Two women in stockings and suspenders have sex with two muscly black men

Taking her rightful place as a naughty snow bunny addicted to the throbbing dark meat of her black masters was the best thing Ashley had ever done, but it hadn’t been easy. When they had first shown up in the office reception where she worked she had been a shy, inexperienced little thing without the confidence to shoo a pigeon, but despite this – or maybe because of it, she could not be sure – the two black gods had gravitated towards her instantly.

She had done her best to ignore their shameless flirting and deflect the conversation to less intimate topics, but by the time they had left for their meeting with her boss they had succeeded in soaking her innocent pussy. And from the satisfied glimmer in their eyes as they turned to leave, she suspected they had known full well what impact they’d had on her.

Even back then, after barely five minutes spent in their presence, there had been a fraction of her that had wondered what it might be like to let them have their way with her. It had been small, almost non-existent, but it had persisted, cutting into her thoughts when she least expected it: a trip to the supermarket with her fiancé had almost resulted in ruined underwear when she thought she caught sight of one of the men in the aisle; she had started awake sweating after a vivid dream of the two men using her like a rag doll, and the following day she had even taken an impromptu break to masturbate in the office toilets or risk creaming in her panties given she could not stop daydreaming about them pounding her to breaking point.

Ashley had almost had her sordid desires under control when the men returned for another meeting. They had stayed at her reception desk longer this time, and she had the distinct impression that they had booked the meeting with the intention of seeing her rather than her boss. The meeting had been short, and once it was over they had returned to flirt with her, ending with an offer to join them at a local club the following night. Not any club either, the hub of the city’s nightlife, open only to the elite and their guests.

‘Absolutely.’ She had blurted it out without even realising it, and once they left she had panicked. What was she doing? She had a fiancé! This was so unlike her, falling for a couple of fit men after a few words and some lustful glances. Not only that, but she was fraternising with company clients: what if her boss found out? But she couldn’t back out now. If she did they might call her out to her boss, then she would be out of a job.

Making an excuse to her fiancé that she was going out with some friends, she had met the two men outside the club full of nerves. She had never done anything like this before and all the way there she had been fretting that she would be found out. Once in their arms, however, those concerns simply melted away. They complimented her dress (she had purchased it specially for them, oddly aroused by the thought they would be the first to see her in it over her fiancé) along with her makeup, led her by both hands up the neon-lit steps into the throbbing atmosphere of the club, and escorted her like a pair of handsome security guards to a secluded booth overlooking the dancefloor.

What she had done with them in that booth had rocked her too her core. After only a single drink she had leaned in to kiss one of them on the lips, and that simple gesture had broken the seal, opening the doors to a night of forbidden passion that finished with her skewered on the immaculate cocks of both men, one buried deep in the folds of her pussy as her delirious screams were muffled by the second rod filling her throat. Any consideration for her fiancé had quickly slipped from her mind, and she had fallen to sleep sandwiched between the two colossal men with their cum decorating her soft flesh and giggling softly as she thought vacantly that they must look like a human Oreo.

The following morning, she had explained to her fiancé that she’d had a little too much to drink and wound up spending the night at her friend’s.

But deep down she had been fantasising about her new lovers. They had already arranged a second night out, which she happily made up an excuse for, and she was eagerly anticipating what they would do together in the heart of the night.

To her astonishment, Ashley had not felt remotely guilty. She’d imagined she would, had been certain of it even as while bouncing hungrily on their mind-blowing cocks, but when she had awoken in their arms for the first time she had never felt more content. Just as a matter of minutes in their presence had shifted her perceptions of her own desire, a single night had expanded her mind beyond comprehension. The shy, delicate woman was gone. She knew now what she wanted, and their encouraging words as she had rode them excitedly had filled her with a fresh slutty outlook that painted her world in vibrant colour. She belonged on her knees worshipping her black masters, presenting her holes for their use – all her holes, even the one she had forbidden her fiancé from exploring.

As the weeks wore on, Ashley gradually found her true purpose. Spending most nights at the mercy of her well-endowed lovers it was not long before her addiction was cemented. They were so much better than her fiancé in every capacity: experienced seducers, experimental under the covers, hung like gods. They were simply more, and the sordid nights she was able to snatch with them were never enough to satisfy all the new cravings she found herself infected with. There was only one choice: she needed to devote her life to them or risk driving herself insane with regret for giving them up.

