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Now was Rosie’s chance. Will was distracted with his headphones in on the treadmill and now that the last few weightlifters had filtered out, they were the only two left in the gym. There was nobody to see her and nobody to interrupt them.

So, with her heart in her mouth, Rosie took a deep breath and enacted her plan.

Leaning into Will’s field of view, she pointed to his water bottle and mimed taking a drink. The burly hunk nodded. Taking the bottle, Rosie mouthed a thank you before retreating from view and turning her back on him, just to make sure he didn’t spot her sabotage. After taking a swig she deftly produced a vial of purple liquid from her pocket and emptied the contents into the bottle. Giving it a shake to help it diffuse into the water, she then returned it to the holster set into the treadmill without even the slightest purple tinge to suggest anything was amiss.

Step one, she thought. Check.

Almost immediately Will took a big gulp of his own. He must have drained a quarter of the bottle in one go. And just as Rosie had expected, nothing happened. In Will’s mind, he already had his perfect body, so the drug Rosie had spiked his water with had no reason to make any changes. But she didn’t need it to change him, she simply needed it to be in his system, and given how much he’d just gulped down there was no doubt he’d taken a sufficient dose for her plan to work.

Step two: check.

Trying her best to look casual as she sauntered over, Rosie hoped he didn’t notice her trembling hands as she pointed at the stats on the dash of Will’s treadmill. She mouthed a ‘Wow’ before holding up a hand for a high-five. Her stomach flipped as he obliged, knowing that brief moment of skin contact was all she needed for the drug to take effect.

Step three: check.

‘Holy fuck,’ Rosie cried out as she stumbled backwards. Her body felt like it was on fire, but the burn was one of pleasure rather than pain. The heat of searing, scalding lust. And as the Formula raged through her, a giddy smile spread over Rosie’s lips.

Will watched on in stunned disbelief as Rosie transformed before his eyes.

The first drastic change was her height. With the audible cracking of bones and creaking of muscles, she surged half a foot taller, her neon pink leggings now reaching barely halfway down her calves instead of to her ankles. To maintain her proportions her arms elongated too, her slightly stubby fingers stretching out into delicate digits, nails that had been bare only seconds before now painted in bright crimson polish.

Rosie’s flat chest swelled out into a pair of ample tits that pressed against her elasticated dress-top until the material was so taut it looked ready to snap at any moment. Her ass inflated too, the combined growth of both assets resulting in a much curvier figure hugged at every turn by the tight spandex of her clothes. Though already very fit, she felt herself tone even further, abs and thighs and calves tightening to fill her with unexpected strength and vitality.

Without warning, Rosie’s dreads – which until now had been bound up in a tight bun – came tumbling down. As they came, however, the packed hair unfurled into dark, bouncy curls that swished across her shoulders as she moved. And as it settled, her unleashed hair framed a new face too: a sultrier, naughtier visage, with twinkling eyes and a devilish smile as enticing as it was intimidating.

As the pleasure began to subside, Rosie assumed her transformation was complete.

How wrong she was.

A startled cry tore from her lips as a sudden burst of orgasmia erupted across her groin. Flaring up through her torso and down her thighs, it felt as every orgasm she’d ever experienced had somehow coalesced into one mind-bending ball of erotic energy, and for several seconds Rosie thought it might send her mad. But then, eyes wide and chest heaving, she felt the pleasure begin to shift. To grow. To solidify. Inexorably slowly it pushed outwards, parting the folds of her pussy and engorging into a throbbing rod. Though only a few inches long, it bulged against her leggings and her eyes rolled as her she-cock emerged.

With her cock came a flood of new thoughts. Cravings of control and lust; visions of Will on his knees worshipping her body; desires to teach him his rightful place as her obedient sub. It didn’t matter that he was built like a small mountain and capable of flattening her with a single blow, she wanted to make him her bitch. The thrill of power was intoxicating and when she finally turned her gaze on Will once again, Rosie the timid gym bunny was gone. Now there was only Rosie the Amazon. Rosie the goddess. Rosie the Domme. The woman of Will’s dreams given physical form.

Will had fallen to his knees as he watched her transformation. His jaw hung open, his eyes drank in her luscious figure, and he was struck dumb by what Rosie could only assume was a blend of shock and adoration. Clearly the sight of her petite figure blossoming into the busty black bombshell of his deepest fantasies had banished all rational thought, for when Rosie marched over to him, rolled up her sports dress and pulled his face into her crotch, he didn’t so much as lift a finger to resist.

