Bribing The Principal: Part 1

Models: Alexis Tae & Ricky Johnson

Though he tried his best, Alex couldn’t help the self-satisfied smugness that had settled over his broad features. He could read any man with effortless ease – Alexis had taught him that – and to him the principal’s stern expression and confident bearing were like an open book.

No doubt the principal had turned away countless young men like Alex from his prestigious university. He was probably offended at Alex’s very presence in fact, let alone the idea of having him enrol. As far as the principal was concerned, he was simply going to reject Alex’s scholarship application and forget about him within the hour.

But Alexis had taught Alex something else too: no man’s resolve was unbreakable. And it was difficult not to break out laughing knowing that within a matter of minutes the principal would be offering him a whole lot more than an enrolment card.

Alex wrestled down the bark of laughter that rose in his throat when the principal looked up at him. The stern, self-assured edge in the man’s expression was so adorably misplaced it was a struggle to look him in the eye.

‘Well, Master Taylor, I can honestly say I’ve never met any applicant quite so arrogant. I’ve had plenty of students come to me a few marks shy of our entry requirements hoping to sway me with a little heartfelt pleading or some sorry story to explain themselves. But you… how does all that ego fit in one person? Your attitude is frankly appalling.’

Alex knew it was meant as an insult – after all, he was over six foot tall, built like a walking tank and utterly dwarfed the principal, so it would have taken a vast amount of ego to overfill him – but the comment only curled the edges of his lips into a barely suppressed smirk. Aw, you really think this is all the attitude I have? You’re so cute.

‘I mean look at these grades,’ the principal went on, gesturing to the papers spread out over the low coffee table. ‘You wouldn’t have the qualifications to clean the gym showers, let alone land a scholarship. I don’t even understand how you made it this far through the application process – your papers should have been scrunched up and thrown away the moment my secretary opened them. I assure you, she will be getting a severe talking too once we’re finished here.’

You really shouldn’t blame her. She was so desperate for a good fuck she’d have agreed to anything Alexis asked – getting my papers onto your desk was hardly even a trifle for her.

The principal continued to detail his displeasure, but Alex wasn’t listening. Instead he was eyeing the man with a calculating shrewdness that really didn’t belong on the face of a huge jock like him.

He’s tanned as a Mediterranean skipper. That’s good: means he’ll be able to afford to take me away. And fund as luxurious a lifestyle as I like. Still, he could do with being a bit hunkier, but that won’t be a problem. What muscle he can’t gain from fucking me senseless he can acquire with a little recreational assistance. I’m sure I’ll be able to find someone willing to supply me a bull pill or two.

‘Do you have anything to say for yourself, Master Taylor?’

The principal’s question dragged Alex from his thoughts. Holding the man’s harsh gaze, he gave a shrug, the ghost of a smirk on his lips. ‘What can I say? I’m interested in different pursuits than education. I guess I just lost interest in studying once something better came into my life.’

‘And what might that be? A girl?’

You could say that, Alex thought, unable to stop his smirk widening. But he simply shrugged again. ‘Drugs.’

The principal looked as though Alex had driven a blade through his stomach then dropped his trousers and pissed on him while he was dying. ‘Drugs?’

Alex nodded, casting the principal a mischievous wink as he tapped the side of his nose conspiratorially. ‘Yep. Don’t tell my folks though – they still think I’m a model student. In fact, as far as they’re concerned I’ll pass this interview with flying colours. So do me a solid and give me the scholarship, would you, prof?’

Enraged, the principal surged to his feet. ‘That does it, young man. I don’t know who you think you are or what game you’re trying to play, but I’m afraid it won’t fly here. If you seriously think I’m about to admit an addict into my university, then you’re nothing short of an imbecile. I hope your parents are as disappointed in you when they discover the truth as I would be if you were my own son. I suggest you don’t waste any more of my time or you’ll find yourself escorted off campus by security. Good day, Master Taylor.’

The principal made to stride off, but Alex was already blocking his path. He placed his hand on the principal’s chest with surprising delicacy, the smile on his lips decidedly fiendish.

