Models: Antonio Black, Mr. Longwood & Chessie Kay

A wave of desire swept through Charity’s insides as she swallowed the man’s cock. Her lips stretched to accommodate his width while she eagerly fed his shaft deeper down her throat. Strands of hair dislodged by the manhandling she had received when forced to the floor swished about with her bobbing head. Her neck bulged. Her drool coated his dick. Lust swirled through her like a tempest.

Yet all she could think about were his words of encouragement.

‘That’s it, bimbo. Swallow me deep. Fuck that feels so good – choke on my fat cock then beg for more.’ He chuckled, simply standing there while she did as she was told, watching her with a smug expression on his face. ‘You stupid plastic cunt,’ he smirked.

Charity groaned around his dick: the knowledge that she was giving him pleasure was all she craved. No matter how crude or insulting her lovers were, there was nothing she would not do just for the chance to satisfy them. She was so desperate to gratify that she rarely paid any attention to her own physical pleasure; in her mind, no orgasm could compete with the rush of making her lovers cum. At heart Charity was a crowd-pleaser above all else – hence why she was on her knees worshipping the well-endowed black stud man and his equally hung friend in the first place.

‘Do you like that, baby?’ she said sweetly, pulling back for a moment and stroking his cock with red-nailed fingers. Her other hand was wrapped around the second man’s dick, jerking him feverishly in preparation for her lips.

The man seized her hair roughly. ‘I like it when you shut the fuck up and suffocate on my dick, bitch. Now get back to work.’ Tugging her back in, he invaded her mouth so deep his abs pressed against her nose.

Not that Charity had any problem with that. Her incredible body rolled and jiggled as she resumed her task. Everything about her was designer and fake, from the inflated lips sliding over his shaft, to the shaved ones a little lower which would soon be doing the same. Her silicone tits bounced, one nipple poking free of the deep purple bra which struggled to contain her massive rack. Further down her equally huge ass rippled enticingly, drawing the gaze of both men, while her perfect hairless legs gleamed softly in the light.

She looked like a sex doll brought to life.

It did not take long before the men were craving a little more than just her oral prowess. Ordering her to strip them, they took the liberty of removing her lingerie and pulling her to her feet, lecherous grins twisting their handsome faces.

Soon enough Charity found herself stood between the two men as they helped themselves to her body. The shorter of the two sat on the bed, the simple necklace on his chest the only thing left of his outfit. Before she could stop him he lifted one of her legs to spread her wide and had three fingers in her pussy up to the knuckle, all while he latched onto one huge tit, nibbling and sucking hungrily as she groaned.

Necklace’s friend, meanwhile, had a powerful hand on her other breast. He groped her so hard he left her chest aching and with his free hand he took the opportunity to treat her big fake ass in a similar manner. He was a lanky thing, all arms and legs – although the only limb Charity cared about was the one between his thighs. As long as her forearm and nearly as thick, he was the biggest bull she had met since her rebirth. Despite her need to please a small selfish part of her could not wait to feel that perfect dick stretch her holes to the limit.

With her groans serving as ample encouragement, it seemed both men were happy to entertain themselves. So Charity decided it couldn’t hurt to just bask in the pleasure for a while.

She didn’t often think about that night. She was usually so busy fucking and sucking and licking and scissoring and generally satisfying anybody sent her way that she rarely had the time to reminisce on her transformation.

And yet she knew it was an experience she would never forget.

The title at the bottom had identified her card as The Fawner. It bore the image of a curvy bimbo whose silicone assets were on full display in her skimpy lingerie. Surrounding her was a large crowd, their hands exploring her body as she smiled giddily.

Charity remembered her old self letting a loud cry somewhere between a scream and a groan as the pleasure hit her. Crumpling back into the wall she had grabbed her tits as they suddenly inflated, swelling through the cup sizes until they burst her crop top at the seams and sent her bra hissing across the room like a lace throwing star. Her ass engorged just as quickly, although by that time the magic of the card had already reduced her skirt to atoms, allowing her new cheeks to bulge unimpeded around lingerie that perfectly matched that worn by the woman on the card.

She gave another gasp as she acquired another cup size, although it sounded different this time. There was a more sensual tone to her voice now – a sultry edge that made anything she said sound deeply erotic as if she wanted nothing more than to lure anyone she met into bed.

Despite the erotic heat roiling in her bosom, her hands abruptly shot down to her crotch. Because not only could she feel her small, trimmed patch of pubic hair withering away, she could feel her pussy itself changing as well. The sensitivity of her clit skyrocketed, while her insides felt as if they were being squashed and squeezed. She had vaguely understood that the card was preparing her for all the immense cocks she would soon have to take, but with even the smallest change to her sex sending waves of ecstasy crashing through her, she soon lost herself to the pleasure of it all.

While her features settled into an entirely new face her expression was a mask of euphoria. Long black hair which had once brushed her waist retreated up into a shorter, lighter ombre style. Her stomach toned; her navel glittered with a new piercing; a delicate tattoo inked itself behind her left ear.

When she opened her eyes, the room was already a hive of lustful activity. Most of her former friends had already transformed. Maya had Jade bent over a chair and was spanking her hard; two security guards had Henry pressed against the wall screaming as they took turns fucking him; Tamara and Allie were making out sensually in one corner. Out in the corridor, Daniella was held aloft in the arms of another guard, his dick sheathed in her sex.

And standing amidst it all was Felicity. She looked like a deviant goddess.

She had eyed the bimbo’s card with a conniving smile. ‘I was hoping that one might make an appearance. Can you feel it? Deep down inside: the need to please. It’s what you live for now, isn’t it Miss…?’

