Just Good Business – A Tumblr Rewrite

Models: Riah & Vespa

‘Impressive, isn’t it?’ said the man, squeezing Ed’s shoulder a little too firmly.

Even if Ed had tried to complain, the unyielding gag would have reduced his words to a muffle. Despite the hopelessness of his situation, a tiny part of him still clung to the empty belief that there was some way he could get out of this. But the rest of him knew that was impossible and the sinister tone of the businessman beside him – combined with the sight of the latex-clad woman locked up before them – only served to chip away at his remaining hope.

Ed was strapped to an upright wheel-mounted backboard. Before being lashed in place he had been stripped naked by the same two muscular henchmen who had then wheeled him into this room. Bare concrete from floor to ceiling, it contained only the strange bondage device at the centre of the room, the occupant strapped to it, and a glass tank full of swirling red gas connected to a reel of pipe standing in one corner.

As soon as they had entered, Ed’s gut had churned uneasily: something was very wrong with the restrained woman, though he couldn’t quite place his finger on what.

‘It took a long while to perfect, but – as you’re about to find out – what you’re looking at is the peak of technological advancement.’ The man laughed coldly. ‘You know I almost feel sorry for you. But you did try to sell me out to those bastards at the cartel, so I’m not that sorry. I’m mainly surprised you thought you could get away with it – I’ve honestly lost count of how many scumbags like you I’ve dealt with over the years, yet for some reason you thought you could betray me and get away with it. Still, a good body should never go to waste – that’s just not good business. And you’re going to make me a whole lot of money after this.’ He punched Ed almost amicably on the shoulder and grinned. ‘If my buyers like you, you could be the first of a whole new line of business for me.’

Ed had never been high enough in the ranks to have any idea what the man was talking about. In truth he hadn’t actually known what the gang was dealing in, let alone that this man was the kingpin. But despite not even knowing the man’s name, the longer Ed listened to him the more his fear escalated. Soon he was fighting his bonds and shouting through the gag.

But the straps were unyielding and his screams were no match for the gag – not to mention the fact that, deep in in the gang’s compound as they were, there was nobody coming to his aid even if they did hear his cries.

Smirking, the man turned to his two cronies. ‘Right, load him in, boys.’

Nodding, they removed Ed’s restraints, though their firm grip was no less restrictive as they marched him over to the central apparatus.

As they approached, Ed finally realised what was unnerving about the figure: it wasn’t breathing. A heartbeat later he realised why as the latex parted to reveal it was completely hollow. Almost biological in how it moved, the suit split first down the front and then the thighs as if parted by an invisible zipper. Even the studded leather restraints undid themselves and peeled back with the rest of the material as if waiting for somebody to fill it.

Because it was.

Ignoring his incoherent pleas, the men shoved Ed’s feet and lower legs into the shiny black tunnels that ended in black platform heels, and he heard a sequence of clicks as the clasps around the ankles tightened of their own accord. The moment his legs were locked in place Ed’s fate was sealed, but that didn’t stop him continuing to struggle as the brutish men continued.

Their boss watched Ed’s futile wriggling with a smirk. ‘You have no idea how difficult this beauty was to design. Every inch of the latex is inlaid with a genetically-enhanced virus capable of forcibly rewriting the DNA. The moment they touch skin they start working through your body just waiting to be activated. Hurts like a bitch I’m afraid, but if it’s any consolation you won’t remember a thing once it’s over.’

The men pushed Ed into the suit so hard he was briefly winded. As he spluttered they fed his arms into the latex limbs that wrapped behind the suit. The twisting was painful, but in a moment more cuffs had locked around his wrists and he could no longer move them either. Even as the men continued to work, the latex was already sealing him in; the thighs contracted over his own while the open torso merged back together until the corset-style stomach was crushing his midriff, the rims of the large hollow breasts clamping down on his chest. In under a minute only his head remained free, though that didn’t last long.

The neck brace unbuckled itself and the full-face hood folded back so the men could force his head into position. Ed’s muffled pleading was abruptly cut off as the brace slid chokingly back into position and buckled tight. Imprisoned and helpless, Ed could feel the latex hood rising up behind him.

In the final seconds before it sealed, Ed met the gang leader’s cold gaze.

‘Ah yes, the mask is my favourite part. In some ways I envy you. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have the gas rewrite my mind – then again, if I ever found out then I wouldn’t be very good at my job, would I?’

Then the mask descended, crawling down over his face to merge with the material of the neck brace and seal him in for good. With the breathing tube on the suit’s mouthpiece acting as the only inlet of air, Ed’s already panicked breathing became even more difficult.

The suit was a terrible fit: the corset had his ribs creaking, the legs were too tight around the thighs and too loose around the shins, and his ass did not remotely fill the available space, not to mention how painful the crotch area was crushed against his balls. A foreign tingling sensation wriggled under his skin and rose in intensity with every passing second. He could see nothing.