‘Not so fast, principal. You see, I didn’t tell you what I was addicted to. And I think you’ll be much more accommodating once I show you.’

Alex shivered with anticipation as he produced a vial of Elixir from his pocket. Though he’d only taken the last dose a day before to fuck the principal’s secretary, it felt like an eternity since he’d tasted it.

He hadn’t been lying – he really was an addict. All day Alexis had been swirling through his head, desperate for release. Only this time, once she was free she’d be out to stay.

Popping off the stopper, Alex didn’t bother explaining what it was before he threw it back. He was willing to bet the principal had confiscated a dose or two from experimental students in his time, but if not then he’d soon see what it could do.

Slim black woman poses in sports bra and white panties

Alex had lost count of how many times he’d submitted himself to the miraculous effects of the Elixir, but he knew it was a sensation he could never grow tired of. He could still remember how he’d moaned and screamed with orgasmic ecstasy the first time he’d become Alexis, but now he simply grinned, closing his eyes to savour what he knew would be his final transformation.

From the principal’s perspective it looked like Alex was collapsing. His huge, towering frame crumpled to less than half its size in a matter of seconds, almost every inch of muscle mass vanishing in a heartbeat. Before the astonished principal even had time to think, the massive jock was gone, a lithe, stunning woman having taken his place.

At first only her face and lower legs were visible, the rest of her body obscured by Alex’s shirt which now buried her like an oversized poncho, but they alone took his breath away. Her grin was as impish as it was seductive, her dark brows fastidiously plucked, and her hair was long and glossy and black, worn high in a spreading ponytail. Everything about her features seemed to inspire lascivious thoughts, and though he tried not to, the principal couldn’t help but imagine that face grinning up at him while sucking his cock.

Once she wriggled out of the shirt, he found that Alex had been wearing panties and a sports bra beneath his clothes. Both now hugged her lean figure, the white underwear almost sheer and the red bra stark against her smooth, luxurious skin. She had barely any bosom, but somehow that only turned him on all the more – she looked capable of contorting herself into any sexual position he could conceive, and all at once he wanted nothing more than to make hard, forceful use of her athletic body.

The principal stared at her in shock.

‘So, do you like what you see, baby?’ Alexis purred, plucking the straps of her underwear with a naughty gleam in her eye.

‘I… I…’ He trailed off, unable to find the words.

She swayed her hips and ran her hands through her hair. As she did so, she twisted to the side a little, allowing him a better view of her round, fleshy rump. ‘Are you always speechless when you see a pretty girl, sir? Is that all it takes?’ She giggled, and he felt his erection begin to grow.

Catching himself staring, the principal pushed down his arousal. ‘Look here, Master… Miss… Taylor, this has gone quite far enough. I don’t know what your scheme is, but I’ll have no part in it.’ He did his best to sound authoritative, but as he looked at her his mind was elsewhere, envisioning her nubile body writhing and rocking and rolling against his own, imagining what she could do with those gleaming pink lips…

Alexis’ expression turned wicked then. ‘Oh you know exactly what my scheme is. I think you’ve known ever since your secretary came in flustered, my lipstick still on her neck, and handed you my papers. Why else would you even agree to see me? My application wasn’t just a longshot, it was a joke, and you knew it from the start. But we’re here anyway. And do you know the best bit? You want this. You want me. And I’ll prove it.’

Slim naked black woman covers breasts and sex with her hands

The principal wasn’t sure what astonished him more: how quickly Alexis was able to shed her clothes, or how much more divine she looked without her clothes on.

She moved so swiftly that he never caught sight of her privates – one moment she was dressed, albeit skimpily, the next she was standing nude with one hand covering her small breasts, the other pressed against her sex. It all happened before he could blink.

‘Come on, principal. Don’t you want to see what I’m hiding under these hands? I know I for one would much rather have them tangled up in your hair or jerking off your thick cock. Wouldn’t you like that, baby?’

