Models: Jerry Kovacs & Kristen Scott

Oliver couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The shameless slut standing in his fraternity’s common room had clearly left all her inhibitions on the doorstep. She grinned as she lifted the hem of her sequined dress to reveal her lack of underwear, and her grin only grew wider as he stared half-shocked, half-tempted at her bare pussy. She twisted her hips from side to side like a stripper trying to tempt her audience to part with more money, her bright blue dress glittering almost hypnotically. And every now and then Oliver caught a gleam in her eye that was so horny it bordered on deranged.

It was difficult to believe that only a few days ago she had been George, the scrawniest, most pathetic nerd on campus and Oliver’s favourite source of entertainment.

‘Come on, stud, you know you want to,’ she said, allowing him a glimpse of her soft ass. ‘I can see it in your eyes – you want to fuck me so bad it hurts. So why don’t you do it already? Show this bad girl a good time.’

Oliver had to admit, he had expected George to come grovelling on his doorstep at some point, but this certainly wasn’t what he had expected the unfortunate nerd to beg for. He wasn’t sure how to respond. 

‘Listen, I get it, I went too far last week. I’m sorry. But George, I was drunk and…’

The woman was against him before he could finish, moving so fast she was a blur. Seizing him by the shirt she pressed her face close into his while her free hand slipped beneath his top to caress his muscular chest.

‘It’s not George. Not anymore. I’m Jorgi. And I don’t want your fucking apology. I want your cock you bastard. I want you to fuck me so hard I can’t think straight and I want you to make sure I never turn back into that pathetic little cunt I used to be. Now grow a spine and use me or I’ll find a real man to do it instead.’

Grabbing her by the hair, Oliver yanked her head to one side. His cock began to swell as she gave a fiendish giggle. ‘You’ve got a big mouth bitch, you know that? I was actually thinking about letting you off the hook, but if you want to be a stupid fucking slut for the rest of your life, then I’m going to make sure you know your place: on the end of my dick.’

Jorgi grinned, her eyes orbs of pure mischief. ‘Prove it.’

‘Oh, I intend to,’ he hissed.

His lust rising rapidly, Oliver snatched a bunch of multi-coloured beaded necklaces from the cluttered mantelpiece left there after the New Year’s party last night. Dropping them around her neck he seized them roughly and twisted so they closed tight around her throat. It was the closest he could get to a leash.

‘You won’t be needing this anymore,’ he growled, whipping down the zip of her dress, which fell in a heap on the floor. Oliver kicked it a way as he threw her onto a low leather chair.

Last night’s party had left the common room an absolute mess. Balloons littered the floor, paper cups and disposable plates were everywhere, and almost every surface was covered in a fine layer of glitter and streamers from all the party poppers they had set off at midnight. The chair Jorgi landed on was no exception. The glitter stuck to her instantly, the reflective foil shimmering as she rolled onto her side.

Oliver didn’t have much to strip off: he had been too drunk last night to disrobe properly, so he had gone to sleep shirtless in only his jeans. But now, despite the fact it was barely past sunrise, he was wide awake and sober as a monk, his arousal in total control.

His cock was already hard as it swung free, but the look on Jorgi’s face as it appeared only turned him on all the more. Her eyes shone with all the primal hunger of a starving predator stalking a plump, defenceless victim. She didn’t just want his dick, she needed it more than air or food or drink.

Oliver opened his mouth to command her. But he never got that far.

Springing forwards, Jorgi practically inhaled his cock. His entire length vanished down her throat as she worked her way down like a snake swallowing its kill. She only remained in the position for a few seconds, but for Oliver it felt like an eternity as white-hot pleasure erupted across his crotch and flared through his insides. When she finally came away her lipstick was imprinted in a rosy ring around the base of his shaft.

‘Holy shit,’ Oliver said, trying to catch his breath. ‘You’re not a slut. You’re a fucking psycho. I guess George really is dead.’ He swung his cock from side to side. ‘Come on then, whore. What are you waiting for? If you want me to pound that tight cunt, you’re going to have to earn it.’

Jorgi did not wait for a second invitation.

Coiling a hand around his thigh, she set to work worshipping Oliver’s dick as if her life depended on it. Her tongue swirled around his shaft with increasing speed, while her lips were sealed so tight he wondered if she was actually trying to suck his cock clean off. With her spare hand she caressed his balls and jerked him off into her mouth.

But despite the astonishingly hot view on offer, it was her eyes that fuelled Oliver’s arousal the most.

There was simply nothing of George left in her stare. Not even a shred of resistance had survived Jorgi’s lust and now she was in absolute control. In the week since first transforming George, Oliver hadn’t thought much about his prank. After all, the effects would wear off sooner or later. But the thought that the former nerd had been locked away in his room gradually succumbing to Jorgi’s sluttiness, had slowly lost himself as she took over… it was so hot it hurt.

And Oliver couldn’t keep his horniness contained any longer.

Oliver moved so quickly Jorgi had no time to respond. One moment she was feasting on his dick, the next she was on all fours facing the Christmas tree, Oliver’s powerful hand wrapped in her hair and his glistening cock pressed against the folds of her pussy.

Immediately she was begging. ‘Oh yes, fuck me baby, please, don’t let me change back.’

Oliver tightened his grip in her hair, sending bolts of pain across her scalp. ‘Just tell me one thing, bitch. Did he fight it? Did he try to resist? Or did he just give up?’

