Models: Xander Corvus & Brandi Love

Nina’s body throbbed with pleasure. She felt like somebody had taken the sensation of every orgasm she had experienced in her wilder younger years and poured them through her insides all at once. Every inch of her skin was hot as searing arousal burned just beneath the surface, yet unlike other, lesser women, she was not overwhelmed by it. Quite the opposite, in fact. It invigorated her, filling her with the kind of pleasure she had believed she would never experience again.

What was more, all the pleasure was tumbling through an entirely new body. Her sagging tits were now tight and inflated to astonishing size with unseen silicone; her greying hair was golden blonde which swirled down in lush waves around features as beautiful as they were devious – a deviousness which somehow only added to the beauty. Her entire figure – once dumpy and very clearly that of a woman who had put her partying days way, way behind her – was now a knee-weakening blend of sweeping curves, unblemished skin and raw sex appeal. Her new body was so orgasmic that the gleaming black latex catsuit hugging her curves was simply icing on the cake; it had replaced her loose t-shirt and mum jeans, and though the plunging bust boasted her incredible cleavage, she would have looked just as erotic no matter what she wore.

Turning to Jason her bulging chest heaved as the effects of her dramatic transformation subsided. She found him backing away with wide, astonished eyes. Before he could escape, she seized him firmly by the ear.

‘Where do you think you’re going? Don’t try and tell me you don’t have something to do with this. What the fuck have you done to me?’

Shame swirled over Jason’s features. ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. The thought just popped into my head. I don’t know how to control it… ever since I got cursed… I’m sorry.’

‘Stop babbling and start talking. What do you mean you got cursed?’

Wincing as pain shot through his ear, Jason trembled as panic threatened to overwhelm him but forced himself to slow down. ‘I… I was out at a party with Maisie a few weeks ago. I was tipsy and eyed this other girl up while Maisie wasn’t looking and the girl caught me staring. She tore into me, saying I was a creep and a loser. She said that since I don’t have any respect for others she was going to teach me a lesson.

‘I thought she was being stupid when she said she cursed me, but ever since then everything has gone wrong. When my mind starts to wander my intrusive thoughts become reality. It’s a nightmare. Girls’ clothes disappear when I stare at them, then their boyfriends chase me off thinking I have some kind of clothes-zapping gun or something; I can’t go to the gym without getting thrown out by a mob of angry transformed bulls and bimbos. And when I went to the cinema yesterday I nearly got arrested because I started daydreaming about a couple of the characters fucking and a porn parody started showing instead of the film – the staff thought I had some kind of transmitter and I had to run before the police arrived.

‘Maisie doesn’t know about it yet, but I came over to tell her. I was hoping she might know who the girl was so I can find her and beg her to lift the curse. But then I saw you, and Maisie has told me a lot about how her mum used to be wild and foxy, and I’ve always had a thing for cougars and latex and, well…’ He stared at her with a pitiful mixture of embarrassment and lust.

Nina, on the other hand, was happy to stare at her daughter’s boyfriend with lust and lust alone. Her shaved pussy was dripping wet in the confines of her catsuit and she was desperate for an outlet. But she had more on her mind than mere sex.

‘So what you’re saying is that if you think something, it comes true?’

Jason nodded, making a clear effort not to stare at her exposed tits. Nina suspected he was trying very hard to keep his mind as blank as possible.

‘Which means if somebody told you something, that would come true as well?’

‘Maybe,’ Jason said uncertainly, suddenly feeling like a fly snared in a spider’s web.

‘So I wonder what would happen if I were to tell you that from now on the curse would only turn things I tell you to think about into a reality?’

Nina posed it as a question, but she saw the exact heartbeat that the thought lodged itself in Jason’s mind.

Once the thought entered his head, the curse immediately took effect and Jason felt a chill tickle his spine as she smiled coldly. He paled, his eyes bulging as he realised the gravity of what she had just done. All Nina had to do now was plant a thought in his mind and it would become reality, and with his own thoughts no longer affected by the curse he had no way of escaping her control nor preventing her from using him to fulfil her darkest desires. She had just turned him into her personal genie.

Nina was clearly struck by the same comparison. ‘Now then. Let’s see what wishes you can grant me.’

With a wicked grin, Nina pushed him down onto the sofa. He landed heavily, disoriented by the surprising force behind her shove, and when he gathered his bearings he found Nina crouched between his legs, her latex-clad figure like a waking wet dream.

Her fingers were already hooked in the waist of his jeans, but before she could yank them away her hands fell still and a mischievous expression crossed her pretty features. ‘What am I doing? I don’t even need to lift a finger to strip you. Not when your curse can do the work for me. After all, you’re not wearing any jeans or underwear, are you?’

Reality shifted to match her words; Jason’s lower garments vanished in the blink of an eye, leaving him completely naked from the waist down.

Nina laughed, relishing her new power. She ran a teasing finger along his semi-erect shaft. ‘You don’t have to resist, Jason. In fact, you actually want this. You want me. Look how hard you are for me.’

Jason whimpered as his dick stood to attention, pulsing with arousal and so hard it almost hurt. Worse still, he could feel her words infecting his mind, warping his thoughts and desires with merciless speed. All at once, he was desperate for Nina – desperate for her body and attention, to satisfy her lust and obey her depraved commands, the man he had been when he first arrived in her house slipping away like sand through his fingers.

