Latex World Order: House of Deviance

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The immaculate grounds of Deviance Manor echoed with a symphony of depravity. Whether it was the strident screams of an Original, the merciless laughter of a goddess or simply the rhythmic slap of latex against skin, there was never a quiet moment at the manor. The sounds of torture, hedonism and lust were eternal, bathing the building in an erotic aura permeating all the way to the very foundations, amongst which a host of specially designed dungeons had been constructed.

Sat on a broad metal bench in the gardens, Goddess Deviance smiled.

With it being over a year since she had inherited the manor – or rather, since her fellow goddesses had gifted it to her as a reward for earning her place amongst their ranks – she had put her heart and soul into refurbishing it. The sprawling complex might have been a gift, but she had wanted to give something back to the goddesses who had accepted her, and she had used that drive to transform the manor into the perfect space for them to relax and unwind.

Of course, it wasn’t as if anything about the life of a goddess was exactly stressful: those societal tasks that could not be automated were fulfilled by a lucky few Originals who were largely spared the wrath of their goddess rulers to complete said tasks. And in the absence of any form of economy no goddess ever had to worry over money.

Nevertheless, there were only a select few places capable of satisfying the goddesses’ many hedonistic needs all in one location. Thanks to Goddess Deviance’s hard work, her manor was one of those places.

Rising from her seat, the pretty face of the sissy she had just been sitting on came into view. The dainty thing was locked in place beneath the bench and conditioned to hungrily eat out any goddess or bull who came close enough. Thanks to the open ass of her latex dress Goddess Deviance had been enjoying the sissy’s services for almost half an hour – it was how she always liked to start out her mornings – and as such the slave’s face was smeared in her glistening pussy juices.

Before she left, Goddess Deviance ran her fingers over her dripping sex then slipped them between the sissy’s lips. The brainwashed slave sucked on them hungrily. ‘Good girl,’ she said fondly, before turning and striding off towards the manor.

To Goddess Deviance, the greatest triumph of her manor was the depraved deception contained within its walls.

At first glance, the scene she found as she walked into what was once one of the manor’s three dining rooms appeared to be if not romantic then at least sensual. And in many ways it was: all around the room latex goddesses groaned and gasped as seemingly devoted submissive women worshipped their bodies, eating them out or licking their asses or sucking eagerly on their exposed tits. Some of the subs were suckling on the toes of their goddess, others were making out or allowing their Dominant to grope them in the most intimate of ways, while a few goddesses were even scissoring with their subs, the slap of colliding thighs echoing through the room.

The closest goddess to Deviance was clad in something reminiscent of a latex maid’s uniform, albeit far more erotic, with white frills, gleaming elbow gloves and midnight black stockings ending in killer heels. She groaned as her submissive lapped greedily at her bare pussy.

There was no screaming or begging. No outward signs of torture or merciless corruption.

Yet the apparent sensuality was nothing but a lie and everybody in the room knew it.

In reality, none of the submissives had any control over their actions. Each had been implanted with a neurological chip which allowed any goddess to influence their actions by thought alone. It was an incredibly complex process devised by some of the smartest minds amongst the Latex World Order, however the resulting effect was very simple: mind control.

Locked in bodies they could not control, incapable of expressing their fear or resistance, and with the thoughts of goddesses whispering through the minds, the slaves were prisoners to the will of their Dominants.

When seen in that light, the room of Dommes and slaves looked more like a torture chamber than a lovemaking scene. But of course, that was exactly what Deviance had intended when she designed it. In fact, to drive home the sense of isolation and hopelessness to the mind-controlled slaves, she had also requested the entire room be lined by heavy curtains. No windows, doors or even walls were visible, and the only glimpse the slaves ever had into the outside world was when a new goddess entered the room and drew aside the curtain for just a moment. Aside from the chairs and mattresses spread about the room the place was featureless: a purgatory the slaves could never escape.

A group of unused slaves were lined up over to one side of the room. They had been commanded to remain there until a goddess chose to use them, and thanks to their brain chips they were incapable of disobeying their orders. Still, as new goddesses entered they whimpered, their eyes wide with fear.

Goddess Deviance smiled. In her floor-length red latex gown she must have looked like some kind erotic devil. The thought was almost enough to tempt her into taking one of the feminised Originals and having them gorge on her pussy until they couldn’t breathe.

