And A Happy New Year

Brunette woman in lingerie strips down in front of man in suit lying on bed in room decorated for Christmas

Ally had only donned the figure-hugging red dress a few minutes earlier, but already she was removing it, far too eager to have Rose ogle her nubile body to keep herself under wraps for even a second longer. She giggled as the dress fell to the floor and her skimpy lace lingerie was revealed.

‘See anything you like, stud?’ she purred.

From her position on the bed, Rose fought the urge to drag Ally down, force her face into the sheets and fuck her slutty holes until she screamed. Her arms were throbbing with the power of her new muscles and she struggled to resist the masculine needs swirling through her transformed body. ‘Everything, baby. You’re the only present I’ll ever want again. Your ass, your tits, your sweet, tight pussy – I want all of you.’

‘Don’t be greedy,’ Ally replied with a fiendish smirk. ‘I’m not sure you could handle me. Not now I’m all pumped up on Elixir. Elixir you gave me, at that. Do you really think you’re ready to deal with the slut you’ve set free?’

Flicking her hair girlishly, Ally fixed Rose with an expression of pure, concentrated lust that sent an orgasmic shudder down her spine.

It wasn’t like Rose had thought it would be unpleasant transforming into a man – after all, she had several female friends who had taken X-Change and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, one of whom had even loaned her the crisp grey suit she now wore – but she had never imagined it would feel so good. So deeply, intensely erotic. Though Rose had barely possessed this body longer than an hour it already felt just as natural as her female form ever had, and the pleasure rushing through her was twice as powerful as anything she had known before.

This might have started out as an effort to lift Ally’s spirits, but right now Rose struggled to believe her lifelong friend could possibly be enjoying this more than her.

Of course, Rose was aware that dosing Ally with Elixir and downing a Blue Pill herself wasn’t the most conventional method of improving Ally’s mood, but she had already exhausted every other less extreme solution she could think of.

Ever since her boyfriend had dumped her on Christmas Eve, Ally had been inconsolable. So miserable that even now, on New Year’s Day, all the presents under the tree beside her bed were still unopened. For the whole week she had refused to leave her bedroom, not even when some of her other friends came round to the apartment she and Rose shared in the hopes of soothing her heartbreak.

Worse still, with the takeaway boxes stacking up outside Ally’s room and her breathless sobs echoing through the apartment deep into the night, Rose had started to worry that Ally’s insensitive ex had broken her so completely she might never recover. After attempting everything from gentle words of assurance to shouting tough love through Ally’s bedroom door, she had finally decided that if conventional methods weren’t going to help, she would have to think outside the box.

It had taken her several hours to convince Ally to agree to take the Elixir while Rose dosed herself up with a Blue Pill, not to mention several glasses of wine to calm her nerves enough to actually go through with it, but Rose had persevered nonetheless. Sure, it was an incredibly unorthodox approach, but if it had been a man who had broken Ally’s heart, perhaps another man was the best person to put it back together again – only this time one who truly cared for her.

Besides, unorthodox or not, it certainly seemed to be working. When discussing things, Rose had assured her friend that if she simply wanted to spend the day cuddling and watching dumb films, that was exactly what they would do, but clearly the combination of liquid courage and liquid lust had given Ally other ideas.

Already the sight of Ally’s perfect, supple figure all wrapped up in lace was proving too much for Rose to cope with. I’m not sure you could handle me, her words echoed in Rose’s head. Do you really think you’re ready to deal with the slut you’ve set free?

She was still staring at him, waiting for an answer.

‘I guess there’s only one way to find out,’ Rose growled. Then she had snatched hold of Ally’s arm and was dragging her down onto the bed to join her.

Brunette woman in lingerie gives oral sex to man in suit on bed in room decorated for Christmas

Desperate to kiss the stunningly beautiful woman whose body was driving her wild, Rose tried to pull Ally close so they could make out, however her friend was already wriggling out of her grasp before she had even hit the sheets. Instead of her lips, Rose found herself presented with Ally’s plush ass, the line of her black panties nestled between her soft cheeks.

With her arousal already at fever pitch, Rose immediately forgot the urge to kiss her friend, the need usurped by the compulsion to grope her perfect ass and reveal the forbidden holes her underwear concealed.

