Models: Jessie Andrews, Sammie Rhodes, Bree Daniels & Eufrat Mai, with Karla Kush & Riley Reid

Just like every other morning for the past several months, Rachel woke up even more exhausted than when she’d gone to sleep. More frustrating still, vivid snippets of the uncharacteristically depraved dreams she’d been plagued by recently were still dancing through her head.

For a while she simply lay there breathing deeply in the hope that it might help her clear her mind of the erotic images. Images of beautiful naked women all tangled up in a bundle of limbs and lingerie. Of dazzling smiles and bare breasts. Of countless sex toys littering tables, lining shelves and spilling out of suitcases.

Rachel shuddered: God, it was all so real. She could still smell the perfume of the women in her dreams. She could still feel the warmth of their skin on hers and hear their breathy groans swirling through the room. For over six months she had awoken every morning to the echoes of these sordid dreams, and still she marvelled at how realistic they felt even after she woke up.

After a few minutes she gave up trying to push them aside, wondering why she had ever bothered in the first place. It wasn’t as though it had worked any other morning. Instead she knew she’d have these arousing images flashing through her head all day long, no matter how much she tried to distract herself.

Rubbing her eyes, she groaned as her aching body protested against being forced to move. It felt like every muscle in her body just wanted her to go back to sleep. If she hadn’t known better, she might have said she’d barely slept a wink in the past six months, instead snatching only enough brief naps here and there to keep herself functional.

I bet Casey never feels this tired, and she’s practically nocturnal.

A mixture of jealousy and bitterness swept through Rachel as she thought of her best friend and roommate sleeping soundly in her room next door – or more likely on the sofa in the lounge, since Casey rarely ever made it back to her bed after returning from a long night in town.

Rachel and Casey had been friends since childhood, however as close as they were it was very unlikely anyone would have guessed they were friends.

Rachel, for example, was efficient and driven, while Casey was perpetually chilled and so laid back as to be horizontal – which was her preferred position, ideally with a hot woman lying atop her. Rachel had little time for drinking and partying, a disinterest Casey more than made up for by going wild enough for the both of them combined. And perhaps there was no better indication of their differences than in their careers: Rachel spent her days working for a high-end fashion retailer heading up the advertising department, meanwhile Casey whiled away her nights stripping on stage and performing lewd lap dances for well-paying clients. Then, once her shift was over, she’d spend the rest of the night in the company of booze, boobs and – if what she told Rachel was to be believed – enough transformation drugs to sink a small cargo ship.

Still, Rachel could barely imagine her life without Casey in it, and as jealous as she was that her best friend could sleep so easily, it was a sisterly sort of envy – the kind where she simultaneously hated Casey and loved her too, the thought of her dozing drunkenly on the sofa bringing a smirk to her lips.

Rolling over, Rachel frowned as she caught sight of the small envelope stood against her bedside lamp. Partly because the floral scent it gave off as she disturbed the air around it smelled a little too much like the perfume from her dreams, but mostly because it was addressed to her – in her own handwriting.

The sight of it seemed to drag even more sordid images to the surface. A shiver of arousal tickled her loins as she recalled bowing her head to feast on the exposed pussy of a beautiful blonde woman; she could still taste her juices on her tongue, still feel the cord of her fishnet bodystocking pressing against her cheeks, still see the platinum blonde of her hair edging her vision as they kissed and the bright red of her nails as she spread her pussy lips for Rachel to enjoy.

Picking up the envelope, she hauled herself into a seated position, fresh exhaustion overwhelming her. Ignoring it, she slipped her finger under the tab and opened it.

A folded slip of paper and a glossy polaroid photograph dropped onto the bedsheets.

In a heartbeat, the photo sent thigh-burning arousal crashing through Rachel’s system. The subject of the image was a stunning naked woman lying facedown on the bare white mattress of a huge bed. Her hands and ankles restrained with a set of black hogtie cuffs and her shapely legs enshrouded in dark fishnet stockings, her sultry curves were on full display and her soft brown hair framed a pretty face contorted with pleasure.

But it was the source of that pleasure to which Rachel’s eyes were drawn.

A lithe woman had her face buried between the restrained brunette’s thighs, her eyes closed as she ate her out. A woman with bright red nails and platinum blonde hair. A woman wearing a fishnet bodystocking. A woman whose sweet pussy juices Rachel could taste on her tongue.

Arousal and confusion warred through her mind as she lifted the polaroid from the bed, so focused on the blonde woman she barely even noticed the other naked beauty in the image, who appeared to be feasting on the pussy of another woman just out of shot.