But she had not come for that. She was looking for somebody. Somebody who wasn’t here.

Promising herself she would take the next available opportunity to indulge in the room’s unique brand of pleasure, she turned to leave just as the goddess in the maid outfit threw her slave down onto one of the mattresses, donned a particularly lengthy strap-on, then fell onto her plaything like a lustful demon, plunging her rubber cock into the submissive’s waiting pussy. Their orgasmic groans followed Goddess Deviance through the curtain as she slipped out into the entrance hall.

Like the dining room, almost every chamber in the manor had its own layers of underlying cruelty.

In every bedroom there was a feminised Original trained to serve the occupying goddess in everything from showering to dressing, which might have been a lenient form of enslavement if not for the fact that for every second they spent touching a goddess their arousal grew exponentially. To compound their torment even further, the slaves had been so thoroughly conditioned only the authorisation of a goddess would allow them to orgasm. With these factors in mind, some of the crueller goddesses forced their complementary slaves to lie in their arms as they slept, subjecting them to endlessly increasing arousal for hours on end with no chance of respite.

Meanwhile, in the kitchens, a host of Originals had been put to work as chefs to feed the goddesses visiting the manor. Extensive conditioning had turned them all into world-class cooks who were able to prepare meals subconsciously. Unfortunately for them, this conditioning had also implanted mental associations between specific scents and specific sexual cravings, so while they mindlessly prepared sumptuous meals for the goddesses morning, noon and night, their thoughts were a fog of desires that went endlessly unfulfilled.

Of course, there were plenty of rooms in the manor which were more overtly cruel – the dungeons, for example, which were expressly designed to serve as a living hell for any slave unlucky enough to wind up there.

One of Goddess Deviance’s personal favourite rooms, however, was the Sensory Deprivation Chamber. As such, she could not resist peeking inside as she passed by.

As she had suspected, the woman she was looking for was not in the room. Even so, the room was occupied by at least half a dozen goddesses and a good number of slaves: the former laughed coldly, the latter groaned like damned souls.

Deviance’s eye was drawn to a curvy, dark-haired goddess in a sheer mesh top, a black satin skirt and a pair of knee-high latex boots. She wore a hefty strap-on which was presently being swallowed by a naked woman whose motion the goddess was guiding with a red-nailed hand.

A handcuffed slave sat nearby, his only attire a pair of lace panties and a full leather hood.

One look at the woman was enough to tell Goddess Deviance that the cock-hungry woman was one of the few remaining female Originals. Given that most female Originals were forcefully transformed into goddesses in the immediate aftermath of the Spread, women like her were very rare, and as such this one was the crown jewel of Deviance’s collection of slaves.

‘Living up to your name, I see, Lady Torment,’ Goddess Deviance said with a mischievous smile, joining the goddess and giving her a slow, sensual kiss.

‘Always,’ Lady Torment replied when they finally parted lips. ‘I couldn’t be nearly as naughty without your wonderful gear, though.’

Analysing the hoods the slaves were wearing, Deviance realised for the first time what Lady Torment had done. All of the gear in the room was designed to rob or twist the senses of those wearing it in one way or another – hence the room’s name – but these particular hoods were part of a matching set.

The woman’s hood imbued her with an insatiable desire to throat any dick or toy presented to her, while at the same time robbing her of the ability to feel anything that passed between her lips. No matter how desperately she gorged herself on Torment’s silicone cock, she would not feel it stretching her throat or filling her mouth – although she would never stop trying.

But the other slave could feel every millimetre of it. All the sensation the female slave should have been experiencing was channelled directly into his mind, such that he could vividly feel the shaft burrowing between his lips and stretching his throat. What was more, the hood itself instilled an intense aversion of that very sensation. So as he sat there, cuffed and humiliated, he was forced to endure the sensations the female Original would never stop craving, but that he would never stop hating.

Eager to watch, Goddess Deviance looped her arm around Lady Torment’s waste, an action mirrored by the other goddess.

‘I must say I can’t say I remember having these amongst my gear,’ Deviance said, using her riding crop to tap the panties the male Original was wearing.

‘Oh no, they’re a little number I came up with myself,’ Torment said. ‘They keep him in a state of permanent arousal and force him to orgasm at regular intervals. Sure, they’re simple, but sooner or later they’ll have him in a puddle of his own cum.’

