Latex World Order: The Cumpound

Models: Dani Daniels, Luna Star & Johnny Sins

Trailing her hands down the bull’s ripped chest, Goddess Allure smiled as he began to stir. ‘It’s time to play, handsome,’ she purred. His abs were like marble slabs beneath her fingers, his perfect body enticing and intimidating all at once. Of course, under normal circumstances she would have been able to fuck him to within an inch of his sanity, but in her current incapacitated state Goddess Allure felt nerves fluttering in her stomach.

Beside her, Mistress Minx stood with her hands on her hips. ‘Are you sure you’re ready for this, Allure? I hear this bull has a formidable reputation. Perhaps you should leave him to a real goddess, like me.’ Her pink lips curled into a smirk, her keen eyes alert for any sign of Goddess Allure rising to the bait.

But Allure was not so easily provoked. Looking up at Minx she simply smiled. ‘I suggest you don’t get ahead of yourself,’ she replied, her eyes sparkling with danger. ‘After all, goddesses who lose focus here sometimes take months to recover their sanity. Maybe you should be more worried about making it out with your mind in one piece than taunting me.’

Of course, there was no real conflict in their sparring. For one, the Latex World Order hinged on the fact that every goddess fundamentally loved their latex-clad sisters, no matter how different they were; like ants in their nests or bees in their hives, their strength came in unity, so while their sexual tastes and chosen lifestyles may have differed, at heart they were of one soul. And for another, Allure and Minx had known each other since childhood – their friendship predated the Spread, and they had only grown closer since their transformation into avatars of depravity. Their competition was one of friendly rivalry.

In the stalls above them an audience of goddesses watched their exchange with amusement. Some flanked by sissies on leashes or bulls of their own, they chatted quietly amongst themselves. In the old world the building had been a cinema, but after the Spread it had been repurposed into an altogether more sordid establishment. With the screens ripped out, the resulting space now served as a stage of sorts with the bull’s bed at the centre. The chairs had all been replaced too, switched out for comfortable leather divans. These days the building was known as the Cumpound and served just one purpose: hosting the Stamina Trials.

Goddess Allure felt his pulse quicken as she stroked his chest, but he still did not open his eyes. Although in truth, she hadn’t expected him to.

To the naked eye, the man looked no different from any other bull. But both Allure and Minx knew that if ordinary bulls were timid tabby cats, this particular hunk was a rabid tiger. He had been purposefully designed to fuck without conscience or mercy, to pound his lovers until their minds shattered and their sanity was in tatters – an amoral force of sin who never let up and never wore out. In fact, he posed such a danger the goddess scientists who had created him had conditioned a host of precautionary triggers and failsafe measures into his subconscious to ensure he could never escape.

And one of those measures dictated that only one thing could wake him.

Sinking down onto his bed, Allure and Minx positioned themselves over his legs. Conscious the bull would be impatient to grope them once he awoke, both women peeled down the bust of their tight latex outfits to bare their soft tits. Somehow, even though he was still asleep, exposing herself in front of the intimidating man sent a thrill of arousal through Goddess Allure’s supple figure. She could already imagine his hands seizing her bosom, her nipples raking across his palms, his fingers digging into her flesh. Her pulse raced as erotic anticipation built within her.

As one they pulled back the sheets. Allure’s stomach flipped. She’d expected him to be well-endowed, but this man put every other bull she knew to shame. Engineered to be permanently erect, his cock was long as her forearm and thick as her wrist. It laid flush against his midriff, twitching gently.

The sight filled Allure with a mix of apprehension and desire, the two emotions fighting for dominance.

Desire won.

Coiling one hand around the bull’s shaft, she began to stroke. Her silky brunette hair swept to one side and tumbling over her shoulder, she leaned forward and pursed her scarlet lips before allowing the collected drool to drip down onto his cock in a long glistening string. Massaging her saliva into his shaft she waited patiently for him to open his eyes.