Jorgi smiled impishly. ‘Oh, he tried to resist alright. But I’ve spent all week playing with myself and fantasising about you and he just couldn’t take it.’

‘What a fucking loser,’ Oliver laughed. Then, pulling her back by the hair and driving his hips forwards, he sheathed himself in her hot wet sex.

Their united groan was a sound of pure depravity. While Jorgi’s eyes rolled back and a slutty smile spread over her lips, Oliver’s face twisted into an expression of cruel amusement. As her tight pussy clutched his cock, throbbing pleasure arced through his hips and torso.

Without him even needing to tell her, Jorgi began to rock, her glitter-speckled ass slapping against his crotch with every bounce of her hips. Oliver watched her flesh ripple and her little tits bob back and forth as she took up a frantic pace. Groaning and gasping and giggling deliriously, she was utterly shameless. All the primal lust her transformation had infected her with finally had a release, and before long she was begging for more.

‘Oh my god… oh, that’s it babe… don’t stop… deeper… harder… use me rough… yes, that feels so good…’

Oliver spanked her fat ass, sending glittery stars flying. ‘You know, when I invited George to the Christmas Eve party, I didn’t think he would actually show up. I mean it was so obviously a prank. He didn’t really think we were going to let him join in, did he?’  

‘Of course he did,’ Jorgi replied, the beaded necklaces swinging about wildly. ‘The thought that you might spike his drink didn’t even occur to him. He actually thought you wanted to apologise for bullying him.’

The two of them laughed coldly at George’s stupidity. Oliver could feel his orgasm building, and the contempt in Jorgi’s laughter only pushed him closer to the brink, but he fought to control himself as she went on.

‘What even was it you gave him?’

‘A little something Chad came up with. He’s a chem student, and while the labs were empty over the holidays he snuck in to do a little mad science. He says he blended together a dose of Elixir and some X-Change Continue. According to him the effects would only last a week or so, but the Elixir really supercharges the subject’s inner slut.’ He leaned in to growl in her ear. ‘Just think, if George had been able to resist you just a little longer, he’d have turned back within the next day or two. But instead you came crawling back to me. You’re all mine now, bitch, and I plan on using you like the filthy slut you are.’

Abruptly yanking her hair, Oliver dragged her from his cock and forced her to her knees amongst the glitter and balloons. Then, towering over her like a horny god, he began masturbating frantically, his hand a blur of motion as he bought himself to the edge.

Unwilling to let her stud have all the fun, Jorgi followed suit, rubbing her clit so vigorously the beaded necklaces leapt about on her chest as if alive. With her free hand she held his leg, bracing herself for what she knew was coming.

The two of them finished together. As her orgasm broke, Jorgi’s mouth opened in a cry of ecstasy, inadvertently making the perfect target for Oliver’s cumshot. He unloaded over her face, thick pearly ropes of cum splashing across her tongue and down her throat. What she didn’t swallow dribbled down her chin in wide, glistening globs and when he looked down he found her grinning up at him with crazed delight in her eyes.

‘I should think that orgasm will keep George out of the way for another week or so,’ she beamed.

Oliver wore an evil smile as she licked his cock clean. ‘And by the time that week is over I’ll have fucked you senseless so many times you’ll be sealed in this body forever.’

‘Great minds think alike, baby. And a good thing too – now I’ve had a taste of this yummy cock, I think I might be an addict.’

Just then, muffled voices met their ears from somewhere deeper in the frat house and they heard a door creak open. A few seconds later footsteps approached.

Oliver’s eyes lit up. ‘Does that mean you’re not willing to have a little fun with the boys? After all, we’ve been talking about finding a slut to groupfuck for ages.’

Jorgi’s expression was pure mischief. ‘I didn’t say that. Besides, a good slut does as she’s told, doesn’t she? And I just want to be your naughty little good girl, stud.’

Reminding himself to have Chad cook up another batch of serum for the frat to have fun with, Oliver pushed his hips forward so his cock was resting on her face. ‘I guess you’re right, whore. In that case, you’d better get to work. The first thing I want the guys to see when they find us is you throating my dick like the cumslut you are.’

‘Yes sir,’ Jorgi smiled, bowing her head and swallowing his manhood once more…

Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year! I really hope everyone had a great festive period, and I like to think this story finished things off with a proverbial bang. I love how twisted and naughty it is, and that’s due in no small part to the female model, Kristen Scott. Every scene in this gallery was smoking hot and a great inspiration for what to write, so I hope I’ll be able to include her again in future stories.

As usual, I’ll be taking a break throughout January. So this will be the last story until February, at which point I’m not really sure what my release schedule will look like. I do have a plan for a new miniseries which would take up the whole month, however as I write this, it is the end of November, so I have absolutely no idea if that will be ready in time. I also don’t know how many stories it will include, which will very much affect when I’m able to finish it. What with Christmas, work and studying, my IRL schedule is going to be very full, but hopefully I’ll be able to find enough free time to get that miniseries ready for you all. If not, I’ll be back to my weekly Friday releases and I’ll put that miniseries out as soon as it’s finished.

I also wanted to note that it is very possible 2023 will bring more changes for my blog. I don’t foresee myself having the time to get back on Twitter anytime soon (also, given I’m writing this in November, I don’t even know if Twitter is still a thing anymore), and since I’ll be very busy with studies for the next few years, I might have to tweak how often I put out stories. I don’t want to drop below one per week, but only time will tell if that’s possible.

Regardless of what happens though, I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and that your 2023 is a fantastic year. I’ll see you in February!


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