The Program: Amber Smith – Sapphic Submission

Models (in order of appearance): Faye Reagan, Karlie Montana, India Summer & Meggan Mallone

Latex Lust

‘Let’s have a look at that pretty pink pussy, shall we?’

Amber squirmed as Mistress Lara spread her sex, but a sharp spank convinced her to stay still. Bent over the Domme’s lap with her torso twisted around so she was supported on only one shoulder, she was too contorted to cry out – all she could manage was a strangled gasp.

‘Oh yes, you’re looking very wet. Tell me, skank, does being under my control make you horny?’ She laughed coldly as Amber managed an awkward nod. ‘I thought so. I bet you were playing with yourself all night long imagining all the terribly erotic things I’m going to do to you. You’re such a little slut for me – look, you’re already dripping on my legs!’

While one hand was pinned beneath her, Amber obediently held Mistress Lara’s black paddle in the other. The word SLUT was etched into the leather face and Amber had spent enough sessions at the Dominatrix’s mercy to know it had a keen sting.

Mistress Lara was the Program’s equivalent of the monster in the basement. Most of her fellow Dommes were fairly flexible in their teaching methods, capable of delivering sensual domination as well as more intense training. But Mistress Lara never compromised. While she only ever taught one-to-one, any sub who entered her chambers would be subjected to the hardest BDSM session of their lives, complete with unyielding impact play and merciless humiliation. Even some of the other Dominants trod carefully around her lest she turn her wrath on them too.

Yet despite her intensity, Amber always found herself yearning for their next session. The same way that the morbidly curious cannot tear their eyes away from gore, there was something primal that drew her to Mistress Lara’s side. Something undeniable.

Amber shuddered as the Domme’s gloved hands groped her plump ass and prodded her flushed folds. The latex of her gloves was so thin it was barely visible, but it was there, smooth and synthetic against Amber’s sensitive skin. Mistress Lara practically lived in the stuff. Even now she wore stockings just as thin as her gloves, a cream piece like a reverse corset with cords crisscrossing the front, and a pair of pale yellow heels, all made of glossy latex.

But when you came to see Mistress Lara, she wasn’t the only one who wore it: she had a unique uniform for every sub on the Program. And deep down, that’s what Amber loved the most about visiting her.

She loved the way her black top clung tight to her curves. The way the buckles allowed Mistress Lara to control her breathing. How the cut of the thing didn’t quite cover her breasts but instead pushed them up into enticing cleavage with her bulbous areolas on show. She loved the choking grip of her studded collar and the restrictive embrace of the matching wrist and ankle restraints. She loved the way the ink-black stockings Mistress Lara sometimes made her wear clutched her legs, turning her on more with every step. And she loved how her glossy panties pressed so close against her pussy that every tiny movement massaged her clit or sent a new thrill through her folds.

Few of her other tutors permitted her to wear such clothes, but in Mistress Lara’s presence she was free to indulge all her latex fantasies – just so long as she could handle her brutal training methods.

‘I hear we have some visitors in the building today, is that right, little one?’ Mistress Lara peered down at Amber. Delving two fingers up to the first knuckle in her sub’s sex, she smirked as Amber’s face twisted with torment.

‘Yes Mistress. A few sponsors are onsite and Doctor Winters is giving them a tour before they meet their subs.’ Mistress Lara continued to tease her and Amber bit her lip to stifle a groan.

‘Well then, we’d better not disturb them. But it’s no fun if I don’t make you scream. Lucky for us I have just the thing to make sure we can have the best of both worlds.’ Beside her stood a wheeled metal table, the kind you might expect to find covered in surgical instruments in an operating theatre. Only this was laden with all manner of depraved toys. Reaching across, Mistress Lara lifted a bright blue ball gag and dangled it in front of Amber’s face. ‘See? With this little beauty we can have our usual fun without distracting our visitors.’