‘And you’ve paired them with the Cock Hater Hood,’ Deviance said, realising the genius of the combination. ‘So even though he hates the sensations of the hood with every fibre of his being, he’s also permanently horny at the same time. You’re trying to train him to be turned on by what he hates, aren’t you?’

‘Precisely,’ Torment grinned.

‘You’re an artist. Have you seen her, by the way?’

Lady Torment shrugged. ‘Not recently. Last I heard though she was upstairs. She’s probably in her room, you know she likes her privacy.’

‘Thank you. I’ll leave you to work on your masterpiece.’ Then, after sharing another passionate kiss, Goddess Deviance headed out again and made for the manor’s upper levels.

The biggest room in Deviance Manor was the ballroom. Before Goddess Deviance’s transformation it had served as an auction room of sorts, where the lots on sale were slaves of various types and where payment was taken in sexual favours or exchanges. In the old world prior to the Spread it had been a function room catering to weddings and other celebrations. Further back still it had been a hub of high society where the wealthy came to dance and flaunt their riches.

Now it served a new purpose. And as Goddess Deviance crested the sweeping staircase, the storm of groans, grunts and skin slapping against skin that washed over her assured her the ballroom was serving said purpose very well this morning.

A familiar voice met Deviance’s ears as she entered the room now known as the Bull Pit.

‘Fuck yes, that’s right you pathetic waste of space, pound that tight hole until you can’t breathe. Fill my ass until I’m coughing up your cum. Fuck, I thought you bulls were supposed to know how to please a goddess – with that peashooter you could barely make a sissy’s cock twitch. Are you going to give me what I want, or am I going to have to lock up that little nub and throw away the key?’

Goddess Deviance smirked as she caught sight of Madame Shameless. The tattooed goddess was at the apparent mercy of two immense bulls on a sofa nearby, her red latex knee-high heels bobbing in the air as they both hammered her ass.

With his brutish face twisted with rage, the bull she had been insulting clamped a huge hand around her neck and doubled his pace. But the goddess simply laughed and continued goading him into fucking her harder, deeper, faster. The rougher he became, the broader she grinned and the louder she laughed.

Put simply, the way to Madame Shameless’ heart was to fuck her like you hated her.

Madame Shameless was a regular face in the Bull Pit and had certainly earned her title as far as Deviance was concerned: although most goddesses were willing to have some fun with the numerous bulls who now occupied the former ballroom, Madame Shameless took that practice to the extreme. By now she practically lived in the Bull Pit, consumed by her insatiably filthy desires. On one occasion Goddess Deviance had even seen Madame Shameless take on every last one of the more than three hundred bulls who called the Bull Pit home. Even by her standards, that had been particularly impressive.

Shameless had little interest in dominating sissies or slaves when she could be the centre of attention in a gangbang of outrageously hedonistic proportions. As far as she was concerned, the most intoxicating form of domination was the act of submitting one’s body to the horniest lover one could find – because despite the fact she routinely allowed herself to be used like a living sex toy, the bulls who fucked her were nonetheless still enslaved to her body, her words. And while her peers were content to own the bodies and minds of their slaves with physical and mental torture, Madame Shameless owned the souls of her bulls with just a goading tongue and the promise of her holes to fuck.

As Goddess Deviance watched, more and more bulls clustered around the moaning goddess.

Drawn to her like moths to the flame, those who were not buried in her holes either groped her body or masturbated frantically nearby. With each new arrival, Shameless grew ever bolder. Insulting them into hatefucking her, she shrieked with ecstasy as they pounded her with brutal force.

But even Shameless had her limits. So when a trio of bulls forced her down and all three plunged their cocks into her ass, her bullying words died in her throat. Her mouth fell open in a silent gasp of euphoria and she simply froze, paralysed by the orgasmia swamping her system. At the mercy of her lovers, she was a living mannequin for them to manhandle and abuse as they pleased.

Never taking her eyes off the erotic spectacle, Goddess Deviance skirted around the edges of the room.

There were plenty of other goddesses in the Bull Pit and, as usual, most of them were watching Madame Shameless debase herself, masturbating as they did so. It was a pastime many of the manor’s visitors engaged in during the mornings, although Goddess Deviance knew the tide would change as the day wore on. Eventually the other goddesses would start to join in and by the time the moon was up the Bull Pit would be the scene of an orgy that could make a succubus’ wet dreams look tame. Madame Shameless’ very presence was corruptive, her depravity working its way into the consciousness of her voyeurs until they could not resist the urge to succumb to the same filthy desires.

