It’s Not You, It’s Me

Blonde woman giving oral sex to man in shirt and trousers

Yvonne wasn’t sure how the magic of the fountain pen worked. At first she’d thought maybe whatever the user wrote down was transcribed into reality, but that couldn’t be true – she’d been writing erotica with it for several hours already, but none of the saucy short stories she’d jotted down in her journal had come to life like this. She was fairly certain it couldn’t grant wishes either, because she hadn’t actually wished for this. Not really. It was more that she’d wanted it, and that want had come from a fiendish part of herself she rarely tapped into. Her usual erotic writings were sensual and passionate, but when she had imagined a transformation overcoming her husband she’d been brimming with cruel lust and a hunger to humiliate him.

Perhaps that was how the pen worked? Perhaps it had fed off her inner depravity, bringing to life the fantasies that conveyed only her darkest yet most erotic thoughts.

As the sloppy wet choking of her former husband filled the room, she realised she didn’t really care. This was too much fun. It was too fucking hot to even considering changing him back.

Yvonne still wasn’t sure what had come over her when she heard him arrive home, announcing himself with the same affectionate ‘I love you,’ he always did. He liked to say it before anything else whenever he got home so she always knew how much she meant to him.

She’d heard Kris laughing at him for it. Her husband’s best friend had known them both since before they were married and had even been the best man at their wedding. He was practically family.

Yet the sound of both of them had sparked something impish in Yvonne. God, if he loves me this much, imagine how much he’d love cock if he was a plastic bimbo, she’d thought. And I bet Kris wouldn’t be so quick to poke fun at him if it was his cock he was hungry for – he’d be too busy filling her throat.

The depraved thought had come from nowhere, and she still had her suspicions that it was actually the pen that had planted it in her mind. Or maybe whatever magic the pen held had simply dragged up something cruel and lustful from her subconscious. Either way, scheming desire had engulfed her in that moment and it hadn’t released her since.

Not when the house had suddenly filled with shocked moans. Not when those moans had shifted in tone from fear to pleasure. Not even when she’d rushed downstairs to find them both in the throes of transformation, writhing and groaning as their bodies changed before her eyes.

Kris’s weedy frame had expanded rapidly, growing taller and broader until he towered over both Yvonne and her husband. His warm face had reformed into stern lines which framed piercing grey eyes, while his clothes had shifted too, fading from jeans, tee and trainers to beige cotton trousers, crisp striped shirt and sharp dress shoes. His whole aura oozed wealth so much he even wore it around his neck in the form of glittering gold chains.

But Yvonne barely noticed. She hadn’t been able to tear her eyes away from her husband. His massive silicone tits had already grown in by the time she got downstairs – huge fake orbs that stretched the material of his shirt taut. And as she watched, the rest of his body changed to match.

His lips puffed up with filler until they were so plump he had a permanent pout. His crooked nose reset itself, the surgical enhancements obvious in its soft, slim lines. His cheeks lifted and grew rosy with gloss as bleach blonde hair tumbled down over narrow, delicate shoulders. All the scars and imperfections on his skin faded, leaving every last inch as porcelain perfection. His eyebrows curved into arcs, his nails sprouted into manicured claws and his collarbones rose sharply, accentuating his deep cleavage and highlighting the sudden absence of his Adam’s apple. The expansion of his ass was almost explosive, bulging out so rapidly his jeans tore and slipped down to reveal sublime, hairless legs with plump thighs, lean calves, and skin so touchable Yvonne’s hands twitched at her sides. Her husband screamed with euphoria as the bulge in his crotch vanished sharply, and the next moment he was grinding his hands over his groin, huffing and squirming as the pleasure of her new sex played over her plastic features. To complete the look, a tight, revealing blue dress wrapped itself around her new bimbofied figure and a shimmering golden necklace draped around neck. Blue and gold bangles jangled on her wrists, bringing the outfit together neatly.

The sight of their transformations was still playing through Yvonne’s head as she watched the man she loved throat his best friend’s cock so easily it was almost frightening. Frothy drool dribbled over his balls and the woman’s back arched as she fought for breath, but she didn’t let up for a moment. In fact, around the wet choking sounds she could be heard giggling, a ditzy delirium in her tone as though his cock was sending her higher than any drug ever could.

Both Kris and her husband had completely ignored her once they transformed. Instead they had fallen immediately into the roles of a horny sugar daddy and his needy cocksleeve. In fact, Yvonne was fairly confident they couldn’t see her; their transformation combined with their immediate descent into filthiness had only exacerbated her arousal, and she had been reclining in the opposite chair masturbating feverishly for the past ten minutes. Neither of them had so much as glanced her way.

Holy fuck, why is to so hot watching him gag on Kris’s cock? Maybe it’s because he’s loving it so much. Maybe it’s because neither of them can even remember who they were before they changed. Oh, fuck, it’s just too damn hot!

Yvonne felt like she was losing her mind. She’d never been this horny. And just like the newly-minted bimbo eagerly suffocating herself on her sugar daddy’s dick, she was desperate for more.

I want to see them fuck. I want to see Kris stuff that fat cock in her tight pussy and make her scream.

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She’d barely considered how heartless her own thoughts were before they were put into motion. If she wanted to, she could probably have figured out a way to turn them both back – she knew it was the pen that had done this after all. Instead she was using them to act out a live porno right in front of her and the very thought of reversing their transformations was mildly sickening. She wanted to watch their depravity. She wanted to feed the pen with all her darkest fantasies.

She wanted to make her husband the filthiest, nastiest, most cum-hungry bimbo fucktoy conceivable.

And even though the pen was still upstairs in her study, the magic had already connected with her – in a heartbeat Kris had tossed his whore onto all fours, whipped up her dress to reveal her bare, vulnerable holes, and driven his massive cock so deep into her tight cunt his balls ground against her clit.