Mistress Minx soon followed suit. With her cheek resting against Allure’s brow she clasped the bull’s dick closer to the base with one hand while massaging his balls with the other. Her wine-coloured hair was shorter than Allure’s and brushed her collarbones as she rocked gently. Her fat tits jiggled a little with the deliberate motion, which she hoped would draw the bull’s attention once he woke up.

Her plan worked perfectly. A little too perfectly, in fact.

When the bull’s eyes snapped open they immediately fell to Minx’s bouncing breasts. But rather than reach out and grope them, he instead seized them in a vice grip so strong Minx cried out in shocked pain. Then, his knuckles white and trembling, the bull threw her down onto her back before roughly rolling her over so her face was lost in the sheets.

As he rose to his knees, Goddess Allure suddenly felt very small. The bull was a true colossus. Towering above them both he was a statue bought to life, muscles like granite and dick hard as rock. But despite his huge size, he was more agile than either of them and before Mistress Minx could catch her bearings, the bull had whipped up the hem of her latex dress, hefted her hips into the air and driven deep into her vulnerable pussy with a primal growl of lust.

Mistress Minx howled as he entered her. Gripping the edge of the mattress with one hand she clutched on so tight her whole arm shook, while with the other hand she struggled to push herself up onto all fours – though with mind-bending pleasure roaring through her insides she slumped back down several times before she managed to do so. Each time she fell she took more than a minute to muster the energy to try again, during which time her desperate moans were muffled by the sheets she bit down on to try and cope with the euphoria.

While Mistress Minx was being railed hard, Goddess Allure watched on with a smirk. Minx had always been the more impulsive half of their friendship, and it amused Allure to see her facing the consequences of underestimating the bull’s ruthlessness.

Allure didn’t get long to watch though. Once he settled into a forceful rhythm, the bull clamped one hand around Allure’s nape and then forced her down so her face was buried between Minx’s ass cheeks. It took him over a minute to ease his grip, by which time Goddess Allure had got the message; spreading Minx’s ass wider, she groped her friend’s plump cheeks while repeatedly sinking down to tongue her tight hole or lick the bull’s pumping shaft.

The additional sensation only made Minx cry louder, gasping and groaning like a sissy on their Domme’s strap-on. The audience watched with wide smiles, many of them openly masturbating as they did so. Yet while the other goddesses were enjoying Minx’s brutal humiliation, Allure was learning from her friend’s mistake.

The Stamina Trials were the brainchild of Madame Screech. Without them, the Cumpound would be just another sex show venue, but over time they had elevated the refurbished cinema to a level of infamy few establishments had achieved in the sinful society of the Latex World Order. The premise was simple: two or more goddesses competed to see who could last the longest at the hands of one of Madame Screech’s specially engineered bulls.

Of course, under ordinary circumstances, any goddess could have fucked even Screech’s bulls to exhaustion, but that was where Screech had taken things one step further. Because in order to compete, the goddesses had to sacrifice their stamina.

As a result, though they still had the bodies and intellect of their fellow goddesses, Allure and Minx were both at the bull’s mercy. With their stamina limited and their minds much less capable of processing pleasure, they were submitting themselves to the Trials in a significantly weakened state, all while facing a bull more powerful than any they had fucked in the outside world. They were cavewomen facing a rabid wolf with their bare hands.

Although it was only now, watching Minx being pounded until she screamed at the top of her lungs, that Goddess Allure truly realised what they had signed up for. She hadn’t been kidding earlier: goddesses really did lose their minds during these trials. Under the oppressive, unyielding onslaught of pleasure the Cumpound’s bulls could deliver it was easy for their weakened minds to fracture – after all, on this stage goddesses were no more resilient than the Originals they kept as sexual playthings, and every Domme knew how easily broken they were. Though the effects were never permanent it could still take months for the affected goddesses to fully regain their sanity.