Even then, only once all the other goddesses had retired to their rooms and the last of the bulls collapsed with exhaustion, only when the manor’s sissy cleaners had arrived to lick the floors and leather furniture clean of cum and sticky pussy juices – only then would Madame Shameless leave.

Even though the manor belonged to Goddess Deviance, the Bull Pit was Madame Shameless’ domain.

Goddess Deviance took her time passing through the former ballroom. After all, it never hurt to spend a little time watching a master hedonist at work.

Settling down amongst the other goddesses, she lifted her dress, slipped one hand down to her glistening pussy and allowed instinct to take over. The crimson fingers of her latex evening glove worked feverishly over her sex, the material gleaming like forbidden diamonds.

After half an hour of careful edging and strict self-control, Goddess Deviance came. She shuddered as her orgasm tore through her, her pleasure coming out in little groaning gasps.

It took several minutes for the aftershocks to subside. When she was certain the last one had rippled through her she rose from her seat and slunk over to the pack of bulls and their moaning goddess.

By now, Madame Shameless was supported atop the loins of two bulls, their immense cocks both buried in her ass, while another two dicks were held tight in the goddess’ firm grasp as she went back and forth between them with her lips, sucking with such ferocious greed it was a wonder she didn’t swallow their souls as well as their cum. All around her more bulls gathered, eager for their turn with the inexhaustible latex whore.

Leaning down to one of the bulls fucking Shameless’ ass, Goddess Deviance offered her glove. It was still smeared with her pussy nectar, but the bull soon saw to that, obediently licking it clean without her even needing to ask.

Madame Shameless did not even bother to acknowledge the mistress of the manor, but then Goddess Deviance had not expected her too: when there was a cock to occupy her, she never did.

Deviance smiled impishly. ‘Give her hell, boys,’ she purred.

Then, as the bulls doubled their pace to follow her command, she swept from the ballroom in a flurry of red latex to continue her search for the woman she loved.

Unlike so many of the other rooms in its walls, the crown jewel of Deviance Manor did not have a specific name. At the same time, it had dozens: a seemingly endless list of names devised by the equally endless stream of goddesses who frequented it.

As far as Goddess Deviance was concerned, no title could fully describe the nature of the huge circular room. She liked it that way: it meant the room could mean something different for each individual goddess, which was exactly the reason she had created it. The room allowed them to express their innermost desires in physical form. To breathe life into their darkest fantasises. To corrupt and punish and enslave to their heart’s content, all without lifting a finger.

Put simply, the nameless room allowed them to play god.  

An atmosphere of arousal flowed out of the open door, wreathing around Goddess Deviance as she approached. Still, nothing could quite prepare her for the sheer aura of lust that filled the room: it was like plunging into a deep, dark abyss, the intensity of the atmosphere almost crushing, taking her breath away and setting her skin gleaming as much as her latex as perspiration born of arousal beaded on her flesh.

The walls were lined with dozens of large alcoves, not quite disconnected enough to be called antechambers but nonetheless plenty large enough to have held a small orgy in. In fact, in some of them that is exactly what was happening: each alcove was occupied to varying degrees, from single individuals in some to over a dozen in others. Invariably, they were moaning and grunting and fucking like wild animals, seemingly unaware of the crowds of goddesses watching them with expressions of twisted glee.

Goddess Deviance glided over to a nearby alcove, drawn by the particularly tormented groans being made by the woman inside.

The brunette had no hope of escape. With her lower legs strapped tight to a metal plinth, her arms bound to a metal bar, and a large red gag slotted between her teeth, she could barely move an inch. Her plump ass was held up high, holes bare and vulnerable. All of which placed her at the mercy of the ripped bald man who was presently fingering her hard and fast, his thick digits pumping into her tight sex while he held a vibrator against her clit. He wore a wicked grin, savouring her muffled cries as they shifted between torture and euphoria, drool constantly dribbling from her lips.  

