa shuddered, too horny even to moan.

Then she went in for the killing blow. ‘But you have to promise me something first.’

Asa stared up at her with questioning eyes.

Chanel was so close now her lips feathered against Asa’s ear and her words were the softest of whispers. ‘From now on, nobody fucks this pussy but me. Anyone can have your ass, but you promise your pussy to me. The only cock that fills it is my strap-on.’ She paused, smirked. ‘Though if you’ve been a very good girl, I might consider letting your ride my husband as a reward.’ Her smirk spread into a grin as Asa let out a whimper. ‘That’s the price of our arrangement. If you want me to make you mine, you have to promise your pretty pussy to me and me alone. Do we have a deal?’

For several seconds, Asa did not reply. The silence in the room was a blanket, thick and heavy. Only the sound of their still-laboured breathing disturbed it.

Beyond those four walls, the club’s Halloween party was in full swing. Hordes of attractive costumed revellers were flirting and eye-fucking under the lights of the bar, grinding against one another on the dancefloor, kissing and groping and doing much more taboo things in the shadows.

Yet there was more devilry in this room than all the rest of the building combined. Asa might as well have been making a deal with a demon.

Then again, even the Devil himself could not have devised a more tempting offer. And even if he could have, Asa already knew her soul belonged to Chanel. All she had to do was say the words that would make it official.

‘Yes, Mistress.’

Chanel’s smile glittered with raw depravity. ‘Good girl,’ she said. Releasing Asa’s hair she pushed herself up on one arm and shifted her weight so she was leaning over her sub’s prone body, her sumptuous tits pressing against Asa’s own perky rack. ‘My good girl. And good girls get rewards.’

‘Like what?’ Asa breathed, her heart thumping in anticipation of the answer.

‘Like this,’ Chanel replied.

A heartbeat later she was kissing Asa with all the frantic passion of a bride making out with her new wife. While her lips kept Asa distracted, she secretly lowered the vibrator to the young woman’s crotch before turning it on and pressing it to Asa’s exposed clit. Her sub’s resulting howl of euphoria poured directly into Chanel’s mouth, as sweet to her as a soul to a succubus. 

With that both women surrendered themselves to their own lust, entwined in a tangle of limbs, latex and flesh that wouldn’t fall still until long after the party outside had ended. And while Chanel taught her new sub all the pleasures that awaited her as the property of a true Domme, their combined orgasmic screams rang out though the club louder than any final girl as if laying down the gauntlet to anyone who heard: submit to Goddess Chanel – if you dare…

Thanks for reading!

As far as I’m aware, I think this is the only scene I’ve ever used twice, at least intentionally. In fairness, the first time I used it was as part of an image caption, but the scene is so obscenely hot I couldn’t resist diving deeper into the gallery. Of course it helps that Chanel Preston is one of my all time favourite models, and I’ve rarely seen her look so smoking hot than in the catsuit she wears here. Asa Akira is similarly on form here, and I personally consider this one of the hottest scenes in either of their portfolios.

And boy am I glad I gave in to temptation and used this gallery again. I absolutely love this piece and it was a hell of a lot of fun to write. With my spare time now more limited I don’t know how often longish stories like this will be coming out in the future, but given how much I enjoyed writing this it’s definitely given me a boost to try and put some time towards them when I can. Obviously my readers already know I love revisiting these characters, and while I know there’s no transformations involved it’s just a blast to throw together two characters who haven’t met and see what depravity ensues.

Although this is a mid-week release, you’ll still be getting a new one on Friday, so be sure to come back then for the first story of November.

Sources: https://www.pornpics.com/galleries/whipped-ass-asa-akira-chanel-preston-11689997/


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