Rose had made sure not to push things too far when preparing the Elixir – diluted in a glass of wine, the dosage had only been enough to draw Ally’s inner slut to the surface and enhance her figure rather than transform her completely – but the effects were still enough to set Rose’s new cock spasming. Every tiny imperfection of Ally’s skin had been smoothed over, the additional few pounds of weight she had accrued over the holidays had melted away, and her long brown hair which had so recently been tangled and greasy from lack of washing was bright with a lustrous sheen as it splayed over her back. As much as she was still the same girl Rose had been friends with since primary school, Ally was unrecognisable from the weeping wreck she had been only that morning.

‘Holy fuck!’ Rose howled as sudden heat engulfed her crotch. She had been so distracted peeling Ally’s panties aside and admiring her holes she had failed to notice her friend unzipping her fly and removing her rigid cock. Now Ally’s lips were gliding over Rose’s shaft and the raw ecstasy saw her crumple back onto the bed as she received her first blowjob.

The sensation was almost indescribable. For a natural born man it would have undoubtedly felt good, but for Rose, who had barely even had chance to get used to the sensation of having a dick, let alone experimenting with it, it was enough to drive her to the brink of madness. The pleasant warmth of Ally’s soft lips rising and falling as she bobbed her head; the tight wetness of her cheeks as she sucked hard; the orgasmic swirl of her tongue around Rose’s throbbing head: it was almost too much to handle.

Her mind a mess of dazed pleasure, Rose groaned as Ally’s oral skills sent echoes of the erotic energy she had felt during her transformation roaring through her system.

Before taking the Blue Pill she had consulted those friends who had tried it themselves, however the moment she had touched it to her tongue she had realised none of their advice even came close to encapsulating the sheer ecstasy of transformation. Her body had felt like boiling tar, shifting and reforming even as white-hot pleasure so intense it bordered upon agony engulfed her in mind, body and soul. Her lithe female figure had expanded into broad shoulders, burly muscles and chiselled features within a matter of seconds. The raw power of her new body had been instantly intoxicating, the strength in her bullish frame humming through arms and legs like hewn marble.

Then her cock had taken shape, the sensation like a punch to the gut. Though she had managed to refrain from immediately jerking off she had still crumpled onto her bed breathless and sweating, barely able to process the feeling of a heavy dick jutting up from the place where her pussy should have been.

And now that cock was in the wet embrace of Ally’s hot lips, the slobbering noises ringing out through the bedroom filling Rose with arousal.

But her dick didn’t stay in Ally’s lips for long. Well, not her oral ones, at least.

‘I need more,’ Ally groaned, abandoning Rose’s spasming dick and turning her attention the sleek suit keeping the rest of Rose’s body from her. Before Rose even knew what was happening her trousers were on the floor and Ally was working feverishly on the buttons of her shirt.

‘Are you sure?’ Rose asked as Ally lost her patience halfway down and tore open the rest of her shirt. Stray buttons went hissing across the room and Rose groaned, the warmth of Ally’s delicate hands on her bare chest sending thrills through her broad figure. ‘If you don’t want to–’

‘Oh, I want to,’ Ally cut in, ripping off her bra and panties as she spoke. ‘I want to ride that fat cock until you fill me up with all your sticky cum and then I want to lick you clean so good you shoot another load straight down my throat. I want you to howl my name all night long.’ She dragged Rose further onto the bed and pressed her down into the sheets. She straddled Rose’s waist, completely naked save the useless lingerie dangling around her waist and the red stockings embracing her legs, her bare pussy nestled over the head of Rose’s dick. ‘I want you to fuck me like the slut I am.’

In the next breath Ally rolled her hips back and took Rose deep.

Their united gasp was equal parts pleasure and shock, the hypersensitivity of their drug-altered bodies filling them with orgasmic ecstasy.

Finally united, the two transformed hedonists soon fell into a passionate, sensual rhythm. Rose didn’t even care if it was the Elixir making Ally talk so dirty – her filthy words had successfully drowned all Rose’s reason in an abyss of masculine desire and it did not take long before she was thrusting up hard into her friend’s eager pussy. Hotter and wetter and tighter than her lips, Ally’s sex was rocket fuel for Rose’s libido. A hungry growl frothed on her lips and she closed her eyes to savour the feeling as Ally glided up and down her thick rod.