When compared with the woman, the man didn’t look much like a slave. Aside from his sadistic grin, he even had the same impressively muscular physique as the bulls Deviance had just watched roughly fucking Madame Shameless. And yet despite appearances, both occupants of the alcove were just as deeply enslaved as the sissy locked under the bench outside or the mind-controlled women worshipping their Dommes somewhere beneath Deviance’s feet. In fact, their subjugation was so complete that they were barely even people anymore at all.

An especially curvy goddess reclined in a large leather-padded chair at the mouth of the alcove, wearing nothing but a pair of black latex nipple tassels. And as long as she sat there, smiling like a cat who had just cornered a mouse, both slaves belonged to her in mind, body and soul. She had total control over their physical appearance, their wants and desires, even their memories and personalities. Like a vengeful deity, she could mould them into whatever shape or persona she desired and compel them to engage in whatever form of depravity she pleased with a single word or thought.

Like some kind of twisted receiver, the chair itself absorbed and analysed the goddess’ thoughts, hyper-advanced telepathic circuits embedded in the headrest engulfing her head in a soft crimson glow. Those thoughts were then transmitted to both the alcove and the brain chips implanted in the slaves within. Thanks to highly sophisticated three-dimensional printing technology, the alcove could transform from a bleak concrete dungeon to a luxuriously lavish bedroom in a matter of seconds, while the brain chips could reshape the slaves into any form the goddess desired.

And as Deviance arrived beside her, it seemed the goddess was craving something more salacious from her slaves.

‘Time to mix things up a little,’ she purred.

And with that, both of them were transforming. The alcove became a horror scene as the slaves writhed and screamed.

The man howled as his broad, powerful physique regressed into that of a nubile beauty. Brunette waves of glossy hair sprouted from his bald head as his black trousers restitched into sheer stockings, baring his shrinking cock as it withered into nothing and was replaced by a glistening shaved pussy. His shirt shifted into a white corset which wrapped around his ribs, the bust open to allow his soft tits to jiggle and bounce as he thrashed around. His wails became ever more feminine as his features rearranged, lips painted with rosy gloss, large eyes fluttering with long lashes and brows plucked to a razor edge. The tattoos that had recently given a dangerous edge to his appearance now migrated across his skin, metamorphosising into daintier designs that settled across his shoulders and down his sides. Then to complete the look a set of leather restraints materialised around his legs, coiling across ankles and thighs like glossy back serpent.

The woman, meanwhile, flailed – or at least attempted to – so violently that the metal poles supporting her creaked alarmingly. The cracking and grinding of shifting bones and the sickening tearing of reforming muscles was audible, yet like the man her shrieks were filled with manic pleasure. Her frame shifted into a new woman altogether more intimidating than before. Subtle muscle slid into place beneath her soft flesh while a host of tattoos darkened her skin, including a large sleeve dominating her left arm. New clothes wound into being around her until she was clad in lace-capped fishnet stockings, a tight black corset and a pair of killer PVC heels. Her hair, though a similar length, darkened to midnight black as her features shifted into a face of cruel beauty. As if suddenly afraid of the woman she had become, the straps binding hair undid themselves and she dropped to the floor just as a girthy strap-on appeared around her waist, the silicone dick as long as Deviance’s forearm.

Even the room itself changed, transitioning from the orange glow of the concrete dungeon to a luxurious space lined with white curtains lit from behind. A wooden screen was set beside a plush chaise lounge, bright light streaming through the gaps in the geometric design.

The woman in white did not even get a moment to catch her breath. Unable to move due to her restraints, she could do nothing as the gothic slut with the strapon bore down on her. Soon she’d been pushed forward onto all fours as the other woman stroked her strapon and prepared to fuck her new sub. A heartbeat later she was gasping with ecstasy, her pretty face twisted with pleasure as her new lover ploughed her wet cunt.

Just as before, both slaves remained oblivious to the crowd of goddesses who had been drawn in by the erotic screaming, as well as to the curvy Domme in the chair controlling their enslaved existence.

‘Wonderful work, my dear,’ Deviance said, running a hand through the goddess’ platinum blonde hair.

‘Thank you,’ the goddess replied without looking up. ‘Although I think there’s something missing. Ah yes, I know what they both need.’ The glow of the headrest throbbed brighter and all at once a large silver butt plug appeared in the submissive’s ass. A sharp gasp signalled that the Top woman had received a similar gift. ‘There, that’s better.’

‘Perfection,’ Deviance smiled.

