Gaypril: Little Shop of Hedonism – XXXposure Therapy

Models: Jean (Ella) Hollywood and Adira Allure

Blonde trans woman wearing revealing latex outfit

‘Oh my God, Benny, what on earth are you wearing? You didn’t go back there, did you?’

Perched on the edge of a bar stool, the stunning trans beauty smiled wickedly. ‘Of course I went back, doc. Trix always knows exactly what will turn me on – I can’t believe I ever considered letting you convince me to give all this up.’ She cocked her head to one side like a big cat analysing her prey. ‘Benny’s dead, doc. I’m Bunny now. See the ears?’

Caroline stared in dismay at the latex-clad woman sitting in her kitchen. Bunny looked like sin on legs. Glossy black latex clung to her petite figure, hugging her perky breasts, embracing her narrow shoulders and lining her torso with shiny black straps. The outfit descended into a translucent PVC skirt, the front of which presently draped over Bunny’s erection. She had made absolutely no effort to conceal her hard-on – in fact she seemed eager for her therapist to see it, having unzipped her latex underwear to set it free. Her short blonde hair framed dainty features painted in hot pink eyeshadow and warm blush, while a pair of gleaming latex bunny ears rising high above her bleached locks.

‘Listen, Benny, I know you’ve been going through a rough patch lately, but this isn’t the answer. It’s alright though, we can move past this. It’s just a relapse.’

Caroline fought to remain calm. If she was going to help Benny through this, she could not afford to let him notice how unnerved she was – not only because of his unexpected arrival, but because for some reason she was struggling not to ogle his nubile figure.

‘This isn’t a fucking relapse, doc. This is who I am. I was weak and scared when I came to you and you used that to try and trick me into abandoning my true self. You never cared about me. But Trixie does. She helped show me who I was meant to be.’

‘I know you think she cares about you, Benny, but that woman is a heartless, opportunistic bitch. Whatever she told you, she was lying.’

Despite her best efforts, Caroline could not keep the loathing out of her voice. Just hearing the name Trixie made her blood boil. Ever since that infernal woman had opened the Little Shop of Hedonism, Caroline had seen a surge in patients occupying her couch troubled with all kinds of sordid addictions.

One man was struggling to resist the urge to bimbofy himself and start working as an escort. Another was consistently fighting the urge to slip a powerful dose of G-lixir into his crush’s drink. She had met a woman whose excessive Elixir use had left her just a single dose away from permanent bitchification; a newlywed bride who was compulsively transforming her husband into a new man every night before wiping his mind the following morning; a heartbroken twenty-something who had taken to using Domin-8 after her boyfriend left her and now found she could not stop.

Caroline had even cared for a nurse who had taken to wearing enchanted scrubs which allowed her to control the minds of her patients. Although she had initially intended to use this power to calm her patients, the lust-inducing effects of the scrubs had led her to fuck most of them instead. Then when her superiors had discovered her, she had forced them under her control too, eventually bringing the entire hospital under her thumb and using her power in all manner of sordid ways, from reducing her enemies to mindless breakroom cumdumps to transforming the hospital manager into her personal bull.

At the root of every sorry story, Trixie’s corruptive influence was always there. Every day she would lure someone new into her den of depravity, then like a viper she would strike, beguiling them with venomous promises of fantasies fulfilled and limitless pleasures.

But Caroline had made it her mission to rehabilitate those Trixie had twisted up. Like an angel soothing lost souls, she pried them from Trixie’s demonic clutches and guided them through their troubles and addictions. Regrettably, she had not managed to help them all (the lustful nurse, for example, was now a popular amateur adult model whose scenes fucking her bullified former boss had made her the wet dream of deviants the world over, not to mention the poster girl for Trixie’s business), but for every patient who succumbed to Trixie’s corruption Caroline shepherded three more to recovery.

And she was determined not to let Benny slip through her fingers.

Stepping forward cautiously, Caroline held out her hands placatingly. ‘I know you think Trixie is your friend, Benny, but she’s just using you to make a profit.’

Despite herself, she couldn’t help but eye Bunny’s stiff cock partially concealed under her skirt. She ignored the urge to slip one hand around the shaft and press her lips against Bunny’s supple pout.

When she glanced up, she was surprised to spot a glimmer of uncertainty in Bunny’s eyes. Seizing her moment, she pressed on. ‘It’s okay, I’m here to listen. Tell me what she said to you. I only want to help, you know that right?’

