Annie never really knew what happened that night. Everything happened so quickly that before she had chance to register the changes overcoming her they were already complete. As such, while she lay back in the hot tub with her vest sodden and her throat full, she couldn’t remember the misery she had caused Kara, the girl pumping a thick rubber dildo down her neck.

Inversely Kara recalled it all too well, and it was her spite of Annie that fuelled her violent throat-fucking. She smirked coldly as the bitch gagged on the dildo yet swallowed it willingly all the same.

Once, not too long ago, Kara had loved Annie. Only after she had completely fallen for the girl, led on for months by her flirtatious ways, had she come to the painful realisation that her adoration was not reciprocated. Though they had never officially dated, their interactions had always skirted around the idea of pushing their friendship into something more. They would flirt almost constantly, spent vast swathes of their spare time in one another’s company, and head into town on drunken nights out with a handful of friends in matching outfits.

In the end, however, it had turned out that Annie was not the girl Kara had fallen for her, but had instead latched her cold hooks into Kara for a different reason: Milly, one of Kara’s close friends. All those months of temptation had purely been to pursue Milly instead, hunting out opportunities to grow closer to her and reeling her in like a fish on a line.

Unlike Kara, Milly was straight, and when Annie’s long-planned offer to get to know one another more intimately had fallen on deaf ears she had promptly ditched Kara without a second thought. Milly had thought little of it, Annie had gone about her life as though she had never met either of them, but Kara had practically self-imploded.

It had felt like a bomb had gone off inside her, reducing everything she was to rubble and leaving only a shell behind. Following the emptiness, a whirlwind of emotions had roared through her body, stripping her even more bare until one emotion had overwhelmed the rest and settled over her broken heart like a shroud: vengeance.

The plan had come to her late one night while she lay in bed and she had quickly realised how perfect it was. Now that her love for Annie had been torn away and her life was fuelled by the infatuation of revenge, her fantasies had also changed. No longer was she aroused by the idea of tumbling into bed together to make love, but instead by the concept of punishing the manipulative bitch who had ruined her life, forcing her to submit and having her willingly humiliate herself for her entertainment. And there was only one thing that could make fantasies into reality…

Getting her hands on a batch of Formula had been easy enough; these days most dealers could get you some for the right price. With the tool to her victory secured, all she had had to do was wait for Annie to check in at a local bar and she could set her plan in motion.

Slipping into the bar it had been far from difficult to spot Annie among the hustle – as usual, she was the one dancing terribly in the centre of the dancefloor. At one time Kara had found her awful dancing cute, though now it only fuelled her rage. Concealing herself in a shadowy corner she had watched and waited, biding her time until Annie separated herself from her friends. At last her bladder had grown too full and, leaving her companions on the dancefloor, she had scurried off to the toilets with Kara hot on her heels.

Downing the Formula as she followed, Kara had felt a surge of power and dominance flow through her. With a newfound purpose in her stride she pushed through into the toilets.

She had found Annie staggering drunkenly across to one of the stalls, and under the pretence of assisting her she had laid her hand firmly on the woman’s bare skin. The other women in the toilets had thought little of it and carried on applying their make-up, but for one split second Kara had seen the shock in Annie’s eyes as the Formula took hold, twisting her into Kara’s fantasy slave.

Then it had melted away and only obedience remained, Annie’s mind permanently bound to Kara’s indomitable will. Ordering her new slave to remove her underwear and flush it down the toilet she had watched in satisfaction as Annie had obliged without question. Then all it had taken was a quick text from Annie’s phone telling her friends she was going home with a hot girl she had met in the bar and they were off to Kara’s place.

Her revenge achieved, Kara hammered the dildo down Annie’s throat with the energy of victory. The cold bitch had led her on for months and now here she was, submissive to her powerful will. Still, though the Formula had twisted Annie into her obedient slut just as she had wanted, it had not left Kara entirely unscathed. Along with the dominant power that now coursed through her system had come a desire to punish and humiliate far stronger than that she’d known before. Perhaps she had not realised the true depth of her loathing before she had taken the Formula, but she didn’t much care: Annie was her toy, and she was going to take great pleasure in destroying her without remorse.

As for Annie herself, her mind was a shadow of what it had once been. She could remember nothing of Kara, or Milly, or the strange sensation of change in the club toilets. All she knew was that it felt good to be used by Mistress; it felt good to submit, it felt good to obey, it felt good to serve…

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