Models: Dillon Diaz & Jenna Gargles

Wrists bound behind her, slumped in the chair at the foot of her own bed and unable to draw her eyes away from the latex-clad stunner sprawled out on the bedsheets, Emma could no longer deny this was all her fault. She was to blame for the terrible slut Megan had become; like Doctor Frankenstein, she had experimented with forces best left alone and as a result she had created something she could not hope to control. Meg was a monster of Emma’s own making, and there was nothing she could do to stop her.

But that didn’t mean she was going to stop trying.

‘Listen, Megan, I –’

‘Meg. My name is Meg.’ Her smile was just a few steps short of deranged and her eyes glittered with warning.

Emma gulped. ‘Okay, Meg. I’m sorry. I know I messed up. What I did to you was wrong. I pretended to be your friend and used your trust to turn you into this. But we can fix it. We can turn you back together. All you have to do is cut me free and things will go back to the way they were before. We can both forget this ever happened and I’ll never bother you again.’

Meg stared at her for a few seconds. Then she burst into fits of giggles. ‘Oh sweetie, you’re actually serious? How cute. Why would I ever want to go back to being the old me? This body, this power, this pleasure – I’m never giving them up.’

Grinning wider Meg gave a cat-like stretch on the bed. She looked incredible. Her glossy hair hung in bleach blonde curtains around a pale, beautiful face made up in rosy blush and eyeshadow, her lips painted a dainty pink. Yet despite her innocent appearance, she was dressed like a dominatrix’s apprentice. Her slender physique was wrapped tightly in black latex consisting of high-waisted underwear and a cropped vest with a white pentagram emblazoned over the front. Fashionably hole-riddled stockings clung to her shapely legs, the mesh seemingly blending into the dark heels that pointed at the ceiling as she waved her legs back forth in the air. And to complete her edgy look, a host of tattoos decorated her skin, the ink of various different designs standing out against her white flesh. Even Emma, who was primarily into guys and had only dabbled with sapphic intimacy, couldn’t deny Meg was drop-dead gorgeous – in fact, if it wasn’t for the fact she feared what Meg was going to do to her, Emma would have dropped to her knees and begged for the chance to spend just a few hours together in private.

‘I’m just getting started,’ Meg went on. ‘That’s why I bought you here. I have a surprise for you. You gave me all this power, and now I want you to see what I can do with it.’ A cold edge entered her smile. ‘You wanted me to be a slut. And a true slut takes what she wants. Especially when it comes to men.’ She raised her voice. ‘Come in, Milo.’

Emma’s blood ran cold as her boyfriend strode into the room.

Milo was the kind of guy who stood out anywhere. Broad, black and burly, he was ruggedly handsome and carried himself with a cocky swagger as if to assure everyone he met that he knew full well how desirable he was. His relationship with Emma was founded primarily on incredible sex and the ability for each of them to brag about how hot their partner was at every opportunity, though for all their shared shallowness neither of them were inclined to cheat. Which was why Emma’s face dropped when she realised Milo was staring at Meg with an expression of open desire.

‘Hey babe,’ Emma tried, leaning forward and straining against her bonds to try and enter Milo’s line of sight. ‘Wh-what are you doing here? Are you here to help me? Please, come let me out.’

But Milo didn’t come to help her. He didn’t so much as look at her. In fact, he didn’t even seem to realise she was there at all. He simply stood waiting in the doorway, eyes on Meg’s latex-wrapped figure.

Rising to her knees, Meg’s smile spread wide enough that Emma felt sure it was going to touch the woman’s ears. As she rose she undid the zip of her latex underwear and peeled it off. What emerged from beneath made Emma’s eyes bulge: a long, flushed cock and shaved balls.

‘Do you like it?’ Meg smirked, her eyes flashing naughtily. ‘I decided I’d had enough of letting the guys have all the fun, so I used a little magic to give myself a womanhood of my own. Oh, also,’ she went on as if addressing an insignificant afterthought, ‘did I forget to mention that Milo’s my boyfriend now. And he’s always hungry for my dick.’

As if spurred on by the mention of Meg’s cock, Milo marched across to the bed and immediately dropped to his knees. Leaning forwards he opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around her head before assuming a slow, sensual rhythm, bowing his head to swallow her deep. He splayed out his hands between her legs as Meg coiled her fingers around the back of his skull. Though she exerted no pressure on him, her hand was there as a reminder that if he didn’t satisfy her she would take her pleasure for herself.

Meg watched her lover for a few moments – admiring the shift of his muscles beneath his shirt; savouring the heat of his tongue on her shaft; groaning softly as she glided in and out of his throat. Her free hand roved over her own body, tracing patterns over her skin with long nails.

When she finally looked up at Emma, she could see that her former bully’s will had already broken. Savage satisfaction swirled in her stomach. After all, Emma only had herself to blame.