‘I… yes I know, doc… I just… she told me I deserved to feel pleasure… she said she could give me the life I’ve always wanted… she said I didn’t have to be a loser anymore. I could be hot and sexy and perfect. And… and…’

Taking another step closer Caroline struggled to ignore her swelling arousal. She knew if she could just convince him to remove his outfit she’d be able to set him free of Trixie’s clutches. Then again, the closer she got the more she began to wonder if it might be more enjoyable for him to keep it on.

‘And what, Benny?’ she encouraged a little breathlessly. It was getting difficult to think.

Bunny pounced. Seizing Caroline’s shoulders the skinny woman pulled her close with surprising strength. Caroline flinched as Bunny’s body pressed against hers, her erection slipping beneath the therapist’s skirt to rub her panties. She pressed her face in so close her breath was hot on Caroline’s skin. In a heartbeat Bunny dropped her insecure act: the doubt abruptly vanished from her eyes and when she spoke her voice was thick with sinister confidence.

‘And she told me that if I wanted to be free, I had to get rid of you. You’re the one holding me back, doc. And not just me – you’ve been meddling in Trixie’s affairs for far too long now. She wants you gone. I want you gone. So she made this special outfit for me. It lets me play with your mind, doc – something to do with pheromones Trixie said. I’m no psychologist, but I think it’s working. Let’s check. Stroke my cock.’

Caroline obeyed immediately. Though she was startled by her own compliance, when she looked down she found herself running her fingers up and down Bunny’s twitching shaft.

‘Good girl,’ Bunny purred. ‘Guess what, doc – I bought you something. It’s a present from me and Trixie. You’re going to love it.’

Caroline’s mind was a fog of confusion. She was neither alarmed nor docile, angry nor calm. It was as if she was in limbo, half of her consciousness an obedient slave to Bunny’s words, half coherent and aware. She had not succumbed to Bunny’s control completely, yet she hung on every word, her worries simply drifting away like withered leaves on a gentle autumn breeze.

When Bunny produced the vulgar pink leotard Caroline loved it immediately: Bunny had told her she would, so she did, squirming with delight at the thought of slipping into its tight embrace. Consisting of mesh flanks, a plunging latex bust and an assortment of glossy latex straps designed to clutch the neck, thighs and, of course, tits, it looked like the favoured uniform of a particularly shameless stripper.

Caroline wouldn’t be seen dead in such a thing. 

‘Put it on,’ Bunny commanded.

Without question, Caroline stripped, snatched the leotard from Bunny’s hands and eagerly wriggled inside. Cutting into her ample stomach and sagging around her meagre tits, it was a terrible fit.

Luckily, Trixie and Bunny had already thought of that.

Busty blonde woman in pink latex outfit exposes pussy

The effects of the leotard hit Caroline with all the force of a runaway, rocket-propelled freight train. She cried out as the material constricted around her body, the straps coming to life and writhing over her skin. Staggering backwards, her legs gave way and she dropped heavily into a bar stool.

Beside her, Bunny giggled coldly as her therapist transformed.

Before Caroline’s eyes her body rapidly reshaped. Her plump midriff dwindled away into the kind of tight, toned stomach she had only ever dreamed of, to which the pink latex clung breathtakingly tight. But the lost weight did not go to waste – instead every ounce of excess weight across her body migrated to her tits and ass, swelling her erotic assets to incredible size until the straps of her outfit were pulled taut. Although she did not get any younger, the signs of her middle age evaporated in a heartbeat: once greying hair was suddenly blonde, frown lines and sagging skin were replaced with supple flesh and lust lines earned from years of sensual fucking, while internally Caroline was revitalised with raw erotic energy burning through every fibre of her being. Manicured nails sprouted from her fingers, her unkempt brows plucked themselves into sharp arcs, her thin lips swelled to the surgically-enhanced dick-sucking pout of true nympho – all in all, everything that made Caroline Caroline was ruthlessly eradicated, and by the time the leotard had finished with her she was giggling stupidly on the stool, drunk on the pleasure of her transformation.

Carrie was a much simpler woman. She craved only pleasure – anything else seemed completely irrelevant. So, when she came to her senses and found herself horny beyond belief, she didn’t think twice about pulling the crotch of her leotard to the side and running her fingers over her dripping wet pussy.

‘Oh fuck,’ she breathed, shuddering as pleasure rushed through her body.

