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Nubile naked brunette spreads vagina and admires her body

Maria’s jaw hung open as her eyes rolled. The waves of pure orgasmic pleasure cascading through her body were so intense she couldn’t even form a moan. Then again, even if she had, she supposed it would hardly have given her away – there were enough sensual groans drifting through the corridors of the superyacht that one more wasn’t going to sound at all out of place.

The smile that played over his lips was half erotic bliss, half relieved satisfaction. She could feel the years slipping away as effortlessly as sloughing a shawl from her shoulders. Her ageing body grew tighter with every passing second, the sagging lines of her figure reverting to the toned curves of youth, though the body she was acquiring was far more sensual than any she’d actually possessed in her younger years. Her drooping breasts lifted themselves into plush, perfect tits most models would have been enviable of, her pudgy arms slimmed and her loose thighs honed into sleek golden lines, while the short grey mop of hair she had neglected for so long tumbled down into luxurious brunette waves. She felt a tickle over her features as a perfect face of makeup applied itself, but in truth she wasn’t particularly interested in how stunningly pretty she had become, not when the transformation of her pussy was sending shocks of ecstasy through her system. She groaned as it tightened, the unkempt bush shaving away to leave her swollen clit and flushed pink folds naked and glistening.

As the effects of the drug wore off, Maria slumped back into the cushions of the leather couch, her red-polished fingers spreading her new sex gently. Just touching it sent shivers through her – she could hardly wait how good it felt to fill it with a nice thick cock.

She sighed happily, listening to the soft lapping of water against the ship’s hull, the echoes of passion drifting through the hallways, and further away the muffled throb of pounding music and noisy dancers.

Taking a little while to savour her new body, a blissful smile rose on her pretty pink lips as her eyes came to linger on the empty vial laid on the table beside her. Minutes earlier it had been full to the brim with the Formula. Now it was totally empty, not a drop gone to waste.

The sight of the unstopped vial lifted a tangle of memories in Maria’s thoughts.

Her deadbeat husband, Harold, whose indifference toward any kind of intimacy, sexual or otherwise, was what had first made her realise what a wasted life she had lived. For years she had assured herself that she loved him, but over time that notion had faded just like the spark they used to share – the truth was that while she had believed herself in love when they first married, she had simply been young, naïve, and foolish enough to fall for his promises of a thrilling life.

Her old job – all those endless, monotonous hours spent behind a desk receiving abusive calls from frustrated customers. Condescending managers, mindless water cooler chatter and lifeless office parties gnawing away at her one day at a time until she was little more than a shell, a drone going about her futile routine. Her empty marriage might have sparked the idea to chart a new course for herself, but it had been the realisation that the rest of her life was equally empty that had convinced her to actually go through with it.

The flight here, her whole body practically buzzing with anticipation, the vial of the Formula – ludicrously expensive Formula, at that – stowed safely in her pocket. Of course, she could have bought a dose much cheaper from the right people, but she had wanted to be sure it was of the finest quality, so she had turned over almost her entire life’s savings to the company itself – it even had Phoenix the CEO’s official mark of approval. The rest of her savings had gone on funding the trip here and affording a ticket to this party for the superrich.

But now, here, in a brand new body she had only ever fantasised about, all that seemed so distant. She supposed in truth it was a lifetime ago. After all, she wasn’t Maria anymore.

Maria was the woman who had dared to believe the fantasies of her youth were still within reach. Maria was the woman who’d left everything she’d ever known in the pursuit of that possibility. Maria was the woman who had realised she had become a loser in the game of life.

But Maya was the one who had changed the game.

She had spent months carefully choosing what name she would go by in her new life, and now she embraced it like an old friend.

A touch of mischief crept into her smile as she rose to her feet; all the pieces were falling into place. She had her new body. The elasticated, figure-hugging sequined dress she had folded neatly into her purse was just waiting to be donned. All she needed now were the right lovers to fulfil her fantasy.

And fortunately, having spent half the night scoping out every stud at the party, Maya knew exactly who she would be claiming for her own. All it would take was a single touch…

Blindfolded brunette bent over back of sofa gives oral sex to one man while another man gropes her ass

Maya’s body was a tempest of sensation. Her nipples tickled as they rubbed against the suit of the man she was bent over. Her soft behind stung from the spanks she had received and the heat of her second lover’s breath was hot over her ass cheeks, swirling over her tight hole and down to warm her wet sex under her lace panties. Her whole body ached with such intense arousal she wouldn’t have been surprised if she was glowing, though she couldn’t tell either way given the soft blindfold she wore. But most striking of all was how impossibly erotic the feel of a thick, juicy cock plunging into her mouth was.