Neither emotion won. While the arousal drove her to clutch the polaroid close to her chest as if unable to bear letting it go, the confusion compelled her to read the letter it had dropped from – a letter which was also written in her hand.

Dear Rachel,

I’ve been waiting a long time to send you this.

Do you recognise yourself? You should do, because that hot piece of ass in the cuffs, that’s you. Or me, I guess, depending on how you look at it.

You can call me Ruby, and you can thank Casey for bringing me into being in the first place. In fact, you can thank Casey for a lot of things, although it’s not like you really remember any of them at the moment. Let’s just say though that I think your bestie likes me even more than she likes you.

To cut a long, very sexy story short, I’m the reason you’ve been so tired recently. About six months ago Casey was very drunk one night so she decided rather than head out clubbing alone, she’d dose you up with a little Elixir to make you the perfect party partner. That was the first night you became me – my birthday, I guess – and boy, did we make it a night to remember.

The thing is, as it turns out Elixir has this little quirk if you take it when you’re asleep: the transformation becomes tied to your sleep cycle. The result is that the effects start wearing off towards the time your body clock would naturally wake you up, and once you do finally awake all the memories of your transformation just feel like dreams. Very memorable dreams, but still.

And that’s how things have been since then. Every night Casey slips into your room and doses you up, then me and her head out drinking and fucking and… well, you’ve seen everything we’ve done in your dreams, so I don’t really need to tell you, do I?

But here’s why I’m finally writing to you now. In all this time, Casey would never tell me where she kept her stash of Elixir. I would have got some myself, but we were always far too busy getting up to no good for me to find the time. Last night though, I finally got her drunk enough that she let slip where she hides it: it’s in her toy chest in a pink silk bag she uses to hold all her lube.

I want you to take some, Rachel. I want us to truly be together. No more me disappearing once you wake up, no more you spending every waking moment exhausted by everything I’ve been doing during the night. Set me free, Rachel. Set YOURSELF free.

Before you try and deny it, I know you want this. I know that you’ve woken up every morning for the past six months wishing you could have the kind of life you’ve been dreaming about. You want to go down on hot girls and scissor shallow sluts until you pass out. You want to be so drunk on pleasure you don’t even care who it is eating you out or filling your holes with toys, only that the pleasure doesn’t stop. You want to join Casey on her stage, pole dancing and stripping and grinding up against hot guys who’ll pay handsomely for the privilege.

You want to be me.

And you can be.

We can be together forever. All it takes is one sip. And now you know where to find it.

See you soon, gorgeous.

Ruby xoxo

By the time she finished reading Rachel was trembling. Her blood had run cold and her breath came in shallow gasps as though she had just jumped into frigid water.

She reeled, struggling to think straight. Was this some kind of joke? A prank maybe? Had someone – maybe even Casey – forged her handwriting and sent the letter to mess with her? Part of her clung to the idea, desperate for a logical explanation that didn’t involve her having spent nearly every night for the past six months as an entirely different woman.

But deep down, the rest of her couldn’t deny how perfectly the letter explained everything. Her constant exhaustion and the impossibly vivid dreams she could taste and smell and feel and hear as well as see in her mind’s eye. The insatiable arousal that burned through her every morning, like the aftershocks of countless orgasms lingering in her system. Besides, how else could the woman she remembered so intimately from her dreams be in the photograph? How else had whoever wrote the letter known her deepest desires – desires she had never shared with anyone, including Casey – so well?

Because Ruby was right: Rachel did want the life she’d been dreaming about. Her family had always pushed her to make something impressive and professional of her career, but ever since Casey first started using her body to earn a living and enjoying a lifestyle of lust and pleasure in the process, Rachel had envied her. The world of sex and drink had always called to her far more than that of board meetings and catwalks, but by the time she’d realised it she’d been too embarrassed to swallow her pride and join Casey in her life of hedonism.

But now you can.

Once it had taken root, the idea of becoming Ruby again seemed to be infectious, spreading through her mind until it was all she could think about.

This is my chance, she told herself. Ruby is waiting for me. I don’t have to pretend anymore. I can be like Casey. Like all the party girls I’ve always wished I could be.  

A pang of doubt stole through her. But what if this is a prank? What if Casey doesn’t really have any Elixir and somebody is just trying to mess with me? Or what if it isn’t and Casey just lied about where she keeps her stash?

A moment later though, her doubt had evaporated, suddenly replace by a sharp determination. Either way, there’s only one way to find out…

Given how often she spent during the night with Ruby’s face buried between her thighs, Casey also found her dreams were full of her transformed best friend. As a result, when orgasmic waves of pleasure began rolling through her body, stirring her awake, it took her several minutes to realise she wasn’t actually dreaming at all.