Smiling impishly, Bunny stepped closer, running her hands over Carrie’s thighs. ‘Mmmh, you look so much hotter like this, doc. I wish I had done this months ago. You were the only thing holding me back from the perfect life, and now you can’t get in my way anymore.’

When Carrie looked up at Bunny, her vapid expression dragged a moan from the trans slut’s lips. Bunny hadn’t been sure what the leotard would turn her therapist into, so watching her being totally bimbofied had left her painfully horny anyway – but seeing the evisceration of her intelligence in Carrie’s stupid, giggly face threatened to make her cum on the spot.

‘Really, Bunny, you know I was only doing it for your own good. I mean, like, I just wanted you to be happy, you know? Turning me into a hot, needy, slutty, horny…’ Carrie groaned as she continued to play with herself, ‘wet… greedy… plastic…’ Losing her train of thought completely, Carrie stared lustfully at her former patient. ‘You look so fucking sexy, babe.’

Bunny chuckled. Trixie had told her this might happen. Although it had transformed Caroline in both body and mind, the leotard had left parts of her psyche intact. The woman she had been was still there, at least partially, only now her persona was filtered through the brain of a stupid bimbo.

And Bunny had every intention of exploiting Carrie’s newfound arousal.

The black latex contrasted starkly against Bunny’s pale skin as she pressed herself closer, rubbing the shaft of her cock between Carrie’s pussy lips.

‘Do you know the hottest thing about all this – Trixie guessed what you’d become. That leotard, it doesn’t just transform you, it turns you into the kind of deviant you hate the most. She’s used the same magic to turn nuns into nymphos and housewives into homewreckers, but she said that when you transformed you’d become a stupid airhead bimbo who lives for sex, the nastier the better. Clearly she was right.’

Her smile turned wicked as she seized Carrie’s big tits in her delicate fingers. ‘I’m glad she was, doc. This is what you deserve. And the first person you fuck after putting that thing on will own you from then on: you’ll be addicted to them, filled with the desire to worship and please them. You’ll be the perfect bimbo pet – the exact life you used to consider a living nightmare – and you’ll love every fucking second of it.’

Carrie giggled brainlessly. ‘Well of course I’ll love it, silly, what plastic babe wouldn’t? I mean, this is like totes the hottest I’ve ever felt. I’m so horny its like, I can’t even think… I need a cock, like, so bad, girl.’

Bunny could practically see the light bulb illuminate above Carrie’s head as she glanced down at Bunny’s hard girl-dick. With all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, she stared at it for a solid thirty seconds before suddenly grabbing Bunny’s hand and leading her eagerly from the room.

Bouncing along giddily, Carrie chattered incessantly.

‘You know, I like totally hate that bitch Trixie. I mean, what did I ever even do to her? I was just doing my job, just trying to help all the sorry losers find a bit of happiness. Although, I guess I can’t hate her too much. Like, she gave me this hot bod, after all – and you too, obvs babe. I haven’t felt this good in my whole life. Always been such a frumpy bitch and now I’m, like, a fucking sex bomb! Now I think about it, I really love Trixie. She’s like a total babe and she made me one too and she made sure I can’t stop her making all the other sorry losers hot bitches too. TBH, I just wanna bury my face in her pussy to show how much I love her. And once I do, then…’

Bunny listened to Carrie’s babbling with a mischievous smile: her bimbo persona was consuming her more with every passing second.

And once they arrived in Carrie’s bedroom, that lustful mindset engulfed her completely.

Busty blonde woman in pink latex outfit rides blonde trans lover

Driving Bunny down onto the bed, Carrie moved with the sultry confidence of a world-class seductress.

Her manicured fingers worked over Bunny’s body, inducing little breathless gasps from the petite blonde. She worked the latex skirt down exposing Bunny’s throbbing cock, the head glistening with precum. She slipped off the unzipped panties and the harnesses and Bunny’s gleaming bra. She even removed the latex ears, kissing Bunny hungrily as she tossed them aside and positioned her hips over Bunny’s waiting dick.

‘I want to worship you,’ Carrie breathed. ‘I want you to be the first person I fuck then I’ll be yours forever and ever. I want to be like, totally addicted to you babe – you’re so fucking hot I’m desperate for it.’

Grinning coldly, Bunny reached up and wrestled Carrie’s fat tits out of the leotard. ‘Your wish is my command,’ she purred. Then, gripping Carrie’s silicone rack hard, she forced her former therapist down hard onto her cock.