Glancing around the room, she could see the goddess she was searching for was not here. It wasn’t surprising – as Lady Torment had said, Deviance’s lover liked her privacy – but of all the rooms in Deviance Manor, Goddess Deviance knew the woman she loved favoured this one the most. So if she wasn’t here, she would certainly be in her chambers.

As Goddess Deviance made for the broad spiral staircase at the centre of the room, the submissive slave’s shrill howl made it clear she had just climaxed. Even so, her lover did not pause for a moment. Instead she continued to thrust hard, the slap of her thighs against the slave’s ass ringing out as she followed the wordless commands of her goddess. Overloaded with pleasure, the submissive’s wails quickly grew tortured.

The echoes of her torment followed Goddess Deviance up the stairs. Every scream was music to her ears.

There were many things Goddess Deviance relished about her new life.

In hindsight, she had always had more in common with the goddesses of the Latex World Order than she had with the Originals who had come before them. It was what had earned her a place among their ranks, after all. The inner kinky streak she had always suppressed before the Spread now thrived and for the first time in her life she had found somewhere she felt she truly belonged.

Furthermore, her transformation had bought with it the very manor she now strode through, not to mention more erotic pleasure than she had ever imagined possible.

Still, of all the gifts goddesshood had bestowed on her, the most unexpected was the chance to fall in love.

As she approached her soulmate’s chambers, she could hear a familiar voice within. An impish giggle sent a shiver down Deviance’s spine and she knew without question that the warm, erotic heat it sparked inside her was love – corrupted, sinful love, but love all the same.

Silently approaching the open doorway, Goddess Deviance peered inside.

Goddess Lash was lying on her bed. Her golden skin contrasted with the white satin sheets, and most of her hair was swept back into a glossy ponytail which swayed like a hypnotist’s pendant when she moved.

And unlike every other goddess in the building, she was completely naked. Of course, most other goddesses were more than willing to strip down, however they always made sure to keep at least one item of latex on their person. Goddess Lash, on the other hand, was content to go without any latex at all. It was a trait that had rubbed off on Deviance herself, although given how privileged she was to have earned her second latex skin in the first place, Deviance only ever stripped fully naked in the presence of Goddess Lash.

Lash wasn’t alone in her room. Beside her lay a beautiful Asian woman, her dark hair worn in a messy bun. Her lips and fingers were wrapped around the impressive cock of the third person on the bed, a toned Original whose expression shifted constantly between pleasure and torment, as if he couldn’t stand the fact that he was enjoying her oral skills so much.

‘You know she’s going to hate you for this,’ Goddess Lash was saying, flashing her innocent smile at the Original even as she messed with his mind. ‘When she’s finished gorging herself and her memories come back, the taste of your cum will still be on her tongue when she’s crying over your betrayal. You’re supposed to be her friend and yet here you are letting her degrade herself for your own pleasure.’

The Original looked on the verge of tears, but he made no effort to stop the Asian woman from sucking slowly on his twitching cock.

Shifting into a more comfortable position, Goddess Lash supported her head on one hand as she watched her female slave work his shaft. She smiled as the woman turned to look at her. ‘You’re such a shameless little slut, aren’t you?’

The woman squirmed with delight at the compliment, nodding giddily as she showed off for her mistress.

Having served as Goddess Lash’s slave herself, Deviance knew the beautiful Dominatrix loved to fuck her slaves’ minds as well as their bodies: it was one of the many things Deviance loved about her.

Lash had been working on these two slaves for almost a month and it was clear that both of them had already broken. They had once been close friends, their bond formed long before the Spread, and she had bought them at the Market with the express intention of corrupting that friendship.

After transforming one into the curvy Asian beauty now going down on her tormented friend, she had then subjected them both to an intense conditioning regime. By the end, the transformed Original was still fully aware of her former life, except for when she was giving a blowjob, when she would be overwhelmed by a naughty, slutty persona Goddess Lash had implanted in her subconscious. Every time she went down on her friend, she lost herself to that slutty alter ego a little more, although the progress was painstakingly slow and it would take months for her to succumb completely.

Her friend, meanwhile, had received much simpler cognitive changes: he craved blowjobs above all else. Without them, arousal roared unchecked through his system and only the soft lips of a hungry lover feasting on his cock could satisfy him. Crucially, however, his cravings were not irresistible. He did not physically need them to stay sane. In fact, with enough strength of will he could have suppressed his carnal longings.

