Tattooed woman with pierced nipples uses strap-on to give man anal sex

Emilia – or rather Em, as she now went by – allowed herself a soft chuckle as the man whimpered on the end of her strap-on. He was built like a god but for all his power and muscle he looked simply pathetic with his thick arms tied behind his back, his face hidden beneath a leather hood and underneath, she knew, his heavy dick stuffed into a tiny chastity cage she held the key to.

Rolling her hips slowly she took hold of the leather strap holding down his waist, pulling herself in further. She wanted him to feel every inch of this, the rhythm of his punishment swirling in his head now and every night after. Of course, she had far more in store for him than he could ever have imagined. Perhaps in time she would grow bored of him. If that turned out to be the case, a few Pink Pills and maybe a little conditioning would solve her problem; she was sure she could find someone willing to pay a pretty penny for an obedient cumdump.

For now, though, Em was enjoying herself. Seeing him so humiliated sent thrills through her immaculate body and she was reminded just how much she loved the new her. Her pierced nipples were so much more sensitive than before, not least given that her body was a storm of hormones. The weight on her chest was a welcome change from the non-existent bust she had once known, as too were the defined muscles which had transformed her twig-like figure. These days whenever she caught a look of herself in the mirror she could not hold back a satisfied moan: she looked so fucking hot. So bad, so slutty and so devilishly dominant. She still remembered the tingle of her badass tattoos weaving their way up her arm, the soft brushing of perfect makeup wiping over her features, the swelling of hidden desire rising to the surface.

And when at last the haze of transformation had cleared, he had been staring at her in shock.

A streak of cruelty zipping through her, Em leaned over and tugged off the hood. The movement drove her deeper into his ass and he wailed, a noise that only grew louder as she gripped his hair and wrenched his head back.

‘You fucking moron,’ she spat, continuing to roll her hips in a relentless rhythm, ‘you entitled fucking brat. You seriously thought this wouldn’t backfire on you? Using Formula on your sister’s quiet friend thinking my fantasy would be some sort of pathetic submission to the nearest man. How thick can you get? You really thought you knew my fantasy, didn’t you?’

‘I’m sorry,’ he wailed, ‘it was just a joke.’

‘Yeah? Well the joke is on you, bitch boy. Guys like you always think it’s the sluts and bimbos who hide the kinky cravings. Morons. Believe me, it’s the quiet ones you want to watch out for; we’re the ones who would beat you boisterous dicks into submission if only we had the body for it. And you’re the one who gave me that body. Something tells me your little prank hasn’t played out quite how you wanted.’

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ he whimpered. ‘Please, just let me go. I won’t tell anyone, you’ll never see me again, I promise.’

‘Never see you again?’ she cooed. Em leaned down so she was whispering in his ear, a dangerous quiet to her voice. ‘Why would I want that, maggot? I’m so enjoying playing with you. Aren’t you enjoying it too? I might get upset if I knew you weren’t enjoying it. I might do this.’ Slamming her cock into him she chuckled coldly as he screamed and bucked against his restraints. ‘You like playing with me, don’t you?’

‘Yes,’ he murmured breathlessly, the sound of tears in his voice, ‘yes I do.’

Standing up again she smirked. ‘That’s my good little slave. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to this soon enough. Who knows? I might take a little more of that Formula and see what it does. And do you know what I’m fantasising about right now? Finding another quiet, hidden dominatrix and letting her join in our fun…’

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I don’t often use images with colour filters but this one was so hot and the idea hit me with such force I couldn’t resist. Sorry if you like images with colour filters, I just tend to find full colour images more intriguing.

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