Fortunately, between themselves the forbidden three were glad to concoct a shameless plan that would allow her to do so.

By the night of reckoning finally came, the months of secrecy had taken their toll on Ashley’s relationship. Her fiancé was far from stupid, and inevitably the many late nights, missed calls, personality changes and minor faults in her stories had raised his suspicions. If she was honest, she had stopped putting any effort into her façade over a month before: so much time spent tangled up with her lovers had convinced her he did not deserve her body, only them, and therefore he did not deserve her effort either.

Noting how close he was to confronting her she had enticed him into the bedroom with a slutty seduction the likes of which he had never seen her display. It had worked, of course, and she had handed him a glass of fine wine as she sprawled over a rose-petal covered bed. He had sipped on it almost nervously, unable to take his eyes from her perfect figure. She had never been like this before and, if he was honest, he was mildly intimidated by her, but his arousal was more overwhelming.

Peeling her free of her underwear, he had been almost ready to slip his cock inside (puny, she had thought as he lined himself up) when he had noticed the tattoo across her groin: Black Dicks Only.

He had recoiled as though stung and had been about to erupt with anger when the Elixir she had poured into his wine took hold. Within moments he was a breathless heap on the bed, his wavy ginger locks brushing up against his petite new breasts.

Shortly after, her lovers had arrived to find Ashley’s head buried between the thighs of the new woman. Her fiancée was still reeling with confusion, but the explosive pleasure rolling through her body from Ashley’s eager tongue was too much and she had her head buried in a pillow screaming her ecstasy. Together Ashley and her lovers had broken the ginger bitch into her new body, before they had all four returned to the penthouse the men called their own.

Since that night they have rarely left. When the men went out to work, Ashley and her new black-addicted bestie lounged around the penthouse, and when they returned their nights were spent locked in erotic embrace. She had the sense that her ex-fiancé resented her for what she had done, though that did not stop the ginger slut from ending most nights as a giggling, horny mess with ribbons of bull cum plastering her rosy face. Nevertheless, her ex-fiancé still was not used to the mind-blowing pleasure the men were so expert at delivering, not like she was, thus when Ashley filled the room with screaming, delirious laughter her friend shrieked breathlessly, unsure if she was able to cope with it all.

She would learn eventually, Ashley knew. She wasn’t born to be a snow bunny, not like Ashley, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t become one with enough training. Fortunately, the inexperienced slut had taken so much cum there was no way she would ever be able to change back, and both Ashley and her lovers were more than happy to spend as long as it took to turn her into a true big black cock addict. There were promising signs that she was getting there slowly, and as the men bent them over a countertop and rammed them hard from behind Ashley grinned at the shuddering groans tearing from her friend’s lips. The ginger slut’s eyes were rolling into the back of her head and her hands flailed around for something solid to hold onto.

Ashley was just about to turn to her master and point out that the transformed slut seemed to be improving when her lover pulled out of her pussy and buried himself into her tight ass. Her scream caused the wine glasses further down the counter to shiver, and she was reminded that her one purpose was to let them use her. Hot with desire, she surrendered to the rigid cock inside her…

Two naked woman have doggystyle sex with two muscly black men

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Quite honestly, the gifs in this scene could never be replaced. The expressions on the women’s faces are nothing like the expressions they show in the image gallery associated with this scene, and given the respective personalities of the character’s they are representing, it didn’t seem right to try and replace them when the gifs served the story far more accurately.

For ease of understanding, I will use the final image in this story to help identify the models in this scene. So, from left to right the female models are Mona Wales and Ashley Lane, while the male models from left to right are Louie Smalls and Jason Luv.

There is little for me to say on any of these models to be honest: Wales and Lane are unfamiliar to me, though even a brief glance over either of their PornHub profiles exemplifies the impressive calibre of their work, while Smalls and Luv are staples of Blacked/Blacked Raw scenes, which in my opinion are some of the hottest on the internet. If you are into hung black guys using their lovers like moaning sex toys, Smalls, Luv and the wider slew of Blacked models are the perfect models for you, and I’m sure they will show up in my work again, be that through blog stories or image captions. I mean I have an entire running series of image captions I post to Twitter which draw heavily from Blacked scenes, so they’ll surely show up there if nowhere else.

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