Even so, the rewards were worth the risk. Because in a world where all goddesses were held as equals, bragging rights and respect were far superior to wealth or fame. And there was no better way to earn the respect of one’s fellow goddesses than to compete in the Stamina Trials.

However, as the bull flipped Mistress Minx over onto her back, Goddess Allure was beginning to realise that right now respect was the last thing she cared about.

The sultry brunette was no stranger to lust. Like all goddesses she was constantly horny and as such she was accustomed to a constant stream of arousal running beneath every waking thought. And despite his intimidating brutality, the longer she spent in the presence of the bull the more attractive she found him, her pussy tingling at the thought of submitting herself to his erotic wrath.

But now, with her cognitive capacity to handle all that arousal stunted, she felt it beginning to accumulate inside her. With the desire of a goddess rushing through a mind reduced to the limitations of an Original, lucidity began to slip from her grasp. Slowly, her thoughts drifted away from the goal of lasting longer than Mistress Minx and shifted instead to impish schemes of how she could help the bull ruin her friend.

Guided by warped instincts, she crawled around so Minx’s shoulders were in her lap, head laid against her midriff. Then, with a deranged gleam in her eyes, she reached forward and took hold of Minx’s ankles before pulling them back so her friend was almost folded in half.

The effect on both Minx and the bull was instantaneous.

‘Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit,’ Mistress Minx babbled, her pretty face twisting with renewed orgasmia. The change in position had allowed the bull’s cock to burrow even deeper into her saturated pussy and now her stomach bulged with every devastating thrust, her tits bouncing so fast they were a blur. Shockwaves rippled through her ass and thighs every time he drove in and her cries rang around the room setting sissies’ chastity cages twitching.

The bull, meanwhile, wore a wicked grin. As he pummelled Minx’s pussy he and Goddess Allure stared at one another hungrily, their eyes locked. Her own breasts jiggling as the entire bed shook, Allure’s expression was utterly deranged.

‘Is that all you’ve got, baby?’ she said, licking her teeth. ‘I thought you were supposed to be a real bull. The stories people tell about you. They say you’re a monster in the shape of a man; a demon given mortal form; an incubus incapable of mercy. But all I’m seeing is a pathetic limp dick who doesn’t have the first idea how to satisfy a woman.’

Murmurs of surprise passed through the audience. It wasn’t unusual for goddesses to taunt the Cumpound’s bulls, but few women were brave enough to insult, not when they were weakened and vulnerable to any retaliation. Perhaps the lust was already driving her mad, they thought.

‘Come on, handsome, show this little bitch what you can really do,’ Goddess Allure went on. Mistress Minx peered up at her with a look of betrayal, but as Allure continued and the bull persisted in pounding her pleasure soon washed over her face again. ‘Don’t hold back. Melt her mind. Use her holes. Fuck her so hard her jaw goes slack and she can’t even scream no matter how much she wants to. Make her break, baby. Go on, do it for me. Mmmh, yes, that’s it,’ she purred as the bull steadily increased his pace.

‘Filthy fucking whore,’ the bull said through gritted teeth.

Now the audience fell deathly silent. This was new. In all the thousands of Trials the Cumpound had played host to, there were only a handful of reports of a bull ever actually speaking. Most of the time their hyper-enhanced libido was so intense they only had the capacity for primal grunts and growls, and it was said that in the rare cases they ever did speak it was only when they had found their sexual equal. A woman who could match their inexorable lust even while her body and mind were stunted.

Only an exceptional few had ever achieved such a feat. And now it seemed like Goddess Allure was about to join that elite group.

Beneath her, Mistress Minx was now little more than a drooling mess. Her body had gone limp so that she was slumped against Allure like a drunkard, her eyes rolling and her mouth hanging open. Just as Goddess Allure had asked, the bull was fucking her brains out and her conscious mind had all but shut down as she drowned in orgasmia.

