Models: AJ Applegate, Marcus London & Yhivi

Jade groaned as the man gripped her fat ass and drove in deep again and again. She didn’t even know his name – Maya had specifically opted not to tell her to make Jade feel even more like a cheap whore – but it didn’t matter. She would do anything to please him. Because that’s all she was now: a willing slave dedicated to serving her superiors.

And the one lover she yearned to satisfy above all others was Maya.

‘Mmmh, that’s it, take him deep bitch,’ Maya purred, stroking Jade’s cheek affectionately as the stranger pounded her. ‘You’re such a good little slave. Taking him all the way to the base for me. That’s it, show him how much you love to serve.’ She smiled as Jade began to rock desperately against the man’s hips, the slap of her ass against his crotch ringing through the room.

Maya’s face was so close to Jade’s their brows pressed together. The Domme’s breath warmed Jade’s face and despite the increasingly forceful distraction of her lover’s pumping cock, she could not avert her gaze from Maya’s eyes. They were almost hypnotic – pools of lust Jade could easily have drowned in.

Looking at the two of them, most people would have imagined Jade as the dominant half of their relationship. She was a good deal taller than Maya, had the outward appearance of a hot blonde alpha bitch, and stirred arousal in anyone who laid eyes on her regardless of their gender. Maya, on the other hand, was pale, petite, unassuming and had all the pretty innocence as the girl next door to the girl next door.

In reality, neither assumption could be further from the truth.

Jade’s entire existence was controlled by Maya. After months under her thumb, Jade’s devotion to her Mistress was absolute, knowing that failure to follow orders would result in harsh consequences. Yet it was more than just fear that drove her to serve – she was compelled by lust too. The bond between them was difficult to describe. Sometimes it felt like they were affectionate lovers, perhaps even girlfriends, while other times their dynamic was nothing more than that of a cold Dominatrix and her whimpering slave. But deep down they were connected, their souls tied together in a knot of lust they could never unravel.

For her own part, Maya delighted in exploiting the stereotypes people applied to her. Using her apparent innocence to her advantage, she would lure horny bulls or naughty sluts back to their rooms, only to reveal her true nature as a devious Domme once they were behind closed doors. Not that her prey ever had any complaints – the sight of Jade on her knees, latex-clad and waiting to worship them always bought them round to Maya’s way of thinking.

Jade and her Mistress were so familiar with one another by now that they could communicate without words. A single look from Maya – the raise of an eyebrow or the twitch of a smile – was as clear to her slave as any verbal command.

And as she stared into Maya’s eyes now, Jade saw unspoken orders in them.

Pulling away from the man she moaned with horny anticipation as Maya wound her leash around her pale wrist.

‘Come here, stud,’ Maya purred, gesturing to the white leather of the large ottoman he had been fucking Jade on. ‘Lie down and let my pet show you how well she can ride that big cock of yours. And while she’s at it, I’m sure you’ll want a nice view,’ she added with a devilish smile. Seizing the front of Jade’s latex dress she tugged down hard, baring her plump tits to the sound of a shocked gasp from her slave.

Jade soon found herself straddling the man as he reclined on the ottoman, his shirt discarded, his cock standing tall, and his face pressed between her tits. As he shifted his lips from one nipple to the other and back again, his powerful hands descended to her ass and guided her hips towards his waiting dick. Maya aided him, easing her slave into position before pushing her down with surprising strength for one so small.

Yet as he filled Jade’s pussy it was Maya who groaned. ‘Oh yes, go in deep,’ she breathed, her face twisting with pleasure. ‘Stretch her wide. Fill that tight cunt. She’s yours, baby, don’t be shy – I want to feel you ruin her.’

Jade watched her Mistress with jealousy burning in her eyes. Because while Maya squirmed and gasped with ecstasy despite the fact she hadn’t even removed her thong, Jade herself couldn’t feel a shred of pleasure. All the physical sensations of sex were there: the warm ache as he plunged in and out of her pussy, the wet swirl of his tongue over her nipples, the sharp sting across her ass as he spanked her. Yet it was as if somebody had hacked into her brain and removed her ability to feel pleasure.

Because that’s what her Lucky Deck card had done to her: it had turned her into Maya’s personal well of orgasmia.

With a single word, the sultry deviant could rob all of Jade’s pleasure. Any erotic sensation was channelled through Maya’s petite form while all Jade could do was hope her Mistress would have mercy sooner rather than later.

