Dr. Alex Stoke frowned as he entered the room. He had been expecting the CEO’s office, but instead he found himself in a large toilet. To one side stood a pair of pale pink cubicles, with a sink some distance away and a mirror on the wall beside that. More cubicles lined the wall immediately in front of him and to his left, but even so the room was bizarrely

Stepping into the office, Kent was shocked to see the woman lounging in the large red chair. She was astoundingly beautiful and with her in front of him it was like he could not look at anything else. Her thick black glasses only seemed to enhance how attractive she was, and she eyed with him with a stare that was bright with intelligence. Though she was dressed in a professional

Waiting patiently at the head of the table, Dean greeted each man who entered the room with a cordial smile. Naturally there was no warmth to it; he had little fondness for any of the men taking their seats, but this was business and it was only customary to mask one’s true emotions, even if said mask was all but transparent. He did, however, inject his smile with a note