Little Shop of Hedonism: Formula Fantasies

Models: Zazie Skymm, Nikki Nuttz & Christina Shine

The high of Jenna’s transformation was still coursing through her system, whipping her arousal into a frenzy. Her lilting giggle dancing through the air like a mischievous sprite as she did so, she ran her fingers sensually over her nubile figure. The soft lace of her lingerie hugged her petite frame. Her plump nipples and tight pussy peeked through the sheer lingerie to give a sinfully alluring edge to her otherwise innocent beauty. And as her polished nails slid over her pale curves, glittering like rubies, a fresh wave of deviant delight crashed through her at the soft groan her naughty display drew from the man sat behind her.

Because while Jenna’s transformation had stirred her own arousal, it had driven her boyfriend into a state of orgasmic hunger so intense it took his breath away.

Tommy didn’t know where to look. Her cushioned ass, her perfect thighs, her lean legs; her sweet smile, her captivating eyes, her silky hair. Every inch of the woman Jenna had become mesmerised him, her new body playing on all his deepest desires as though tailored specifically to suit his tastes.

But then, it was.

Though Tommy liked to think of himself as a bit of a catch – liked to believe Jenna was lucky to have him – the truth was she was the only one who’d have him. And while her sweet personality and forgiving demeanour helped her overlook his many flaws, Tommy had never shown the same affection towards her. He preferred to spend his time eyeing up other women, visiting strip joints, and wishing Jenna was more risqué in the bedroom, all while she stood by him, naïve enough to believe he could change to be the lover she deserved.

Self-centred, callous, and consumed by his craving for a naughtier girlfriend, Tommy never even hesitated when he found the Little Shop of Hedonism. The endless possibilities of how he could ‘improve’ Jenna had tumbled through his mind as he browsed the aisles, temptation lining every shelf, railing and display stand he turned to.

In the end, he had decided the best way to solve his girlfriend problems was to take things one step at a time; best not to overcomplicate things by enchanting her full of uncontrollable sluttiness right from the start. As a result, he’d left the store with only a neatly folded lace lingerie set and a stoppered vial of iridescent purple liquid in hand, so distracted thinking about what sordid things he would soon be doing with Jenna that he did not notice the store owner staring after him with a fiendish smirk on her lips.

The lingerie was purely indulgence: he had always wanted to see Jenna in naughty underwear, but she had never been willing to wear any for him. And while the material was enchanted to boost the libido of the wearer, the magic it held was just a bonus.

It was the vial of purple liquid that would really make the difference.

Swallowing every last drop of Formula contained inside, he had savoured the sweet taste for a moment as he stood on the doorstep to their house. The drug did nothing to transform him – after all, as far Tommy was concerned he was already the whole package.

With that he had burst inside with a broad grin on his face and greeted Jenna by holding the bright red Little Shop of Hedonism bag high.

‘Happy birthday,’ he had beamed, ‘I have a surprise for you gorgeous.’

Jenna, being Jenna, had unsurprisingly ignored the fact that her birthday was still several months away. Simply delighted that Tommy had thought to buy her a present at all, her pretty face had lit up as she’d skipped over to him. Overcome with emotion at the sudden show of apparent affection, her lower lip had trembled, her eyes crinkled with her smile and her cheeks flushed as Tommy slipped the ‘Happy Birthday’ headband he’d picked up on the way home into her mousy brown hair.

The instant his fingers had brushed her skin, the Formula had immediately set to work transforming her.

Her dark hair had paled to shimmering blonde. Her figure had tightened and toned, shrinking into the petite frame of Tommy’s fantasies. Her clothes had fallen away to leave her naked.

And now, standing before him in the enchanted lingerie was the woman of his dreams.

Tommy groaned again, his erection straining against the confines of his jeans. This time though, rather than encourage her to tease him further, the sound prompted Jenna to whisk around sharply and fix him with her deep, deviant eyes. Eyes of insatiable slut. Eyes of a predator.

