Models: Dillon Diaz & Jenna Gargles Wrists bound behind her, slumped in the chair at the foot of her own bed and unable to draw her eyes away from the latex-clad stunner sprawled out on the bedsheets, Emma could no longer deny this was all her fault. She was to blame for the terrible slut Megan had become; like Doctor Frankenstein, she had experimented with forces best left alone and

Models: Amber Luke & Derrick Pierce ‘That’s it, gorgeous, feed on me. Feast on my power. You need my body. I am the only thing you live for. Worship me like the obedient mortal you are.’ Lilith watched her bald lover follow her orders with a mixture of adoration and contempt. Her lip curled as his mortal stench filled her nostrils, the scent of his soul revoltingly sweet to her.

These days, it’s hardly difficult to find someone a little freaky so long as you know where to look. And as it happened, Luna and Grey were experts in picking out the naughty from the normal. They had always had tastes for the more niche categories of sexual desire, and when rough-fucking threesomes and hardcore bondage were your areas of interest, it paid to be able to identify those of

Riley had always been nervous about sex. She had never felt particularly confident in her abilities, nor believed herself to be any more than average in appearance. Whenever she had gone out drinking for the night the wolf whistles and lingering stares had always seemed staged to her and she had tried as best she could to avoid the men lusting after her in the clubs. When she met Adrian