The red flush of embarrassment had risen in his cheeks, but his erection had risen too and there was no hiding it, not in his sleek tailored trousers. Eyeing it, Alexis said nothing, but the lewd smile and hungry gleam in her eyes was more than enough to send the principal’s mind into a tempest of hedonistic ideas.

‘I couldn’t possibly…’ he began.

‘But you could,’ she hissed, suddenly against him. He could feel her hot breasts through his shirt and he shivered as she held him close. Her voice was hushed and urgent. ‘You could do whatever you like to me. Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it. About taking one of those nympho sluts that strut around campus in next to nothing to one side and treating them how they’re desperate to be treated. They want to lure in the jocks and bulls, but they have no idea what a man like you could do with them – to them.

‘But they’ve got boyfriends and parents and cliques you’d have to contend with. They’d sell you out in a heartbeat once they tired of you. I’m not like them. I can be yours. All you have to do is fuck me good and be my sugar daddy. And in return you get your own personal slut morning, noon and night. Hell, I don’t even really want a scholarship – being your student would only complicate things. I just wanted to meet my new stud face-to-face.’

She paused and took a breath, inhaling a lungful of his scent. Her lips brushed over his as she spoke. ‘I’ve transformed so many times, you know. I’ve lost count. But I was always careful. Never took enough to make things permanent. But that vial? That was full of the most potent Elixir I could buy, one hundred times more concentrated than the average dose. I’m never turning back. So, are you going to make sure my overdose was worthwhile or not? We could do it here, if you like. I mean, anyone could walk in, but maybe you’d like a voyeur.’

Her words seemed to startle the principal into action. She was right – anyone could walk in. He had met Alex and the other applicants shortlisted for the scholarship in the main reception to try and keep things friendly and informal. It was evening now, and the reception staff had gone home, but the campus was far from deserted.

What would a visitor find if they stumbled in now? The principal in the clutches of a naked, needy slut – it would ruin him.

Seizing her by the arm, he practically threw her through the door into his office, and although he was gripped by panic he didn’t fail to notice the erotic softness of her skin.

‘Mmmh, I like it when you manhandle me,’ she purred as he locked the door behind them. ‘Oh, locking me in are you, principal? Whatever would people say if they found out?’

Slim naked black woman gives oral sex to hung man

‘Shut up,’ he hissed, dropping the blinds to ensure their privacy was absolute. He marched over to his desk and took up the phone. ‘I’m calling security.’

Alexis scampered across to him and hopped up onto the desk, her plump ass cheeks spreading over the polished wood. ‘Go ahead. But what are you going to tell them? What are you going to say when they come in here and find me naked on your desk? Or when I tell them you dragged me into your office?’ She fixed him with eyes that could see into his soul. ‘Stop lying to yourself. You want me more than you’ve ever wanted any woman in your life. And you’re never going to get a chance like this again. I’ll be your personal cumdump. You can use me like a cheap hooker and I’ll only ever want more. All you have to do is stop pretending you don’t want me. Indulge yourself for once. Let all those fantasies you’ve pushed down take hold. Come on, daddy, show me how you put a bad girl in her place.’

Slowly, deliberately, the principal slotted the phone back in its holster. His stare was lustful loathing. Alexis could already taste his juicy cock on her lips.

‘I fucking hate you,’ he growled, rounding the desk and seizing her by the throat.

But Alexis only grinned. ‘Then put that hatred to good use. Fuck me like you despise me, baby. Use me rough. But just do one thing for me. Fuck my face first…’

Thanks for reading!

As you can probably tell from the title, this is only part of Alexis’ story. This one has been sat in my backlog for a while, and since I am taking a month’s break in July, I figured it would be fun to finish things off with a saucy two-parter. The second half will come out tomorrow, so be sure to come back and see just how much of a slut she truly is.

One of the reasons I love this story is that it showcases the work of Alexis Tae; after I wrote the Seven Sexy Sins series in which Tae depicts Pride, she became cemented as one of my favourite models. Her galleries are smoking hot and her impish aura is perfect for the kinds of stories I write. So I’m thrilled to be using her work here again, and there’s more to come from her tomorrow!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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