She paused, a cold edge entering her smile. ‘Then again, thanks to the Drilling it’s been a while since we played together. What with all your preparations and recuperation afterwards it must be at least a month. I’ve been dying to use my favourite sub hard, so maybe we’ll need something a bit more heavy duty to muffle your moans.’ Her eyes flashed wickedly. ‘Don’t worry though. I’ve got hoods that will keep you quiet as the grave no matter how loud you howl. For now though, let’s see how this fares.’

Pulling Amber into a seated position, Mistress Lara rose to her feet and slipped around behind her. The Domme’s bare pussy was flushed and twinkling; clearly she was just as horny as Amber.

Mistress Lara didn’t even have to give the order. Amber simply opened her mouth wide and waited for her to slot the gag into place. Once the ball was set between her teeth, the Domme buckled the leather strap tight behind Amber’s head. Then she ran her hands over Amber’s face.

‘I’ve been waiting to have you in my claws again, you little skank. To think all those men were out there pounding your cunt whenever they pleased and I was here going without. You neglected me. You know I never fuck outside these walls, but not once did you come to see me. You were too busy glutting out on their fat cocks, weren’t you? Well, I think it’s high time I punished you for ignoring your goddess.’

Wordlessly, she held out her hand. Amber knew what she wanted: her paddle. Obediently, she gave it to her Mistress. 

Already her jaw was aching, but she knew there was much worse pain yet to come. And pleasure too – divine, mind-bending, intolerably intense pleasure. The kind only a true Dominatrix could provide.

Striding around to face Amber, Mistress Lara slapped the face of the paddle against her outstretched, latex-wrapped palm. ‘Right then, Miss Smith. Class is in session…’

Weekend Away

The knot binding Mistress Maisie’s bikini bra unfurled in Amber’s hands. Allowing it to fall away, she looked up to find the beautiful woman peering over her shoulder at her.

‘Good girl. Now, take it off for me. The bottoms too. I’m tired of being so modest. I don’t know how all the vanilla guests cope being covered up all the time.’

Before joining the Program, Amber would have described the Domme’s bikini ‘skimpy’ at best and ‘slutty’ at worst, but ‘modest’ would never have even crossed her mind. Now though, she understood the sentiment perfectly; these days she felt more comfortable in the nude than any outfit her tutors had her wear, no matter how racy. She couldn’t even imagine going back to a life where she was unwilling to bare anything above the knee in public, and right now she was just as eager to escape the restrictive confines of her bikini as Mistress Maisie. But she would only do so once her tutor allowed it – until then she would follow the woman’s orders.

Reaching up, Amber lifted the halter neck up and over Mistress Maisie’s head, exposing her ample tits. She folded it up and placed it at the foot of the circular pouffe-cum-daybed they were lounging on. Then she moved on to the woman’s bikini bottoms. When they were off, Mistress Maisie turned to face her.

‘You’re looking gorgeous tonight, Amber. You know, I’m actually jealous.’

‘Jealous? Of me?’ Amber frowned. Mistress Maisie was one of the hottest women she had ever laid eyes on, so the concept of the Domme being jealous of her was difficult to process.

But Mistress Maisie shook her head. ‘No. Of whichever lucky Dominant gets to call you theirs once you graduate. If I was your type I’d be chomping at the bit to make you mine.’ When Amber raised an eyebrow she elaborated. ‘I’ve seen your stipulations. You want a Dom with a cock. And I’m glad you do. You’re the naughtiest little cocksucker I think I’ve ever seen and it would be a shame to waste suck skills. Sadly though, that puts me out of the running to be your Dominant.’ A mischievous smirk crossed her face. ‘Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t have my fun with you now.’

Before Amber could respond, Mistress Maisie drove her down onto her back and began lavishing her neck with kisses.

Amber groaned and melted into her embrace. The sound of the surf drifted in from outside. With it came a warm breeze, brushing over their soft bodies like the arms of an affectionate lover.

The beachside villa was a far cry from Mistress Maisie’s classroom. In place of whips and chains, the walls were hung with pretty watercolours and cultural décor, while the white lights gave the room a much less sordid aura compared with the red or pink glow Amber was used to. Part of her missed that, but at the same time this weekend away was its own kind of erotic.

