Models: Stoya & Angelina Valentine

Kneeling on Charity’s bed in stockings, heels and a very ill-fitting latex dress, Dean looked about as far from attractive as it was physically possible to get. The bust of his dress sagged loosely while the stomach cut into his midriff so tight he could barely breathe, and the fishnets looked utterly ridiculous thanks to the unshaved hair sprouting through the gaps. What was more, Charity had insisted that he go commando so they could get down to business straight away, so thanks to the very short hem of his dress Dean’s cock was visible.

He looked pathetic. And yet Charity was beaming with delight. ‘You’re perfect,’ she said, her eyes twinkling. ‘You don’t know how difficult it was for me to find that outfit, but boy was it worth it. I’m getting wet just thinking about sleeping with you.’

As usual, Charity looked incredible. Her lithe figure was wrapped in the tight embrace of her own latex dress, the bust translucent so her pierced tits were visible while the lower half was bright blue trimmed with white. Her dark hair was pulled into two low pigtails and her fringe was swept over to one side, although a single long wisp hung down the left side of her face unwilling to conform with the rest of her hairstyle. Her porcelain skin and delicate figure gave her an innocent aura, however the expression on her pretty face was all mischief.

‘Don’t you mean when you think about sleeping with her?’ Dean asked. He nodded to the glass in Charity’s hand, the pill she had dropped into it fizzing. The long black hair she had also added had already dissolved. ‘Mina is the one you really want. Not me.’

Charity rolled her eyes. ‘Oh stop being such a whiner. You knew the deal when you agreed to this. You know I don’t like you that way. But that doesn’t mean we can’t both get what we want. Or rather, who we want.’ Holding out the drink, Charity batted her eyelashes sending thrills through Dean’s insides. ‘You’re not getting cold feet on me, are you?’

‘No,’ he said, desperate not to disappoint her. ‘Let’s get this over with.’ Taking the glass he knocked the whole drink back in one long gulp.

A heartbeat later Dean convulsed in ecstasy and the glass fell from his hand to land on the bedsheets with a soft thump.

The first change he felt was the sudden expansion of a pair of fat tits.

‘Oh fuck,’ he gasped as his chest inflated, swelling out further and further until the latex dress was stretched to its limits. The growth was so intense that the front zip was forced down, descending from neck to navel and exposing the deep cleavage that now dominated his chest. The pleasure was mind-bending.

But that was only the beginning.

Dean’s eyes rolled as the rest of his body rapidly succumbed to the effects of the drink. His body hair withered, his thighs plumped, his ass engorged to three times its former size and everything about his appearance was radically feminised. His lips plumped. His brows arched. His short hair ran wild like a river bursting its banks, swirling down into long midnight tresses shot through with blonde highlights that stood out against the black of his dress. Even his tongue was affected, becoming longer and more tapered as it was imbued with all the cock-sucking, pussy-licking prowess of a truly insatiable slut.

And all throughout he was moaning with ecstasy, the pitch of his pleasure changing as his vocal cords restrung themselves, giving him a voice dripping with sultry intent.

‘Oh god, this is amazing, this is… FUCK!’ Dean howled at the crippling blast of erotic energy that tore through his crotch. Without even looking he knew his cock was gone but when he glanced down it was still somehow a shock to see it missing. The pussy that had formed in its place was already saturated and he watched with wonder as droplets of arousal dripped onto the bedsheets.

Just as quickly as it had struck him, the transformation faded, leaving Dean in a brand new body: busty, gorgeous and horny beyond belief.

But the transformation was far from random; Dean wasn’t just any woman. He was Mina.

His stacked chest heaving, Dean tried to catch his breath, but he before he could even regain his bearings he found Charity pressing herself against him.

‘Fucking hell, it worked,’ she said, grin wide and eyes wider. ‘It actually fucking worked. You’re her. You’re Mina. I can’t believe it.’

When Dean spoke he couldn’t help but sound sultry. ‘Well that’s how it works, right? You pair someone’s DNA with a Doppelbanger pill and you turn into that person.’

‘I know, but it’s different actually seeing it for real, you know?’ Charity fiddled with the zip on Dean’s dress, slutty delight written across her pretty face. ‘Watching you change had me fucking dripping. I almost want to transform you back just to watch it all again.’ She pressed in closer, lowering her voice to seductive purr. ‘But I’m sure we can find better things to do with ourselves than that, can’t we baby?’

Dean shuddered, flares of arousal sweeping through his insides. Having Charity’s hot body pressed against him and her ‘fuck me’ eyes boring into his would have turned him on at the best of times, but with the residual pleasure of his transformation and the innate sluttiness of his new body already supercharging his lust it was all he could do not to tackle her to the bed and worship her porcelain body.

When Dean had chosen to attend one of Charity’s shows, he’d never imagined it would lead to this.

He had been crushing on her for longer than he cared to admit and even though his feelings were not reciprocated he was unable to shake his attraction. In the end he had caved to his own infatuation and bought a ticket to the strip club where Charity worked. He wasn’t really sure what he hoped to gain from it, but he certainly hadn’t wanted her to know he was there. So when they locked eyes across the crowd, Dean felt like his world was ending.

