Welcome To The Neighbourhood

Modern house viewed from ascending driveway lit up at dusk

Night was falling as the young couple ascended the broad drive leading to the striking building. It loomed over them with a somewhat imposing air about it, the soft buzz of conversation drifting through the open windows. Seth and Holly had seen it before, though only from a distance when they drove past the end of the drive; up close they found the very walls seemed to whisper of luxury and extravagance. And just as her house was a reminder of what true wealth looked like, the woman who welcomed them inside was a demonstration of true beauty.

‘Seth, Holly,’ smiled Maria, her teeth glittering almost as bright as her fine diamond earrings, ‘so glad you could make it. Please, come in and make yourself comfortable.’

Maria was the ruling queen of their wealthy suburb and it was easy to see why. Wealthy, beautiful, and with a taste for the finer things in life, she was the type of woman everybody wanted to be around, a trait which was on full display tonight based on the dozens of men and women milling around the house as the young couple entered. They had only moved to the area recently, but even before they were fully settled in they had learned from their neighbours that if there was anybody they wanted to grow acquainted with, it was Maria.

The local hierarchy was a notable shift from the less involved neighbourhood they had moved from, though it was hardly a negative. A tightknit community was just what they had been hoping for, and they had been thrilled to receive an invitation to Maria’s private party so soon after moving in.

The house’s position as the highest property around had earned it the name The Crown, an appropriate title given it served as the abode for social royalty. It was as strikingly beautiful inside as out, the walls lined with expensive-looking abstract paintings in decadent frames and even a broad fountain dominating the entrance hall.

As they were led into the lounge Seth and Holly were reminded of how new they really were to the place: everybody appeared to know one another very well, and they eyed up the newcomers with piercing stares as they sipped their drinks. Everybody looked so perfect in their casual eveningwear, without an imperfection in sight; they looked like gods.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll get to know everybody soon enough,’ Maria reassured them as they sank onto a sofa. Her warm smile soothed their nerves a little. ‘Here, take these.’ She handed them each a small metal disc. It took them a moment to realise they were antique coins. They must have been hundreds of years old and were unlike any coins they had seen before, with the profile of a beautiful woman on each side. Inscriptions in a language they could not read lined the edges, but beneath one face was written the name Aphrodite, and beneath the other Fortuna.

Bemused by the gifts, Seth and Holly looked up to question Maria only to find she had disappeared into the crowd. As such, they did not notice the coins briefly glow a soft red in their hands.

Maria returned soon with a large wooden bowl in her hands, which she held out to her guests as she strode around the lounge. As she passed by, the men and women each produced their own old coin, tossing them into the bowl with knowing smiles. When everybody else had deposited their coin, Maria came to the young couple and thrust the bowl in front of them.

‘Pop your coins in, darlings,’ she urged them. The bowl was full of coins and once she presented it to them they noticed a sequence of repeating symbols carved along the wooden rim. Confused but unwilling to start asking questions when every other guest was staring at them, they both did as they were told. Shaking the bowl to mix the coins, Maria smiled as the runes around the edge glowed red. Then she was holding it out for them again. ‘Since you’re the newest players, you get to pick your coins first.’

By now their nerves had returned in full bloom and their confusion was deeper than ever: everybody was staring at them, nobody seemed perturbed by the bowl’s glowing runes, and Maria addressing them as ‘the newest players’ only raised further questions. Still, they obliged, dipping their hands into the bowl and pulling out a coin each.

Shuffling awkwardly where they sat, they glanced at one another as the collection of guests and Maria eyed them expectantly. Then, just as Seth was about to make an excuse to leave, his vision blurred and he slumped back into the sofa as a strange sensation overwhelmed him.

It began in his extremities, his fingers and toes tingling in a way that was not so much uncomfortable as it was invigorating. Looking at his hands he was shocked to see the tip of each finger encircled by a ring of shifting red light. The pulsing thread wound around his fingertips, changing them before his astonished eyes. Glossy manicured nails folded out of his own, polished in pristine white gloss and framed by smooth, porcelain flesh. They looked like mirages under the shimmer of the red light, but then the rings were rolling down his fingers and they did not vanish as he had expected. Progressing down his digits the separate rings merged to sweep over his palms, and the skin they left behind was perfect, hairless, unblemished and visibly feminine.

Passing his wrists, the thread of light rolled up his forearm like the hem of an evening glove. As it did so it seemed almost to eat away the sleeve of his shirt, leaving soft bare skin behind. On one finger he now wore a glittering diamond ring, and around his right wrist was clasped a golden bracelet. Before long it had reached his shoulders, and he had the vague thought that he must look like a Ken Doll whose arms had been replaced by those of a Barbie. With a jolt he remembered that he had felt the same sensation in his feet, and looking down he found the light already around his waist.