The purpose for their trip was twofold. Firstly, it was an advancement of Amber’s ongoing sapphic training. Regardless of whether she wanted a male Dom or not, there was no telling whether she would be his only sub (she hadn’t specified either way), and even if she was there were still any number of reasons why Amber might need to know how to satisfy a woman – if her man was fond of hiring hookers, for instance, or if he liked watching a Domme have her way with his sub. Therefore the Program taught all subs to service men and women alike and this excursion was the next step in Amber’s lesbian submission training.

But in many ways, it was a reward more than a test. After all, Amber was already excelling in her woman-on-woman sessions, so in truth there wasn’t much for Mistress Maisie to teach her this weekend. However, after her exemplary performance in the Drilling all her tutors had agreed she deserved a treat. For most subs that would have entailed a night in the bed of a tutor of their choosing, but in this case they had decided something more was in order, so Mistress Maisie had driven the two of them out to the coast where they were to spend the weekend at her private villa.

As rewards went, Amber couldn’t think of anything better.

‘Mmmh, your lips are so warm and soft, Mistress. Like petals of sunlight. Mmmh, yes…’ Amber’s voice trailed off as Mistress Maisie continued to kiss her, trailing her lips over her neck and behind her ears.

‘Petals of sunlight, huh?’ she whispered into Amber’s ear, making her shudder. ‘That sounds very pretty. But the question is, what flower are those petals from? That’s important. After all, some flowers can cure your ills or make you feel good. But some are as deadly as they are beautiful. And some… well, some can drive you mad.’

With blinding speed Mistress Maisie was suddenly on her, kissing Amber passionately while pressing her naked body against her sub. The Domme’s skin was hot against Amber’s and immediately she was moaning into Mistress Maisie’s mouth, arousal consuming her.

Amber’s mind was a fog of lust when her tutor eventually pulled away. Her breathing shallow, she allowed Mistress Maisie to slip her hands beneath her and untie the knot of her bikini. Slipping it off, the Domme cast it aside before pressing her lips to Amber’s exposed tits. Pleasure blossomed through her torso. Her breath escaped as a gasp.

While it was true that she had specified she wanted a male Dom as her sponsor, that was a condition she decided on at the start of her training. In the time since she had been exposed to a much wider breadth of sexual experiences with a cornucopia of different lovers, and as a result her preferences were now far more varied. That wasn’t to say she had changed her mind about wanting a Master rather than a Mistress – although if anyone had a chance of turning her to the sapphic side, it was Mistress Maisie.

Ever since the start she’d been Amber’s favourite Domme. Partly because she was hot as fuck, but mostly because she had range, something her peers didn’t possess. Mistress Lara, for instance, was always savage. Mistress Khloe only did anal. Mistress Paige never dominated any sub without Master Hiro by her side. And there was no doubt that every last one was exceptional at their style of domination and taught their subject area well.

But Mistress Maisie was always changing. One day she might be the stuff of erotic nightmares – latex-clad from head to toe with studded flogger in hand – the next she would be the picture of high society, resplendent in a stunning evening gown, elbow-length silk gloves and glittering jewellery. She could be brutal or doting. Merciless or sweet. Sadistic beyond measure or sensual enough to make Aphrodite weep. Clearly tonight she was opting for the latter.

‘Mistress, I have a question.’

Amber’s tutor pushed herself up, hands planted beside the sub’s hips. ‘And what might that be, beautiful?’

‘Can tutors still see subs after graduation?’

Mistress Maisie knew what Amber was getting at. She smiled. ‘Of course they can. They can even sponsor subs if they want to. Most of us get all the satisfaction we need from our work, so we don’t feel the need to take a fulltime sub of our own, but we all catch up with old students from time to time. For example, one of my ex-students is owned by a wealthy couple who wanted a live-in sex toy to play with, but we book a hotel once a month and spend the night together. He tells me about his new life. I peg him to within an inch of his life.’ She grinned mischievously. ‘It’s all very enjoyable.’

‘Do… do you think that’s… that’s something we could do?’ Despite all her training – despite the fact Mistress Maisie had seen her at her most vulnerable time and time again – Amber couldn’t help being bashful. She felt like she was asking her crush to the prom.