Unfortunately for her, however, erotic lunacy had consumed her friend and even as Mistress Minx’s psyche began to fracture Goddess Allure urged the bull to continue using her. Their grasp on time slipping away, it was impossible to say how long they remained there, only that it felt like an eternity.

Somewhere in the midst of their depravity, the bull reached out and seized Goddess Allure by the cheeks. Her lips squished out in a forced pout and his massive biceps bulged as he pulled her closer.

‘You got a big mouth, skank,’ he growled, the words surprisingly coherent for a man who never spoke. ‘You think I can’t see through your act?’

For several seconds, Goddess Allure was struck dumb with shock. No normal slave would dare handle a goddess so roughly without permission, so being treated in such a degrading manner was enough to leave her reeling for a moment.

‘What act?’ Goddess Allure managed at last, the words muffled and slurred by his vice-like hold. ‘I just want to beat her. If you break her, I win.’ She tried to cast him a devious smile, although it turned out as more of a grimace.

‘Liar,’ he said. His grip tightened and his following words wiped the smirk from Goddess Allure’s face. ‘We both know I broke her ages ago. But you don’t care about winning anymore. All you want to do is taunt me so much that by the time I get to you no force on earth will stop me destroying you. You want to be my fleshlight. My sex kitten. My needy, naughty, nymphomaniacal cumdump. Because you know you can take it.’

The bull’s handsome face twisted into a savage sneer as Allure’s brows knitted together. She wore an expression of dismayed arousal – the bull could read her like a book, his perception filling her with equal parts longing and apprehension as she struggled to decide if she adored or feared him.

‘You’re not like her. You’re not like them.’ He jabbed a finger at the audience of goddesses who were wide-eyed with astonishment. ‘You don’t just want me to fuck you. You want me to own you. You want me to use your body until you’re just a vessel for ecstasy, because that’s what a true goddess is. But you’re a goddess without her powers. I’m the only god here. You can’t control me. The only thing you can do is worship me.’

Angling Goddess Allure’s head down, he forced her to look at Mistress Minx. ‘Look at her, slut. Look what I did to her.’ Unable to look away, Goddess Allure realised that there was nothing left of her friend in the drooling woman. All the malevolent gleam in her eyes had been extinguished, all the venom drained from her viperous tongue. A constant groan oozed up from her open mouth and over her soft lips, while her face was frozen in a mask of pleasure she was clearly unable to comprehend. Her voluptuous body bounced and rippled under the bull’s brutal thrusts, but she was incapable of resisting him, her will broken a long time ago.

‘She could have worshipped me too. Instead she denied me and I destroyed her. She will be a mental cripple for months, her sanity a sacrifice for underestimating my power. That is the path she chose.’ Jerking Allure’s head back up his eyes bored into hers. His hand descended from her jaw to her neck, loose enough that she could speak but firm enough to stop her pulling away. ‘So, bitch, which path are you going to choose?’

Her stare like burning coals, Goddess Allure hushed her voice so only he could hear. ‘Get your dick out of that skank’s cunt and I’ll show you.’

Grinning coldly, the bull slid out of Mistress Minx. All at once she was gasping as though she had been thrown into an icy lake, her entire body shaking as the absence of his cock left a void inside her. In that moment, her mind finally shattered completely – engulfing her consciousness, the barrage of pleasure had been the only thing holding the fractured fragments of her psyche together, and now it was gone there was nothing to prevent her plunging into delirium.

But Goddess Allure and her bull just ignored the trembling woman.

Pushing the man down onto his back, Allure crawled up his chest, kissing his muscles as she went.  Eventually she was straddling his crotch, his immense shaft resting between her plump ass cheeks. Looking down at him with a devious smile, she squeezed her tits together with her upper arms, deepening the cleavage suspended barely an inch from his face.

‘What are you waiting for, lover? Make me your goddess.’

‘As you wish,’ said the bull. Clamping his hands around her midriff he plunged his huge dick into the depths of her waiting pussy.