As a result, he had a choice: refuse to let his transformed friend go down on him and ignore his suffocating desires, or betray her by letting her worship his cock knowing that every time he did so a little more of the person he knew would be lost.

So far, he had betrayed her every time.

‘Are you going to stand there all day, gorgeous, or are you going to come and join us?’

Goddess Deviance had been so focused on the corrupted friends, she had not noticed Goddess Lash turn to face her. Her heart skipped a beat as she found her lover’s piercing eyes on her.

‘Actually… I… well… I was hoping to…’ Deviance bumbled in a very ungoddessly fashion.

Rising from the bed, Lash slunk over to Goddess Deviance and pressed a crimson-nailed finger to her lips. ‘Hush, my love. Let’s take things somewhere more private.’

Goddess Deviance did not resist as Lash took her by the hand and led her across the room towards a tall metal door, only pausing to whisper a command into her female slave’s ear and give her male slave a cold smile and mischievous wink.

‘What did you just tell her?’ Deviance asked as she was ushered through the door.

‘I told her to drain him dry,’ Goddess Lash replied. Then she closed the door behind them and they were left in silence.

Goddess Lash’s personal bedroom was a place only a privileged few were ever permitted to see. The luxurious space looked like the lair of a particularly raunchy succubus: lit in lustful red light, the walls hung with all manner of sordid toys and gear, and dominated by an enormous bed draped in ruby red sheets. To one side of the bed an open archway led into what Goddess Deviance knew was a huge walk-in wardrobe; to the other a padded red door opened into an ensuite complete with a mindless sissy to lick her holes clean after she was finished with her lovers. One wall was hung with heavy scarlet curtains which when drawn aside provided access to her balcony and wonderful view of the manor grounds.

They sat down on the bed together, Lash holding Deviance’s hands tenderly. ‘What is it you were trying to say, beautiful? You know you can tell me anything.’

In that moment, Goddess Deviance realised she hadn’t been searching for Goddess Lash at all: she had been trying to avoid her.

There had been no question Lash would be in her chambers. Ever since acquiring her two new slaves she had barely been seen in public, preferring instead to spend her time corrupting them both. Deviance’s exploration of the manor’s many erotic rooms had purely been in an effort to delay meeting Lash in the first place. And now she was finally here alone with the woman she loved, Deviance’s nerves rose to the surface.

What if Lash said no? What if she was disgusted by the very suggestion of it all? What if she hated Deviance for even asking, or deemed her ungrateful for rejecting the many gifts of her new life? What if Lash couldn’t see that it was only because Deviance loved her so much that she wanted to do this?

She could feel panic swelling through her chest, her heart battering against her ribs. She wanted to run away.

Then Goddess Lash’s hand was on her cheek, guiding Deviance’s eyes up to meet hers. Her smile was warm and loving. ‘You want to submit again, don’t you?’ 

All Deviance’s anxiety evaporated in a heartbeat. It felt as though a burden she hadn’t known she was carrying had been lifted from her shoulders and before she could stop herself she was nodding earnestly.

‘I wondered if you might,’ Goddess Lash said, squeezing her hand reassuringly. ‘After all, it is the anniversary of you becoming my slave. Last year you were so busy working on this place you didn’t have the time to crave my control, but that distraction has gone now. You might have the body of a goddess, but we chose to transform you because you already had the mind of one. And that mind spent years submitting to me, satisfying me as my willing slave. Just because you’re a goddess now, that doesn’t mean you have to suppress that part of yourself. You never have to pretend with me, my love: I adore every part of you. So if you want me to dominate you, beautiful, then there is nothing I would love more.’ Leaning forward, she planted a soft kiss on Deviance’s forehead. ‘Wait here, slave.’

Once Deviance had nodded obediently, Goddess Lash vanished into the walk-in wardrobe.

She was not gone long.

‘Eyes down,’ her disembodied voice rang out.

The familiar erotic rush of submission drew a smile over Deviance’s lips as she did as she was told, turning her eyes down to the blood-red bedsheets. She heard Goddess Lash emerge from the wardrobe and a moment later the bed shifted beneath her as her Domme joined her.

‘Look at me,’ Lash said.