‘Amber, I…’

But before Mistress Maisie could continue, the words were tumbling from Amber’s lips. ‘It’s just that when I started the Program I thought submission was all spanking and sex and orders and punishment. But I realise now that it’s so much more than that. It’s the deepest, most soulful kind of pleasure in the world. I know I don’t have a sponsor yet, but even when I do there’s some stuff a male Dom will never be able to give me. And I just thought maybe you could. If you wanted that, of course. It’s okay if not, I–’

Mistress Maisie kissed her then, slow and soft and passionate, cutting off her babbling. When she pulled back the Domme was smiling. ‘Does that answer your question?’

Amber nodded, eyes wide. They both hear her heart pounding.

‘Good. The thing is though, if we’re going to continue playing after you graduate, we should probably get to know each other a little more intimately than as just student and tutor. It’s all well and good playing the roles of heartless Domme and obedient sub. But sometimes when we hook up the only thing on our minds will be pure, uninhibited passion, no matter form that takes.’ Shuffling backwards, Mistress Maisie knelt between Amber’s legs. ‘Fortunately, we have all weekend together and nobody to disturb us.’ She paused. A sultry smirk crept across her lips. ‘Tell me, gorgeous, have I ever eaten you out?’

Amber shook her head.

‘Well then, allow me to remedy that.’

With that, Mistress Maisie leaned down, pressed her lips against the crown of Amber’s hip and undid the knot of her bikini with her teeth. Then, biting on the strap, she peeled the crotch away to reveal Amber’s tight, twinkling pussy just waiting to be devoured…

Sub on Sub

Amber pinned Ella’s hands suddenly on the sofa. ‘Hands off,’ she snapped. ‘Did I tell you to touch me?’

Despite being ordered to strip, the lithe brunette hadn’t even managed to remove her bra before she had started running her fingers over Amber’s curves. But Amber had her own orders – orders that didn’t involve getting frisky with the Program’s newest volunteer – and unlike Ella she was disciplined enough to follow them without getting distracted.

Leaning over Ella, Amber’s perfect body was wrapped in lace lingerie, her sultry curves looking even paler than usual against the young woman’s golden tan. For a few seconds Ella’s mouth hinged open and closed with no words coming out. Her eyes were fixed on Amber’s, unable to tear her gaze away.

‘No, but–’

‘But?’ Amber repeated, raising an eyebrow. ‘But? Do you know what happens to subs who backchat their Doms on the Program?’ With blinding speed she raised a hand and slapped Ella’s exposed breast hard. Her hand was back in place around Ella’s wrist before the brunette’s shriek had even left her lips. Amber leaned in closer. ‘That’s what happens. And that’s just a taste. If you’re going to survive here, you’re going to have to learn your place very quickly, or you’ll be spending a lot of time nursing your bruises.’

‘I just thought–’ Ella began, her breath shallow as a red mark rose on her breast. But Amber cut her off again.

‘No. You don’t think. That’s not your job. Your job is to follow orders. Your job is to behave. And if you misbehave around your Dom, an achy tit is going to be the least of your issues. Now, let’s try this again and we’ll see if you can keep your hands to yourself for more than five seconds. I told you to take off your lingerie.’

Standing upright, Amber folded her arms and pursed her lips. Ella obeyed.

Amber would never be a Domme. She wouldn’t even be a switch. Her devotion to a life of submission had not faltered ever since she started the Program five months earlier, and she dreamed of the day when she had a Dom of her own to serve.

But that wasn’t to say she didn’t have a domineering streak. So while she had no desire to take control of any ordinary lover, teaching inexperienced subs a few strict lessons in obedience was the perfect opportunity to indulge her authoritative side.

Happily, ever since her impressive performance in the Drilling, her tutors had trusted her with more important tasks – from ensuring visitors to the training centre experienced the Program’s unique brand of hospitality, to leading a handful of extracurricular classes on oral technique.

And today, Master Marcus had ordered her to prepare Ella for her first anal session.