‘Mmmh, do you like what you see, hot stuff?’ she purred, stalking slowly towards him.

‘Fuck yes,’ Tommy breathed, fighting the urge to tackle her to the ground and fuck her senseless. It was a tempting thought, but if she really was his perfect woman, he knew he wouldn’t have to be nearly as forceful.

His suspicions were quickly confirmed. Running her hands over her lingerie, Jenna smiled, a fiendish gleam in her eye. ‘Oh, baby, I love this set. Do I look hot? Because I feel it. I feel hot, and naughty and so, so horny…’ Suddenly she was on her knees, her fingers snaking up his thighs. ‘You know, a good girl like me should always thank her man for being so generous. You don’t happen to have any ideas on how I could do that, do you babe?’

The sight of his formerly prudish girlfriend crouched between his legs practically drooling over the bulge in his trousers flooded Tommy with ego in a heartbeat. ‘Nothing springs to mind, gorgeous,’ he smirked even as he sank back leisurely in his seat. ‘Why, what did you have in mind?’

‘How about I show you?’ she replied.

Without waiting for an answer, Jenna pounced. Tommy’s jeans and boxers were around his ankles in a single breath. The next moment his cock was engulfed in the hot, wet embrace of her slutty lips.

Swamped with pleasure, Tommy simply melted into his chair, the suffocating fog of arousal wreathing through his consciousness making it very difficult to figure out what he found hottest about this whole sordid scenario. The fact that while Jenna had never given him a blowjob before she now gorged herself on his hard rod like a true slut? The fact she bobbed her ass in time with her head, her plump cheeks jiggling enticingly? The fact he had utterly betrayed her love and trust to transform her into this deliciously naughty whore? Or the fact that if forced to make the decision again he would have done the same thing countless times over?

Eventually, as her slim fingers undid the buttons of his shirt and caressed his skinny torso, he realised the hottest part of all wasn’t what the Formula had done to Jenna’s body. It was the effect on her mind.  

She was not mad or upset. In fact, she didn’t even seem to realise she’d been transformed at all, her memories apparently rewritten by the drug, her formerly demure persona extinguished by the shameless slut now slurping on Tommy’s cock. She was simply horny. Hungry. For him, for his cock, for his cum pouring down her throat.

A blissful smile spread over his lips, Jenna’s wet gagging music to his ears. Not only did he no longer have to pretend to care about a woman he’d only started dating in the first place because he craved the chance to fuck her in the ass, but he could relax in the knowledge that, since she was designed to be his perfect woman, he wouldn’t have to do any of the work in the bedroom.

‘You know, you’re good, but I wouldn’t call a simple blowjob a very good thank you, would you? If you really wanted to prove your gratitude, you’d be riding me right now.’

The words had no sooner left his mouth than Jenna was working her way up his body, her immediate response demonstrating the kind of obedient sluttiness Tommy had always craved in his ideal girlfriend.

The sudden absence of her lips left his cock twitching and his groin aching for more, however he was not left wanting for long.

If Jenna’s new lips were a bonfire of burning pleasure, then her tight pussy was a furnace. Sinking down onto Tommy’s throbbing cock, she sent sweltering erotic heat roaring through his system, the sensation instantly bringing beads of sweat to his brow and a weakness to his slim frame. His hands automatically rose to her waist as she began to rock back and forth, her pussy gliding up and down his shaft as if moulded just for him. By the time she had picked up a rhythm he could already feel his orgasm beginning to build.

‘Oh yes, baby, fill my naughty cunt,’ she gasped, her face contorted with pleasure as she reached back and spread her ass, allowing him to sink that little bit deeper.

‘You’re so fucking perfect,’ Tommy replied. ‘Using that Formula was the best thing I ever did.’

