The Ones You Don’t Hear About

Busty blonde woman gives oral sex to hung man in kitchen

Though her mind was laden with confusion and more questions than she could process, nothing could stop Irene opening her plump lips and sliding them down the waiting shaft of the youthful man standing over her.

He tasted so juicy, so delicious, and the girth of his meat sent wonderful pain lancing through her rosy cheeks as he stretched them. It was difficult to believe both of the horny sex fiends in the deserted kitchen were over seventy years old. Looking up at him as she slobbered noisily she couldn’t see any restraint in his eyes – he seemed to have lost himself to whatever had overcome them – but though her body moved with a life of its own she hadn’t quite reached the same point.

When she came up for breath she managed to force a few words out through lips that didn’t feel at all like they wanted to say them. ‘What’s happening, Walter? What’s going on?’

But the elderly janitor – or rather, the formerly elderly janitor – wasn’t interested in her questions. ‘I didn’t tell you to stop, you fucking bimbo,’ he snapped, ‘suck that fucking dick.’ Grabbing her head he yanked her back down onto his meat, but he needn’t have bothered since her body was already moving in for a fresh taste before he moved his lips.

Busty blonde woman gives oral sex to hung man in kitchen

Irene hadn’t a clue what was going on. Why would she? She’d spent practically her entire working life dishing out breakfast, lunch and dinner to the snooty scientists and designer-suited big wigs of the company. She didn’t know anything about science or business or what the technicians got up to in their fancy labs on the different levels. All she knew was that they would parade into her canteen in their pristine lab coats and glossy shoes, gossip amongst themselves about secret projects and the sub-par quality of the porridge she’d worked so hard on, then scurry out again like rats to the sewers, blissfully unaware that there was anybody else in the world besides themselves.

Still, just because she didn’t know what kooky projects the young scamps were cooking up behind closed doors, that wasn’t to say she hadn’t heard things. After all, if you want to learn about any company, you ask the ‘help’. Janitors, dinner ladies, mechanics – they’re the ones who overhear all the hushed conversations and backroom chatter.

And what had Irene heard? Well, Karen (a part-time personal assistant to one of head scientists) had told Milly (a receptionist on the third floor) who’d told Anne (one of the cleaners) who’d told Walter (the inexplicably youthful seventy-three year old whose cock she was currently gagging on) who had then mentioned it to Irene that Karen had heard they were working on some kind of special gas in one of the main labs. Very secret, supposedly, all hush-hush. And, according to the files which had passed over her desk briefly and which Karen had accidentally read from front to back, it was capable of transforming anyone who inhaled it into the peak of physical condition.

So, when the evacuation alarm blared through the building as she and Walter had been stealing a quick half an hour to gossip, she had wondered if those thoughtless smart alecs had fumbled with their safety procedures and set the gas loose. They had of course, and it had surged through her canteen and into the kitchen in a wave of pink smog. Just as it had wreathed them in its clutches though, something else Karen had passed down the grapevine occurred to Irene: the gas wasn’t quite right yet. The files had mentioned something about a ‘bimbofication effect present in the female test subjects’ and that the male volunteers had been ‘subjected to an intense increase in the need for erotic stimulation and an unyielding surge in libido’.

She hadn’t much understood any of that when she had first heard it, but now she was receiving a first-class education in the failures the scientists had not managed to remedy.

Together the elderly workers had crippled to the ground, their bodies racked by strange new urges as they were moulded into new shapes. Bones cracked, years shed away, and soon enough Irene found herself in a body unlike any she had known even in her younger years. Her saggy breasts were full and swollen, so massive they had burst from her uniform, while the cracked grey hair she had crammed into her hairnet like an old bird’s nest had thrown off the bonds of the net and cascaded down her back in lush blonde locks. Her wrinkled flesh was tight and supple, her crone-like features young and heavily made up, and no sooner had she come to her senses and seen how the retreating gas had twisted Walter than she had started to tingle in an assortment of places.

Slurping on his perfect cock, new sounds met her ears. Somewhere below, the sound of rolling shutters could be heard, and though the siren had cut out on their floor it was still audible elsewhere in the building. Meanwhile, in the distance, detached screams rang out growing sharply frantic before they cut off. A few seconds later they were replaced by sultry moaning.

Irene’s mind drifted as the gas burned through it, warping her thoughts into basic bimbo desires of sex, make-up and more sex. Somewhere in the back of her mind, in the last fortress of herself, an unexpected thought popped up: I bet they don’t mention me and Walter in the news. That’s how it always is with these sorts of things – you hear about the scientists and executives who ‘sadly suffered the effects of an unfortunate containment anomaly’, but what about us? What about Karen fucking the living shit out of her boss? What about Milly choking on the cocks of all those shareholders in their corporate meeting on the tenth floor? Oh no, they won’t hear about them. They never do. Back in my day…

But then her thoughts were on different things. Namely why Walter was neglecting her other needs. ‘Don’t you want to take things up a notch, big boy?’ she winked, standing up to bend over the counter. Wriggling out of her underwear, she bared her twitching holes for his approval and it was not long at all before he was balls deep inside one…

Busty blonde woman has sex with hung man in kitchen

Thanks for reading!

The models in this scene are Victoria Summers and Chris Diamond.

Summers is a model I haven’t really come across before, but as you can see from this scene alone, she is busty, curvy, and has cock sucking skills to die for. She clearly has one hell of a MILF vibe going on and I’m sure if that’s your thing she absolutely won’t disappoint. Based on the quantity of scenes on her PornHub profile she has plenty of content for you to dive into if you enjoyed what you’ve seen of her here, and I can safely say she’ll be a staple of my porn diet from now.

I’ve showcased Diamond’s work on my blog before, some of it fairly recently, so I won’t say too much about him except to say that he’s hot, hung, and a deeply horny model who knows how to treat a saucy slut right. You cannot go wrong in checking out his work, and as I’m always saying male models deserve your support as much as female models, so go check him out already!

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