Models: Michael DelRay & Dahlia Crimson Down on all fours amongst the tangled covers of Brandon’s bed, Aleesha smiled as the horny stallion drove his twitching cock into her ass. ‘That’s it, baby, slide it all in. I want every inch. My ass is all yours, gorgeous, so don’t be shy.’ Reaching back she clutched one of her plump cheeks with a tattooed hand and pulled it aside, spreading her

Models: Abella Danger, Phoenix Marie, Jada Stevens & Karlo Karrera Coming home to hear giggles echoing through his house was unusual to Terry for two reasons. Firstly, he lived alone. And secondly, the instant they met his ears, he felt the sudden urge to laugh along with them. Fighting the compulsion, he followed the voices of the intruders into the kitchen. But considering he was expecting to find a bunch

Lounging back on her soft pink sofa, Baroness Bubbles heard the man’s orgasm approaching through staccato moans and shallow grunts. Puffing a bubble into her gum she angled herself into his line of fire and was soon rewarded with a spray of his deliciously sticky seed. The strings of cum splattered across her face, neck and chest, slithering over her sweaty flesh like oil on water, decorating her beautiful features

Sliding out of her inky limousine, Madame Huntress took a moment to smooth down an unsightly roll in her latex dress. Snatching up the briefcase laid in the back seat, she closed the door and watched it ease away from the kerb, the silhouette of her huge bull at the wheel. Checking her watch, she pivoted sharply toward the large, medieval building before her. It had been part of the

When the agent entered the room, he found the woman fingering herself and moaning sensually. One hand groped her naked, engorged breasts while the other hammered latex-clad fingers into her slick wet pussy. She was sat towards the back of the padded room, her eyes closed. For all that she appeared oblivious to his presence he ensured that the taser remained levelled upon her person: she had the capability of

Pounding the plump, tanned cheerleader, Coach Green was increasingly certain he had made the right decision. At first he had been concerned that he had gone too far, had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to spin this, but the more he fucked the bratty bitch, the more he decided that giving his star player those football socks had been the best thing he could have done. He grunted

Even as she rode Chance’s incredible cock, part of Verity felt unbearably guilty. He would never have wanted this. How could she have betrayed him so completely? She was supposed to be his best friend. If anything had gone wrong with her plan he would never have been able to look at her again. But her plan had not gone wrong. And only part of her was guilty everything had

Agent Phillips stared through the two-way mirror at the lewd scene and sighed wearily. The room beyond was mostly dark, the occupants lit only by a single spotlight. They made an odd pair: the woman all but naked, her only attire being the open-backed latex skirt that was buckled tight to the metal pedestal. In stark contrast the man who was fucking her roughly from behind was clothed from head