Yet at the same time, he was equally desperate to escape Nina’s clutches. He knew he only had himself to blame for what she had become, but everything about this was wrong. Not only was she his girlfriend’s mother, but Nina was happily married and would never have consented to any of this: if he could just somehow transform her back, maybe he could still set all this right…

Without warning, Nina swallowed his thick cock down to the base and Jason howled with pleasure.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,’ he babbled, his head collapsing back as wet slurping sounds filled the room. Nina’s agile tongue swirled hungrily around his cock, her lips sealed tight around the shaft like a red python gliding up and down, all while her warm fingers jerked him off into her mouth. Jason wasn’t sure if her incredible skill was born of her transformation, or if Nina’s wild younger years were as sordidly educational as he had imagined, but either way no woman had ever worshipped his cock with such slutty ravenousness.

Her impish eyes were fixed on his face. ‘Mmm, you taste so good, hunk,’ she purred when she eventually came up for air. ‘But you leave a little to be desired in size. I think we can make some improvements. Let’s add a few inches, shall we?’

Sinking down again, she smiled around his cock as she held up a single finger.

‘Holy shit,’ Jason cried as the curse took effect and his dick engorged.

Nina held up another finger.

Another orgasmic gasp. Jason could feel the tip of his dick burrowing deeper down Nina’s throat, burning with pleasure as it extended another inch.

This time, all five fingers went up.

The primal howl that tore from Jason’s lips was so loud it made his temples throb. Every muscle in his body tensed and he trembled uncontrollably as another three inches bulged in Nina’s throat. The sudden invasion drove her eyes up into her skull, her lids fluttering with blissful pleasure.

When she eventually came away, thick ropes of spittle and precum festooned the air between her lips and his shaft, which she promptly wound around the fingers of her free hand and slurped up hungrily before massaging the remnants into his dick with a fiendish grin. Although his erection had gone in impressive, it had come out as long as Nina’s entire forearm.

‘Oh yes, now that’s a cock I can really enjoy playing with,’ she said.

‘Please,’ Jason managed, his voice shuddering as pleasure threatened to consume him. ‘Please, this isn’t what I wanted. I didn’t mean to transform you. I… I just…’

A cold gleam stole into Nina’s eyes. ‘I don’t care what you meant to do. You’ve turned me into the sexual goddess I always should have been, and I don’t intend to waste this opportunity. Thanks to you I can see what a waste my life has been. I never should have stopped being a slut. So now you’re going to help me make up for all that lost time.’

‘What do you mean?’ Jason asked, knowing he would not like the answer.

Seizing his shirt, Nina dragged him into a seated position as she surged to her knees. They were so close her lips brushed his when she spoke.

‘I mean I never got married. I mean I never had a daughter. I mean the girl you love is somebody else’s child, and the man I walked down the aisle for is somebody else’s husband. I mean I’m a rich socialite who has spent every night for the past thirty years fucking hot studs and fulfilling all her naughtiest desires. I mean everybody I walk by in the street, man or woman, goes home fantasising about being dragged into my bed and worshipping my body. I mean you’re my adoring toyboy whose only purpose is to please me. I mean the life you knew is over, and you are going to spend every day from now on hating how much you love being my man.’

Jason only had a single breath to look horrified at her words. The next moment reality was twisting again, the curse moulding the world to match Nina’s desires.

Laughing at his shock, Nina tugged down the zip of her catsuit to expose her huge plump tits. Then she had dragged him into her bosom, crushing one tit against his face.

Powerless against the effects of the curse, Jason found himself sucking obediently on her nipple, twisting and twirling his tongue over her breast as his hands came up to grope her rack. Just as she had said, a mixture of lust and loathing cascaded through his system. But, as it always would from now on, the lust won out and Nina’s laughter melted into sensual groans.

‘That’s it, stud,’ she purred, closing her eyes and allowing the pleasure to overwhelm her, ‘worship your goddess…’

Thanks for reading!

So in my opinion this is one of the hottest stories I’ve ever written. Sometimes when you’re writing a scene it turns you on to an entirely new level and honestly this did that for me. I think it helps that the main character is portrayed by Brandi Love, who is one of my all-time favourite models, but seriously the sequence with her enlarging Jason’s dick by holding up her fingers to signify how many inches she wanted to add on – all while she’s going down on him, no less – ugh, I think that’s one of the hottest things I’ve read, let alone written. I don’t usually praise my own stories so highly but honestly I am obscenely happy with this one. I love it so much and I’m not afraid to admit that.

All that aside, this is the last story of March, and as most of my readers will know my April slate is usually a little different. As in previous years next month will be Gaypril on my blog, where all my releases are dedicated to gay and trans content. If you’re not into that kind of content I’ll be back to my normal mixed content schedule in May.

April actually falls quite nicely this year since it has four full weeks, and since I got ahead of the curve with writing them I’ve been able to produce enough pieces for two a week. Starting next week there will be a new story both Monday and Friday throughout April, consisting of one gay and one trans piece per week. These were a blast to write and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

So I hope to see you on Monday to kick of Gaypril 2023!


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