By now Jade knew the best way to earn Maya’s approval was to get her so horny she couldn’t resist rewarding her slutty slave. So, desperate to win back her stolen pleasure, Jade rode the man as if her life depended on it. Bouncing her hips hard she took him to the base, her fat ass jiggling and rippling with every sharp drop. Pressing her tits into his face she looped one hand behind his head to pull him in harder, and despite the fact they all knew she couldn’t feel an ounce of gratification she groaned like a slut on the brink of orgasm. Her ploy had the desired effect, tempting him into pounding her harder and drawing shrill gasps from Maya’s lips.

‘Holy shit. Holy fucking shit that feels good. This is so fucking hot: you’re absolutely pummelling her and she has no idea how incredible it feels.’

Maya beamed, her eyes closed as she rode the waves of euphoria. When she opened her eyes she caught Jade’s gaze and just for a moment the slave thought her Mistress was about to return her pleasure. But then Maya smiled coldly, dashing Jade’s hopes before she had even spoken a word.

‘But I’m afraid she’s going to have to wait to find out. I’ve had enough of playing proxy. I need to feel that amazing cock first hand.’

Within a matter of seconds, Jade was watching on enviously as Maya’s tight pussy stretched to accommodate the man’s thick shaft. His hands clamped around her parted thighs he plunged in hard before assuming a firm, fast rhythm. Each thrust sent ripples across Maya’s skin and her stockinged legs bobbed in the air, her leather heels gleaming in the bright light.

Maya had abandoned her clothes before reclining on the ottoman and now she allowed Jade to worship her body in a submissive display of devotion. Eager to please her Mistress she pinched and played with Maya’s nipples, kissed the supple flesh of her legs, nibbled on her earlobes and licked the pale curve of her neck.

Meanwhile, Maya was too busy admiring her lover to pay her slave much attention. There was primal hunger in her eyes as she drank in every inch of his body, from bulging biceps to swollen balls.

After a little while she allowed her head to fall back, her midnight hair splayed out around her head like a black halo. She grinned up at Jade as the bull continued to screw her hard and fast.

‘Fuck, those cards were the best thing that ever happened to us,’ Maya said, gasping as her man gave a particularly powerful thrust. ‘I can still feel it now: my whole body changing. My muscles melting, my shoulders contracting – everything about my frame getting thinner and smaller and daintier. My tits taking shape and my dick disappearing to give me this hot, wet pussy. Even the little things made me want to cum harder than I ever did in my old life. The tickle of my hair as it grew longer, or the tingle of my face shifting into the new me. I don’t think I’ll ever experience pleasure like that again. But that sure isn’t going to stop me trying. And since I get to feel your arousal too, I think I can get pretty fucking close.’ Tugging on Jade’s leash Maya pulled her closer so she was whispering in her ear. ‘Do you remember it, slut? Do you remember what it felt like becoming my bitch?’

Jade certainly could. She relived her transformation every night in her dreams, as if experiencing it only once simply wasn’t enough.

Her card had shown a beautiful woman down on her knees, hair tied back, eyes turned down, her only attire the collar around her neck. A female silhouette stood over the woman, curvy and imposing, while at the bottom were two words: The Submissive.

The man Jade used to be had just enough time to look up and find Felicity smiling back at him, a gleam of cold satisfaction in her eyes, and then his body had rapidly succumbed to the effects of the card.

All at once he was shrinking, his thuggish figure melting away as his ample muscles lost all their strength. In seconds his arms and legs became slender and delicate, his shoulders narrow, all while his barrel chest crumpled down into a slim torso boasting a pair of pretty little titties. Soft tanned skin devoid of hair gave his feminised figure a distinctly enticing appeal, as if tempting anybody who caught sight of him to run their fingers over every inch of his new body. As his hair came tumbling down in blonde waves he could feel his features shifting in short bursts: sudden surges of sensation that left his face tingling, followed by brief pauses as the initial changes settled, followed by another bout of tingles flushing his cheeks with arousal.

Though he was almost entirely female, his masculine persona had managed to cling on so far, fighting valiantly against the powerful lust coursing through his transforming body. But then his cock was shrinking. In his old life, he had always been the kind of braggart whose life revolved around his manhood – an arrogant jock through and through. Unsurprisingly then, the smaller it became, the less of his psyche cluttered his mind. And filling in the void came Jade. She sensed his shock and fear and protests fade, corrupted by the oppressive lust of his transformation. And by the time her new pussy had formed – tight and wet and quivering – the only thing left of the man she used to be was a few fragmented memories, as if to remind Jade how far she had fallen from her old life.