‘Oh yeah, that’s it, babe. Is this what you wanted? A bitch to put you in your place? My cock rubbing in your face and you on your knees ready to serve?’ Rosie laughed coldly. Curling one hand around the back of his head to hold him in place, she used the other to pull down the bust of her top and bare her fleshy tits. ‘Did you want these?’ she said, groping herself sensually. ‘What did you want my big fat tits for, huh? To suck on? To suffocate in? To slide your dick between and cum all over? Mmmh, well I’m sure we can arrange all of that. If you behave yourself, of course.’

Grinding her groin against his face, Rosie chuckled as Will’s powerful hands closed over her thighs and he eagerly licked the material over her bulge. ‘Such a needy little bitch, aren’t you? Who’d have thought the burliest guy in the gym was a total sub for chick dick? You know, I always knew I wasn’t your type, but this is next level. Fuck, you’re making me so hard I can’t think straight. I had no idea having a cock would make me this horny. But since you’re so eager to please I know exactly how to take this new body for a spin.’

Abruptly, Rosie yanked Will’s head back. ‘Strip me, sub,’ she hissed.

‘Yes Mistress,’ Will nodded.

As Will set about peeling off her exercise kit, Rosie found herself smirking. Perhaps the Formula hadn’t left him entirely untouched. After all, she hadn’t even had to seduce him into submission – simply the sight of her had plunged him into obedience. While she had no doubt she was hot enough to tempt any man she set her sights on, she found it hard to believe that Will would drop quite so willingly after having just watched her transform. He’d always come across as so kind and caring she knew his first instinct would have been to check she was okay.

Perhaps the Formula had quietly dismissed those instincts. Perhaps it had pulled down the walls of his inhibitions and left his mind open to control. Perhaps it had subtly infused his thoughts with the urge to comply.

Either way, it was clear now that the need to submit had overwhelmed Will’s consciousness. There wasn’t so much as a heartbeat’s hesitation as he followed his orders and Rosie closed her eyes as he stripped her, savouring the strength of his large hands playing over her body. Once she was naked, she ordered him to strip himself too, which he did without question.

Pushing him down onto a nearby weightlifting bench, Rosie stroked her cock to attention. ‘You know, this isn’t what I had in mind. I figured you were into horny sluts who’d ride your cock long into the night. I’ve never had that kind of confidence, but I knew a little transformational drug enhancement could help with that. Fuck am I glad I chose the Formula though. If I’d gone for X-Change or the Elixir, you’d still have been just as disinterested as when I was my natural self.’ As he looked back over his shoulder at her, she fixed him with a piercing gaze. ‘I think I prefer this though. The thought of you being the one riding my cock – of you begging for me to rail you until you’re drooling like the stupid cockdumb bitch you are…’ Her eyes rolled and she bit her lip. ‘Ugh, it’s too hot to put into words. All those dirty fantasies in your head – I’m going to fulfil them all. And I’m going to start by pounding you senseless, right here, right now.’

Rosie had packed a small bottle of lube in her gym bag, just in case things took a steamy turn after her transformation. Of course, she hadn’t expected to be lubing up her own cock, but as she rubbed the slick fluid into her shaft a thrill of depraved delight rushed through her. The power she held over Will was intoxicating, and she knew in that moment she was happy to sacrifice her old body if it meant she could have him at her mercy like this.

Then, stooping down, Rosie drove her glistening dick deep into Will’s ass. Their united moan filled the empty gym, echoing off all the metal stations. And as Rosie began to thrust – tits bouncing, ass rippling and her man moaning needily beneath her – the many mirrors lining the walls reflected their depravity countless times over so that everywhere she looked, she could watch herself pounding Will’s ripped body: a goddess and her adoring acolyte…

Thanks for reading!

While I’ve said before that the Formula never really lived up to the hopes I had for it, I can’t deny that it is still nice to have it available to use. The reason being that not only does it allow for some variation in what I’m writing, but also for some stories such as this one the Formula just fits better compared to other TG drugs I write about. As highlighted in the prose itself, other drugs simply wouldn’t have worked for this idea, so having the option to realise the story I had in my head through the use of the Formula rather than tweaking it to suit a different transformation catalyst was very helpful.

As always, the Formula concept is free for anybody to use in their own stories, and if you do write anything using it please do let me know, I’d love to read what other people can do with it!

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