Between their lustful moans, the last thing Rose was expecting was heartfelt gratitude. So it came as a shock when Ally pressed her lips to Rose’s brow and stroked her stubbled cheek. ‘Thank you,’ she whispered. ‘I didn’t think anything would ever pull me out of the pit of this breakup. But you did. And I don’t want anyone else ever again. I want to be yours. In public as besties turned lesbian lovers, and in private with my Blue Pilled bull fucking my slutty Elixirified holes. And next time, I’ll take a proper dose, baby.’

Peering up at her, Rose’s managed to hold off her carnal lust just long enough to give a genuine, loving smile. ‘I’d like that too, gorgeous. The only thing better than having a girlfriend with a body to die for is being best friends with her too. And I’ve got both.’ Her arousal rising again, Rose snaked her hands around to grasp Ally’s ass and used the leverage to drive up deeper still. ‘Merry Christmas,’ she laughed.

‘And a Happy New Year,’ Ally chuckled. Then she had pulled Rose into her breasts, perfect ecstasy blossoming over both their faces as Ally’s bull immediately gorged himself on her supple tits…

Brunette woman in lingerie rides hung man who sucks her breast as they make love

Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year!

Okay then, with this being the final story of my 2021 Christmas run, I wanted to take the chance to mention a few things.

Firstly, as I’ve done since starting my blog, I will be taking January off. I won’t be posting any new stories on my blog until February and while I know I’m not exactly active on Twitter, I don’t intend to post any new captions on there through January either. With any luck I’ll still be spending the time writing (I have plenty of short captions waiting to be designed that I finally want to get to and a slew of stories I’m interested in writing) however I won’t be forcing myself to do so: if I just end up chilling and recharging my creative batteries, then that’s fine by me.

When I do come back, however, I’m hoping to make a few changes to the kind of content I’m putting out.

My long-time readers are probably used to the fact that I have a habit of rooting many of my stories in romance by now. Personally I love stories where love and lust interweave with one another, and given a lot of TG erotica focuses on themes of bullying, bitchification and humiliation, I am very happy that I’ve forged something of a niche for myself as someone who writes more romantic, loving content.

That said, I branded this blog with the name Fetishes and Fantasies because I wanted to write about both. And while I feel I’ve definitely explored the latter half of that title, I also believe that the ‘Fetishes’ component of my name has gone largely unloved.

So, when I get back in February, I’m hoping to change that.

I’m not saying that every story from now on is going to be whips and chains. I have no intention of abandoning my love for romantic transformations, so there’ll be plenty of those types of stories sprinkled into the mix. But the darker side of my storytelling is overdue some attention, so I will hopefully be exploring that a lot more.

I’ll say now that given my stories have grown increasingly affectionate over the past few years, it may take me a while to get into the swing of things when it comes to kinky content, but I am going to try my best. Fortunately I have some very depraved writing friends who want nothing more than to see my content show off darker themes – they want things to be more Latex World Order than Lake Fantasy, as it were – so I’m sure they’ll be a big aid in helping me produce the kind of kinky content this blog deserves.

So really I guess what I’m saying is watch this space: with any luck, 2022 will be the year I finally do my full penname justice, fetishes and fantasies alike.

The models in this scene are Ginebra Bellucci and Ricky Mancini. As with Thursday’s story I can’t really say much about either of these models since I’m unfamiliar with their work. I’m fairly confident I’ve never seen any of Bellucci’s scenes aside from this one, and Mancini’s face rings a bell for me, although he definitely isn’t a staple of my porn diet. What I can say about Mancini is that from what I can tell he seems to be a frequent model for The Dorcel Club. For the uninitiated, The Dorcel Club is a huge name within the industry, and pretty much the place for sensual smut. Dorcel Club scenes are, in my opinion, just about some of the hottest scenes you are every likely to watch, so if you enjoyed Mancini’s work here and want to see more, personally I’d suggest exploring his Dorcel Club portfolio to start.

Finally, thanks for sticking with me this year and I hope you’ve enjoyed this final round of stories to finish off 2021. Best wishes to you all, stay safe and I’ll see you all in February!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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