Amber eyed Ella as she slipped off her panties, noting the overexaggerated faux-horny faces she made: she was trying to look sexy. Amber had to bite back a sigh. Ella’s tutors were going to have their work cut out training her. Beneath the surface Amber could sense potential in her, but she was a mess of lust. Worse still, she didn’t even know it. No doubt in her own mind Ella was nearly the finished article, only a few rough edges away from perfection. Yet she had touched Amber without asking any kind of consent, had disobeyed her very first order without apologising. Her arousal was blinding her to protocol. If she was ever going to graduate all that lust roiling inside her would have to be refined, channelled, nurtured. She would have to learn her place and remember her manners. And most of all, she’d have to follow orders.

Briefly, Amber wondered if this was what she used to be like. If Dani had ever thought the same things about her on that first day in Doctor Winters’s office.

‘Very good,’ Amber said once Ella finished removing her stockings. The girl stood before her wearing only her pink bead necklace and matching bracelets. She said nothing, her head down as she awaited her next order: perhaps there’s hope for her yet, Amber thought.

‘Now, if you’re going to be ready when Master Marcus arrives, we’re going to have to stretch that tight little ass out a bit. And to do that, we’re going to use this.’ She held up a gleaming silver butt plug, the base moulded to look like a rose. Ella bit her lip; Amber smiled. ‘Turn around.’

Ella obeyed, though not quite quick enough for Amber’s liking, which earned her a sharp spank. Bending her over with one hand, Amber slowly eased the plug into Ella’s tight hole, making sure to use lots of lube to help it slip inside. It took a minute or so – Ella was an anal virgin and Amber had no intention of taking things too fast – but eventually the plug was in place and the new sub was groaning and gasping as she acclimatised to the foreign mass inside her.

‘That’s it, just take it easy. It will take a bit of getting used to. When you’re ready, turn to face me.’

For thirty seconds or so Ella remained bent over, gripping the sofa and breathing deeply. Then, little by little, she straightened up and pivoted around again, careful not to disturb the plug too much as she moved. By the time she was facing her fellow sub, Amber had removed her own panties and pulled her tits free of her lingerie.

Moving suddenly, Amber looped an arm around Ella’s waist and pulled her close. Ella cried out as the sharp motion shifted the plug and sent pleasure flaring through her hips. This time she regained her composure a little faster.

With their tits brushing together and their toned stomachs pressed close, Amber leaned in with a conspiratorial expression. ‘It feels good, doesn’t it?’

Ella nodded, her lower lip shuddering and her eyes wide. ‘Yes,’ she breathed. ‘So good.’

‘This is just the beginning, Ella. If you let us, we will shape you into the perfect sub. No Dominant will be able to resist you and we’ll help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?’

Again, Ella nodded.

Amber’s expression twisted into a sultry smile. ‘Good. Because I can hear Master Marcus coming to join us. He’s going to show you what it really means to submit. But don’t worry, beautiful, I’ll be right here by your side. And if you ever get nervous, you can always distract yourself by putting that pretty face between my thighs and eating out my sweet pussy…’

Thanks for reading!

One thing that’s definitely a new addition to Amber’s story since 2019 is the involvement of lesbian training. Back then, it was always intended to be a maledom only storyline – not because I was against lesbian stuff, more because writing it didn’t interest me hugely at the time.

Obviously a lot has changed since then. Gaypril is now a staple of my blog, I’ve written more lesbian stories than I care to count, and I’ve also done plenty of stories involving trans models too. I think the inclusion of lesbian content in this series given that the original was supposed to be devoid of it really shows how much my writing has evolved and progressed over time.

The astute amongst my readers may have also noticed several references to male subs throughout Amber’s journey. As already mentioned, my writing has become much more inclusive since I started and it didn’t make any sense to me why the Program should be restricted to purely female subs. As was already highlighted in a previous story, submission is a great equaliser. I don’t know if I’ll ever write stories revolving around male or trans subs of the Program (be they gay, straight, or anything in between) but I’m very glad that I’m able to reflect the increased diversity of my work in this particular project.


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