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Lying back on the carpet, Evan smiled softly. It all felt so perfect. His soft new breasts, his lithe body, his silky hair. It was beyond anything he had dared to hope it would be and he could not quite wrap his head around the fact he had actually changed.

She, Evan thought, it’s not he or him anymore, it’s she. And it might be better to go by Eva from now on. She was going to have to get used to that, but she knew it would all slot into place sooner rather than later.

Eva had known for a long time who she really was. It had been years since she had come to the realisation that life as a man was not for her and ever since that time she had hidden her true self deep inside, never letting anybody know for fear of the judgement she might face. As time had passed she had drawn back from social life, unwilling to live the lie any more than she absolutely had to. Eventually she had resolved that she would be trapped in a body she could barely stand for the rest of her life.

That was, at least, until she had met Joel. She had always enjoyed pampering herself and had been getting massages for years, yet no sooner had Joel walked through the door than she had fallen for him completely. He was everything she had ever dreamed of in a man and more besides. He was athletic, friendly, funny and sweet. Even better, it was no secret he was distinctly well-endowed. For one thing, his member was visible through his trousers, and for another she had often heard the receptionists and female masseuses gossiping over his size and following him like a flock of sheep.

Every time she saw him, Eva had crushed on him harder, and the harder she crushed on him the more she struggled to keep her emotions in check. Not only was Joel not gay, he was a professional and he had often recited stories to her of women who had tried to seduce him during an appointment and how he had resolutely turned them down.

Stuck in her male form, she had finally found a catalyst to push her to change. She knew she could have changed before now: there was the Pink Pill, and X-Change, even Elixir if she could get her hands on it, but she had never been able to pluck up the confidence to go through with it. But even with Joel serving as a suitable reason for her to change, she had known it would be a fruitless task as he would be just as far away from her as a woman as she had been as a man.

That was until she had found the Formula. Late one night on the internet, after spending hours admiring trans porn and wishing she could be like the women in the videos, she had found a link to it in the comments section of a video. At first she had been sceptical, but her excitement had been piqued when she read that the miracle substance could make her fantasy into reality.

And now it had done exactly that. She was the woman she had always wanted to be and if the Formula could deliver on her body, then she had no reason to doubt it would not complete her fantasy very soon. In the case that your fantasy includes another participant, the label read, simply make skin contact with any other person and the Formula will use them to act out said fantasy. If the fantasy focuses on a particular individual, skin contact with only that person will achieve the same affect.

It was time to go for a massage…

Brunette teases man with oral through his boxers

‘I’m not sure about this,’ Joel said, though he made no move to push her away, ‘I really shouldn’t be getting involved with my clients.’

Eva ran her tongue along the growing bulge in his boxers, kissing it softly and trying to keep her head as his scent filled her nostrils. She had been waiting months for this and now the time had come she could barely believe it was happening. His trousers were halfway down his legs, his shirt was open framing his abs like an artistic masterpiece, and his expression was a mixture of confusion and passion.

The Formula was clearly having the effect she wanted – she could see lust swirling in his eyes as he stared at her – but he was not some mindless drone for her to command. She didn’t want him to be: that wasn’t her fantasy. Instead she wanted him to be her passionate, handsome lover, just as funny and charming as he had been every time before, but with an unyielding, erotic love for her that would never fade.

‘Hush,’ she whispered, hooking her fingers into the waist of his boxers and beginning to remove them slowly. At length his growing meat emerged and hung in front of her eager lips. ‘Let it happen. You know you want this. You want me. And I want you, baby. This is going to be the first day of the rest of our lives and I want to remember every detail. I want to remember the contours of your dick,’ she teased him by running a finger along his shaft, ‘I want to remember the sound of your moans. I want to remember what you tasted like the first time I did this.’ Leaning in she wrapped her lips around his head and began their passionate appointment proper.

It was not long before they heard jealous whispers on the other side of the door. No doubt the gossiping receptionists were trying to wrap their head around how such a gentle, demure woman had been able to seduce the resolute masseuse when so many bombshell sluts had failed. But as they spent longer in one another’s arms and the Formula worked through them both, neither of them cared any longer. All that mattered was their love, a boundless love that would fill their nights with hot, steamy passion and their days with naughty teasing.

Besides, before long, the two lovers were far too occupied to pay any heed to the jealousy of the eavesdroppers…

Slim brunette and muscular man have sex on massage bed

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