Drained by transformation, Jade was left in a heap on the floor, stark naked and glistening with sweat. Her only attire was the collar around her neck: black leather with a chain leash – an exact mirror of the one worn by the woman on her card. Dazed and panting, her mind buzzed with sordid desires layered over a persistent need to serve, as if submission formed the very foundations of her new psyche.

Because, of course, it did.

When she regained her senses she looked up to find Maya standing over her, wrapped in latex and wearing a devilish grin. She twirled a card in her hand like it was a throwing knife; The Domme showed a sultry figure clad in a figure-hugging studded harness exuding mischief from every inch of her erotic figure. In one hand she gripped a leash, which descended down to a blank silhouette at her feet. The silhouette of a kneeling woman.

In that moment, Jade realised her card their cards were two halves of a pair: they were quite literally made for each other.

Felicity smiled at them as Maya took Jade’s leash for the first time. ‘Ah, The Carnal Couple. It’s been quite some time since I saw anybody pull those. Save me a session with this one, won’t you?’ she said, looping one arm around Maya’s waist.

Despite the fact she barely reached Felicity’s shoulder, Maya gave off just as much domineering energy as the buxom head of security. ‘Of course. In fact,’ she began, only to beckon Felicity down to her level so she could whisper the rest of the sentence in her ear.

A wicked smile spread over Felicity’s face. ‘Oh yes, I like the sound of that.’ With that they had shared a sensual kiss while Jade struggled not to groan, the sight of her Mistress’ tight gleaming outfit accentuating her frame as she pressed herself against Felicity’s curvaceous figure almost too erotic to watch.

Jade had learned what Maya had whispered to Felicity a few nights later – a discovery which had involved a vibrating butt plug, a blackout hood, a host of large strap-ons and several male members of the Metamorphose security staff. Since then, Felicity had been a regular visitor to Maya’s chambers, always eager to make use of Jade’s ever-available holes.

‘Don’t just sit there, bitch,’ Maya snapped, dashing Jade’s daydreams.

She was spread out on the ottoman with the man’s load decorating her bare chest – Jade had been so lost in her thoughts she hadn’t even noticed him cum. Now Maya’s skin glistened with pearls. The man stood over them both, jerking his still-rigid cock while looking very pleased with himself.

‘I thought you said this little slut knew her place,’ the man smirked. ‘It doesn’t look like it to me.’

Maya’s cold eyes didn’t leave Jade’s as she replied. ‘Oh, don’t worry, she knows better than to disappoint me.’ Jade paled at the threat in her words. ‘Now then, slave,’ Maya went on, ‘if you want to earn your pleasure back, I suggest you start by licking me clean. After that, you’re going to have a little ride on your pretty pink sybian while this hot stud fucks my brains out – I know how horny it makes you watching me get screwed. Then once your orgasm is about to explode through me, I’ll give you everything back so I can hear you scream like the desperate whore you are. Doesn’t that sound fun?’

Jade said nothing. But she didn’t need to. Her arousal flushed through Maya’s body, drawing an impish smile over the petite Domme’s lips. ‘I knew you’d like it. So what are you waiting for? Get to work.’

‘Yes Mistress,’ Jade breathed. Then, sinking down to Maya’s level, Jade set about lapping the copious quantities of cum from her body – starting with her soft, squishy tits…

Thanks for reading!

For those who are interested, this is the second of the galleries I had picked out for the original heiress/valet idea I mentioned in my comments on the prologue. While Applegate is a new face to my blog, I have briefly included Yhivi in one of my Latex World Order stories and part of me feels like she’s popped up in my image captions at some point too. That said, I really want to write more for both of them again – but we all know how often I say that. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if I actually bite that particular bullet.


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  1. This Arousal by Proxy concept is quite psychologically interesting.
    Long-Distance Libido.
    Telepathic Punani.

    1. Yeah this was one I had quite a bit of fun with. I enjoy coming up with erotic concepts I haven’t read or written before, plus the role reversal of the stereotypes here was enjoyable to write too. Maybe I’ll write more with this concept in the future, but even if I don’t I’m glad you enjoyed this one!

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