Within seconds, Bunny’s hands fell away and she leaned back on her elbows as Carrie’s bimbo instincts kicked in. The plastic whore bounced and ground and rode Bunny with all the devilish experience of a woman who had dedicated her life to the art of depravity.

Bunny laughed as pleasure flooded her system. Carrie’s tight, hot, wet cunt embraced her girl-dick; her shiny tits jiggled inches from her face. It felt as if her pussy had been moulded specifically to Bunny’s cock – then again, it had.

Just as Trixie had promised, the leotard was twisting Carrie into Bunny’s perfect slave. As part of that, the second Bunny’s dick slipped inside the newly minted bimbo, Carrie’s sex had shifted to match her size, length and girth perfectly. From now on, no other cock would ever satisfy as well as Bunny’s; at the same time, no other pussy would ever feel as good to Bunny as that of her bimbofied therapist.

Groaning with ecstasy, Bunny bit her lip and began thrusting upwards. ‘Fuck, you feel so good. Roll your hips, slut.’

Carrie obeyed without hesitation. Sinking down so her knees were planted either side of Bunny’s hips she rocked back and forth frantically, her lover’s cock buried balls deep in her hole.

‘That’s right. You live to please me now, doc. Your only purpose is to follow my orders and worship my body.’ A manic grin twisted her pretty, pale face. ‘God, this is so fucking HOT!

She eyed Carrie’s gleaming pink leotard. ‘You know, there’s more than just that little number in Trixie’s shop. Much more. I don’t imagine you’ve ever been there to know what she stocks, but once we’re finished here we’re going to change all that.’

Carrie had thrown her head back and was moaning at the ceiling as she bounced. ‘Whatever you want, mistress,’ she panted without looking down. ‘I’m like totally up to take anything you want to use on me. I’m yours. Always yours.’

Blonde trans woman takes busty blonde woman in pink latex from behind

A wave of devilish mischief washed over Bunny then. Seizing Carrie by her lush blonde hair she wrenched the bimbo down onto the bed, leaving them both gasping as her cock slid free of Carrie’s sex.

Before Carrie knew what was happening, Bunny had manhandled her into position, and in the next breath she had driven her cock back in again – this time deep into the bimbo’s tight ass. Just as it had tailored Carrie’s pussy to her dick, the leotard immediately moulded her ass in the same way and, lubricated by the bimbo’s slick pussy nectar, Bunny eagerly pounded her slave’s tight hole.

Shrieking with giddy delight, Carrie rocked back against Bunny’s hips. Instinctively, she held one leg high with a manicured hand, the other groping her silicone tits as she peered back at her mistress.

Bunny smirked at her. ‘Oh don’t worry, I already know that, bitch. Trust me, you’re going to wish me and Trixie transformed you ages ago.’

Bunny’s eyes burned with lustful fire as she increased her pace. ‘You can’t imagine what she has to offer. I think I’ll buy you some of Trixie’s Addiction Aromas first. Each one messes with your head and rewrites your thoughts so you can’t stop yourself fulfilling a certain desire until they’ve worn off: there’s Deepthroat Whore and Pussy Lover and Ass Eater and loads more. I think we’ll try that last one first, then I can spend all night sitting on that pretty face of yours.’ She grinned coldly, seizing Carrie’s hair roughly and using the leverage to slam in harder.

‘Obviously we’ll be getting plenty of toys for ourselves too,’ Bunny went on. ‘There’s a special plug that vibrates harder the wetter you are, and a wand that can keep you on the edge for hours without letting you cum, not to mention plenty of sexy cock sheaths I can use to make you orgasm every single time I thrust.’ As if to emphasise her point she began teasing Carrie’s swollen clit, chuckling as the dumb bimbo groaned. ‘I think they’ll all pair very well with the tassels I’ll be getting you: the hornier you get, the bigger they make your tits. I can’t wait to see you writhing and moaning as your fat, plastic jugs just keep growing.’

By now, Bunny’s corrupted imagination was running wild, and she had no desire to stop it. Instead, she continued on, smirking all the while as she savoured Carrie’s expression of brainless arousal: this was more therapeutic than anything Caroline had ever given her.

‘Mmmh, you know when I was buying this outfit for myself I saw a nice little conditioning helmet for you too. It will train you when you’re awake, obviously, but if you wear it when you sleep it gets into your dreams and twists them up and works its way right down to your subconscious. You’re going to love it, cunt, especially when you drift off with the taste of my cum on your lips. Or perhaps I could even keep a little Lotion X around the house – that way some nights it would be your cum in your mouth as the helmet warps your mind. Oh yes, you’d make a very sexy little futa bitch.’