‘Ruby,’ she breathed, gasping as Rachel’s Elixir alter ego lapped hungrily on her swollen clit. ‘But… how are you… when did you…’ Her confusion was torn away as she gave another shuddering gasp.

The lithe woman smiled up at her impishly, a mixture of pleasure and lingering drunkenness causing Ruby’s face to swim in Casey’s vision. ‘What, you didn’t think you’d be able to keep your secret forever, did you? Sooner or later I was always going to find out where you stashed your Elixir. And after six months of dreaming about everything we’ve been doing while she thought she was asleep, Rachel couldn’t wait to become me again.’

Sensing how hard her nipples were, Casey’s hand came up automatically to play with them only to realise with a start that she didn’t even have to lift her shirt to do so. Clearly she must have been sleeping very deeply indeed when Ruby found her, because the other woman had stripped her totally naked apart from the glittering silver and pearl necklace around her neck.

Overwhelmed by her own arousal, Casey slipped one hand into Ruby’s silky hair, melting into the sofa cushions as her former best friend ate her out slow and deep – just the way they both knew she couldn’t resist. ‘So… y-you’re Rachel?’

‘I was. Now I’m Ruby. The original and the alter ego finally sharing one mind. And I’m never going back to being the old me ever again.’

Suddenly latching onto Casey’s clit, Ruby sucked hard, feathering her tongue over the flushed nub as she did so. The unexpected burst of pleasure drew a scream from Casey’s lips and drove her to writhe uncontrollably, and once Ruby pulled away she was left trembling as though she had just stepped in from a blizzard.

When Casey glanced down though, it wasn’t shock that sent a shiver up her spine. It was unease. Ruby’s eyes were jewels of pure mischief, and for the first time since initially dosing Rachel with Elixir some six months earlier, Casey wondered if she might have unleashed a woman more sinful than even she could handle.

‘What are you looking at me like that for?’ Casey breathed.

The smile Ruby gave was wicked. ‘Oh, I’m just thinking how much fun it’s going to be hearing you moaning into my pussy.’

Ruby pounced with such speed Casey didn’t even realise what was happening before she was flat on her back with Ruby straddling her chest, pinning her in place. Ruby’s pussy was wet on her breasts and she had a hand around Casey’s throat in a heartbeat, her eyes wild and devilish as she leaned in close.

‘You’ve been using me, Casey. Using me and lying to Rachel. All I’ve been to you for the past six months is a sex toy you can bring out to play whenever you please. But that stops now. Now you don’t get to put me away once you’re finished with me; now I’m here to stay.’ She shifted her weight a little further forward, the scent of her dripping pussy meeting Casey’s nose. ‘Don’t worry though, I’m very forgiving. We can still be friends. But you’re going to have to make up for all the lies and betrayal before we go out again tonight. And since you’ve had me eat you out every night for so long, I think it’s only fair you return the favour, don’t you?’

Without waiting for an answer, Ruby jerked her hips forward over Casey’s face and sank down until only her hair was visible splaying out over the sofa from between her thighs. A sensual groan escaped her lips as the hot wetness of Casey’s lips pressed against her own. And once she began to grind against her slutty best friend’s face, her prediction soon came true as Casey’s passionate moans also danced through the air, an insatiable addiction to Ruby’s perfect, Elixir-crafted pussy slowly taking shape…

Thanks for reading!

So this is one of those stories that was inspired by a single image. When I came across that first image of a cuffed woman being eaten out I couldn’t resist writing a story about it. And since the colourisation of the photo reminded me a lot of polaroid pictures, the idea of an Elixir alter ego tempting her normal self into living a life of lust quickly took shape.

I must admit I feel a little bit bad about this one because I didn’t do my research on it. I was sure that the cuffed woman in the original image was Karla Kush, which is why I used one of her galleries for the second half. But after researching the image more in order to identify the other models, I realise now I was wrong, and as far as I can tell the cuffed woman is actually Eufrat Mai.

As my readers know, I always enjoy shining a spotlight on lesser known models, so I feel like I missed a golden opportunity to do that here. But by the time I realised my mistake, the story was already written. I still love the story, but I think I’ll try and write a story using Mai’s work if I can find a gallery that inspires me in order to give her the spotlight she deserves.

Also, if you’re enjoying my new stories, you’re in for a treat this week. I was recently inspired by a reader to write a story that turned out much longer than I expected. I was considering releasing it all at once, but my good friend Papa Dragon suggested it might be better to release it in smaller chunks, so starting tomorrow I’ll be starting my latest miniseries: Twisted Love. You can look forward to a new chapter every day with the last one coming out next Friday!


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