As Megan, she had lived her life in fear of Emma’s humiliating torment and viperous tongue. But when the bitchy queen bee had approached her one day expressing regret and promising to make up for all her heartless behaviour, Megan had been naïve enough to believe her.

As it turned out, Emma’s idea of making amends involved extensive use of her grandmother’s spellbook. At first she had cast a few spells by way of an apology. Only little things – something to make Megan’s hair softer here, something to improve her complexion there – but they were enough to banish any lingering doubts Megan had about her motives.

Of course, the bitchy bully never had any intention of burying the hatchet. She was just bored, and the chance to irreversibly corrupt quiet, demure, goody two-shoes Megan into a raging nymphomaniac had been too tempting to pass up.

The problem was Emma didn’t know when to stop. Spell by spell she had transformed Megan into an entirely unrecognisable super slut. Once curly hair the colour of autumn’s last leaves unfurled into long, bleached waves; a petite figure grew taller and leaner and sexier by the day; fresh tattoos popped up with increasing frequency as a wardrobe of pastel skirts and flower-embroidered blouses gave way to latex and stockings and hotpants that were barely more than denim thongs. Eventually the process had become an addiction and, blinded by her own bravado, Emma had made a grave error: she’d granted Megan the ability to wield her own magic.

With the power to transform herself however she pleased and her old persona abandoned, Meg had gone completely off the deep end. Making herself the hottest, sexiest, sluttiest version possible, she’d thrown herself into a life of lust and depravity, all while Emma sat back and watched with cold satisfaction. For a while the spectacle of watching her former victim willingly abandon her precious morals had proved to be more erotic than Emma had ever imagined.

Little did she realise that Meg was using her magic for more than just sex and sluttery.

But now, as Emma watched Milo worship the latex beauty’s pulsing girl-cock, she finally understood that Meg was no longer her victim: Emma was hers.

‘But… how?’ she asked, unable to tear her eyes away from Milo’s shameless performance, her face a mask of heartbroken betrayal.

Meg toyed with a lock of her hair while her lover continued to go down on her. ‘It was easy really. You always used magic for physical things: you wanted better curves, prettier looks, increased stamina in bed. But you never thought to use it for less tangible pleasures – like, for instance, the mindless adoration of a rival’s boyfriend.’

Pulling up the underside of her latex top, Meg revealed Milo’s name tattooed on her side. Unlike the others this design glowed softly, exuding a pale red light that was far from natural. ‘That’s all it took,’ Meg went on. ‘Just four enchanted letters on my skin and his loyalty to you evaporated in a heartbeat. So long as I have this tattoo, your beloved Milo won’t even spare you a second glance. Instead, he’ll only see me. He’ll want me, crave me, adore me with all his soul. He’ll do anything for me, Emma. And you can’t even be mad because you’re the one who gave me the power to corrupt him like this in the first place. So now you’re going to watch him fuck me better than he ever screwed you.’

As she had been speaking, Meg had methodically unwrapped Milo’s powerful body. His shirt and jeans were in a heap at Emma’s feet, his socks and shoes were scattered across the floor, and his boxers dangled from the branch of a tree outside after Meg had flung them through the open bedroom window. Now the handsome black bull was utterly naked, his chiselled abs rippling with every movement and his impressive cock stood at attention. Emma had spent many nights worshipping that cock, but now it made her sick to look at knowing he was about to use it on the scheming bitch who’d reduced him to her puppet.

For the first time since Meg tied her up a new emotion clouded Emma’s mind: hatred. Deep, fiery loathing bubbled up inside her, pushing aside the fear and despair.

And as Milo slid his dick into Meg’s waiting ass, that hatred found a voice.

‘You cheating, filthy, ungrateful whore. You should be worshipping me. I’m the one who gave you this power and I can take it away just as easily. You think you’re better than me? You think you can tie me up and steal my man and I’ll just walk away? You have no idea who you’re dealing with, you lowlife skank. I’m going to make you wish you were never born. Your life will be a living hell. If you thought being a nerdy prude was bad, just wait until I get to work. By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be nothing but my simpering, snivelling slave, begging me every day for mercy. But I promise you, slut, I’ll never tire of finding new ways to ruin you, so I suggest you make the most of Milo’s cock while you can, because tonight is the last time he’s ever going to fuck you with it.’

Emma’s tirade left her breathless and she could hear the blood thumping in her temples. Rage boiled in her veins. Spittle frothed on her lips as if she’d gone rabid.