The next day Charity had invited him over to her place. He expected her to rant and rave and cut him off as a friend, yet when she opened the door she was wearing a devious smirk.

‘I knew it. I knew you wanted me. And you can have me, baby. Just not like this,’ she said, gesturing to his body. Dean had listened with bated breath as she went on, desperate for any chance to sleep with her. ‘You’re not the only one with a crush. There’s a girl at work, one of the other strippers… fuck, just thinking about her makes me wet. I’ve wanted her since I first saw her perform, but she’s already taken and not looking for anyone else.’

Charity had stalked closer, every word dripping with persuasive seduction. ‘So maybe we can help each other out. There’s a Doppelbanger dealer who comes in regularly at work, and it wouldn’t be hard for me to get hold of one of Mina’s hairs. If you became her then we’d both get to sleep with the girl of our dreams. Everybody wins.’

Dean wasn’t sure at first, but as Charity pressed in closer his resistance had slowly crumbled. ‘I hear the transformation is beyond arousing,’ she’d whispered, nibbling naughtily on his ear. ‘Besides, it’s just a little quid pro quo, babe. It can be our secret. And we both know you’re dying to fuck me, so what does it matter what body you do it in?’

In the face of Charity’s corruptive seduction, Dean was helpless to deny her. And now here he was in Mina’s body, the woman he craved fawning over his new figure, his arousal so intense it was a struggle to stay conscious.

Yet what surprised Dean most of all was that he was more than just horny – he was actually enjoying being in Mina’s body. He knew Doppelbanger imbued the recipient with the personality of the one they transformed into, but this wasn’t what he’d had in mind.

Mina hadn’t taken over. Instead, they both existed in balance. Like two ocean currents meeting they swirled through one another’s consciousness, their psyches blending together into something new. On one side there was Mina: insatiably slutty, devoid of shame or inhibitions and brimming with depraved experience. On the other there was Dean: uncertain, inexperienced and infatuated with Charity. As their minds combined they tempered one another, Dean’s timidity softening Mina’s whorishness to produce a creature of submissive desire who wanted nothing more than to obey Charity’s every word.

Charity herself seemed to notice that the new woman was neither her friend nor her crush. ‘I was wondering if this would happen. Usually Doppelbanger transforms you physically then gives you the personality and memories of the person you’re mimicking, although you still remember who you are. But sometimes, if both personas are strong enough, the two will blend together. In your case you wanted me so badly even Mina’s sluttiness couldn’t compete with that desire. But I don’t mind, baby,’ she said, a mischievous smirk plucking at her lips. ‘In fact, I think having an obedient submissive version of Mina might be even hotter than the wild sex kitten she usually is. Yes, I can definitely make this work. I think I’ll call you Diana.’

The name settled in the new woman’s mind, unifying the two psyches in her head.

Rising to her knees, Charity peeled down the bust of her dress to reveal her pale tits. A rush of arousal swirled through Diana and her mouth began to water as she eyed Charity’s pierced nipples.

Charity’s smirk grew into a smile. ‘Well? What are you waiting for? This is what you’ve wanted all this time. I’m yours. Now be a good girl and get your pretty latex ass over here. You’re not the only who has been waiting for this, and since your transformation made you into a sub I think it’s time I showed you what it means to serve.’

Tangling a hand in Diana’s hair, Charity guided her lover’s head towards her tits and gave a sultry chuckle as Diana began sucking her nipple softly. After barely a few seconds the sub’s confidence began to build and she groaned as instinct took over.

‘That’s it, baby, show me what those lips can do. Oh, just you wait. I’m going to make you my own personal ho. I suggest you get rid of all your male clothes, because from now on you’re going to be so addicted to worshipping me that you’re never going to want to stop. And lucky for you, there’s plenty more Doppelbanger pills where that one came from. But of course, you have to earn them first.’

Charity chuckled as Diana doubled her efforts, groping Charity’s free breast while lavishing the other with oral affection. Her mind already swarming with deviant ideas of what she would do with her new lover, the latex-clad stripper simply allowed her sub to feed, watching with satisfaction as Diana sank deeper and deeper into a mental abyss of lust, addiction and unyielding obedience…

Thanks for reading!

Having looked back at my other blog work, I’m pretty sure this is my first Doppelbanger story, and honestly I really enjoyed it. Obviously it helps that any gallery that involves Stoya in latex is bound to get the idea mill working overtime, though it wasn’t like I’d been looking for a gallery to write a Doppelbanger story for – it just sort of happened.

As you all know, I’m never one to take credit for other people’s work, and in this case the Doppelbanger concept was cooked up by the delightfully depraved Evie Hyde. I’m unsure if she ever explored the idea in much depth, but hopefully my work here has done it justice and if the right idea comes along in future I’d definitely be willing to do more Doppelbanger stories. So if you enjoyed this one, keep your eye out for those – or better yet, let me know if you have any ideas and I’ll add them to my to-write list!


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