As if agreeing with him, Jenna’s soft tits chose that exact moment to pop free from her lingerie. Warmth blossomed over Tommy’s cheeks as they rubbed up against his face. Hotter still, her hardened nipples raked lines of pleasure over his skin, all while the wet nub of her swollen clit dragged similarly over his hips as she continued to bounce.

A shift in position drew a giddy shriek from Jenna’s lips. ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, baby, but if you keep hitting that spot inside me I’m going to cum so hard I’ll scream.’ The ecstasy in her expression suddenly doubled and she snatched hold of his shirt, pressing him back into the chair. ‘Oh fuck. Don’t move. I’m close. I’m so, so close.’

‘Me too,’ Tommy groaned. ‘You’re so fucking good. Make me cum. I’m going to fill up that slutty pussy of yours. Something tells me that might push you over the edge.’

But then Jenna’s hands were in his hair and she had dragged him into her cleavage. ‘Suck my tits,’ she cried, pressing a nipple into his mouth. ‘Suck them and fill me up baby. Make me scream. Make me yours.’

Together, their arousal rose to a fever pitch, every fibre of their bodies burning with orgasmic energy. Then, all at once, their screams echoed through the house – screams Tommy knew would be ringing out a lot more often from now on. And as he pumped his new slut full of his hot, sticky seed, Tommy’s thoughts were already dancing with all the sexy, sordid things they would get up to now he could transform her on a whim with a simple visit to the Little Shop of Hedonism…

Tommy’s naughty scheme unravelled in less than a day.

He had been out of the house for an hour or so when the door rang. Given Tommy had told her that he would be gone for most of the day and they were not expecting company, she gave a giddy shriek at his early return, already desperate to have his body pressing up against hers.

Opening the door, the little blonde beauty discovered it wasn’t Tommy at all.

The woman on her doorstep was few inches taller than Jenna, her blonde hair worn long and her curvy figure wrapped in tight spandex leggings and a black wet-look crop top emblazoned with the same logo Jenna remembered from the bag Tommy had come home with the day before: the letters LSH in a stylised font set within a glittering heart which sported a pair of devil horns and a matching devil’s tail.

‘Here,’ the woman said, thrusting a glass vial swirling with purple liquid into Jenna’s hands, ‘this is for you. My mistress wanted you to have it. She says it will make up for what he did to you.’

Without another word, she was gone, leaving Jenna frowning with confusion. Analysing the vial closer, she spotted a note attached by a length of ribbon. Unrolling it, she found it was addressed to her, the words written in an elegant hand.

Dear Jenna,

Yes, I know your name. That selfish wretch who calls himself your boyfriend wouldn’t stop going on about you when he was here yesterday. Oh, he told me all about his plans for you. But he made you sound like such a sweet girl, and honestly I just felt bad he could betray you the way he has.

I don’t often get involved in my customers’ affairs, but I figured I’d help even the score a little. I knew he’d be coming back, so while I’m keeping him busy here, I’ve sent Angel over to deliver you this special package. It’s some more Formula, just like what he used on you, only this time YOU will be the one using it on HIM.

I know all you want to do now is please him, so trust me when I say this will make him very, very happy. All you have to do is drink this, and when he gets home I want you to give him a big kiss to show just how much you love him. Once you’ve done that, he’s never going to betray you again. In fact, he won’t be able to get enough of you.

Best wishes,

Trixie xoxo

Jenna didn’t have any idea what this Trixie woman was talking about: Tommy would never betray her.

But the final paragraph struck a chord in the newly transformed slut. After all, she lived to please Tommy, so if there was something she could do to make him happy – to prove how much she loved him and drive him wild enough that he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off her – then she wouldn’t have been a very good girlfriend if she chose to turn that opportunity down, would she?

Without a second thought, she drank the vial’s contents before skipping off to the bedroom to find something sexy to wear for her man.