But Meg wasn’t even listening. While Emma was ranting, Milo started to thrust. Closing her eyes Meg beamed a blissfully slutty smile as his manhood delved deep into her hole, sending flares of eye-rolling pleasure sweeping through her insides. She groaned as he looped one burly arm beneath her stomach and planted the other on top of her own, his fingers coiling between hers and pinning them to the bed. Her bleached hair swayed back and forth as she rocked into him with each thrust, and though he was slow to start his pace gradually began to increase. Beneath her, Meg’s own dick twitched with ecstasy, the head dribbling precum over Emma’s bedsheets.

When she eventually turned to face Emma her mind finally registered her former bully’s threats. Rather than panic, Meg gave a mocking giggle.

‘I’m sorry, Emma, but I’m afraid you won’t be doing any of that. As a matter of fact, Milo will be using this’ – she shuddered, searching for the right word as the man himself plunged into her over and over – ‘almighty dick to make me scream my lungs out every night from now on. Better yet, you’re going to let him. See, I didn’t just bring him here so you could watch. I bought him here so you could join in. The way I see it, if there’s one thing more humiliating than being outwitted by the nerd you corrupted, it’s being made to adore her as well.’

‘I’ll never join you,’ Emma began, preparing to go on another foul-mouthed insult spree.

But then realisation came crashing in. Her blood ran cold, her stomach dropped, and her face went so pale she almost vanished into the whitewashed wall behind her. She opened her mouth to protest, but Meg already had her free hand in the air and a smile of pure evil on her lips.

‘Goodbye, Emma.’

The instant she snapped her fingers, a new tattoo appeared on Meg’s skin. Sitting just below Milo’s, Emma’s name glowed the same eerie red.

And all at once, Emma didn’t hate Meg anymore. She didn’t even dislike her. Come to think of it, she loved her. She wanted her more than she’d ever wanted anybody in her entire life, and all the fear and hate and betrayal she’d burned with just seconds earlier were swamped by a deep, soulful longing to satisfy Meg’s every desire. It didn’t matter that Meg was on her bed, being fucked by her boyfriend, wielding her magic – somehow none of that bothered her anymore. As far as Emma was concerned, Meg was perfect, and the chance to worship her very own slutty latex goddess made Emma the luckiest woman alive.

A dumb smile spread over Emma’s face as the ropes tying her in place undid themselves and slipped to the floor. But before she could move to join in, Meg held up a hand to stop her.

‘No, not yet,’ she said. She was on her side by now, Milo in position behind her. Her pale ass rippled with every thrust he made and while one broad hand supported her torso, he used the other to jerk off Meg’s pulsing she-cock. Though her words were firm, her eyelids fluttered as her body swirled with pleasure. ‘First, I want you edge while you watch us. If you’re a good girl and don’t cum, then I’ll let you join in. But only if you can keep edging until my man has filled me with at least half a dozen cumshots.’ She smirked deviously. ‘And as I’m sure you already know from experience, Milo here sure isn’t lacking in stamina. Of course, if you cum too early I’m afraid I’ll have to punish you. So for every orgasm you have, I’ll steal a cup size of those big, fat tits.’

For the first time, Milo spoke. ‘I have a feeling you’re going to be absolutely stacked by the time we’re finished, babe.’

An expression of impish glee on her pretty face, Meg turned to face him and looped an arm around his neck. ‘My thoughts exactly,’ she breathed. Then, leaning in to kiss her bull, Meg melted into his embrace as she heard Emma’s panties slip to the floor and the first of her former bully’s erotic groans begin to dance through the air…

Thanks for reading!

I have been wanting to write a story for this scene for absolutely ages at this point, but I could never come up with an idea that I felt did it justice. It’s probably been on my to-write list for at least two Halloweens now so I’m extremely pleased I’ve finally been able to write something for it, and all things considered I’m pretty happy with it.

As far as I can tell, this is also the first time I’ve used the work of Jenna Gargles on my blog. I’m very hyped to finally have her show up in one of my stories because frankly she is hot as fuck, and she’s actually narrowly missed out on appearing in some of my longform stuff in the past.

Obviously this being October, this story marks the first of my Halloween slate for this year. While I usually release additional stories over October to the tune of two or more per week, unfortunately that will not be the case this year. I’ve had massive changes to my life recently that mean I have less time to work on erotica, and as my readers will likely already know I don’t like putting out content I feel is subpar. Therefore rather than rush to complete extra stories, I’ve decided to stick to my regular weekly schedule so the ones I do put out are of a quality I’m happy with. It’s very likely that I’ll be using the same approach for other seasonal/themed events moving forward, namely Christmas and Gaypril. I’m sorry if my readers were looking forward to those extra stories, but I think this is the healthiest choice for me right now to avoid burnout and balance my time.

What this means is that this month you’ll be getting a new story every Friday as you usually would during an unthemed month. That said, there will be an additional story coming out on Halloween itself, so make sure not to miss that when it rolls around.

Thanks again for reading and I hope to see you back here next Friday for Halloween story #2!

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