Rather than scream like Mistress Minx, Goddess Allure let out an orgasmic groan as he filled her. Desperate for something to ground her in reality she seized one of the bull’s immense biceps with one hand and grabbed the bed’s headboard with the other. His cock seemed never-ending, feeding in inch after inch until she was convinced she would soon feel him pushing up her throat and out of her mouth.

When he finally stopped, he held himself inside her, his entire length sheathed between her twinkling folds. ‘Are you ready?’ he breathed.

Goddess Allure took a moment to catch her breath. Her entire body shook as she strained to process the sensation of his cock invading her tight sex. She felt like she was about to split apart at the seams.

The audience was tense with anticipation. All the goddesses had stopped masturbating to lean forward from their seats, watching the scene unfold with bated breath. In truth the Trial was over – the question of who would win was already answered, the respect and bragging rights that went to the victor undeniably going to Allure.

Now a different question hung in the air: was she truly the bull’s equal? If she was really capable of withstanding the ruthless man’s passion and come out with her sanity intact, she wouldn’t just be respected. She would be a legend.

After what felt like eons, a sly smile worked its way over Goddess Allure’s lips. Peering down at him, Goddess Allure wondered if there was any possible way she could persuade the owners of the Cumpound to let her take this god of bulls home with her. ‘Yes. I’m ready. But if we’re going to do this properly, we should put that dumb bimbo to work.’ Casting a glance over her shoulder, Allure fixed her piercing gaze on Mistress Minx, who was still sprawled where they had left her at the foot of the bed, panting heavily. ‘Don’t just lie there, bitch. Get over here and kiss my ass. I want my hole to be ready for when I ride this stud’s perfect dick.’

Her broken mind latching onto the orders, Mistress Minx scrambled over and buried her face between Allure’s ass cheeks. Her tongue probed her friend’s hole eagerly, sending bolts of pleasure through Allure’s soft, fuckable body.

‘By the time we’re finished, you’re going to look like you bathed in my cum. It will be leaking from every hole.’ The bull’s hands tightened around her waist, preparing for the inevitable.

Goddess Allure smirked impishly. ‘Promises, promises,’ she said.

With that, the bull latched onto her tit with his lips and immediately began to pound her with all his might. Her ass rippled, her breasts bounced and her brows knitted together as unimaginable ecstasy contorted her face into a visage of pleasure and lust.

Yet unlike Mistress Minx before her, she did not crumble under the orgasmic onslaught. Instead, she allowed the orgasmia to consume her and submitted herself to his control, her sensual groans mingling with those of the audience as they watched the birth of a new legend…

Thanks for reading!

Everybody knows by now that I always enjoy a chance to revisit the goddesses of the Latex World Order. This series was the very genesis of my blog and I doubt I’ll ever tire of it. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then that this one was a thrill to write and I’m extremely happy with the results.

This also happens to be the first LWO story I’ve ever written that doesn’t use any gifs. I mentioned in the comments on my last instalment why I was planning to shift away from gif usage, and honestly I’m not missing them nearly as much as I thought I would. I can definitely see a future for these stories with only still images as supporting media and in many ways I think they’ll help push the stories to new heights. Because while gifs have their own benefits, it was really refreshing to me to have such clear images to draw inspiration from instead of the blurrier (and often less well-lit) visuals provided by gifs. Plus, given how much I love Dani Daniels in particular, showcasing her in all her crisp, HD, latex-clad glory was a no-brainer.

I do not currently have any more Latex World Order stories written up or in the works, but I’m sure you’ll see more of the goddesses sooner or later. Of course, if you have any requests of specific characters you want to see more of, or suggestions of what future stories could focus on, I’d love to hear them! If not though then keep your eyes peeled for future instalments!

Just as a final note, next week will mark the start of this year’s Halloween releases. Unfortunately there won’t be as many as usual, but I’ll explain that in more detail on my comments to the first story. See you then!


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