His delicate new feet were tipped with shiny white-glossed nails and bound up in the black straps of a pair of designer stilettos. Further up, his trousers had vanished to leave the tanned sheen of his now hairless legs on full display. His legs were soft and curvy, with slender calves and full thighs, and before he knew it an orgasmic throb ripped through his groin as his genitals were replaced. A pair of pink lace panties now hugged his hips, the bare pussy beneath both alarming and deeply arousing.

By this point Seth had crumpled sideways and lay on the couch convulsing with pleasure. His confusion over what was happening had dissolved, replaced by shuddering ecstasy. He kicked frantically in an attempt to dispel the euphoria, and a tiny part of him wondered where his wife had gone since she was no longer sitting beside him. His concerns over her whereabouts were quickly drowned however as the light ascending his body slid over his chest. With a burst of orgasmic delight it summoned up a pair of huge, plump breasts barely contained in a bra matching his new panties.

Merging with the red rings which had transformed his arms and waited patiently at his shoulders, the transformative power pulsed brighter before rising up to Seth’s head. No longer a Ken Doll with Barbie arms, he was now reminiscent of a Barbie with a Ken head forced onto her shoulders.

The red light soon remedied that. Rolling inexorably up, it swelled his dull, chapped lips into glossy wet cushions, smoothed his pitted skin into blushed perfection, and made up his eyes and brows with such finesse he could have floored an entire football team with a single glance. Finalising the transformation, the red light swept up his short brown hair, replacing it with cascading bleach blonde locks that brushed over his newly sensitive naked flesh.

Busty woman with platinum blonde hair lies on sofa in revealing underwear

Barely knowing what he was doing, his manicured hand slipped into his underwear and he nibbled on one of his long, perfect nails with a breathless giggle. His writhing had already knocked his breasts free from the confines of his bra, and he shuddered as his nipples hardened, tickled by the air.

Catching a reflection of himself in a nearby wine glass, Seth would have frowned if his gentle teasing of his impossible clit had not been making him smile so wide: he recognised the face he was wearing. The body too, though he had never seen it so exposed. He had seen the blonde woman standing in the hallway earlier, sipping daintily on a champagne flute, and when he looked up he spotted her amongst the guests, biting her lip as she watched him play with the pussy that matched hers.

‘I… I don’t understand…’ he began. Looking around for Maria, he was shocked at what he saw.

Busty brunette woman lying naked on pouffe while naked black man gropes her body

Maria was sprawled almost entirely naked across a large brown pouffe. Her pussy was visible and her breasts hung out of her bra, her discarded clothes in a heap nearby. Her long dark curls brushed over bare shoulders tempting his gaze toward her stunning figure, yet Seth could not take his eyes off the sly smirk she wore – not even to admire the muscular black man pressing himself up against her, kissing her neck and groping her exposed breasts roughly. Maria’s gaze was mesmerising, and Seth found his fingers shifting quicker over his pussy.

‘It’s a game of chance, dear,’ Maria said, moaning softly as the man pinched one of her nipples. ‘Every player has a coin unique to them, and the person whose coin you pick out is who you become for the night. You can do a lot with a little magic and some creativity. And by making use of an enchantment of Aphrodite, it feels very, very good. Isn’t that right, Holly?’

In the back of his mind Seth realised he had already guessed who the black man was – he had seen that face earlier too, and the man had been standing behind the blonde woman when he looked up – but it was still a shock when his wife spoke through the stranger’s lips. ‘It sure is. Fuck, your tits are so fucking good, bitch. And your pussy is so wet against my cock. I know you want it; let me give it you hard.’

Seeing his beautiful wife wearing the body of a hot black man should have been alarming. But it wasn’t. It was arousing. Astonishingly, intensely so. All Seth could do was moan; Holly looked so muscular, so powerful, so hot… His mind whirled. His pussy dripped. With seconds he was so horny the fact he had just been transformed into a woman didn’t even seem to matter anymore.

‘The first time is a bit of a shock to the system,’ Maria was saying, ‘but don’t worry, sweetie, you’ll get used to it. You both will. But that’s not the best bit: when you leave in the morning, you will take a little bit of magic with you. You will leave as the most perfect, beautiful version of yourself you could possibly be; fit, healthy and attractive beyond all measure. And that’s if you even decide to change back at all – you can stay in this body as long as you like and live the life of the one you switched with if you are both happy to do so.’

Then Holly was gripping Maria by the waist and Seth moaned again as he watched her sink her thick black cock into the pussy of their host. Maria gasped before her features settled into a sensual smirk. ‘It looks like Holly is already enjoying herself, wouldn’t you say, Seth? It sure feels like it, anyway. Mmmh, I’m so glad I invited you two to my naughty little party. You fit right in.’ A thrust from Holly hit her in a deep, sensitive spot and she groaned. ‘See?’ she said.