Yvonne’s arousal spiked as she noticed that even her husband’s new holes were designer, her twinkling pussy and tight ass shaved, perfect and pristine. Her pussy lips slid easily over Kris’s thick shaft as though moulded for him and him alone and the next moment her high, erotic shrieks were ricocheting off the walls.

Deep down, a little voice was telling Yvonne to stop. After all, it wasn’t like her husband actually deserved this. He wasn’t the oafish, bigoted sort of man who needed to be taught a lesson, instead he had always been faithful and sweet and affectionate, dedicating himself to her happiness and treating her like royalty throughout their many years together. And she’d always loved him for it.

But there was one thing her husband had never been: kinky. Their sex life was undoubtedly passionate, but he had never had any hope of satisfying the dark slut inside her, and it was that side of herself that the pen had dragged to the surface. It felt like something had ruptured within her and all the cold, scheming depravity she’d forced down was drowning her, seeping into her very soul and corrupting her one desire at a time.

A cruel smirk twisted Yvonne’s lips as she watched her husband’s plastic tits swing in time to Kris’s thrusts and her overripe pout form a perfect ring of orgasmic pleasure. She’d been wrong before – he did deserve this. She’d had to ignore all her kinky desires for years because of him. She’d had to pretend she was an ordinary vanilla girl and stifle the demonic slut inside, fooling herself into thinking she loved him.

Now though, thanks to the pen, she realised the truth: she hated him. She hated her husband with every ounce of her being. She didn’t need his love or affection, she only needed his servitude.

Completely corrupted, Yvonne’s fiendish thoughts began running away from her. The magic of the pen was hers to wield now, and she was going to enjoy punishing her former husband for daring to think he deserved the love of a perfect whore like her.

I want to see him humiliated, she thought, the very idea making her groan. I want to see him fucked stupid like the plastic cocksleeve he is. I want him to be used as no more than a set of holes, a filthy, greedy cumdump, and I want him to be pounded rough until he’s just a brainless drone. He doesn’t need his smarts anymore. He just needs fucking hard in every hole. And I want him to love every last second of it.

At that moment, a handsome man strode into the room. Though Yvonne’s magic had twisted him into the perfect specimen of manhood before he entered, she was still able to recognise him as their neighbour. Even so, the beer belly and dumpy figure he had once possessed were gone, replaced by a muscular frame, towering stature and a colossal bulge in his pressed black trousers.

And, just like the others, he was a slave to Yvonne’s desires.

Busty blonde naked woman having sex on lap of man in white shirt while giving oral sex to clothed man

Striding over to the fucking couple he ignored Yvonne masturbating in the chair. His trousers were down in an instant and his huge cock bucked free as he tore off the bimbo’s tight blue dress. A second later he had dropped onto the sofa beside them and seized the plastic slut by the throat.

Their neighbour dragged her off Kris’s cock, though the latter man didn’t seem to mind. Yvonne suspected he knew what was coming and was as eager to fuck her face again as he was to fuck her pussy – or maybe her kinky desires had simply ensured he didn’t care what hole which designer hole he used, so long as he could fill it with cum. Either way, he didn’t try to stop the newcomer manhandling her husband into position on his lap, his dick soon deep into her twinkling cunt.

The bimbo’s legs were raised high and they bobbed with every thrust he made, her sequined heels gleaming in the light. Before she could even let out a groan though, Kris’s hands were tangled in her hair and her mouth was full of his cock again, her throat bulging like a snake swallowing a deer as he fucked her face. Her plastic tits jiggled and her thighs rippled attractively with every impact.

Reclining in her seat, Yvonne’s smirk grew to an evil grin. Maybe the power of the pen had gone to her head, but she didn’t care. She wanted this. She needed it. This shameless pleasure was what she lived for now. Already she was concocting ideas of how she could integrate herself into this sordid story – after all, those cocks looked far too good to let her brainless bimbofied husband have all the fun with them.

‘I guess we’re not really husband and wife anymore, baby,’ she purred, talking more to herself than to her former husband. ‘Consider this our official breakup. It’s not you, babe, it’s me. But for what it’s worth, you won’t be shedding any tears over us – you’ll be too busy choking on dick every night for that…’

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So, I have recently decided to make a minor change to how I source the work of the models involved in my stories.

The crux of this change is that I intend to stop repeating myself when sourcing the work of models who are regular faces in my stories. Models like Angela White, Abella Danger and Piper Perri just to name a few have shown up in my work often enough that I’ve made my opinions on them clear multiple times over, and I just find I’m repeating myself whenever discussing them now. So, as a remedy to this, I think moving forwards I will try to only make comments on models in the first story I use their work in.

So, with that in mind, the models in this piece are Chessie Kay, Markus Dupree and Nick Lang.

Kay is a model I haven’t used before, but I already have another story in the pipeline using her work and I have the distinct impression she is going to become my go-to model for bimbofication stories. She is an incredibly naughty model and I have loved what I have seen of her work so far. The fact she’s a UK model is just even more appealing to me since it often feels like every model in the industry is from the US and sometimes I want a little variety in the mix. You should absolutely check out her work when you can, and be sure to keep your eyes out for more stories using her work here too!

Dupree has appeared on my blog several times before, so I won’t be making any additional comments on him here, while Lang is – as far as I can recall – new to my stories. I am not familiar with his work myself, however if his PornHub profile is anything to go by he seems to be a very impressive male model who really knows how to put on a show. If you’re a fan of the DDF Network, he seems to have done a lot of work for the studio so you may already know him, but if not do be sure to head over to his portfolio and explore at your own pace.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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