It was nearly dark when Tommy found Jenna waiting in the lounge. Her pretty smile and large eyes filled him with depraved ideas the instant he laid eyes on her. The tight red dress and matching lace lingerie she wore helped too, of course. She looked as if she had initially intended to let him peel off her dress himself, but it was clear from the state he found her in – the bust of her dress peeled down and the hem hiked up – that she had grown bored of waiting for him and decided to get started herself. The wet gleam of her slick pussy glittered through her panties, and he could see her nipples pressing through her bra.

‘Hey baby, I have a surprise for you,’ he said, presenting the half dozen bulging Little Shop of Hedonism bags he was carrying. ‘Well, quite a few surprises actually.’

Jenna blushed, cuddling herself a little bashfully. ‘Oh, babe, you’re so good to me. And I actually have a surprise for you too.’

Scampering over to him, she took his face in her hands and pressed her lips to his.

And, just as it had transformed Jenna the day before, the Formula now instantly set to work on reforming Tommy. Because while he had changed her into his perfect woman, he had never considered that he might not be the perfect lover for the slut she had become.

All at once, immense pleasure overwhelmed Tommy’s body and he groaned sensually into Jenna’s mouth, his cracked lips smoothing over and plumping up as he did so. As if guided by Jenna’s hands rising to tangle in his hair, the Formula then changed his short brown spikes into long blonde locks which pulled themselves into a high ponytail, the style pulling his new hair so tight over his head it shone in the low light. His dry skin softened under her fingers, his features shifting into a sultry, feminine visage complete with plucked brows, large eyes brushed in dark shadow, and lashes so long they feathered over Jenna’s skin as his eyes fluttered with ecstasy.

His clothes fell away, reduced to tatters by the intense effects of the Formula radiating from his body, and their absence revealed the erotic image of his lean body metamorphosising from that of a scrawny man to a busty, curvaceous goddess. Hefty breasts swelled out in a burst of motion, his areola expanding around puffy nipples, while his skinny arms grew fleshy and soft, his twig-like legs plump and supple. His visible ribs vanished beneath a layer of plush skin as his torso filled out, then with another orgasmic groan his cock retracted suddenly, vanishing into a glistening slit crowned with a tiny tiara of pubic hair.

Finally, as if to give the sculpted beauty of Tommy’s new body more edge, an elegant tattoo inked itself in an arc from one shoulder down the curve of her breast into her cleavage: the words Carpe Diem accompanied by a pair of shiny, vibrant cherries.

Though Jenna had leaned in to kiss a man, when she finally pulled away a woman was standing before her, beautiful beyond compare. Even the chain necklace Tommy had been wearing had not been spared, changed into a golden cross pendant – ironic, given that there was a truly devilish gleam in the new woman’s eyes.

Before Jenna knew what was happening, her transformed boyfriend was pushing her down into the couch. The woman’s painted nails tore at Jenna’s clothes, a savagery in her attack that simultaneously took Jenna’s breath away and ramped her arousal up to a fever pitch.

Already Jenna’s memories of Tommy were beginning to fade, the smoking hot woman towering over her taking his place. Soon her mind swam with memories of spending long nights worshipping the body of her mistress and happy days skipping along at her side, knowing what sensual pleasures awaited her behind closed doors.

But in the last few moments before she forgot Tommy entirely, Jenna realised she hadn’t truly craved him. Well-endowed as he was, he had been unable to satisfy her natural submissive personality. For that, she needed someone who understood her body better than she did herself. Someone who could dominate her with all the affection of a cherub and all the depravity of a succubus.

Someone like the woman Tommy had become. Someone like Tammy.

The name of her mistress came to Jenna in a thrill of arousal and lust, and in the next heartbeat she finally understood the intentions of the woman who had sent her the vial and the note.

But then Tammy’s pussy was in her face and the instinct to worship took over.

Exactly how it had corrupted Jenna into the perfect submissive slut the day before, once the Formula had taken hold of Tommy it had not simply changed his body, it had rewritten the very essence of his personality too. As a result, once Tammy opened her eyes to find Jenna smiling sweetly back at her, the desire to dominate her needy slave had consumed her in a single breath.