Busty blonde woman has bare breasts licked by slender brunette woman in stockings and heels

Seth didn’t think he would ever be able to pull his eyes away from the sight of them fucking, but then one of the guests stepped forward and dipped their hand into the bowl. He was a tall, muscular man, but once he took hold of his coin the red light was upon him. Soon his body was folding in on itself as he took the form of giggling brunette in fishnet stockings who scampered over to Seth with a gleeful spring in her step. Sinking onto the sofa, she straddled him for a moment, kissing her way over his heaving breasts and down his body before slotting her head between Seth’s thighs. All at once his world was on fire, the woman’s experienced tongue weaving across his cunt as though she knew his body better than he did – which, come to think of it, she probably did.

Shortly after another man stepped up. He was smaller but no less handsome than the first. To Seth’s increasingly distracted shock, the coin he selected was the one Seth had thrown in barely ten minutes before. As the transformation overcame the man Seth saw his own face staring back at him, only not quite as he remembered it. Just as Maria had, the naked man looked exactly like Seth except different in all the best ways. His stubborn gut had been honed into rippling abs, the previously zit-infested skin of his cheeks now smooth, and his mildly unfit figure could have been carved from solid rock. Just like the guests gathered around him the new Seth looked like a god, and he stalked over to Maria on muscular legs eager to satisfy her expectant lips with a cock twice the size of Seth’s original member.

A few more came up, taking their coins and shifting into new bodies before splitting off into their own groups. Then came the woman whose face Seth was wearing – a face which was at that moment contorted into a mask of ecstasy as the brunette was joined between her legs by an enthusiastic companion. Staring at him, the woman sank her hand into the heap of coins. Clutching her choice with white-knuckled ferocity she groaned as the magic took hold, building her up into a mountain of man with a pulsing cock bigger than any Seth had ever seen before. Suddenly he was salivating, and he gave an orgasmic moan as the new man strode across and held his cock out for Seth to taste.

Seth wrapped his puffy lips around the man’s head without thinking, and his eyes rolled back as the sharp, salty taste filled his mouth. Nothing had ever felt so perfect, and as the man began to fuck Seth’s face he forgot about Holly and lost himself to the lust of it all.

One by one the guests took their coins and fell into one another’s arms with passionate kisses and roving fingers. It took some time, but eventually the tangle of bodies moved through the house, spreading out like a horny cancer until every room was writhing with hedonists. Much later, after taking far more cocks than he could ever have hoped to count, Seth found Holly again besides Maria’s sprawling pool, and his wife was more than happy to show him how much she was enjoying her new body. Deep within the pulsing mass of lovers, Seth and Holly made love with more passion than they ever had before, fuelled by the lust of those surrounding them and the echoing moans spilling from the house behind.

It was hardly the welcome they had been expecting from their neighbours, but if Seth’s horny wails and Holly’s hungry grunts were any indication, neither of them had any complaints…

Multiple images of night time poolside orgy

Thanks for reading!

To put things simply, this is one of my favourite pieces I have ever put out on this blog. With all my focus on Lake Fantasy and seasonal stories I had largely forgotten I had written it, but I am so very happy that it is finally seeing the light of day because the premise is, I think, one of my all time best. Grounding stories in some level of reality is always fun, so adding a little magical twist to the very real swinging communities that are present all around the world seemed like a really fun idea and I think it came out rather well. Did I go a bit overboard with the collage of images at the end? Of course! But I thoroughly enjoyed doing so, particularly because orgies in general are kind of difficult to write purely due to the sheer number of characters involved, so it was nice to be able to show off images of an orgy in my work for a change.

All that said, I’m afraid I won’t linking to the work of every model involved in the final orgy montage. Realistically, it would be too difficult to do so, and given that in this context the images are focused on two main characters and all the other models here represent characters not directly referenced in the story, I think it’s fair to limit the models I will be linking to the main characters instead. However, if you are interested in watching the orgy scene (and I highly recommend you do as it is absolutely amazing), the title is ‘Brazzers House 3 Episode 4’ and you should be able to find the names of all the models through the Brazzers website.

Anyway, the main models included here are Lisa Ann, Nicolette Shea, Adriana Chechik and Isiah Maxwell, all of whom you should definitely check out. Maxwell is a regular model on Blacked, Dogfart and plenty of other steamy interracial channels; Chechik is a tour de force of hedonistic energy you no porn fan can possibly have failed to hear of; Shea is the gold standard of plastic bimbo sultriness; and Ann is a living legend in the industry, true porn royalty and one of the most impressive models working in the industry today. If you love hot content, these four will be perfect for your tastes and I’m sure they will all show up again in my work at some point.

As this is the last post of the month, I want to take a second to lay out my plans for April’s releases. As with last year I will be releasing gay and trans content throughout the month of April, however I will not be releasing straight content in tandem as I did during my last Gaypril run. For those who only have an interest in straight content, you can expect that to return come May. I will also be releasing two stories per week for the duration of the month: one every Monday, and one every Friday. The stories I have on the way are a mix of steamy, sexy and seductive and I am extremely excited to get them out there.

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