But he could still hear, just about. Enough to pick up on somebody moving in the room; enough to hear a sound like a hosepipe being unwound from its reel. The sound drew closer until he realised with a jolt what it was: the pipe to the gas tank. No sooner had the realisation hit him than it was confirmed when the supply of fresh air was cut off as the pipe was connected to mask’s mouthpiece.

And then the gas was pouring down the pipe and swirling into his mouth. His gasps of fear only helped the gas infiltrated his lungs faster. Diffusing into his bloodstream it activated the virus now embedded in his cells, and within barely a second of inhaling the corruptive aerosol Ed was convulsing so violently the inch-thick bars holding him in place groaned under the strain.

The kingpin’s lips curled into a sadistic smile as Ed’s stifled screams filled the room. The suit thrashed hard, and not for the first time he made the mental note to have his people develop a transparent version of the suit so he could enjoy the view. Of course, he knew exactly what was happening; Ed’s DNA was being mercilessly rewritten, his mind violently recoded, and in less than ten minutes his body would be moulded into a perfect replica of the suit in which he was now contained – ass, tits, pussy and all. His mind would be an obedient, cock-addicted mush, and for the rest of his life Ed would be nothing more than a nameless, mindless cocksleeve.

As far as the gang boss was concerned, it was the perfect punishment: no possibility of a revenge plot, a terrifying warning to those considering betraying him, and a healthy profit earned from the sale of a living sex toy.

Turning to his henchman he addressed them sharply. ‘When she’s done get her disconnected and ready for display. You know the drill. Suit and mask stay on, and keep her restrained. The last thing we want is her jumping on our bidders in the hope of a little cock. The auction is in an hour, so she better be ready for sale by then or you’ll be next in line.’

Without waiting for a reply, the kingpin stalked from the torture chamber with Ed’s screams like music in his ears…

One week later, the highest bidder eyed his freshly delivered drone.

To avoid any unwanted attention from any guests he might entertain, her storage room was hidden behind a secret door and soundproofed for good measure. As it turned out that last choice was definitely worthwhile, because although she no longer had enough brainpower to speak that didn’t mean she was quiet. In fact, she was quite the screamer. As a result, given that her new owner liked to store her with a vibrator pressed against her pussy to ensure she was nice and wet whenever he came to use her, only the combination of an in-hood gag, over-the-mouth leather strap, and three inches of the finest acoustic insulation money could buy was able to mute her orgasmic wails while she was in storage.

As delicious as she looked encased head to toe in latex with even her restraints adding to her appeal, her master could not wait to strip her out of it. He would keep the collar on though: that was never coming off.

Drawing closer, he stroked the side of her hood before suddenly seizing her gleaming black breast. Her desperate moan drew a chuckle from his lips.

‘We’re going to have lots of fun, you and I,’ he grinned, ‘lots and lots of fun…’

Thanks for reading!

Now this one has a story behind it! For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you may have noticed that I actually released a story called ‘Just Good Business’ just a few months ago in February. In the comments to that piece I mentioned that when I went to save it under that title I actually got an error message asking if I wanted to overwrite an existing document. That document turned out to be a Tumblr story I’d released back when I first started writing erotica and that I had totally forgotten about until then.

Although I don’t like reusing titles, I chose to release the blog story under that title because I felt it was a much better fit compared to the original Tumblr piece. Given that I only started releasing content on Tumblr after their purge of adult content, I often felt constricted in what I could and couldn’t release – so much so that in the end I stopped releasing content on there entirely – whereas that blog story had no such restrictions.

But that got me thinking: what if some of those old stories were worth salvaging? What if I could release updated versions on this blog and do them more justice than Tumblr allowed for the first time around? With those questions in mind I went through all of my Tumblr stories and picked out all the ones I wanted to rewrite, and I was actually surprised by how many made the list. What surprised me even more though was the fact that I’m actually pretty damn excited to write them.

All of which is to say that this will not be the last Tumblr rewrite you see on this blog. I’ll admit that not all of them will be as faithful to the original as this. For one reason or another some will be actually quite different and only loosely inspired by those old pieces. What’s more, most if not all will use completely different images than they did on Tumblr; I have discussed many times on this blog how my decisions on what images I use in my stories has evolved over the years, and looking back on my Tumblr releases is a stark reminder of that because effectively 100% of the images I used back then would never be used in my stories today. As such, these stories won’t simply be lazy reskins – I intend to rework them from the ground up including images and storyline, however much work that requires.

The only thing I will not be changing, however, are the titles. As much as I don’t like reusing titles, in these circumstances it felt like the right thing to do. And given that this was the story that initially inspired me to try a rewrite it felt only right for it to be the first one I released. At the end of the day, I like the idea of being able to reflect on old stories by updating them to my current standards. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll do that for some of my old blog stories too – ultimately some of those suffered from the same lower standards as my Tumblr stories. Having said that, right now it’s just the Tumblr rewrites I have in the works, including one out next month, so make sure you come back for that!

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