The new woman took a second to answer. She could remember her former name, but she knew she wasn’t Carla anymore; that name belonged to her old life and a woman who would never again see the light of day. The Lucky Deck had moulded her into something hot and horny and new.

Her new name came to her in a flash of clarity. ‘Charity,’ she said. She nodded as it rooted itself in her mind. ‘Yes, I’m Charity.’

The lingering arousal of her transformation was fading, and in that moment, she simply had to worship somebody. Fortunately, Felicity was only too happy to help.

‘Well then, Charity, what are you waiting for?’ she cooed, leaning back on the table and undoing her trousers. The weight of her utility belt pulled them down, revealing her lace panties. ‘I’m all yours.’

From there, Charity’s memories of the night were a blur of lust and sapphic depravity.

A particularly deep thrust of Necklace’s fingers sent a flare of lust through her insides, bringing her back to the real world. The hot black stud looked horny enough to burst, while his friend had started instinctively rubbing his crotch against her huge ass. They seemed perfectly happy to grope and suck and tease her body, yet Charity knew she could do much more to satisfy her two lovers. The hunger to invade her holes was bright in their eyes, and if there was one thing she had learned since her transformation it was that there was nothing Metamorphose’s patrons loved more than a willing whore.

‘Fuck, no more,’ she gasped. ‘I can’t wait any longer. I need you in me. I need you stretching my pussy and filling my throat. I need you to fuck me until you can’t carry on.’ Increasingly aroused by her own words, she doubled down, noting with satisfaction the primal lust on their faces. ‘I want to be your cumdump, boys. I want you to use my body like I’m your living fuck doll. Cum on my face and tits and in my ass and pussy and all over my tongue and make me swallow it all. Fuck me like you hate me and then when you’ve broken me and my brains are nothing but mush do it all over again.’

When she finished Charity found her heart thumping with lust. For a moment there was silence. Then both men were dragging her down onto the bed, eager to fulfil all her sordid requests. 

On all fours, Charity allowed the men to have their way with her. Reaching back with one hand to spread her ass cheeks and bare her pussy for Lanky to penetrate, she used the other to grasp Necklace’s thigh, pulling him in closer as he pushed his throbbing cock between her lips and down her throat.

Closing her eyes, she let instinct take over. Her tongue twirled around Necklace’s cock with every bob of her head, and she made no move to resist when his hand tangled in her hair, holding her in place as he thrust in deep. At the same time, she eagerly rocked back against Lanky’s hips in a steady rhythm. Her designer pussy stretched wide to take him, his size pushing her to her limits, but it was worth it: he consistently hit her G-spot with every thrust. Before long Charity was groaning around Necklace’s dick, pitching back and forth between the two men, savouring every second of the sordid spitroast.

It wasn’t her first threesome. As Carla she had always been monogamous. But in the past few months she had lost count of how many studs and sluts she had slept with. Her highest body count in a single night was twenty, when Allie had invited her to serve a rock band and their groupies who were passing through town.

Her role at Metamorphose was simple: she kept people happy. If a VIP was visiting the resort, Charity was sent to keep them company; if a patron lodged a complaint, the casino offered her as compensation for the rest of their visit; when potential investors attended a tour, Charity was the one the higher ups used to sweeten the deal. Ever eager to satisfy anyone she laid her hands on, she was the perfect whore for the job: Metamorphose’s targeted missile of lust.

Tonight she had been handed to her lovers as an offer of goodwill. Necklace and Lanky had been in the final stretch of a hard-won poker game when a drunken brawl had broken out nearby. The fight had spilled onto the table, trashing the game and ruining either man’s chance of victory.

Felicity had dealt with the troublemakers swiftly, forcefully bimbofying both of them then putting them to work in the Gloryhole Parlour. Deciding the disgruntled men needed a generous apology, she had sent them both to Charity’s rooms with the promise they could spend as long as they pleased taking out their frustrations on her, and that she was at their disposal morning, noon and night until they left for home. She had also offered them an extra two weeks in the casino free of charge, but Charity suspected that was for Felicity’s own amusement: the devilish woman enjoyed nothing more than exploiting Charity and her former friends. She savoured their corruption, as if nothing turned her on more than the fact that she had turned them all into pawns of the casino. So Charity knew the knowledge that she would be serving the two studs for most of the next month would have Felicity hot, wet and horny – arousal she would no doubt take out on her own little slut back home.

Not that Charity cared. After all, this was what she lived for. In fact, as the two men continued to ravage her plastic body, her mind was already swirling with ideas of how she could please them even more. She would not rest until they were satisfied, and from the increasingly brutal way they used her holes, she suspected their night wouldn’t end until she was broken, babbling and lying limp in a puddle of their cum…

Thanks for reading!

I don’t have much to say about this one other than I really love Chessie Kay, and I’m super hyped that I got to write this story because it’s one of the rare times I’ve actually followed up on things when I said ‘I want to write more using her work.’ One of the big problems with being an erotica writer (at least in my mind) is that there are so, so many models I want to write captions for, but I simply don’t have the time to do so. So when I say I’ll write more for a specific model and then I actually get the opportunity to do so, I can’t deny I get a kick from that.

Also, one of the things I enjoyed most about this series is the chance to explore the transformations via flashbacks. Most of the time my stories focus on the runup, the physical transformation, then the aftermath of it, while the long-term effects are left to the imagination. The fact I got to mix things up a bit in this one and see where the characters are at months after they first changed was really fun to write.

Remember, Part 4 is out on Monday, so make sure you come back for that!


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