The woman Goddess Deviance looked upon now was every inch the stunning goddess who had first purchased her from the Market a lifetime ago. Clad in glossy thigh high PVC boots, shiny gloves nearly to her shoulders and lingerie that was all gleaming black latex, leather straps and glinting metal rings, she looked like temptation given human form. Deviance knew it was Lash’s favourite outfit and she had seen it countless times before when submitting to her – including the night she was transformed into a goddess herself. But it didn’t matter: to Deviance, Lash was a goddess no matter her attire. She was the epitome of goddesshood and dominance, and as she ran a hand over her enticing figure a thrill of arousal rippled through her latex-clad submissive.

‘You’re going to worship me, slave,’ Goddess Lash smiled, her pretty face twisted with mischief. ‘You’re going to worship me, and you’re going to love it.’

Then, for the first time since the Spread, a goddess bowed her head in willing submission and Deviance breathed two words no Latex World Order goddess had spoken before her: ‘Yes mistress…’

Thanks for reading!

As usual with my Latex World Order stories, this has been a long time coming. It’s been 18 months since my last one and boy does it feel weird saying that.

When I was scheduling this one, I realised why there are such large gaps between instalments, and that realisation has led me to decide on a fundamental change to my LWO stories. That change is that I think I’m going to stop using gifs for them.

Long-time readers will know I’ve had a complicated relationship with gif usage over the course of my writing. I started out only using gifs because I felt their animated nature was hotter to watch than still images. However, I have since shifted almost exclusively to stills for several reasons – mainly because the quality is much higher and they’re easier to source. So far though I’ve maintained the use of gifs in LWO stories because it’s this universe that started my blog in the first place – gifs and all – and it felt like the right thing to do.

However, scheduling this one took absolutely ages, and that’s all down to the use of gifs. Each one increases the loading time for the page, and after maybe two hours trying I still haven’t managed to preview a version of the story where all the gifs load properly. Not only does this affect the visual side of the story I’m trying to tell, but as mentioned it also massively prolongs the time to schedule the story. Moving into the second half of 2023 I will soon have significantly less time to put into my erotica, so if I stand any chance of maintaining my release schedule I simply can’t be sinking hours into preparing a single story on top of the time it takes to write the thing.

I was also forced to change a handful of the gifs I intended to use for this one because when I went to download them ready for scheduling they had been deleted. It’s why the final gif here is one I used in the previous storyline, and while that offers a kind of cyclicality to the two stories which I do like, I was looking for alternatives for a long time before opting to reuse a gif. While this is partly my fault (I’ve been burned by deleted gifs before so I should have downloaded them straight away really), it is a frustrating thing to have to deal with. In contrast, image galleries almost never get deleted so they’re easier to use in that regard. The absent gifs also meant I had to rewrite some chunks here and there, which again only added to the time I put into this.

I love the Latex World Order stories, but I think the difficulty in sourcing and using gifs on them has impacted my willingness to write new instalments. As such, I feel it is best to try to use stills in them from now on. Maybe if I do more short stories in this world as I’ve done before I may use gifs still, or perhaps just the occasional one amongst a mostly still image piece, but I think it’s likely I’ll caught them out altogether. I already have a new story with this approach written up and I plan on releasing that shortly after my hiatus, probably in August, so we’ll see how that goes. I know very few people probably care about my decision to switch between the two media styles, but I always like to try and be open about what I’m doing and why.

Also, just a final note to say that I will not be providing image links for this one. Due to the fact they’re all separate and not from a single gallery, it just makes it even more of a hassle to source them all individually. For what it’s worth, they’re all from PornHub, and since most of the images have channel watermarks and I have sourced the models for each, you can probably find them fairly easily.

I have one more story left this month, and in my opinion it’s one of the best I’ve written in a very long time. So make sure not to miss it!


Scene 1 (images 1-2): Mia & Rossy Bush.

Scene 2 (image 3): Mistress Petra Hunter, unknown female sub & unknown male sub.

Scene 3 (images 4-6): Steve Holmes, Mick Blue, Markus Dupree, Bill Bailey, John Strong & Joanna Angel.

Scene 4 (images 7-8): Pre-transformation: Dani Daniels & The Pope; Post-transformation: Katrina Jade & Aidra Fox.

Scene 5 (images 9-11): Astrodomina, Nari Park & unknown male sub.


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