She was almost certain she was sucking Rico’s dick – the prickly stubble on the lips kissing her ass cheeks felt like Eduardo’s trimmed beard, but she couldn’t be sure. And that was perhaps the hottest part: it didn’t matter whose cock she was feasting on, because this body was born for it.

Maya’s fantasy had never been to have a sugar daddy. At least not entirely. Any shameless slut could wind a horny rich guy around her finger to fund whatever lifestyle she desired.

No, she’d wanted something better – a man as impressive in bed as he was rich and doting. She had wanted to love him in a twisted, sinful sort of way, and to have him reciprocate her mischievous feelings.

Once she arrived on the superyacht earlier that night, however, her fantasy had changed. Spoiled for choice for which stud to seduce, she had eventually realised that she couldn’t just settle for one man. And with the powers of the Formula at her fingertips, she wouldn’t have to.

She had employed the same technique to seduce both men, gliding up to them, running her hand over their crotch with a playful giggle, then sealing their devotion to her with a long, passionate kiss to the lips. Both men had melted into her embrace in a heartbeat, and any other woman who might have been hoping to score with them tonight would be going unsatisfied, because together they had whisked her off back to the very room she had first transformed inside, kissing and disrobing her as they went. In fact, the glittering dress she had spent so much on was now drifting away on the tide, abandoned overboard before they’d even made it off the dancefloor.

Now she was lost in her own lust, allowing the instincts of her slutty new body to guide every deviant movement.

‘Fuck, you suck so good, Maya,’ Rico groaned, confirming her suspicions. His English bore a heavy Spanish accent and he pronounced the ‘y’ in her name closer to an ‘h’.

‘That’s because you taste so good, stud,’ she giggled, pulling away briefly to speak before bowing her head and swallowing him deep once more.

Eduardo planted another stinging slap to her ass. He laughed as she moaned around her meal, and when he spoke there was a French accent lacing his words. ‘I think we found the dirtiest woman in the whole party, Rico. What do you say we show her how real men treat beautiful women like her?’

If she had been without the blindfold the fiendish look the two men exchanged would have made Maya’s already soaking cunt even wetter still.

As it was, she couldn’t see Eduardo stride over to a tall cupboard and begin rooting about inside – she only felt the sudden absence of his hands and breath on her ass, but then Rico had lifted her hips, swung them up and peeled her panties aside to bury his face in her loins. Suspended upside down with her legs over Rico’s shoulders and her hair dangling beneath her, she gave an orgasmic scream, suddenly no longer interested in where Eduardo had gone.

A minute or two later there was a dull thud as Eduardo deposited a stash of sordid implements on the rug before the sofa: a black Sybian crowned by a huge flesh-coloured dildo, several lengths of rope, a handful of love eggs, a ball gag, an assortment of chains and nipple clamps, and at least half a dozen bottles of lube. Maya might not have been able to see them, but she sensed the sudden shift in the arousal of her lovers – their hunger for her was no longer merely sensual, it was a primal, animal greed.

All at once, Eduardo’s huge hands were in her hair and he wrenched her up from Rico’s cock with a wet pop, his free hand coming up beneath her to keep her aloft. The motion effectively left her lying in mid-air and she gave a shuddering groan as her sex ground harder against Rico’s face, his lapping only growing more eager.

‘You know you’re not the first slut we’ve fucked senseless on this boat,’ Eduardo said into her ear. ‘You’re not even the only sugar baby we have to play with. I hope you didn’t think you’d be the only woman for us.’

Maya’s lips twisted into an orgasmic, impish smile and she gave a noise that was somewhere between a groan and a giggle. Truthfully, she had thought she’d be their only whore. But now she realised her fantasy was more depraved than that. She wanted to fuck her studs alongside other women. She wanted to kneel and eat out whatever smoking hot nympho or plastic bimbo they decided to bring into the bedroom. She wanted a life of sin and lust and depravity, and she wanted to share it with more than just her two sugar daddies. She’d simply never admitted it to herself – but the Formula had known even her deepest desires, and now they were her new reality.

‘I don’t fucking care who else you sleep with, just so long as I get to join in.’

‘I thought you might say that,’ he replied. The next moment they were manhandling her again, Rico pushing her hips down as Eduardo held her head aloft, stepping up onto the sofa beside her as he did so.

All at once she found a cock pressing against both sets of her lips and she was dizzy with arousal.

This is it, she thought, this is exactly the life I’ve always wanted.

Then there was a cock in her throat and a cock in her pussy and all coherent thought fell apart as she gave herself up to the inner slut she had unleashed…

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