Rocking her hips she ground her pussy against Jenna’s face, her clit rubbing against her slave’s lips as Jenna’s tongue delved between her flushed folds. White hot pleasure swept through her. Her nipples stood to attention. A gasp escaped her puffy lips. Guiding Jenna’s hands around her hips, she held them in place, relishing the feel of the young woman’s delicate fingers on her supple skin.

Already Tammy could feel her orgasm beginning to build, her slave’s enthusiasm bringing her to the brink within a matter of minutes. Her breasts ached, the sensitivity of her skin so acute she could feel the warm swirl of Jenna’s breath brush over her stomach and across her tits; her loins throbbed, the heat of Jenna’s bare flesh pressing against her thighs and ass intoxicatingly erotic. If she came now, Tammy had no doubt she would scream herself hoarse. If she hadn’t known any better, she might have even said this was the first time her slave had ever eaten her out.

But it would not do for a sultry alpha bitch such as herself to be broken so easily – especially by a slave who was obviously loving her servitude. After all, how could she give orders if she had lost her voice screaming with ecstasy? How could she put her greedy sub in her place if she had been reduced to a breathless wreck?

The Formula had moulded Tammy to be Jenna’s perfect lover, and now the forceful domme Jenna had fantasised about truly took hold.

Shifting down to straddle Jenna’s hips instead of her head, Tammy clamped one hand firmly around her slave’s neck. A strangled yet horny cry passed Jenna’s lips, a giddy smile on her pretty face.

‘I don’t think you understand how this works, slut,’ she hissed, hovering her hips so close over Jenna’s she could feel the heat emanating from her slave’s pussy. ‘You’re not here to enjoy yourself. You’re here to worship me. You’re here to be my obedient little sex doll. I think it’s about time I put you in your place.’

The next second she had dropped her hips and resumed her rhythmic rocking, only this time she was grinding up against Jenna’s sensitive clit instead. Her slave’s cries immediately went from sensual to desperate and Tammy laughed as agonised pleasure washed over Jenna’s innocent face, her expression contorting with orgasmic apprehension.

This is why you’re here, you filthy skank. I’m going to push you right to the edge, and then once you don’t think you can’t take anymore I’m going to throw you over and ruin you all over again. Who knows, if you’re really lucky you might be somewhat lucid by the time I’ve finished with you. But something tells me you’re going to be a drooling, mindless wreck.’

Just then, Tammy’s eyes fell to the cluster of red bags on the floor. The sight stirred something in her mind, memories she wasn’t entirely sure were hers rising to the surface. Memories of the enchanted sex toys and bewitched lingerie and assorted vials of transformative drugs contained inside them.

A wicked smile warped her lips as sordid ideas began to swirl through her head.

‘Scratch that. A drooling, mindless, corrupted wreck. I promise you, slave, once this night is over, you’ll know what it’s like to serve me in every kind of body you can imagine.’ Clamping her hands tighter around Jenna’s neck, Tammy didn’t miss the slutty delight that lit in Jenna’s eyes as she produced a long silicone strap-on from one of the bags. ‘So, let’s get started, shall we?’

Thanks for reading!

So I’ll be the first to admit that this one is a bit all over the place. I think it’s too wordy. I think the pacing is a bit off. I’d also say it’s too long and could have been told just as well if not better in a shorter wordcount. But I don’t know, I kind of like it how it is. I particularly love Tammy’s role, and I like how we get time to dislike Tommy before he is tricked into becoming her.

Overall, I think one of the most important skills a writer (or any creative really) can have is the ability to appreciate that not every piece they produce is going to be a masterpiece. It’s fine to create things that don’t always turn out as you’d hoped. As long as I can appreciate my stories for what they are, rather than what they could have been, that’s enough for me.


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