The tempest of erotic ideas swirling through her head was pushing Bunny to the brink. She was close, she could feel it – and if Carrie’s breathless moans were anything to go by, so was she. Eager to complete her slave’s humiliation, Bunny entered the home stretch.

‘But I won’t keep you all to myself, bitch, oh no. In fact, you’re going to be funding this naughty new life of ours. You see, Trixie showed me this very special harness before I came over to see you and that’s going to be your new uniform, so you can forget your blouse and pencil skirt from now on. You’re going to look so fucking hot in it, although I’m afraid you won’t be able to tell; you won’t be able to think at all, actually. It makes you completely blank – so stupid you can’t even follow orders. You’ll just be an empty toy; a living sex doll. A puppet for anybody to use however they like. And trust me, Trixie knows plenty of kinky fuckers who’d be happy to pay a pretty penny to destroy all your slutty holes.’

In that moment, Bunny came. At the same time, Carrie shrieked, her own orgasm sending her eyes rolling up into her skull.

Gripping Carrie’s hips, Bunny pumped her load deep into the bimbo’s cunt. A grin of pure erotic mania twisted her lips, every fibre of her being throbbing, pulsing, burning with arousal. She felt so hot she wondered for a moment if the bedsheets might catch fire.

Then she descended the other side of her orgasm, panting and sweaty.

But she did not stop fucking her therapist. Her body was insatiable, and even with only the shoulder pads of her cursed latex outfit on, she had enough stamina to abuse her new slave for hours on end.

It was why Trixie had sold it her in the first place: only the very stupid or the very privileged were allowed access to her stash of cursed items, but Trixie had decided Bunny could handle the power.

The latex bunny outfit was one of the most powerful items in the entire store, capable of rewriting the wearer into a truly heartless deviant whose very presence could seduce anyone she desired. Moreover, the transformation was permanent, although the effects were so intoxicatingly corruptive that even if she had been forced to wear it, Bunny would never have wanted to turn back anyway.

However Bunny hadn’t been forced. She had donned the outfit willingly and now the raw seductive power was hers to wield as she pleased; thanks to Trixie, the trans whore could have put even the most insatiable succubus to shame.

Better still, Trixie had promised her she would thank Bunny personally once Caroline was out of the picture. Bunny couldn’t even begin to imagine what kind of divine pleasures somebody like Trixie could provide, but she suspected she would be spending a lot of time in Trixie’s bed finding out from now on.

Still, all that could wait. For now, her bimbofied therapist was at her mercy, and Bunny had been waiting too long for the chance to degrade her not to savour every second.

Rolling onto her back, Bunny manhandled Carrie into position over her hips again. Her lids fluttering, Carrie gave a long, low groan of barely contained euphoria as her mistress sank into her ass once more.

‘I suggest you get used to me stretching your ass, doc, because a greedy cumdump like you should be willing to serve her mistress with every hole. I know the old you would hate this, but think about it this way: I’m just making you live through your nightmare. It’s exposure therapy, doc. A lewd, lustful lifetime of exposure therapy.’

As Carrie rode Bunny’s cock with increasing neediness, however, it did not look like she was living a nightmare. It looked like all her dreams had come true.

And as Carrie’s tits bounced, her ass jiggled, and her groans evolved into erotic shrieks, Bunny smirked up at her slave, her mind tumbling with thoughts of all the sordid things she was going to do to Carrie before the day was up…

Three images of busty blonde woman in pink latex outfit riding blonde trans woman

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Happy Easter!

As mentioned in my April Fools’ story, I don’t often write themed stories outside of Christmas and Halloween, but I’d been wanting to caption this story for a while and although the story itself isn’t really Easter themed at all, the bunny ears seemed like they’d provide a small link, however minimal. I don’t really care that it’s barely themed though if I’m honest – I find a lot of Easter galleries very samey and I struggle with ideas of what to write for them, so I’d rather write something like this that barely links at all outside of the visual imagery than something with really forced Easter themes involved that I don’t enjoy writing.

Also, this story probably gives you an idea of just how much I’ve been wanting to write some content using Jean Hollywood’s scenes: this is the second one I’ve put out in as many weeks. And in case you were wondering, nope, I will not be apologising for that. Hollywood is awesome, and its a pleasure to showcase that.

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